Who should have played Bella?

Dear Twilight-

It’s no secret that I’m not crazy about Kristen Stewart as an actress. Moon & I have admitted as much way back since the beginning of this blog. Well obviously it’s because she’s with Rob obviously b/c obviously I sensed their magicness the first time I saw Twilight and was so jealous obviously. (Do you see what I did there? I used sarcasm to out myself as a nonsten)

No but seriously, I’ve never been crazy about Kristen Stewart as an actress. I’ve said it time & time again. We don’t need to debate her acting right now. You can like Kristen, I don’t care (But if you want to debate it read this post:  it’s a good read)

But we should talk about this question I thought of yesterday:

As I was driving into work I was thinking about LTT. I was thinking about what Moon and I have done for now over 2 years and how to explain it to someone who is outside of it- maybe to someone who doesn’t know Twilight or anything about the fandom. And I realized (or I admitted) that we’ve said some HARSH things over the years. And every time we have we’ve known the backlash we might get or the reactions we probably could expect. We’ve rarely been surprised by a reaction. So I was thinking about explaining to someone about one of the more contentious things we talk about- Kristen. And I was thinking that this imaginary person talking to me in my car might ask me, “Well, if not Kristen, then who would you want to play Bella? ” and I was stumped by myself talking to myself as an imaginary person asking me that question. (I’m crazy in the car in the morning, clearly.)

I don’t know!? Who would I want to play Bella? Kristen Stewart is Bella! I never thought about that before- I never thought about anyone else playing Bella. We’ve never explored that before, even on LTT. So today we’re going to discuss who should’ve played Bella:

Well the first OBVIOUS choice OBVIOUSLY is.. me!

Here are the reasons why. I’m beautiful, as evidenced by this picture:

(Sidenote: That was made for me LONG Before Face-in-a-hole did it. LOOK at the date on the poster!) Also, I’m very sexy (You know, all the things Bella should be) and I really really really want to make out with Rob on a bed.

Bite Me

Well, if I can’t get the role, then who else? I swear that I remember seeing that Lucy Hale was in the running for Bella at one point. She’s adorable . I love Pretty Little Liars & the scandelous teacher/student relationship. Plus I love those pants movies. But Lucy as Bella? Hmmm… Not so much.

I’ve heard people mention Kat Dennings. Probably because she’s sarcastic & not so super girly- sorta has the Bella personality. But she has really big boobs (NOT how Bella was described). Plus there was a photoshoot she did with Rob oh so long ago…


Stephenie’s first choice was Emily Browning. I don’t know much about her- but she definitely has that “girl next door” LOOK that Moon & I had imagined a little bit more for Bella. I can see why Stephenie picked her.

But WHO ELSE has that Bella persona? And what other American brunette’s have I forgotten to mention? Who could pull it off? Who would just CLICK as Bella?

The reality is, I’ve never thought that someone else should be Bella. I’ve just never THOUGHT about it. And now that I just did in today’s letter, I don’t think anybody else is right for it. Maybe it’s because Kristen’s played her in 3 movies & I can’t imagine anyone else as Bella. When I think of Bella now, I see Kristen in my mind. I don’t even see whoever it was I had pictured as Bella before I knew Kristen would be playing her. There literally is no one else that comes to mind. And despite not enjoying her acting as I never have, obviously because she gets to “do it” with Rob Pattinson obviously, I don’t think anyone else should play Bella, (well, besides myself of course!!)


Congrats Kristen, you ARE Bella to me (exactly what you want to hear!) What do YOU think? Have you ever pictured another actress as Bella? Think anyone else could pull it off better? Pick me! Pick me!

Oh- wanna watch something fun- aka a bad video to a bad song, but fun nonetheless?! Here’s a video showing all of Stephenie’s original cast picks. Some are SO interesting!

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Shocker! It’s a Saturday Post: Red Riding Hood Contest

Dear Catherine Hardwicke,

We’re hard on you sometimes- what with all your constant talk of Robsten & crazzzzzyyyyyy hair & outfits, but I gotta admit. I kinda want to see “Red Riding Hood.”

But that’s not even the shocker, Mr. Choice, my darling indie-film loving, Twilight-hating (yet Catherine respecting) husband asked me last night if the movie was out yet, because even HE wants to see it. Um, what is happening!?

Anyway, we get notifications about contests & such ALL the time and generally ignore them because they are lame. But this one is pretty awesome. This website I JUST learned about, Plum Willow, where you create outfits based on stuff you find on the site, is doing a simple contest where you create an outfit around the red cape from the movie & win a pretty decent prize pack from the film. It’s PERFECT if you, like me, are intrigued by this movie (Is it because the guy looks really hot??) or if you don’t care, pass it on to someone else. I know you know someone who is interested. It’s The Little Red Riding Hood. And WOLVES (NOT Bears) plus a HOT GUY.

Check out the Contest!

Happy Weekending!

UC & Moon

PS: Mr. Choice just walked in & asked what I was doing. I confessed I mentioned him in today’s letter. He clarified why he “wanted” to see the movie. He said he just likes to go to movies & he knows that’s something we could both agree on. Since obviously I’d want to see it since it has something sort-of to do with Twilight. I also think he has a secret crush on Amanda Seyfried. Or maybe the Wolf. He is Team Jacob!

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Ohh the good ol’ days of Twilight

Dear Twilight Cast,

Let me be a grandma for a second and talk about the “Goldie Oldies,” or the “Good old days” Or “Way back when” or “When I was a kid…”

First… some explanation as to why I’m donning a bonnet & jumping in a caddy with my walking stick, and a pocket full of werthers caramels, and a bunch of stuffed animals in the back of my car (okay I’ll stop). I logged on to BreakingDawnMovie.org to catch up on what’s going on in Vancouver & I saw this:

Ashley Greene looking like someone ate half of Ashley Green’s legs. No seriously. Where did they go?

Gill Burmingham shows up sans wheelchair & looking jacked

and Kristen also arrived in Vancouver- but that was too boring to even grab a picture.

And.That’s.IT! The CAST is in Vancouver. There are no pictures of them together. There are no dinners out. Lunches in. Dance parties. WHY, Twilight gods, WWWWWWWHY!?

If the boringness of airport arrival photos wasn’t enough, I had to click on a link about celebrity roommates and see THIS:


with the caption:

Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart: The Twilight castmates bunked up while filming New Moon in Vancouver. “We didn’t go out that much,” Reed told Us. Instead, she said that cast would “go to group dinners a lot. Peter Facinelli is a great cook and so he made us pasta.”

(They mean “Italiano,” of course) Sniff! Do you remember it? I don’t really mean the fake lesbianship- although I sort of do- but I mostly mean THE FRIENDSHIP, The discussions of the friendship & the knowledge that the cast actually likes each other.

A friend in Vancouver sent me an email after hearing the 100 Monkeys are gonna play Vancouver sometime soon. She asked what she thought the chance of the cast showing up would be. I answered:

100 monkeys are gonna be in Vancouver: Will Twihards show? YES
Will Robsten? HELL NO. Will cast members whose names we can’t remember show? Probably

And this is what makes me sad: I bet Rob & Kristen haven’t talked to Jackson since last day of filming Twilight. During the first filming we used to hear stories about how they holed up in each other’s hotel rooms, singing songs, drinking & bonding late into the night. Now everyone is so divided. I wonder if the cast divides along Nonsten/Robsten lines like the fandom does? If so who do you think swings which way? Nikki is Nonsten, obviously. I bet Taylor is Robsten. Just because he’s seen the bear-skin rug in person so he knows the magicness is real. Ashley is probably Nonsten too but only because she refuses to believe a guy could fall for any other girl before she hooks up with him. Do you think Bill Condon has a side? Stephenie? You’re welcome to write an anonymous comment today to let us know. Just call yourself “The Original” and we’ll know it’s you.

WHY is it that when cast group news or pictures emerge it’s just about the new vampire covens that no one really cares about? Why can’t everyone in the cast we care about just get alone? Why must they ruin our fantasies that movie-making is magical & beautiful and isn’t, at the end of the day, like a “job” anyone else goes to!? Even I go to a happy hour with my co-workers on occasion. After a shoot, walk down the street to the closest bar & get crunk together! Get Taylor & Kristen fake IDs. Do shots off Kellan’s washboard abs! Get Kristen to sing “Back to December,” dedicated it to Taylor during karaoke. Play SPIN THE BOTTLE and get video of Jackson & Ashley’s make-out. Ask Peter to cook you ITALIANO every night! Just please please PLEASE be friends again. For just a few more weeks while you’re finishing up in Vancouver. These are the BEST days of your lives. You’ll miss them when they’re gone. One day you’ll be an old grandmother like me, wishing for the years of your youth.

Love your ol’ granny,

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Getting excited about Breaking Dawn Part 1

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 1,

I don’t know about you but the news err non-news-stalker-pics-wigger-kids coming out of Vancouver this week got me REALLY excited for Breaking Dawn. If only we didn’t have to wait until November to see the finished project. But oh well. We’ll take what we can get.

We got this letter a week or so ago from SJ discussing what she was looking forward to in BD Part 1 & it got me even MORE excited about the movie!

I’m Excited

  1. Rob’s career make or break scene: can he pull off being the most seductive vampire ever whilst wearing water shoes?
  2. Taylor’s voodoo power: forget kung-fu, is his voodoo strong enough to convince the world a teenage shapeshifter imprinting on a newborn baby is not creepy (may also be seen as career make or break time).
  3. The pale ‘strange one’ and the chick who hates dancing and parties unobtrusively getting down with the locals at carnival time then prancing up the beach between the pumpkin lanterns.
  4. Kristen enduring parading Summit Wardrobe Department‘s idea of Stephenie Meyer’s idea of Alice’s idea of stylin’. And will they reuse blue art smock for a maternity top?
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt wetting her pants on the red carpet. But that’s just me being petty and mean (Taylor hatin’ beetch!)
  6. You should really use a condom

    Will there be a condom/Condon reference somewhere in wedding or Isle of Esme, or just ANYWHERE? I am praying for an outtake of Bill popping up in the ocean next to Rob & Kristen saying ‘I really do think I’m needed in this scene, move over Kristen’. And then me yelling ‘for the love of god move over Kristen!’

  7. Charlie’s ‘stache. Jasper’s hair. Carlisle’s accent. Esme achieving full camouflage with the backdrop in every scene she appears in.
  8. Merchandise – Isle of Esme jigsaw, maracas, water shoes? Team Edward/Jacob wedding garter. Isle of Esme sarongs. Pregnancy test kits.
  9. Edward attempting to pimp out Jacob to Bella so she can have a ‘normal’ pregnancy (although maybe not normal by LTT standards). Or is it Bella being pimped out to Jacob? I’m not really up to speed on the Pimp’s code of conduct but it does seem that it would be a win situation for all of them. Anyway, cannot wait to see how Rob delivers those lines. It may just be the first time I feel sorry for him.

All this and it’s only February! Are we halfway there yet?

xxx Sj.

Hey Rob.. in Isle Esme ... you should do that move I taught you on my bed back in 2008...

I know, SJ. I know! It’s SO far away, yet hopefully the time will FLY! Because I have to add the following things I am so excited about for BD Part 1:

  1. Watching a Catherine Hardwicke interview where she discusses how the Isle Esme sex scene(s) were “just as passionate as the moment Robsten was created my unmade bed in Venice Beach.”
  2. A NEW SOUNDTRACK to listen to (nothing funny here- you know we’re serious around here about music!
  3. Watching Bella tell her high school friends she’s getting married. And then making the brilliant awkward lines that Yorkie & Mike are sure to say after they hear the news our new mantras.
  4. Seeing if Taylor breaks into giggles anytime sex is mentioned, suggested or insinuated

Oh November… can’t you be HERE already!!


What (Serious or non-serious!) things are you excited for for Breaking Dawn Part 1!?

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Twilight: It STILL follows me everywhere

Dear Twilight,

Moon & I started having a conversation late last week about “When it’s over.” With Breaking Dawn wrapping filming in Louisiana and moving to the last shooting location, the reality that eventually this saga will come to an end is becoming more clear. Sure- we have awhile before the next film let alone the last one. But once filming wraps & besides the weeks leading up to the films’ releases, Twilight-world will be QUIET. Can you imagine that drastic change in all of our lives? I can’t. I’ll let Moon lead us in that discussion sometime soon, but it got me thinking about how wrapped up Twilight is in my life. We’ve discussed it time-and-time before, and to be honest, I can’t believe it hasn’t let up!

For example: we had an impromptu get-together Friday night at our loft & our friend Dan asked, “How’s work?” To which I responded, “It’s okay. Hot Tub sales are slow but I’ve been traveling a lot to some different trainings.” He quickly corrected, “Oh no! I mean the blogs!!!” Still to this day my guy friends want to discuss my ahem “work!”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Brookie

Twilight STILL follows me everywhere. On Saturday, LTT-turned real-life friend turned role-play partner of Moon’s @Brookelockart moved into new digs in Philadelphia. Mr. Choice & I went to help her move in (and due to the fact that it’s a 3rd floor walk-up, the muscles in my legs are now broken for as long as Bella & Edward will love each other. Which is forever. Thanks Brookie). Outside of the U-HAUL truck, I noticed a little present to welcome Brookie to the neighborhood. I pointed it out to her and said “Look- Jacob brought you a dream catcher.” And no lie, a dream catcher was on the ground just outside of the truck. And I swear-to-you- it was not there when I first arrived to help.

As seems to be my Sunday afternoon/early evening routine these days, I tend to stalk people I barely know on Facebook, “like” pictures I was tagged in 2-3 years ago & just overall reminisce about the past. Yesterday was no different and that meant I looked through all 1,018 pictures in which I’m tagged. And what I found was… well, Twilight is still everywhere

For example:

In 2009, I got tagged in a picture posted by a family member because some girl I don’t know did her senior thesis on Gender Stereotyping in literature- focusing on Twilight:

I bet she got an A

My sister went to Spain- and then tagged me in a picture of Twilight in Spanish:

No comprendo

In December 2008 my friend Tagged me in THIS picture with the caption spelled exactly how I have it listed below:

Believe it or not, this was the dude from twilite in 88


My Grandmother bought me THIS for Christmas 2 years ago & shared it with all her Facebook friends:

And who could forget that EPIC moment in the summer of 2008 when I was sitting on the beach reading the final pages of Breaking Dawn, and some family member dared interrupt me for a group picture:


And of course as I was internet-stalking/reminiscing about the last 6 years old my life captured on Facebook forever, I was listening to iTunes on shuffle. And shuffle it did- to THIS beautiful audio-clip:


IT follows me- EVERYWHERE! And for some reason, it still surprises me… even after all this time!

Don’t change, Twilight. I’m not ready to say good-bye to you quite yet,


Where has Twilight followed YOU lately!? Share in the comments! And whoa- the actors haven’t even arrived in Vancouver yet and we ALREADY have more info & pictures leaked than we did the entire time they were in Louisiana? Phew- gives us something to talk about later this week!

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