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Introduce Yourself!

Are you new to LTT (letterstotwilight) or LTR (letterstorob) or maybe just new to our forum? Well, this is the place for you- for our virgins. Introduce yourself here and then you will be on your way!

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby samrosey » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:41 pm

Hello hello,
my name's Sam (rosey because i blush like mad), and i just found this place (and LTT and LTR) and omg how did i miss this!
I only recently, as in just over a week ago, started reading the books and am done with them already *sad face*
I saw the film probably bout 6 months ago, loved it but never thought of reading the books cuz i'm so impatient i'd figure i'd just give up.
i love my shows and film and love going to conventions and stuff and easily get addicted to new things but my pull to the books once i started was so immense. I didn't think i'd ever get in to it nearly that much.
Since then i found myself watching clips and interviews with the cast (Rob) ;) and am still full on inside my addiction.
That's how i found this place...so woo hey *waves*
Anything else bout me; i'm a photographer and student, i'm 24.

samrosey <3
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby RPaddict » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:13 pm

I'm Elisa, aka, RPaddict. I 've been lurking at both LTT/LTR for a while now. It's what I do, it takes me a while to get comfortable and then I take the plunge.I am an avid poster over on Robsessed. I hope to be here as well.
I've been hooked on Rob since HP GOF. He's the reason for my Twilight obsession. I love them both, but Rob owns my heart. I am married to a wonderful, caring,man( who is more like Rob than Edward) no children. He knows of my crush but does not know how deep seeded it is. ;) There fore I look to you all to share and squee like a schoolgirl about my Robsession. I'm also 38,please do not assume I am a dredded crazy "Twimom". I'm just a normal women who has been "dazzled" beyond all reason by Robert Effing Pattinson. :oops: Thank God ! :P And OMR I'm glad I'm not alone.
And you'll look at me, with eyes that see,And we'll melt into eachothers arms,You'll be my queen, I'll be your king, and I'll be your lover to.

Love Elisa <3
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby actually... » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:18 pm

Hi! Finally introducing myself. I've been lurking on LTT/LTR for weeks now and always have a laugh here. You guys start my days off right. Glad I've finally found my peeps ;) ! I guess my RPatz obsession is still in the closet, so to speak; I was going to make my first post here a few days ago, but as I started typing the hubs came home from work early and i freaked out trying to erase my history and close the browser AND shake the RobDaze off my face... embarrassing...obviously the post never materialized.

So, I have two kiddos (4 and 1) who rock my world and a little saint of a dog who's 6. I studied Lit in college. I drink a lot of coffee. And since I'm posting here you can pretty much sum up my other interests.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby TwistedTwiFreak » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:52 pm

Hey everyone, I'm TwistedTwiFreak and pretty new to this scene. I've recently 'empty nested' and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. It's still a blur how I went from reading Twilight one day to full blown Rob Pattinson freak the next, but it happened and it happened wicked fast. My friends don't even know who RPattz is, no less what the wholeTwilight phenom is about. They're talking intervention....seriously. I'm begging them, anyone of them to just look at photos of Rob, please read the books, please watch the movie...just read his interview in GQ! I was convinced if they would just follow those simple requests, they too would become freaks like me. But they refused and I have no one to talk Twilight/Rob with. So in the interest of self preservation, I've decided not to push it with my RL friends and maybe make some new friends here. Love LTR already, and this is my first time on LTT, but I'm sure I'll love it here, too! Thanks.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby NotWutheringHeights » Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:20 am

Howdy from Down Under,

I'm a virgin (oh the memories!) and am a tragic Twiholic. I'm on my 5th read through (and had to just skip chapters 4 through 16 inclusive in NM for the first time cause I just couldn't face the dog again). I'm also hooked on the audio books (if you haven't gone there... do!).

Queen Meyer's reference to the giggle girls of LTT have led me here and I haven't stopped pissing myself since.

Thanks for the laughs ladies, you're too funny! And I love your eloquent and prolific utilisation of sarcasm!

NWH (and by the way, Wuthering Heights is awful, just want to slap Bella for reading that drivel over and over again)!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Kullen79 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:59 am

Hey y'all! Am I the only one who gets all nervous about this introduction thing? I mean, it's like being in a class or something where everyone has to take turns introducing themselves, and you know that you know what your name is and where you are from, shouldn't be a problem......but you still end up getting all sweaty palmed and clear your throat over and over until it's your turn. Right? Or is it just me? I mean, we're all here for the same reason. No reason to worry about anyone judging us. Good....well, anywho.......I recently turned 30 and am divorced with 3 cats. I'm obsessed with everything Twilight related, especially Rob. That's about it for now. I mean, I have tons more to say about my obsession, but there's really no need to let everyone know right off the bat, that I'm completely psycho over this stuff.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby ish » Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:32 am

Hi like almost everyone else never joined a fan club, never obsessed, never stalked the net UNTIL.... picked up a copy of Twilight in local bookstore - live in germany and there wasn't such a big thing about it until the movie came out.
anyway, am feeling very brave joining up and also rather cracking up about it all. snifffed around your site for ages laughing away and suddelny decided to join up.
I am 34 - I know far too old to be reading and breathing teenage fiction - have 4 kids and also cannot read another book after reading twilight. I sigh and think ahhh its just not Edward and Bella (I can't make myself call him Ed) and put poor book back on shelf. I am ruined really. Why why why did Stephenie Meyer have that dream?
xx ish
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Dutch Josie » Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:41 am

Hi ladies!

I am so happy to have found this website, I was scared to be alone in my "obsession"... ;)

Anyways, this was about introducing myself. I call myself Dutch Josie, because I am from the Netherlands (so excuse my poor English sometimes). JI am 33, going on 34, married to Richard and I have a lovely daughter of almost 4, called Sienna.

My husband is so regretting telling me to watch the movie "Twilight". I only saw it for the first time at the end of August this year. I so enjoyed the movie, next day I ordered all 4 books and didn't stop reading after finishing them all. (This means I did not talk to my husband and child for a week).

It felt a bit like Edward Cullen the first week, I was sooo hungry for Twilight / Rob Pattinson, but I went hunting the internet and I think I have my hunger under control now. I have found some sites, which I sorta compulsivly check every hour, to see if there is any new picture of Rob or some new info at all. I even joined Twitter, just to get updates via Peter Fascinelli (hoping Rob will leave a message there, as Nikki and Kellan did as well)

Rob is my absolute favourite, wouldn't mind risking a big fight with hubbie, if I ever have a chance to ... well you know.. same as you want ;)

Josie :D
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby exslayer » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:12 pm

This site is hilarious, witty, snarky, honest and ....did I mention hilarious! I didn't think I would ever find a twilight fan site where I felt comfortable, where I could laugh at my obsession (at the expense of others, of course) with such abandon! I found you guys a couple of months ago by random surfing and am finally getting the courage to post. I'm a total lurker, and new to posting (is it supposed to feel like i'm starting a 12 step program...hmmmmm).

I've been a fan of the vampire genre, since well...ever, and was a huge Buffy/Angel fan too. My twilight obsession started in Nov. of 07 and gradually turned into an edward/robsession around Feb 08. The obsessing stays in the house for the most part - no "unicorns" here. Although, out of necessity, I recruited 2 of my 3 sisters and a niece into the madness. This was just so I could have completely serious conversations about Rob, like what his eating habits are; or if he's had his neck moles checked by a doctor; or when exactly was the last time him and TomStu saw each other was, etc. You get the picture. So yeah, I totally get the whole "unicorn" thing, it's a very fine line we walk. It kinda reminds me of "Fight Club". You know, the first rule of "Fight Club" is never talk about "Fight Club". Well, helloooo "Twilight Club".

So in reality my immediate family is probably the most excited I found LTT/LTR, because they can have a rest now! My poor husband is so sick of listening to me yammer on about Rob! He says I talk about him like he's a close family friend. (Thank God he can't hear my thoughts....hey, just like edward with bella ;) ) Okay.....close family friend? It's more like a close family friend's hot sexy British second cousin twice removed. Because honestly, the boy does things to me that are so not right for a married mother of 3. :oops: Just sayin'!

So glad I found LTT/LTR. Thanks again to moon and uc! You're brilliant!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby mthep » Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:38 pm

i've been lurking forev and finally just decided to (wo)man up and join the forums. hello!

i didn't know anything about twilight until i was dragged to the movie by a friend who wanted to see it for his birthday. i left thinking, "ok, that movie was pretty awful, but if i was 13 years old i would be ob.sessed." you see, i grew up reading lots of r.l. stine/christopher pike vamp books way back when i was an impressionable preteen. i think i was about 15 when i discovered "interview with a vampire" (on VHS), and i spent the entire summer watching it nearly every day. a couple years later i was absolutely thrilled when joss whedon created buffy (hello, spike).

after seeing twilight, i foolishly tried to avoid reading "those dumb YA books the movie was based on" so instead i procrastinated by watching the entire first season of true blood in one weekend (hello, eric). i followed that up with reading the entire sookie series (highly recommend it!), and then, finally, a friend loaned me the twilights and i gave in and devoured every last bit. i was done for.

although a few of my friends have read (and liked) the series, it became clear very quickly that my acute fondness on the subject far (far, far) surpassed theirs. that's when i turned to the great intraweb and discovered ltt/ltr, twitarded, and so much more (hello, fan fic).

now to try to figure out how this forum thing works... i'm not exactly sure where to jump in, but this seemed like a logical place to start!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby bluemidnight22 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:26 pm

Well this is definitely going to be the official popping of my cherry.I've never experienced something I felt so passionatly about until I found twilight and this forum. I've been a secret twilight fan since about mid summer. Saw the movie first, then decided to read all the books and LOVED them. Im gradually coming out of the closet to my fam and friends about my recent discovery, and Im trying to get my mom to surcum to the twilight as well, but shes being one tought cookie. Im so glad I found all you wonderful people and this wonderful website, because now I dont feel so crazy for spending hours online binging on all things twilight. I've also noticed that there may be people far more enamored with twilight than I am and I love you all for that!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby pattzy » Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:56 pm

Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm 26 and married...and I have an RPattz addiction. I've been on the RPattz sauce since December 29, 2008. That is when my sister, Lesley, took me to see Twilight. And I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for ruining my life, Les! Just kidding, I don't even know remotely what brought me pleasure before Twilight and Rob. Oh, well. Twilight, you ARE my life now.


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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Von » Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:06 am

I'm Von, and I'm new to the whole Twiligt thing and also the blogging thing. I have been trying to post this for the past half hour, so I'm going with the Reader's Digest condensed version this time... I was introduced to Twi by my friend who begged me to watch the movie, then "loaned" me her books (loan, gift... it's all semantics).

I live in the Nebraska sticks, and am married to a wonderful man who loves me, but teases me mercilessly over my new obsession (I could say a few things about his farmtown/mafia wars addiction, but I'm a much better person than he is :D ). I also have 2 sons, 11 and 7. I lived in Brasil in 84 (yes, TWO whole years before RP was born, the horror!), still speak portuguese, and I love to bake, crochet and read. I turned 41 a week ago today, so am having a little trouble reconcilling my age and my obsession over the very young twi-boys. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it!

The thing I love most about LTT is the humor, the irreverence, the sarcasm. I have rediscovered a part of me that has been long-buried and I am digging it! I even put Muse on my ringtone list yesterday, and my kids love jamming with mom to the soundtrack in the car now (it is apparently WAY BETTER than JohnDenver?!?!)

I stop in at least once per day, now, just to get my funny. Thanks, y'all, for all you do
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby AJ_ » Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:50 pm

Hello Girls (and lurking Unicorns)

My name is AJ. I've been reading LTR/LTT forever (because its been around forever, right?) and have never joined the Forum because honestly I don't need any extra reasons to spend time on Rob.

I recently promised myself that I would cut back in fact, after spending over an hour thinking of different ways to rearrange by living room furniture based on what strategic arrangement would best sheild my Rob hunting activities from my husband (how many times does he have to walk behind my chair? is it worth it to "define my space" by having my couch in the middle of the living/dining area? is it cheating if you occassionally allow Rob-time to sneak over into spouse time?)

I am pretty much addicted to Rob Pattinson and share this addiction with my best friend (and potential co-wife) and all of you great girls who make that feel Normal.

I am a writer and in my life before Rob I spend most of my free time chain reading and playing and listening to folk and blues music.

If my husband ever finds this site I insist that this post self-destruct. Thanks!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby SpunkNan » Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:28 am

Hey guys ~ I’m not really up on this whole intro thing, it kinda freaks me out because I am not a really social person thus being stuck behind my computer 24/7 talking to people I don’t really know, but hey it’s all good, so far everyone I have met online is a lot cooler than anyone I have met in person. So a little bit about me…I have survived 3 brain surgeries since March of 2007. I found a golf ball sized tumor in a freak accident and everything kind of progressed from there, but I am fine physically for the most part. My kid got hit by lightning this summer, :shock: you might have heard something about it or seen him on the Today show. I am MASSIVELY obsessed with Rob Pattinson or at least my family thinks so, I just pretty much think he is awesome, jizztastic and all around THE sexiest man I have ever seen in my entire life, if that’s obsessed, oh well…they got me there. :P I love to write, mainly blog/notes on Facebook and I attempt to make videos on You Tube, I bet you can’t guess who my subject matter is…three guesses ;) . Oh yeah, everyone calls me Nans and my other nickname besides SpunkNan is Sugar Lipps I’m sure you don’t care but I told you anyway. I almost forgot, the dick I used to call a husband left me 7 months after I got out of the hospital and 2 weeks before my birthday for another woman after 20 years. :x

If anyone is on Facebook and wants to find out more about me http://www.facebook.com/sugarlipps
and if you want to see any of my You Tube vids http://www.youtube.com/user/CookieNans
Just call me Sugar Lipps ~ Rob's personal sex goddess
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby quitesimplyepic » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:55 am

Hi, I'm Steph.
I'm a 20yr old student from Australia.
I just realised that I've suffered from a Twilight addiction and Robsession for a year now, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. lol. It was my secret shame, until the movie was released, and my friends brought it up. No-one really knows the extent of my Twi/Rob-session and I hopefully it stays that way.
I love LTT and LTR, have been reading for a few months, though only recently came out of lurkdom. Although I don't need another place on the internet to waste time and procrastinate I decided to finally join the forums.
Hope to have some fun here with you all. Until later... :)
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby littleredfiat » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:50 pm

ish wrote:Hi like almost everyone else never joined a fan club, never obsessed, never stalked the net UNTIL.... picked up a copy of Twilight in local bookstore - live in germany and there wasn't such a big thing about it until the movie came out.
anyway, am feeling very brave joining up and also rather cracking up about it all. snifffed around your site for ages laughing away and suddelny decided to join up.
I am 34 - I know far too old to be reading and breathing teenage fiction - have 4 kids and also cannot read another book after reading twilight. I sigh and think ahhh its just not Edward and Bella (I can't make myself call him Ed) and put poor book back on shelf. I am ruined really. Why why why did Stephenie Meyer have that dream?
xx ish

Hi ish, I also live in Germany. Are you German? I'm American, married to a German. Love Twilight, really love Rob. I have 3 kids and can also not read another book besides the Twilight series, which I have now read 3 times. And don't worry, I'm even older than you! I'm really obsessed, or rather Robsessed, but here: that's normal! So welcome!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby tryshlynn » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:41 pm

Hey! Found this website over the weekend and I love it!! I'm a mom to a son who is 18 and left home for college last month =( ; and a daughter, 14, who turned me on to this Twilight craze. I saw the movie about two months ago and just had to read the books. I "borrowed" them from my daughter and read all four in less than two weeks! I couldn't put them down! I have also converted my coworker into a Twi-fan. Being single, with my son away at college and my daughter spending half her time at her dad's, I have lots of time to feed my obsession that is the Twilight saga and Robert Pattinson.....swoon!!!
You really shouldn't do that to people. It's hardly fair.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby nikra » Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:51 pm

First of all:
I love The Forum! Feels like my kind of heaven/heroin would be too obvious huh? (beyond honest and oh so sarcastic ).
I'm 29 in a 9-yrs relationship (yeah, I'm kinda married but not really). European. Woohoo
Likes: books (yeah, I'm the one who reads books no one else does - besides probably RP), movies (yeah, artsy ones too :roll: ), theatre, sports, shoes (DUH), weird people, being immature as often as possible, singing while driving (not that I actually CAN sing), music in general ... ummmm ... I kinda like FF even when it's written poorly (and I studied literature :geek:) But that's normal, right?
Dislikes: stupid people, people with no sense of humor, romantic comedies (actually I'm the least romantic female on the planet).
Why I'm here? Oh, well, in one word ... ROB.
Robporn type: neck/eyes/fingers/hair

To tell you the truth - I watched Twilight accidentaly. First I was so thrilled because I drive Volvo C30 (and love it) and it was in the movie (yeah, really mature!), but then the restaurant scene happened and the music was so awesome, and then the kiss scene happened, and I was like 16 again. And that felt so good. And yet, I barely noticed Robward (eyebrows :o major fail).
Then I've done my research and I've found the real Rob, talking about his car, his hair, being all dorky and pretending he doesn't know ... things. Miss his interviews :cry:

Now I'm hooked. And I'm here.

Luv ya all
ImageImageImage I tried being normal. It sucked.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby falcon35 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:35 pm

hello my name is erica. yes, that's my real name and i don't care revealing it because NOBODY i know is as twicrazy as i am to be visiting any twilight sites! i've tried to create a following but i am alone in my twitarted and obsessed little mind so i'm hoping to make friends here. i've been folllowing LTT/LTR pretty much since they began but i'm computer dumb so i just read the blogs daily. i live in NY(not one of those crazy NY fans that give us a bad name) and id love know any other new yorkers who won't act like i need a straight when i talk about twilight and rob pattinson throghout the day.

*wiping brow* finally out of my hermit shell:)
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby DirtyJeans » Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:04 pm

I've been lurking for so long, I thought it was time to finally sign up and join the conversation.

Me - 33 married, kidless from Sydney Australia, trying madly to hide my obsession from friends and family, and kind of failing.

I'm ashamed to admit I thought Twilight was the worst film of 08 when I first watched it on a 100baht rip from a street vendor in Ko Lanta, Thailand. But that could have had something to do with the fact it was filmed on a handycam in the cinema and the back of someone's head was obscuring part of the screen... but anyway, that was a loooooong time ago now and I am a convert, a lover and a fan.

Thanks girls. Moon and UC you have brought back girly fandom into my life.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Cazza » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:33 am

Alright, I finally made it. Hi my name is Cazza and I have been trying to figure out my password for this site for months....I suck with technology. I'm British but live in the States now and I am married with two young children. I try and comment on LTR when I can and like many others, this site has restored my "girlie, giggly, dirty inner self"....I haven't felt like this since my Nick Kershaw days :o

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby mrsfinneyfrock » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:45 pm

Hello All!

Finally, I am on The Forum! YAY! I really do feel that I have an unhealthy obsession with these blogs, all you brill posters and of course a dirty, sick obsession with Rob. But hey, THAT'S NORMAL! Can't wait to start "hanging out" here and getting to know all you fellow Rob-ites. Loves!

Mrs Finneyfrock
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby blvr » Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:36 pm

After lurking in the forum for weeks, I'm showing up! Twilight is a huge obsession, just like for all you other awesome, funny, smart folks. I love LTT and LTR, read it everyday! I post there sometimes. However, due to this forum, I lost my FF virginity and now I'm dying that The Office hasn't been updated....ahhhh! The last time I was so obsessed with FF was the X-Files!

At any rate, enjoy reading everyone's opinions and I marvel every time at how many posts are like reading my mind?!? Just lately, I'm loving KStew at the VMAs, she looked awesome and I always enjoy Rob, no matter how drunk, British or boring his clothes. I totes wasted 45 minutes watching the streaming live MTV red carpet at the VMAs. Can't wait for NW, still debating on going to the midnight premiere and calling in sick the next day *evil grin.* Totally normal!

BTW, huge fan Ms. Finneyfrock!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Glamlamb » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:23 pm

Hey all!
My Name is Emily, and I am fairly new to this site - I started reading Twilight a week before my wedding (June 2009) and finished them all in that week. Reading how Edward would die for Bella and "she is his life" and I look over at my future husband ignoring me for Halo doesn't make a bride too eager. Although, I was ignoring him for my Twilight crack too. Guess He had to find something to do! Don't get me wrong, I do love my husband.. He likes to make fun of me, but is willing to watch Twilight, anytime I want to! I am a full time Esthetician, so I do Facials, Waxing, Makeup, Peels, etc at a very large Spa. I don't have any kids, but I also co-own and run a Cake business with my sister in law.. My friends at work and I had a Twilight party and I made a Twilight Cake representing Team Edward.. It was a heart but a real heart with valves and blood.. couldn't think of anything else! Turned out awesome. Hmm.. What else? Breaking Dawn was the most poorly written of the books, but my favorite because I wanted a really happy ending and it all came true. I do feel like it was thrown together though. I didn't care for NM because I am not really a Jacob fan.. I ALMOST switched teams though when I seen the picture of Taylor in a Detroit Red Wings Jersey... I am a huge hockey / Detroit Red Wings fan. I am also from Michigan, but recently moved to KY (don't ask cause I don't have a logical answer) I love shopping and shoes especially. I love concerts which was conveniently located in Detroit in Michigan, but in KY? not so much. kind of bitter. Anywho, I love Twilight, it has given me a good escape from.. everything. Anything else just ask!
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