Dear The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (breathe),

We’ve all read the book (this is your queue to leave if you haven’t read the book & don’t know how the saga ends– there will be spoilers. ALSO a Harry Potter spoiler. I know, random.) and we know it ends happily for all involved– especially us fans. Most authors don’t actually give us what we want and keep families and friendships and lovers intact, but Stephenie Meyer said “Screw Shakespeare and that tragic ending stuff. Move over JK Rowling and your need to kill off beloved characters. This book is ending HAPPILY.” And it did. And I was happy. SUCCESS STEPHENIE.

Okay, okay– Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t BE R&J had they not died tragically. And after that many years and that many characters, with many loved characters dying previously, we should’ve seen that one coming in Harry Potter. And sure maybe Breaking Dawn would have more critical acclaim had some key characters been killed in an EPIC battle at the end, but screw critics! I wanted to walk away from that story remembering Bella & Edward’s love, that kid they had that kinda grew on me, and Alice & Jasper, Emmett & Rose & Carlisle & Esme all living happily together– enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Charlie & Sue & Jake cutting up Renesmee’s deer hyde for her and even Leah stopping over for dessert with her new hunky beau from a neighboring tribe. I WANTED TO FANTASIZE ABOUT THAT. And I did. 


HEY! I’ve never been to a Thanksgiving gathering that looked like this….

WHAT is this!? A FIGHT scene? I don’t remember people running towards each other at the end of the book– unless of course they are running into each other’s arms to embrace & apologize for all the hate they had moments prior. This better be the tryouts for some vampire/wolf sporting event. They better not be messing with my perfect fantasy ending of a big wolf-vampire-half human holiday gathering.

So what is Beller doing here? Why is she running?

Leah doesn’t get to call Chris Hansen. I get to be the one to call!

Is she just running into Edward’s arms? Has it been more than 30 minutes since they looked at each other? Is she running to tell Jacob that Chris Hansen is on his way? Did she found out how hot Nahuel is & is running to warn Jacob he might actually have to worry before one of the wolves jokes around that he has lost Renesmee to an Amazonian?

And where is Edward rushing off to here?

oh $h!t! I just realized I forgot to put on deodorant today!

It can’t possible towards the Volturi because that wouldn’t end well. Did he hear a snack on the other side of the woods? Is he concerned about Beller’s vicious appetite & that she can’t even resist the last lone mother deer left in the woods and whose death would mean her fawn would be the an orphaned Bambi? Did Emmett tell him about a new sex move to try with Bella in their private cabin?

Because the’re not running for any sort of battle, that’s for damn sure.


Let’s get Twilosophical for a quick sec:

What do you think about the ending? Are you concerned with what you saw here in the trailer? Are you afraid that the screenwriter & Bill Condon’s creative representation of the book is going to add some sort of battle that was never meant to be there? Do you think they’d actually kill someone just to give movie goers (who haven’t read the book) some excitement at the end?

I really am glad no one dies in the books. And I don’t know what all the running & battle set up really means, but I don’t think it means a Vampire/Wolf war breaks out and blood is shed. However… I can see how they might consider killing someone off in the movie for artistic sake. And I think the ending might be slightly different than in the book. And I’m okay with that.

And I have to admit….while I wouldn’t have been okay with it at all, I can see how literarily it would have made sense to have someone or some people die at the end of the book. But that’s a different letter coming soon ” WHO STEHPHENIE COULD HAVE KILLED OFF.” You might be surprised what we think…… Dun Dun Dunnn

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  • Maybe they are all running and then someone (Renesseme?) yells STOP!  And then they talk it out.

    Or maybe these clips are from Bella’s dream she has earlier when she was still human and its a flashback of that dream?  Or maybe it’s Alice’s vision of how it will turn out if she stays?  Those are my non-funny theories.

    • TeamSeth

       I think someone did yell stop…. they went:

      Stop! Collaborate and Listen.
      Ice is back with my brand new invention.
      It’s called Synthetic Blood and it’s coming to you
      from this little town north of Baton Rouge.

      So pause, Alec, and hold that evil cloud
      and let Renesmee… WHOA think out loud!
      She says, Ice Ice Baby.
      Too cold.
      Too cold.

      So let’s heat it up and get on down,
      Vampire covens are the coolest thing in town.
      Garret’s all “What? I’m in this stupid chain mail
      Looking like a fool. I won’t suffer for fashion,
      but Kate my darling, I will suffer for you.”
      Ice Ice baby.
      Ice Ice baby.

      Ain’t no damn battle
      cuz that’s not what it’s about
      Volturi say resigned, “Okay, peace, we out.”

      (do it:

      • GoWithIt

        I LOVE written on signs. When they are funny anyway. There is a good one on the little hippy gulf island we camp on that says “Share Pot”. I don’t know what it said originally. Wait, maybe it said Share Pot. 

        • TeamSeth

           Share Potable Water?

          • MariaCecilia

            By kissing?

          • GoWithIt

            Yeah I don’t know. I tried to Google it, but Google failed me. My needs were too obscure for Google. The only sign that I can think of that uses “share” is share the road, and that would require some paint to fix into share pot.  

        • MariaCecilia

          I’ve got an improved sign in my gym’s women locker room that says “During day time there may be normal cleaners at work.” (It used to be “male cleaners”. “Vanliga” means “normal” and “Manliga” means “male”. Funny language, Swedish.)

          • TeamSeth

             That’s Vanliga!

    • BeaDee

      My theory is that we’re going to see several different versions of Alice’s visions of how it goes down at different points in the story, plus the real version– which would explain the three months of filming it, or whatever it was. 

      • MariaCecilia

        How exhausting if we all lived like that: having to enact all possible versions of Thanksgiving dinner with the folks before choosing the actual one…

        • BeaDee

          Seriously, it’s a good thing Alice has all that “extra space” in her vampire brain that us mere mortals don’t.

  • And UC- btw- see!  I do read, I am not a bad LTT fan!  (and I went to Jule’s thin crust yesterday and it was uh-mazing!!!)

  • SueG.

    I’m thinking it is an Alice vision!

  • MarbleNutSlut

    I heard some rumor that it’s Alice’s vision for what could happen. Because it’s a MOVIE and you need FIGHTING. 

    • Right! Fighting is required in a big budget movie. Federal law of some kind.
      Also required in a blockbuster movie is the death of a secondary character.  Enter: Seth.  Then exit: Seth.
      That’s my prediction.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Does that mean they off Seth and then it’s like, revenge of the Seth?

        Sorry, too much Bundy rum in my nightcap

        • TeamSeth

           As long as there is no Jar Jar Binks, I’m all good with the Seth Massacre of BD2. These are the beer-induced sacrifices I’m willing to make!!!

          • GoWithIt

            Ha ha Jar Jar Binks. That was the best. We camped out all night for tickets. Tickets that our friends got on line in the morning from the comfort of their own home, but hey we got to watch Star Wars nerds play Star Wars trivial pursuit and drink whiskey with the homeless. Anyway the waiting, the people walking by and shouting “losers!” and then a movie that birthed Jar Jar Binks. So good/bad. So bad it is great. They should put him in BD 2. I would pee myself.

          • I fully understand the hate for Jar Jar Binks – but wasn’t the kid who played Anakin just as annoying?
            My 6 year old says the following rhyme which amuses me to no end:
            “Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Stinks”

          • MarbleNutSlut

             I’ve managed to stay away from it so far. I mean, I’ve seen it. It was awful. But the Kid has only seen 4-6. It’s just good parenting.

        • MariaCecilia

          Uuuuuhhh..that’s a Daddy-joke!

      • TeamSeth

         *sniff sniff* So cruel!

      • BeaDee

        No killing of characters who live in the books! If I wanted characters to die I’d be on the Hunger Games train. But I don’t. I’m willing to wager that people who wanted characters to die got off the Twilight wagon a long time ago. Twilight = escapism. Please, no added realism.

        • MariaCecilia

          Okay. So Seth dying would add realism to Twilight? I think you’d be safer to go with some added hours of going for groceries to WalMart in the rain and Edward googling himself on Bella’s crappy computer while she sleeps…

      • MariaCecilia

        Why Seth?? Do you have a problem with him or what? I demand a rewrite: we could do without Paul in my opinion – all that testosterone…

        • No, he’s just the expendable secondary character I randomly chose.  Paul is tertiary – the audience wouldn’t even flinch if a Volturi did him in.

          • BeaDee

            I was thinking about this today while shuttling the kiddos around town (totally Normal) and decided that they can’t possibly kill off Seth because if the Meyer ever actually writes that sequel she keeps torturing us with he’ll be important. Because it’s either about Jacob/Renesmee or Leah and either way Jake’s pack’s pretty central. It would provoke some pretty good weeping in the 14 year-old demographic, though.

          • TeamSeth

             AND ME.

          • BeaDee

            Well, we’d all cry over Seth dying. I was thinking more of the reaction to a BooBoo death scene. Which leads me to another reason they shouldn’t kill anyone off– vampire death happens too fast for it to make for great death scenes.

    • GoWithIt

      I don’t go see movies unless the preview points to action fighting. 

      • MarbleNutSlut

         naturally not. thankfully we have plenty of movies to choose from.

      • MariaCecilia

        I guess you’ve never watched a Woody Allen movie then..?

  • Carola

    Rob said in an interview at comic con, that in the script some people are killed. No further explanation of course.
    So no idea if this is in Alice’s vision of for real.

  • Nelle

    Some people were disappointed that there wasn’t a huge battle a the end. I wasnt. I just hope Bill Condon isn’t pandering to that group or thinking that if he puts in another battle scene (what- like the one in Eclipse? that was so lame) that men will go see the movie. No way. They only way men will be interested in it is if there is nudity.

    I’m thinking it’s either Bella’s dream or Alice’s vision.

    • TeamSeth

       There WAS a huge battle! A battle of brains and morality!!! If “movie-goers” can’t get that, then they should not be going to movies. Or something. Yeah.

      And you’re so right. Men like NAKED SEX WOMEN SEX NAKED. Not battle scenes. Unless there is a super hero. And if you want women to see the super hero movie, make it set in a time period where they wear very little clothing (Rome or Greece) and/or Tom Hiddleston is in it looking sexy.

      OR you could just make a GOOD FILM with GOOD DIALOGUE and GOOD EFFECTS and then EVERYONE would go see it because it’s GOOD.

      Logic evades Hollywood…

      • MariaCecilia

        Good films with good dialogue and good effects? Hey, if it was THAT easy making good movies there would have been more of them!

    • GoWithIt

      Yes, I think we’re probably all Team Smell a Fart While Standing in a Field. I wasn’t disappointed by the ending.

    • MariaCecilia

      So, did Alice have any nekkid dreams of Bella, do you know? 🙂

      • Somebody answer this query please!

        • BeaDee

          The fanfic answer is a resounding yes. Unfortunately for you, won’t be onscreen… at least in the Summit-approved version.

          • BD, Maybe in your above mentioned “sequel”?… or the reboot?
            Wait, I won’t care for the reboot. No Kristen.  Boo reboot.

  • Juliemartinwallace

    I’m sure your right, they will have to do some epic fight scene with people dying to make the movie -world happy. I heard a great saying once, ” don’t judge a book by its movie.”

  • Stacey

    Wasn’t Alice’s vision about the fight and it ending badly alluded to in the book. That’s why she when flittered off with Jasper and Bella decided to work out a deal with Jenks to protect the kid?

    It seems that they probably added the fight scene vision to give some action to the flick.

    Oh and there was a death! The Volturi ripped off Irina’s head. Take that Maggie from Lost! They probably were mad that she caused such a fuss about some dead guy with dreads.

    • TeamSeth

       Yeah, and he was French. (in the book at least)


      • TeamSeth

         haha, him being french was so five years ago.

        • BeaDee

          Ah, but this time we’re going to see the French Coven, and the dude from it is obviously supposed to be Laurant’s brother or something. So it’s suddenly important that he’s French. Everything old is new again.

          • TeamSeth

             It’s like being reborn or something.

          • MariaCecilia

            So, let’s bring up the Revolution again, because back then the Frenchies were the good guys, fighting with the Americans against the British oppressors! Go, France!

  • cyndibear

    Hoping it’s Alice’s vision.  I want to see how they pull of Bella’s mind shield super power visually.

    Also hoping they find some way to tuck in that rumored choreographed dance the cast surprised Bill C. with while filming the battle scene. Might I suggest at the end of the credits?

    • TeamSeth

       YES!!! Like at the end of Slum Dog Millionaire, but less heartbreaking of a film overall.

      I’m super excited for the shield effect. It’s described so well in the book! Aw, I love BD2 post demon baby birth.

    • GoWithIt

      Somebody mentioned Bella’s shield looking like a bubble gum bubble once, and now that is what I picture. Can’t help it. 

      • cyndibear

        That’s a keeper. Now I hear the inhale/exhale sounds of blowing a huge bubble gum bubble when I visualize Bella expanding her shield.

        • Or the squeaking noise when you rub a balloon! hahaha

          • cyndibear

             Ooohh… that’s good too!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Edward:  “Are you afraid?”
    Beller:  “No”

    Me either Beller!  Me either!  And I’ll tell you why.  I can’t remember who brought it up in the comments  during the Trailer breakdown (sorry!), but I agree with them: the running to fight is a vision.  Alice ‘sees’ the inevitable fight between them and that they all die.  She runs away with Jasper to find Nahuel, you know the blind spot in her vision she doesn’t know for certain exists.

    So even though some might say, they’re afraid.  I’m good because I know Alice’s visions are subjective.  The future can always change.

    • MarbleNutSlut

       I am not afraid either, because, not to be all tweed and fangirly but Bill Condon has yet to let me down. I’ve even come to grips with the weird Transformer voices of the wolves after watching Princess Mononoke (so good. for serious.) and really remember how terrified we all were with the with the weirdness and ChrisHansenocity of how Breaking Dawn could have gone? Remember how awful Breaking Dawn could have been? But instead it was AWESOME?! So: Not afraid. I have faith.

      Although, if that epic RUNNING ended in them all screeching to a stop and breaking into song…well that would be good, too. Yeah. That would be really really good. 

      • TeamSeth

         So good that it makes me wanna yell:


        Hammer time!!!

        • GoWithIt

          You have been doing your 90s homework! I have been learning the Can’t Touch This dancing for Karaoke purposes (though the dance comes in handy in many different situations). I had to take a pause though because I pulled my neck out practising. Really. I am pretty good at one of the moves so far.

          • TeamSeth

             Tent City is not going to know what hit them.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, unfortunately that is also true of when a book is made into a movie: the story can always change…

  • Rob said in an interview there is fight scene in the end which never happen in the book

  • MariaCecilia

    Hey, I always thought it was sort of lame that they just stood around for twenty minutes after all the build-up and then went home: I WANT MY BATTLE SCENE!!! Plus Rob said in interviews that there was a twenty-minute battle scene in the movie, so this is obviously it. (Unless it’s Rosalie and Jacob having it out in the backyard?) If Stephenie okayed it, I’ve no problem with it. (Since she is the Creator she can obviously rewrite Canon…) Bring it!!

    • I’m ok with an awesome battle scene – as long as IT IS AN ALICE VISION WHICH DOES NOT COME TRUE.  There, I yelled that.

      • MariaCecilia

        That’s how they do it in the movies you know: go off on a complete tangent, and then half an hour later take it all back “Oh, that was just a dream.” Wish it was that easy IRL…

  • twiprof

    I saw a Comic Con interview today with Peter where he says that there is not a fight, but a dance off…..hmmmmmmm  ;0

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  • Diane

    I thought that it might be one of Alice’s visions too, but then I realized that the wolves and Renesmee are present.  She can’t see the wolves or anything about Renesmee because they’re not fully human or vampire, right?  So, that’s made me wonder if there isn’t going to be some type of battle after all.  Maybe I’m wrong – who knows?  But didn’t Alice freak out because when Bella got pregnant, she “disappeared” from her visions?  Anyway, it’s something to think about.  We’ll find out in November.  🙂

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