Unicorns and Peter Facinelli

Dear Twilight,

I may have had a break with reality or two yesterday:

I was thirsty, tired from too much Guitar Hero the night before (I rock Linkin Park, BTW–99%!), my flight was delayed making me worry about making my connection, and our plane was taken out of service meaning we had to run to our new gate. That being said, I thought I saw Robert Pattinson at O’Hare, from a distance, until I reminded myself that my friends at Letters to Rob had informed me that Rob was in London for his holidays. Then when I boarded my plane a man who looked remarkably like Peter Facinelli was sitting in First Class. No lie.

That’s when I saw a unicorn! And by that I mean a mythical beast: a grown man reading New Moon in public.

Losing it,

P.S. Christapie is our first friend at LTT (letters to twilight)- she found us on day 1! And she really did see a grown man reading New Moon in public! Read the whole hilarious story here!

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