7 Things I forgot about Breaking Dawn Part 2

Dear LTTers,


I did. On an actual TV– which actually kinda shocked me. I was watching something highly educational (pretty little liars prob) with Mr. Choice next to me ignoring my “HE’S SO HOT” ‘NO HE’S SO HOT” fights with myself, trying to decide which guy I was into that night when he said “Is this a TWILIGHT trailer?” and I realized it was….one I hadn’t seen. It was Mr. Choice’s FIRST trailer, in fact. And he asked “Is it going to be good?”

Probably. It’s probably going to be good. I mean it BETTER be right? After movies ranging in this order:

1. Terrible but so terrible it was brilliant Twilight
2. Better but still pretty terrible New Moon
3. GOOD but not as good as the book Eclipse


So I got thinking about my expectations. We’ve always told you to manage your expectations here at LTT. And I think that’s no different this year, except…. I forget most of what happens in Breaking Dawn Part 2. In fact, until recently I thought it started in Jacob’s perspective– but that already happened in part 1 (was that evident in the movie? I don’t think it was) but the trailer reminded me of some KEY PARTS that I completely forgot were going to happen. Watch with me then we’ll discuss:

1. BELLA IS A VAMPIRE: I know, I know. DUH. How could I FORGET? Well, I did. She’s not a vampire for most of the saga, so it’s easy to forget that for the 2nd half of the last book she is. I see Kristen/Bella in those images and videos. I don’t see a strong, deer-eating super fast runner. (I also don’t see a mother to a 9 year old, but whatever) (VAMP DIARIES SPOILER ALERT: I’m going through the same thing with Elena. I mean… she’s NOT a vampire right? Is this for real? Also do you love how they totally upstaged Twilight and turned Elena first?)

2. ALICE GOES AWAY: For a LONG time. I have a feeling it won’t seem as long in the movie, but in the book that sucked. I was pissed at Alice. I mean, I knew she had something up her sleeve but eventually I couldn’t help but feel like she just left us.

3. CHARLIE IS SUPER DUMB: Remember how dumb Charlie is? I mean, he barely questions it when his daughter is quarantined for months/weeks with this terrible virus.. and then he doesn’t question that she’s very OBVIOUSLY no longer human. And he seems to be okay with the fact that his granddaughter grows a few years every 20 minutes. COP OF THE YEAR AWARD

4. CHARLIE IS A GRANDPA: And I CAN’T WAIT to see how cute that is. He’s an amazing dad (I mean super dumb– read #3) so he’s going to be the best grandpa. I hope he lets Renesmee pull on his ‘stache. (ugh that felt dirty and was not meant to be AT ALL)

5. SEX SCENES IN THE TINY HOUSE: Enough said. A little too much “Fade to sad” for my liking, but my imagination can fill in the blanks. (and these days a little “fade to sad” is okay where ROBSTEN is concerned)

6. NEW VAMPS: I haven’t forgotten about them of course since we’ve been shoving “New Faces Fridays” down your throats for weeks now, but thank GOD we’ll finally be able to remember WHO they are and what role they play. Cause seriously…. I have NO idea who that guy from Pushing Daisies plays…..

7. THE SHIELD: Remember how Edward can’t read Bella’s mind because of that “shield” she has that offers protection? I thought that was pretty cool & will be interesting to see how that is interpreted visually. And also that leads to one of my FAVORITE parts of the entire saga– at the end when Bella lets Edward into her mind finally. I might lose it there guys– it’ll be like Edward being allowed into my mind– seeing how much this whole thing has meant to me over the past 4+ years…. so if you hear sobbing all the way in Omaha.. that’s just me and Moon in LA crying big ol’ tears….

That’s it! 7 things I forgot about Breaking Dawn part 2 that I’m excited to see!

What are you excited about?


  • HowToBe

    In ET, they said stephenie and Melissa changed the ending slightly, I’m anxious to see what the hell that means

    • KStewBoy

      The Cullen Clan and Volturi have a dance-off. Carlisle surprises everyone with his mad breaking skillz.

  • Sue G.

    I can’t wait to see when Bella confronts Jacob regarding his imprinting her daughter!

  • celestialchic

    I’m excited about the all the internal and external giggling I will do imagining what all the LTTer’s will say about all the unintentional funnies and the surprises and pure epicness of the finale.
    I’m excited to see Jane get her ass kicked by Bella.

  • Nelle

    Love your 7 choices- also didn’t I read ages ago that Edward plays Renesme’s lullaby for her? Anxious to see that. Also remember there is supposed to be something in the ending credits. Of course I don’t have to remind LTTers to stay through the very last minute!!

  • Venom

    I’m looking forward to the shield being lifted for Edward too! And I’m curious to see what the ‘figuring out who the eff J. Jenkins (is that his name?) is’ scene will be like, if there is one, and how Bella pulls that off.

  • BeaDee

    Can’t wait for the Charlie scenes in this one– Jacob showing him he’s a werewolf and his first visit after Bella’s changed. And I’m so looking forward to lots of Michael Sheen screen time.

  • MariaCecilia

    Of course I want to see Edward and Bella have sex in a small house (any building, really) but I’m not getting my hopes up. *sigh*
    Charlie-time is bound to be good, and if they haven’t gone overboard on the make-up, Michael Sheen is also something I will enjoy. Frankly, I think almost everything looks very promising, so I’m probably either deluded or in for a big surprise one way or another. Well, Edward looks beautiful, Bella seems fierce and a big fight can’t be bad. I’m officially excited!

    • Guest

      Yes, we want to see Edward have sex in a small house cause we know KStew is familiar with that action in small places.
      The surprise ending is Bella and Emmet arm wrestle but he accidently (on purpose) knocks her head off.
      Kristen killed the magic of Twilight for me. I’m mature enough to get that the two of them most likely wouldn’t make it but the manner and method she chose of telling him she’s no longer interested was beyond the pale.

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