Three Years! Tears, Fears, Jeers, Leers, Beers, and lots of awesome stuff!

My how far we've come...

Dear LTT-ers,

You may have figured it out (you’re quick… and there was a special post) but yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary Blogging about Twilight and Rob and their crazy fandom. I looked up what the traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is and it’s leather… so sit back as UC and I sit on our butts in leather pants and talk about doing this thaaaang for three looooong (short!) years!

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So long dear friends...

The one where we’ve lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s Wedding!

: Dude, Moon… 3 years. That’s a WHOLE LONG TIME. We’ve lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage and Charlie & Renee’s marriage
Moon: First off, I have you saying DUDE now. Took three years… second, we’ve lasted longer than any of jasper’s hairstyles. We lasted longer than
UC: Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewarts Fake Lesbian-ship
Buttcrack Santa’s Life- well, on-screen life
Moon: true. RIP or Harry Clearwater. RIP x2
UC: We’ve lasted longer than Swiftner (and we DO go back to December. December, 2008 that is) and Cathy Hardi’s relevancy
Moon: nothing will outlast her eternal cockblock of THE audition tape though. we’ll still be hearing about that when we’re 50
UC: Outlasted Jessica & Mike. And technically we’ve been blogging longer than Edward & Bella’s relationship– Much longer than Bella’s pregnancy
Moon: longer than bella was a student at forks high school
UC:  And longer than Ashley Green and any of her relationships. And let’s be honest.. we’re gonna outlast Nikki Reed & Whatshisname (sorry, Nikki)
Moon: OUCH!
UC: Longer than TammyO’s permission to comment on LTT
Moon: we’ll probably out last Robsten… you and i will at least. longer than the THE LIST summit keeps of the crazies
Moon: and longer than the list of death threats and “jealous hags” comments we’ve received. which is a lot
UC: Right- cuz like I said in my personal blog post yesterday.. we’ll be blogging as old Grannies someday
UC: Still tumbling about an old geezer Ryan Gosling. I’m Sure
UC: So yeah.. that’s a long time.


You've said WHHHAAAATT?!

The one where we interview each other
: i know when i meet friends/readers/haters in public i gets lots of questions about LTT/LTR
UC: “How do you live with yourself?” that’s my favorite
UC: “What’s your address so I can send Kristen’s security team after you?” I like that one 2nd best
Moon: why are you such a hateful hag? my other fave. They love the word “hag”
Moon: SOOOO think we should do our best Barbara Walters and interview each other?
UC: Yes- we’ll channel our inner & future Granny’s & Go Walters on each other
Moon: maybe make each other cry (from embarrassment)
UC: She interviews Bashar al-Assad– we DO each other
Moon: snaps for knowing who Bashar al-Assad is
UC: holllaaaa
Moon: see, we know things other than twilight!
UC: Yep. We know a couple things about The Hunger Games too

We spend some time reminicing, spilling secrets and more after the jump

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