Teaser of a teaser of a trailer

Dear LTT,

HEY GUYS… Did you see this Trailer (or teaser of a teaser, rather, which I learned about from video commenter “robsten4everinlove” who informed the good people of You Tube “As far as I know, This is a Teaser of the Teaser , which is coming out on march 23 Friday, and the Trailer`s coming out on Monday, March 26.”)


15 things I could have done with those 15 seconds I just wasted watching the 15 second teaser of a teaser:

1. Found out just how many little bottles I could drink out of in 15 seconds.


2. Whipped out my Twilight Christian T-shirt & posted a new profile picture on FB of myself wearing it

3. Internet Stalked the Hot lead of The Host: Jake Able

4.  15 second Google search for “Taylor Lautner and Alpacas” for maximum lulz

5.  15 seconds of watching baby sloth videos (thanks Kristen Bell!)

6. I could have re-watched this clip:

7. I could have imagined myself in this sandwich for 15 seconds: Damon, Elena, Stephan

8. 15 seconds of contemplating whether Kellan came out (thanks @moijojojo)

9.  I could have spent 15 seconds trying to remember what SWATH means.

10. My 15 seconds would have been better spent watching secret naughty Ian Somerhalder videos on dailymotion where you see his you know what…

11. I could have spent 15 seconds trying to forget I overheard my VP talking about how much she loves “50 shades of gray “and how she’s trying that from chapter 5 tonight with the mister.

12. I COULD HAVE SPENT 15 seconds swooning over Matthew and Mary (YEAH WE SHIP THAT)

13. 15 seconds reading Robsten confessions

14. Followed by 15 seconds of washing my eyes out with soap

15.  And, of course, 15 seconds of fist pumps for actually updating LTT

So what would you do if you could have those 15 seconds back?

Can we talk about Mary & Matthew again? Yes? Okay


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  • wait, where are these Ian Somerhalder videos you speak of?

  • BrookeLockart

    Yeah! I ship it!

    Dear Summit/lionsgate,
    I truly doubt the teaser to the teaser will cause more people to see the Hunger Games. people are going for The hunger Games! Also, why no full trailer before the movie? Huh? Why the wait?


    • Bubs

      Nah, going for “the trailer” here in Australia-not seeing the HG’s, till next week most prob. [it better be shown !!!!].  
      As someone who was born in the middle of the last Century, when Communism [ie Russia and China in particular] was all about “starving the masses”, they “controlled”-I have to smile when everybody raves about THG. Yes, it’s a well written book- but unfortunately it’s also very raw. Give me Twi. anyday  –  just saying….

      • Sisterpenguin

        Don’t know what you’re talking about madam. *reads front page news, opens up Midnight Sun*

  • stupidshiny

    This is barely even a teaser!  Of those 15 seconds only 8 of them actually feature members of the cast the other 7 is just TITLE!!  I mean really, come on, there’s teasing and then there’s teasing.  In the foreplay that is teasing this doesn’t even rate as a brush of the hand over the outside of the clothes.  I want MORE!

  • Tigerkitten36

    I cant believe that Fifty will be on sale soon in stores.  I wonder if Walmart will carry it in the “Best Sellers” section and I cringe thinking about my RL friends picking up the book because of the buzz its been getting, reviews in People and Entertainment Weekly and the p90Today show.

    As for the hunger Games my DD is currently reading the books ( i havent read them) and shes DYING to see the movie (shes 11) on Friday.

    As for the teaser they showed more during the DVD release at midnight at Target.  (So I heard…… or not, I might have been there.)

    Im excited about SWATH have you seen that trailer

  • Laxplays

    An additional 15 seconds, I could have been a little more creative with the old lunch boxes – instead, stale bread again.


  • MarbleNutSlut

    I am definitely going to the Hunger Games this weekend, rather than *vague hand waves* whenever, just to see the trailer. Because I am a lunatic.

    I think this gif-tastically sums up my 15 seconds: http://kstewsblackbra.tumblr.com/post/19654695837/reblog-if-you-are-already-missing-twilight-after 

    • Ummm… you suck me in with a website that starts as “kstewblackbra….”, but there is no KStew Black Bra at said destination.  Can I have those 5 seconds back?

      As for having my 15 seconds back from the BD teaser-teaser, I would use them to better clean my ears.  I’m sure there was some wax in there I didn’t quite get this morning.  TMI – too bad.

      • Sisterpenguin

        There was! A tiny pic to the left of the screen. I’m startled you miss that one…

        • My apologies, MNS – SissyP is right, there is one… I was too distracted by Jonah’s histrionics.  I’m not myself today.  More coffee please.

        • Bubs

          Why on earth does the “author” keep editing you ????

          • Sisterpenguin

            ‘Cause when I get tired I slur with my fingers and suffer from premature posting ;P

    • Luludee

       Lolz, that was hilarious.

    • Bubs

      MNS…”you’re normal !!!!

      • MarbleNutSlut

         only on here, Bubs. Only on here.

  • Sue G.

    Maybe Summit/Lionsgate wanted to just give us a “tip” like Robward did!

  • operarose

    Watching Carson decant red wine through a cheesecloth is a more titillating 15 seconds than this trailer was.

    Good thing there isn’t a 5th Twilight movie, at this rate the next movie’s teaser of a teaser would just be the obligatory pan over the woods scene.

  • Sisterpenguin

    I could imagined a Damon, Eric and me sandwich (with dessert)

    I could have thought up something to tweet (yeah, kidding myself)
    I could have dusted my Twilight libraryI could have looked at otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch, again
    I could have imagined the sandwich again…

    • MarbleNutSlut

       OMG the otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Love that.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Have a glimpse of koalas that look like David Mitchell – 
        Curse my brain candy for getting engaged *mutter, grumble*

        • stupidshiny

          OMG that hilarious!  Who knew koalas could look so human – or humans so koala(like)??!

        • Bubs

          There the “author” goes again “editing” you!!!  What on earth ????

          • My guess is she drinks while she posts.  Hence the all the mistakes.

          • Sisterpenguin

            Phlfffft to you all. 

            Just thought of you KSB watching On The Road trailer.  Looks like your pause might get a little more worn

  • TheColdWoman

    This is why I read LTT.
    Mutual annoyance/disdain at the teaser, then I followed UC’s lead and did #3 (watched Percy Jackson this past weekend!), smiled remembering doing #5, and then you hit me with Downton and squealing commenced. 🙂

    • Sagalvr

       Yes! I squealed with Mary & Matthew too! Much better use of 15 seconds

  • MarbleNutSlut

     I’m a little disturbed, too. Maybe this really is the beginning of the end….I mean her boobs are Right There, KSB. *shakes head*

    • Ok, my bad.  My freaking bad.  Ever have one of those mornings when you are doing things at maximum speed – much to the detriment of everything you are doing?  It’s like that.
      I love Kristen’s black bra.  She showed it off again in the little SWATH introduction she had to do.  She looked like someone had a gun to her head, but the bra was very cute.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Obviously the coffee has kicked in and normal service has been resumed. Phew!

  • Stacey

    You had me at Ian Somerhalder videos… Swooning commencing now.

    Then I got all happy thinking of Matthew and Mary.

    Finally, you just had to bring up 50 Shades. That reminded me of the very awkward conversation with another mom from my daughter’s ballet class.

    The Mom: My book club wants to do 50 Shades of Grey for next month’s selection.

    Me: (without filtering my mouth) So they want to read Bella and Edward porn.

    The Mom: Wait…what?!?

    Me: (mumbling) It was free fanfiction.

    The Mom: Oh my god… Wait a second…you read it. Admit it!

    Me: I…uh…well. The dog’s in the car. I should check on her.

    Then I ran out of the building.

    • BeaDee

      I’m having trouble imagining a scenario where it would be a good idea to read erotica with your book club. That’s just going to be a whole lot of overshare.

      • ladyofthemeadow

         Well hold on there… book club reading 50 with a bunch of us (plus a lot of wine) could be really fun!!

  • BeaDee

    My trailer thought was: “Jacob’s wearing a beige pullover? He really did become a Cullen when he imprinted.” I could have spent those 15 seconds rereading the entry for “Beige” in Cleolinda’s Twilight Glossary (http://cleoland.pbworks.com/w/page/10373763/Twilight#Beige).  And then I whined to myself about the costumer overdressing Jacob and how the jorts made way more sense. But then I remembered that at this point he’s probably still borrowing clothes from Emmett. And then I was happy with her, because Emmett definitely has 27 beige pullovers in his closet. This is why nobody likes to watch movies with me after all the time I spent in costume design courses in college.

    • Sagalvr

       Haha! This is genius

    • Costume design was part of my major too. I’ve gone on several rants about the beige IRL. 🙂

      • BeaDee

        It was just what I did with all my spare credits; sadly, a drama major or minor required lots of acting that was not nearly as much fun for me as hanging out in the costume shop. But it makes me a very strange person to discuss movies with, for sure.

    • Bubs

      Personally, I don’t care what Emmett wears- however, I feel Jacob [Taylor] ….looks drop dead gorgeous in a tight beige top ’cause he has the skin “colouring” [Australian spelling] to pull it off. Plus the 8 pack-yummmmmm.

    • TeamSeth

       “Your mouth says no, but your beige says UNF.”


  • Luludee

    Yay Matthew and Mary!! I just did a Season 2 marathon this past weekend with my friend! I love that we all love the same things! Yay!

    Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the Jake Able guy. That’s not how I pictured Ian, but oh well.

    I totally had to google SWATH, and the only thing that was applicable was at the bottom of the page. I’ve been texting my friend about it and the other SW movie today.

    I saw an article somewhere on MSN the other day about this teaser, but really it was just making fun of the fans and that it only takes 15 seconds to get some of us super excited. Let me see if I can find it….Here it is

  • Venom

    I would spend the lost 15 seconds microwaving my coffee. Because now I want hot coffee while I waste another 15 seconds rewatching it.

  • F yeah, little bottles!

  • I liked the snowy mountains, then my mind wandered on to skiing and how long it’s been since I’ve skiedat June Mountain. Then I thought of our  upcoming vacation there this summer. Then the clip was over. A trailer should at least outlast my train of thought. Geesh, Summit.

  • Barnsie

    Hurray!  Matthew and Mary!!!  Something we AGREE on, at last!! Wooooooo!!!


  • Paceysgirl

    Oh and with the 15 second I would have re-read me some 50 (something we DON’T agree on)

    Love Barnsie x

    • Sisterpenguin

      We all have our little ways and don’t judge 🙂

      (Actually, 15secs?? I’m impressed)

  • nocoolname

    Mathew and Mary!  Love it.  But I do think that season 2 suffered in comparison to season 1 (except for Mathew getting hot and growing a jawline – that was a plus for season 2).

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    Or we can all just relax, keep calm and watch Jake and his tight sweater. Because  BD 2 is about Jake, right?

  • TeamSeth

    I’ve just remembered, literally in this exact moment, that I haven’t watched the BD1 Making Of doc yet. Guess who is out of town this weekend… Mr Seth, that’s who.  BEST.WEEKEND.EVER.

    • TS, Enjoy the delight / horror that is the Ugly Bella doll.

    • Sisterpenguin

      Slumber party at Team Seth’s!!!!

      • ladyofthemeadow

        I’m crashing it. I’ll bring the wine.

  • Sisterpenguin

    Bugger. Does this mean after years of evasion I have to watch Downton now? *longsuffering sigh*

  • Felicia

    Yay for Matthew & Mary love! <3

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