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How the crap does Rob's flat work?

Wanna talk about your kids? Wanna talk about how your man will never live up to Rob? Wanna talk about your final you will fail b/c instead of studying you read "Wide Awake?" Wanna give virtual hugs to some new friends? Do that here- in Rob's flat- the home of daily hang-outs (BYOH- bring your own Heineken)

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How the crap does Rob's flat work?

Postby unintendedchoice » Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:33 am

A long, long time ago, on an evening in December (12/08/08 to be exact) two friends started a blog because they were so embarrassed that they spent an entire hour of their lives watching a badly made home video of a photoshoot for the Twilight cast.

Immediately they acquired a fanbase (aka- their one fan.. Christa from [url]86Rabbit.wordpress.com[/url]) and suddenly, their little site grew so big that even the Greek version of Glamour magazine was aware of their brilliance.

Wonderful people began neglecting their real lives to spend all their time on LTR (don't worry, LTT held it's own and had a very special fanbase as well). Eventually, these two friends decided they needed a special place for the life neglecting to continue....and a forum was born.

Rob invited them to use his flat for hang-out time. So each and every day, a new topic was started for the daily hang-out. You could Talk about whatever... Talk about Rob.. Talk about Fan Fic.. Talk about neglecting your real life...

Hang out- It's Rob's flat. Grab a Heine, grab a cig, grab a copy of GQ... you're home...
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