And the LTT Award categories are…

And the winner of the LTT goes to...

Dear Twilighters,

It’s that time of the year… the time when we all become arm chair fashion experts, movie and music critics and people who love to give even more airtime to the self absorbed. YES, it’s awards season in Hollywood and since nothing can escape from judgement here at LTT I think it’s time we gave even more praise and attention to our favorite people and books by creating the Letters to Twilight Awards. The LTT’s if you will.


LTT Award Categories
– Award for achievement in bending the truth so far even they don’t know what’s a lie anymore

– Best actor/actress in a fake relationship

– Weirdest guest at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere

– Best leather jacket of Taylor Lautner’s

– Best gray suit of Taylor Lautner’s

– Best Twi cast member’s Dad

– Award to the fandom that will take away the spotlight and crazy from Twilight in 2012

– Robert Pattinson’s worst hair of 2011

– Best Twilight related Tweeter

– Best non cast/official Tweeter

– Biggest Fandom Drama of 2011

– Biggest thing Nikki Reed did this year that annoyed the Robsten-er’s/Krisbians?

– The most likely to implode post Twilight

– The best usage of their 15 minutes of fame

– Twilight related person/cast member/etc. who used their short amount of fame time the BEST way

– Best music related Twilight endeavor

– The LTT Icarus Award – The nominee that soars closest to the sun, only to fall the farthest. The actor/musician/commenter/blogger/Tweeter/author/Twi legend that fails so miserably, it has to be recognized

– The most anticipated Twilight related event/moment in 2012

Winner of ALL the awards... of our hearts

The ballots have been mailed to all the top bloggers, tweeters, commenters, and personalities in the Twilight fandom. We will be furiously tallying and counting each ballot and write in this week and will host the LTT awards and winners at our very classy and glamourous awards ceremony on Friday!

Good luck to all the as yet named nominees AND winners!

Moon & UC

Who would you nominate? Who should be the winner but won’t? Any made up category we missed?

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  • Anonymous

    How about Best Twilight Related Soundbite?
    Best Music Related Twilight Endeavour:The winners have to be NaA Alice and Bella for Breaking Dawn Part I: The Musical (with special commendation to Team Seth for additional lyrics). Whoop!

    • MariaCecilia

      I have another song suggestion: West side story, “Maria”.
      Jacob: Renesmee, I’ve just seen a child named Renesmee/ and suddenly I found myself completely bound, unfree!
      Renesmee, I’ve just met a child named Renesmee/ and here I’m on my knees, confusing as that name may be:
      Renesmee – do I know if it’s male or female?
      Do I know it’s not reptile, but mammal?
      Renesmee, I’m still tryin’ to say it: Renesmee! 😉

  • MariaCecilia

    I am SOOO grateful I’m not on the jury, because, let’s face it: I would have to spend 100 hours researching the Internet for evidence to be completely fair! So many jackets, so many tweets, so much drama! I hope that the prizes consist of those little bottles we all love so much…?

  • Anonymous

    – The best usage of their 15 minutes of fame
    – Twilight related person/cast member/etc. who used their short amount of fame time the BEST way

    I’d like to nominate: The unnamed B-list Twi guy who hit on/groped Moon at the BD-PI premier

  • For best actor/actress in a fake relationship I nominate Nikki Reed (ouch).

    For best actor/actress in a rumored relationship I nominate Taylor Lautner.  If my memory serves, during 2012 there were rumors he was dating the following:
     -Lilly Collins
     -Taylor Swift
     -Dianna Agron
     -Some Girl he went to High School with
     -Martha Stewart (my fav.)
     -Jackson Rathbone (my second fav.)

    • MariaCecilia

      And they are all TRUE!! Taylor is the fastest speed dater on the planet!! (It’s all those meat patties. Builds stamina, you know.)

    • twiprof

      Taylor Swift was 2010….:)

      • MariaCecilia

        Quick relapse. Happens to exes all the time, you know.. 🙂 Never even made the press!

        • Oh but it did make the press.  If you call the internet the press 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yikes, about 1/4 of those categories I know nothing about, because I only come here for anything Twilight and am not on the Twitters. Apparently I’ve missed out on a lot of material.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, Icarus has to go to that girl who engineered THE LEAK last summer. And I’ve gotta send best use of her 15 minutes to Ashley… girl’s got, like 10 movies and a dozen endorsements going.

    • MariaCecilia

      Hey, a couple of week ago, all the tabloids were full of the details of Robsten’s wedding plans: did THAT story crash and burn, or did I just miss the whole thing? (Figures. Only they would go to the registrar’s office and then mention the fact in interviews eight months later…)

      • Bubs

        What tabloids where ???? What did I miss ??? It didn’t get a mention in Australia.

        Why is everyone picking on poor Tay Tay again ????

        For the record…I think he looks hot in [or out of] a leather jacket/grey suit/t-shirt or whatever !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there even a contest for “best Twi cast member’s dad”? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, one nomination and one winner (the award is a bronzed breadstick)

      • Anonymous

        or fillet o fish

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, thought of that but it could easily be confused with another leading franchise’s chicken things and the mayonnaise oozing out could be misconstrued. 

  • twiprof

    hooray! I cant wait to see who wins these awesome awards!
    Love you Moon and UC!

  • MariaCecilia

    I miss the category: “Defiling Twilight most with his music-award”. I still shudder every time I hear Bruno Mars on the BD soundtrack. He even sounds smug singing…bleh.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to nominate BooBoo Stewart’s mom for the noncast member/official tweeter (I’m just assuming she tweets).  Also, I’d like to ask her if she named him Booboo because he was an accident.  Left her diaphragm in the bedside drawer did she? 

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