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A little housekeeping - Comments *EVERYONE READ*

Wanna talk about your kids? Wanna talk about how your man will never live up to Rob? Wanna talk about your final you will fail b/c instead of studying you read "Wide Awake?" Wanna give virtual hugs to some new friends? Do that here- in Rob's flat- the home of daily hang-outs (BYOH- bring your own Heineken)

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A little housekeeping - Comments *EVERYONE READ*

Postby themoonisdown » Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:53 pm

Hey Friends!

We hardly ever bust in to bring down the mood but we're putting on our tweed suits for a second and getting serious. Here, take a Werthers and sit down for a second...


We've been getting multiple emails from multiple parties and read numerous mean spirited comments towards fellow commenters to finally break our silence and say something.

We're all adults, so let's act that way. If you don't like something that someone else has said and can't approach it in a respectful and appropriate way than DON'T RESPOND. Keep on moving and add your 2 cents to another comment. It's really that simple. It's hard to tell peoples tone or motive behind posting something so try to air on the side of good intention.

Sadly we can't handle every situation personally because honestly, there's no time. We both have jobs. We do this as a hobby to give people a place where we "keep it real" about everything Twilight and Rob related not to pick each other apart through comments. If we were to handle all these instances we'd have no time to actually WRITE for the blog or do our other billions things on the blog to-do list which we're just itching to roll out but can't.

We've also created this forum as a place for you to have daily chats about your lives and things not related to the daily blog posts. Rob's flat is where you should be having these conversations. And if it comes to blows and you need to take a step back we created the "Hug it Out" thread for a reason! Use it, Love it, Embrace it!

So we're not trying to stop you from commenting or having disagreements what we are saying is BE RESPECTFUL and take your issues to a more appropriate venue.

In the end each one of you is a very valued member of our community- we've developed relationships with many of you outside of the LTT blogs in our real lives and we're just not going to get involved. We care about each one of you too much to choose sides So ... can we all agree to keep it respectful? And not to jump to conclusions? SAY AI?!

Your faithful and loving bloggers,
Moon and UC

PS Don't make us pull out "We are the Rob" on you
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