Edward Cullen is a dad. And I am 2nd-hand Embarrassed

Dear Edward,

You probably don’t remember most of these pictures being taken, huh? That’s cuz someone had WAY too much time and WAY too many photoshop skills!


Thanks to JBell, our unofficial twi/rob-tipster, for finding this gem!

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Twilight stuff on my cat

Dear Renesmee,
My husband sent me a link to this picture with a note saying, “I shouldn’t be encouraging your obsession, but look at this”

I love this site: www.stuffonmycat.com

Aw! Someone loves cats AND your biography, Breaking Dawn. I’m writing this letter specifically to you so that you have enough sense to not hunt anything as cute as this when you’re thirsty. I know Jacob might encourage it because of that inborn hatred that dogs and cats have, but this cat loves your story, so leave it and all other cats alone.

Representing all cat lovers everywhere ever,

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2nd hand embarassment- art edition

Dear Edward and Reneesmee,

I’m sorry. This is weird. I feel weird. 


Yes, oftentimes it IS cute to see babies with their daddy’s…but not when the baby and daddy are pretend people and the daddy’s photoshopped arm looks like Hulk Hogans. 



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Renesmee Cullen

Dear Renesmee,

When the movie studios decide to tell your story after Stephanie Meyers is over her feeling of “not going back to Forks” and realizes she must write your story, can I star as the grown-up you?

Renesmee Cullen

And if that’s okay, will it be okay if I try to seduce the man who plays your father?

Thanks for considering me. (If it helps, I’m a vegetarian too)

P.S. your boyfriend kissed your Mommy and wanted to do more. Ask Daddy

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