Glad to be a Twilight fan yet a little wistful

Hmmm this feels familiar

Dear Twilight,

I was watching the live feed of The Hunger Games premiere tonight while I worked and it made me a little sad, a little annoyed, and a lot relieved.

A little sad because it’s kinda like watching the beginning of Twilight all over again, only this time I know like half the fandom already, I’ve read all the books and I’m not mispronouncing the main dude’s name in instant messages to UC. But I still feel like I’m missing out a little when I see all our other site friends posting pictures and updates from the premiere. It also makes me feel a little wistful that this fandom is just getting ramped up as Twilight is winding down. It makes me think of how we’re in the final sprint towards the finish line.

Yup, more familiar...

A little annoyed because the whole thing looked like Twilight the redux from the set up at LA Live, Yahoo covering it live, fans in that camping area, the Kardashians in the “Bing Box” all the way down to the black carpet. I doubt LA Live even bothered to vacum those before they went in storage they just rolled ’em back out and dusted off the dried tears and Krispy Kreme crumbs (say that 5 times fast). I mean Summit and Lionsgate are now merged and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but still it’s a little like, come on guys.

Killing it!

That brings us to a lot relieved. I watch this and while I’m a bit sad, a lot wistful, a little annoyed I’m mostly terribly relieved! It’s been fun to watch from the sidelines without being a stake holder. Who in the Twilight fandom will jump ship to the new fandom? Who will be the Robsten of Hunger Games? Who will leak stills from the film and launch an all out fandom war? Which fansites will not be on the red carpet and which won’t? Who will write a fan fic that becomes popular and decides to publish it? Ya know what? It doesn’t matter for us but it’s a ton of fun to watch with a bucket of popcorn via Twitter and Facebook.

And you know what, we have one more left here in this fandom and for that I’m SUPER excited. Now bring on the freaking trailer/sneak peek whatever it is we’re going to see from Breaking Dawn Pt 2 being Hunger Games next weekend.

So hooooonnngray!

Your thoughts? Are you feeling the same way or have you jumped head first into the HG fandom?
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  • Anonymous

    HG?? What is this HG of which you speak??

    I am in denial of the ‘end’.  We still have just about a year left in this ride (including the dvd and box set release) and I am looking forward to every minute of it!!

    • Anonymous

       I will enjoy ever last minute, except for the whole 50 shades shiz. She can rot.

  • Gillianmarie22

    I absolutely, 100% LOVE the Hunger Games books but I’m just not really excited about the movies. In addition to the horrible casting for Peeta, I think that they are trying WAY to hard to be The Next Twilight. I know fans are super excited for the movies but it just feels like the press and the expectations are really forced.

    • Michelle

      Oh girl…I agree! Got sucked into the books and enjoyed them a lot. But PEETA?!?! WHAT THE FRICK! I was Team Peeta (familiar, yes?) until I saw him. Ick! He’s like 5’nothing! Dude, get some platform shoes or borrow Tay’s box.

      • Anonymous

        Was I the only one who wanted her to end up with Gayle??

        • Anonymous

           Team. Gale.

          I finally know what those crazy Team Jacob people go through. “but, but: He. Loves. You. He *knows* you!” But again, that’s Katniss, any way the wind blows. She didn’t seem too bothered one way or the other. “Oh, did I end up with this one? *shrug*, *rolls over into Delayed PTSD shakes*”

          • Anonymous

            Exactly. If she didn’t really care who she was with in the end why not the one she probably wouldn’t break the heart of when she eventually left (’cause she will, someday)

          • Bubs

            “Exactly”….such a lame ending…I felt it was such a depressing finish ie. ok, I’ll settle for Peeta and have kids ’cause HE wants them”…. What the…..?????

            Out of interest, I asked one our local Cinema’s [Cronulla in New South Wales/Aust.] how the numbers were for the Midnight showing on the 22nd. Answer-not full yet-when I asked the comparison for the Twi. midnight sessions-answer-not anywhere near them.
            Seeing the trailers for HG it looks exciting but I’ll be going for the BD2 trailiers. They better have them in Australia or I’ll be really pissed off.

            Oh, on a brighter note BD1 is finally being released here tomorrow-“about bloody time” as we would say here !!!! 

          • Anonymous

            Good on ya luv. BD1 arrived last Saturday (whoop!) and mature-aged ladies slumber-party this weekend. Bloody cocktails are organised.

            Cronulla *sigh* (mind you I loved Coogee Women’s pool) *scuttles off into the mist with homesickness*

          • Bubs

             I’ve spent a lot of time at Coogee Oval during my lifetime [hubby played Cricket there with Randwick-use to live at Randwick too-until we saw the light and moved to The Shire ie. God’s own country].

      • TeamSeth

        I will always see Peeta as this kid from Bridge to Terabithia. But he did a great job in that as a kid, so… I have faith.

        •  No, no, no.  Kristen’s little brother in Zathura please.

          • Bubs

            Yeah, he was great in Zathura [after all, Kristen was frozen for most of the Movie] but he’s sooo tiny in comparison to Ms Lawrence-just doesn’t compute to me but then originally Rob didn’t compute to me as Ed. Let’s see what eventuates…

    • blondieinco

      Completely agree with you about Peeta – just don’t like the casting of him at all.  Maybe the movie will change my mind.  I’m excited to see it but I won’t be going to a midnight showing.

    • Rob’s Zombie

      I know Peeta sucks a**
      I feel kinda bad for him! He’s no Robert Pattinson, so yeah swooning is not going on here. Loved the books, movie looks pretty good:)

    • Anonymous

       I wasn’t part of the twilight fandom back when Twilight was cast, but think about all those that hated Rob. I imagine that there was uproar about Ashley Green as Alice since she wasn’t short. I am going to hold my judgements until I see the movie.

      • Anonymous

        Just donning my full suit of armour…

        Right, I STILL don’t see Ron as Edward. I don’t hate him but nah.
        *runs swiftly away*

        • Bubs

          Yeah, but you’ve got to admit for a “Pom” he’s “special” [ie. very funny, sweet and even sometimes drool worthy-depending on the photo or what he says] and keep in mind I’m soooo Team Jacob it’s just not funny.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, um, ‘special’ indeed. But I only like him in stills, severely unimpressed in interviews, just not my kind of guy.

            Henry Cavill on the other hand – I like the way he moves. rrrrrr

          • Bubs

            Ahhh, Henry. Obviously so does SM [after all, she did want him for Ed. originally]. I LOVED him in the Tudors. Brilliant actor-drop dead gorgeous-but I do LOVE the way “Ron” just tells it like it is…unlike most of Hollywood. Plus the fact that he soooo has KStew on a pedestal-I’m pretty impressed with him, considering all the media crap they have to put up with.

  • Nelle

    Feeling a LOT like that, Moon. And also to add to annoying for my list, the constant comparison to and put down of Twilight. Oh, Humger Games books are Pulitzer quality and Jennifer Lawrence should get an Oscar. One person even said Katniss does something whereas Bella just sits there. Come on. Do I have to go through all the brave things Bella does in the series.

    But anyway- why can’t we all get along. There’s room in our hearts for all these series. I love HP, Twilight and I like Hunger Games. I just have to say that I didn’t really think Katniss was that great- especially her treatment of Gale and P. (See- I can’t even remember his name!) At least in the Twilight fandom we could all see the attraction of Edward and Jacob and there were strong feelings for both. I didn’t really care which guy Katniss ended up with- except maybe a little leaning toward P.

    • Anonymous

       This + a million! At least Bella has a thought process. Katniss really started to bug me, especially by the second book, and then in the third, it was like she had no will at all. She just did whatever came up, controlled by circumstance and…those other people (no spoilers!). 

      She is all about survival, which, you know, okay for the storyline, but it’s not really relatable to my life. Also, Gale and Peeta were in just as dire straights as she was and they managed an emotion or two.

      And yes: why can’t we all get along? Does there have to be a rivalry? I like HP, and Twilight, and HG was okay. (I’ll go see at least the first one).  I also like chocolate AND vanilla ice cream. By gosh, I’ll even have some frozen yogurt from time to time. It’s manufactured bs, IMO.
       (end rant)

      • Anonymous

        See, we have big hearts and we can love a lotta stuff

    • Bella.Katniss


      she ends up with P. in the third book.

  • The comparisons between the two movies/book series are ridiculous, as are the comparisons between the actors. They are not alike at all. 
    I guess there must be a lot of people who read The Hunger Games and got all obsessed over it, but personally the books left me cold.  Teenagers killing one another in nasty ways. Nice.  Katniss doesn’t seem to like either of the “love interests” very much.  I really don’t see what all the hype is about, and it feels manufactured to me.  So, those who liked it, go enjoy it, but don’t try to make it another Twilight. 

    • Weird, my Twittdentity popped up instead of my real name…

    • Anonymous

      They compare because they’re highly popular/successful YA books.  It doesn’t matter if there is anything valid to compare or not, that detail to them is inconsequential. 

  • miapattinson

    as much as im keeping my respect on THG and the people who are excited for the movie, i feel so sad also.i just hope that the fans will still support BD2 and give the best exit to the Twilight SAga. Keep the faith 🙂

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Exactly. I also feel a bit nostalgic – I mean, is Peeta supposed to be shorter than Katniss? WHERE is Jacob’s box – he should be standing on it! And whatever HG blogs happen to pop up, they won’t hold a candle to LTT and the insane things Moon and UC have done in the name of Twilight! Love you both, ladies!

    • Michelle

      HAHAHAHAHA I just replied above and asked for Taylor’s box! 😉 Well played.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a new fan of THG. Can’t wait for the movie! But it’s a different love than the one I have for Bella and Edward. Plus I see the Wierd Summit machine from the outside this time. I read somewhere they said they would decide if they would make the next 2 movies based on how well THG does in theatres. Which is basically brining

    • Anonymous

      Oops!!! Bribing me to see it 3 times. And I’m just saying right now I net they’ll split the last book into 2 movies.

      • Anonymous

        Plus I only read the books cause I wanted to see the BD2 trailer before the HG movie, forgetting that it’s always online anyway. DANG.

  • Edible art ?

    I am staying right where I am –  I can’t go through all that again I feel like I’ve aged 10 years since Nov 2008

    • Edible art ?

      Also no Rob therefore little interest !!!

      • You said it, Edible.  Movies (for me) are ALL about the charisma of the actors.  While Jennifer is a tremendous actor (she was great in Winter’s Bone), she has very little (sex) appeal to me.

        I’ll watch HG with casual interest, in the same nature as I read the first book.  It’s an action movie, and those really aren’t my bag.

        To each their own, right?  But there’s no chance of me losing my TwiLove over any of this.

        • Anonymous

           You don’t like action movies?? You truly are a unicorn 😉

          (I say that with love)

        • Anonymous

          Gasp! KSB! I just found out KStew’s mum is Australian (yeah, ok old news).

          I’m warming to that shiela 

          • Bubs

            Her Mum was from Maroochydore [QLD] and went to Sydney Uni [good taste]. Hence KStew’s original quotes about wanting to study Literature there. Although I’m sure life/Rob is taking here in a different direction now.

          • Anonymous

            Good ol’ Maroochy (my Pa lives up there). You never know which way people want to expand their horizons…

    • Anonymous

      IKR! It’s been a long road since ’08

    • TeamSeth

      “I feel like I’ve aged 10 years since Nov 2008”


  • Papercut

    Comparing THG to Twilight is just an easy hook for lazy entertainment reporters. Not to mention riding on the coat-tails of that franchise. Those in fandom know there is NO comparison!! 

    As for Katniss being like “Joan of Arc” (quote from Jennifer Lawrence) ummm….no….don’t think so. The further I got in the series the fewer redeeming qualities Katniss had. So, while it’s a fun read, let’s not go over the top here! Neither series is great literature, just engaging stories with compelling characters.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and I’m looking forward to the film for the action and casting of the secondary characters

    I have, and will, only read HG once
    *picks up almost worn out Twilight, again*

    Let the tournament begin

    • Anonymous

      LOL – me too. 

      Like Twilight, I’ve loaned my HG books to several, but unlike Twilight I’ve only read my HG books each once.  Twilight?  I’ve LONG since stopped counting how many times my ragged books have been read through by me (because the actual number would be embarrassing to admit).

      • Anonymous

         It’s entirely possible I just bought another set because I loaned Twi & NM out and I was getting actually, physically nervous having them gone. Like hole was punched through my chest…..

        • Anonymous

          I want to hug you!!!!


          I’m not alone!

          Seriously, that was the reason I have 2 copies… well, that an I couldn’t stand having 2 paperback and 2 hardcover books(I’m a Libra, I like things even okay?).  But if someone had a copy of one of my Twi books for longer than it would take a Normal person to read them I’d start getting all nervous “needing” my book back.

          *whew!* glad I’m normal… (I don’t care if it’s just you and me, I’m calling it normal)

          • Anonymous

            If you are basing “normal” on me, well…hm.  But seriously. Gale hunts, just like her! He took care of her family…feh. Peeta is lame. Oh yeah, Peeta! Bake that Bread! Nope.

            I only had BD in hardcover, and yes, I had to buy it in paperback so they all match.

          • Anonymous

            Snap! When I discovered Twilight only BD hardcover was available and you just can’t have one standing out on the shelf like that

          • JellyBeanRainbow

            Everybody is so normal here!!!!!! 
            I had to eventually buy matching copies too.

          • Anonymous

            Of course it’s normal young lady!

          • Bubs

            Oh, I’m a Libran too-maybe that explains it-or better yet-we just have good taste and like to “feed our addiction whenever we feel like it” [while waiting for our friends to hand back our “spares”].

        • Anonymous

          I feel I’m in a safe place and can reveal this – I have three sets of Twilight:

          i) Paperback for lending out
          ii) Hardcover for more sturdy pageturning at home (they do NOT leave the residence)
          iii) White paperback cover with red-tipped pages – the only person opening the covers of these babies is Stephanie when she signs them (one day…)

          And when I finally get my iPhone they’ll be able to come with me

          • Anonymous

             I want those white paperbacks like you would not fucking believe. So. Much.

          • Bubs

            I soooo regret not buying those White paperbacks when they were available here for Christmas 2010.

          • JellyBeanRainbow

            1. Paperback for myself.
            2. White/red set, never opened.
            3. Movie tie-in version.

            4. Whenever someone wants to borrow a copy, she gets it for b-day or christmas present. No, Im not borrowing them, no way
            (only borrowed Bree book once to BFF and she had to promise she’ll read it and not eat or drink at the same tim)

        • Anonymous

           MNS, you’re the one who first mentioned Warm Bodies, right? Well, curiosity got the better of me and I bought it and have been reading it the past couple of nights and I felt compelled to let you know. 🙂
          I’m a little over half-way through and I have no idea how it’s going to turn out.

          • Anonymous

            It’s great. This is a good place for reading list ideas.

            Not quite sure how it’ll do as a film but we’ll soon find out

          • Anonymous

             EEE! Oh I am so glad you are reading it. So good. He wrote a short story featuring “R”, an xmas story, like a prequel:

            (no Warm Bodies spoilers)

        • Roscg

          ME TOO !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This means it’s time for me to actually read HG, huh?

    • Anonymous

      Yes.  It’s time!  It’s time! 


      They are a good read.  Not Twilight.  But a good read.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah baby. And you’re going to like it.

  • Venom

    I look at HG like I first did twilight (before I got sucked in). Who are these people and what are they doing in my People? I don’t think I’ll bother to see what all the fuss is about this time. It wouldn’t be the same anyway;-( plus I’m way too old, tired and busy for another obsession. I’ll just milk this one til the end. 

  • Anonymous

    Bittersweet.  Like you’re watching the world move on before you’re ready to let go.  (Wow, that came out super sentimental and sappy.) 
    But I did like the HG books a lot.  I will go see the movies.  But I just don’t feel DRAWN IN to them like I did with Twilight.  They weren’t my obsession.  They didn’t captivate me the same way.  Sure I had a hard time putting them down, recommend them to people and all that, but I don’t see myself lurking on many fan sites much less commenting or reading and writing FF for.  While great, HG seems to be missing an essential element for me that Twilight had.  One of those undefined, intangible. 
    It’s like this:

    I love Hunger Games.  But I’m IN love with Twilight.  Irrevocably.

    • Rob’s Zombie

      I know right “true love never dies” and all that stuff! I’ll never have that feeling again during a movie! It was like a weird religious experience;) That last hunger games book left me feeling blah anyways. Give me a another Forrest of Hands and Teeth or the Generation Dead novels anyday they have yet to disappoint! Warm Bodies is fantastic also!!!

    • Anonymous

       Haha! Well said!! And ditto.

  • TeamSeth

     I haven’t read HG yet, but I am planning to see the film. Maybe not OPENING night, but definitely I’ll see it.

    What I absolutely love about it is the little three note whistle musical theme at the end of the previews when the gold arrow shoots into the logo thing. I LOVE that piece of music. It’s genius and sexy and adventure all in one. That alone secures that I want to see this film.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

       And guess what? There is an explanation for those three notes. They mean something.
      Does that make you more curious to read them? 😮

      • TeamSeth

         It does! Well…….. I will probably see the movie first. To be fair. I don’t have enough time right now to read a whole book. And the movie comes out… this weekend?

        • Anonymous

          I think next weekend actually. The 23rd I believe.

      • FebruaryFilly

        I have told THREE people that who have read the books and none of them have gotten it or agreed that those are meant to carry that significance!  Thank you!

        • Anonymous

          You’re Welcome! 😀
          I think I heard it several times before I finally realized what it must be. It’s so pronounced at the end of the preview when they show the HG emblem, that it simply MUST be significant!

  • Laxplays

    Well, down here in good, old Texas, we are going to the Midnight Showing of the HG – we are bored, old and twiddling our thumbs and wanted something to do that didn’t involve reality.  OK, one of our party still hasn’t read the first book but has promised to have done so by the 22nd.  

    So a meal and drinks on the 22nd and then a 5 hour energy shot, followed by the midnight showing it is.  Will I be dragging a cardboard cutout into the cinema, whilst wearing a stupid t-shirt? – nope.  I’m just intrigued to see what they have done with this book.If I get really bored, I just follow Brooke’s tweets, she always has something honest and nice to say about 50 Shades.


    • Anonymous

       hahahahah… wait.

    • JellyBeanRainbow

      Is the one in your party who still hasn’t read the book the person who also doesn’t tweet?

  • anti

    not  interested, who cares, copycat! saw the premiere photos at EW, the trio are so average compare to twilight. JL lack in looks  but excel in confidence and boobs. Twilght has the best looking cast but Summit failed in maximizing their character development  in the movie.

  • I should probably read these books.

  • Nikkyewrites

    I took a sneak peek at the first book in The Hunger Games and I wasnt impressed at all. I dont like the way it was written. To me it reads as if it were notes for a story. Maybe I’m missing a good story but honestly I’m not in a huge rush to read or see the movie.

  • bella.katniss

    Why can’t a person be both a hunger games fan AND a twihard?
    i love both and please stop comparing….both they are waaaaaay different…..

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