Baby, I've got the fever

tribe pride

tribe pride

Dear Twilight Fans-

It’s totally normal to have conversations like this on AIM at work with your friends after you’ve both just reread New Moon and are die hard nerds.

(11:10:21 AM):
i think i have a fever again 🙁
(11:10:22 AM): uggh

themoonisdown (11:11:03 AM): what??
themoonisdown (11:11:16 AM): no way
themoonisdown (11:11:23 AM): dont become a werewolf
unintendedchoice (11:12:40 AM): hahahahahaa
unintendedchoice (11:12:55 AM): i’m trying to hold back the tremors!
themoonisdown (11:13:02 AM): HAHAHAHA
themoonisdown (11:13:06 AM): dont phase in the office
themoonisdown (11:13:11 AM): you could mess up some hot tubs
unintendedchoice (11:13:21 AM): and our store manager could end up like emily!
themoonisdown (11:13:37 AM): aw sad
themoonisdown (11:13:51 AM): just dont imprint on the stock guys 

We rule,
Me (themoonisdown)

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