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LTT reader turned friend, Olivia

Dear LTTers,

We’re SO excited to announce that TONIGHT on the season premiere of Biggest Loser, you can meet our darling Olivia (or maybe you remember her from her LTT commenter name Obird) who is a contestant this season! We “met” Olivia through LTT & over the years have had the extreme privilege of becoming real life friends with Olivia (and even made her sing opera in Moon’s room when we snuck out of our big LTT party back in June!) We are SO excited for her & this opportunity.

Support Olivia by Joining her Facebook page, Following her on Twitter, Tracking her progress on her Biggest Loser Contestant Page and of course watching the show TONIGHT on NBC at 8/7c! (I have no idea what the international time or availability is- if anyone knows, post it in the comments!)

Olivia & her sister Hannah are on a team together, so root for TEAM PURPLE along with the rest of their LTT friends-turned-real-life friends!!!

And since I’m sureeee Olivia is starting her each & every day reading LTT instead of doing what the producers of the show tell her to do, Olivia we love you SO much & are SO proud and excited for you!!! Keep up the good work & we’ll see you after you WIN this thing!!!


UC & Moon

Olivia, UC, Moon & Brookelockart (who I was going to crop out until I figured
she might get pissed, especially because I stole this picture off her Facebook!)

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