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Why We Obsess!

Why We Obsess!

Postby themoonisdown » Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:15 pm

About This Forum

After seeing LTT/LTR blow up before our very eyes and become a busy popular daily hang out, we recognized the need to create a place were readers could talk about stuff besides the daily posts and thus this forum was born!

This is perfect place to share links, pics of Rob in white t-shirts, stories, creepy dreams about James chasing you, your fascination with all things Buttcrack Santa and everything in between. With your help we've tried to think of the right categories for the forum so that there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place! If you notice something that really needs to be added, please email us or post a request!

Now go introduce yourself if you haven't yet, and then head on over to the "Help and How to" section to get any questions answered or find out what the H you need to do to start!

Oh, and a quick note. If your age means Rob could get arrested if he kissed you, well, then isn't the right place for you to hang out! This forum is suitable only for those people who wouldn't get Rob thrown in jail... :)

About Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob

We’re two friends on opposite coasts. Themoonisdown lives in the west and UnintendedChoice lives in the east. One thing that bridges the gap of ALL that divides us and that is our great love for all things Twilight!

We’ve created a space to share our Twilight love, and we’re glad you’ve found us.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to tell Charlie Swan (yes, we know he’s not real…) What about Kellen Lutz? How about a commentary on the first 30 seconds of the 3rd song on the soundtrack? You’ve found your outlet! If it’s related to Twilight via the movie, books, music, characters or actors, you must share it with us!

Write something funny- or make it serious. Or maybe it’s just really sad, depressing and super obsessive. Whatever you wish- we wanna hear it! Send all submissions to letterstotwilight@gmail.com for review.

Visit the blogs at http://letterstorob.com and http://letterstotwilight.com
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