We break down The Cullen Family trip to Pier One Imports

Dear Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer and Edward & Bella Cullen,

A new picture was released? Well, you know what that means. We’re breaking this down Vanity Fair Style

That Explains THAT

UC: Well, I know we’ve gathered here today to discuss the latest underwhel-ment from Breaking Dawn, but we wouldn’t be UC & Moon if we let an opportunity to joke about THIS pass us by:

New Jasper Doll! How many are you gonna buy? Want it for your birthday? It’s ONLY $149.99
Moon: that will haunt me in my nightmares. THAT jasper would definitely try to kill bella and talk with a weird accent for 2 out of the 3 movies
UC: And Bella would gladly let him kill her. Because in Heaven God promises no one who looks as bad as him. I would NOT let THAT Jasper eye F*ck me in a plaza in Philadelphia on a hot summer night
Moon: no way. You can’t talk to that Jasper about red mullets. Come on! How do you screw up a barbie/ken doll version of JASPER? It’s modeled off jackson who has a pretty lady man face and a catfish mouth!!!
UC: i know. I blame China. A factory worker in China. He was tired of his wife’s obsession with the men of the saga
Moon: Who wouldn’t be tired? Men of China care about Rathbonig about as much as men of america
UC: exactly. well that explains that

We get down to business

UC: So another picture from BD was released huh? Can we say overall, now that we have 3 photos & enough to make an appropriate judgement that we are UNDERWHELMED?

Coming soon to a Pier Imports near you...

Moon: By the 3 pictures you mean… 1) feather hands, 2) pants off dance off and 3) pier one lanterns… or my affectionate names for them
UC: of course
Moon: this tells you about how exciting there are

Don't you wish we were on a bear skin rug, Bella?

I mean….. sure…. the one where we get to see Robsten in a position they generally prefer on a bear skin rug is NICE if you’re into that. But LANTERNS? for VTINES day!? COME ON!
Moon: right. nothing says happy valentines day like some sand, a boat and some ambiguously Moroccan lanterns. That pictures is a happy valentines to the dudes out there. There’s a SPEED BOAT!
UC: seriously!!!
Moon: it was for the unicorns and clearly they don’t even know unicorns- Unicorns want to see Alice in her Sobe bikini
UC: Yep. Or Bella’s camel toe in her see-through white bikini
Moon: if it was a happy Valentines Day for the robsten-ers, it’d be a close up of them in the front seat of the speed boat, getting down
UC: Happy V-tines day for Team Jacob would have been a picture of Taylor in love- and somehow proving that they can pull off the Jacob/Renesmee story without creeping us out or having Chris Hansen meet Stephenie outside her hotel room.
UC: Happy Valentine’s day to US would have been Edward.. shirtless in the water… in the moonlight…. Come on Bill Condon & Summit! Let us ask questions about what’s beneath the water for a second…. (“Is Edward wearing water shoes?” That’s what I’d be asking. What did you think I meant?)

Moon: what would have been a better picture for valentines day?
UC: Emmett & Rose dancing at the wedding- Maybe a scene I WISH they had shot & just cut out of the film so that it could be released at at time like this- where Jasper is telling the story of him & Alice and we SEE her approach him in Philadelphia.. sigh… that would be Valentine’s perfection
Moon: my favorite NOT expounding on story line!!!
UC: fail- david slade fail
Moon: stepenie meyer fail!! Forget midnight sun! BLASPHEMY! i wanna know about alice and jasper
UC: I KNOW! Write THAT story! or since we know reverse psychology works on her, Nevermind Stephenie- we HATE jasper & alice and don’t want to know ANYTHNG about them!
Moon: right. DON’T DO IT. We’ll read hunger games/Immortal instruments/Whoever instead
UC: Imma read BRAN HAMBRIC by Kaleb Nation instead!
Moon: right!!! who wants to read about alice and jasper or edward when you can read about a magician named bran!

Edward goes to Rite Aid

Moon: well lets talk about the obvious. what is that scene even from? Like yea isle esme… but… ?
UC: Their arrival??
Moon: When did edward put out lanterns? was it the scared house keeper? Is she a closeted robsten fan and wanted to make their “first time” special?
UC: Maybe Bella fell asleep in the boat ride & he quickly swam to set it up? And stock the place with condoms, which of course he forgot to use?
Moon: HUGE mistake- while Bella was freaking out in the bathroom he should have just swan at vampiric speed back to the mainland to hit up the 24hr Rite Aid
UC: for REAL. Forget lanterns Ed.. where were the condoms!?
Moon: and he could have picked up some Diet Coke, some sunscreen and KY “yours and mine” while he was there. DUH. THAT should have been the picture- Edward picking up late v-day purchases at the Braziliian Rite Aid drugstore
UC: right.. a blue plastic basket filled with necessities… priorities Edward, pssh… lanterns

all in all… Nice Try Breaking Dawn. But come on! Give us something that shows you’re even TRYING down there in Baton Rouge!!!

UC & Moon

What do you think of the new pic released as our Vtines gift!? Getting the Pier One vibe like we are? How many Jasper dolls are you planning to buy!?

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75 (give or take) Reasons I may or may not be a Twihard

You might be a Twilight fan if... you've taken a photo like this

Dear LTT-ers,

We get the best emails from you guys, funny, cute, sad, sweet, touching, weird, head scratchers and down right, WTF’s in our inbox all the time and though we can’t always respond to every one we love them just the same, so when this email containing reasons you might be a Twilight addict came through our inbox courtesy of Em of M I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if I was truly a Twihard or just normal (aka the same). AAANNNDDD I just saw Blue Valentine and I’m still trying to process what the HALE I just saw so a list it is……………

A bunch of Reasons You Might Be a Twilight/Rob/Edward Addict: (edited for size)

1. You dream about Edward regularly. – Actually I don’t think I’ve EVER had an Edward or Twilight related dream which is weird considering how I talk about this stuff every day. Or maybe this IS all a dream! Ohhh Inception moment yall!

2. You dream about Rob regularly. – I can honestly say I think I’ve only ever had ONE dream with Rob in it and TomStu was there too. I’ll let you take that however you want to.

3. You always order mushroom ravioli every time you go to Olive Garden. – The “Tour of Italy” and the unlimited Soup, Salad and Breaksticks just like Big Daddy would, aka the 15.95 colonic.

4. You wear t-shirts with Edward’s face on it. – As the blog Gods and you all are my witnesses I have and will NEVER wear Edward’d face across my boobs. Now Jasper and/or Jacob on a motorcycle, as a joke……. MAYBE.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you own any of this shiz (all of it!)

5. All your usernames and passwords are Twilight-related. – That might explained why we were hacked a few months back. The bored hackers in Eastern Europe knew our love of Edward and obviously guessed our passwords were cu11enluvr108 and 3dwardanth0nymasenb3s4f3.

6. You regularly quote the books and movies. – If “Be Safe,” “They’re not bears,” “Let’s do this,” and “Purple’s cool” is quoting the movies then YES, a big yes.

7. You are used to the strange looks you get when you quote the books and movies in public. – I write a blog about Twilight if someone thinks me saying “Be Safe” is weird, they are in for a BIG surprise.

8. You draw pictures of Edward when you should be paying attention in class. – Well seeing as I’m an adult I draw them on my grocery shopping list and in the margins of the internet bill.

9. You start using words like chagrin, murmur, and dazzle all the time. – You forget my favorites: glower, irrevocably, and Renesmee.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you know who these guys are

10. You visit your favorite bookmarked Twi-sites at least once a day, but you’re usually online all day, waiting for updates. – I should probably erase my browsing history on my work computer if I want to keep my job… but maybe it’s my silent plea for help or maybe I just want to be fired for “Twilight related offenses.” Let’s see which one the unemployment secretary believes.

12. You’ve named pets or inanimate objects after Edward, Rob or other characters from the series. – Our beta fish is named Napoleon and we tell him to “come get some ham” when we throw the pellets in his bowl. I have boundaries people!

13. You’ve named your children after Edward, Rob or one of the other characters from the series. – No but it’s one of the stipulations I put on  my match.com profile. And yet I haven’t gotten any responses…. curious.

14. Whenever you meet someone from Arizona, you ask them, “How you likin’ da rain, girl?” – No but my MOM said that to me one time when I went home (to AZ) for a visit. TRUE STORY!

15. You think ‘Spider-monkey’ is a great pet-name for your significant other. – I could punch whoever wrote that line.

16. You bought a bracelet or a ring just like Bella’s (and not the fugly engagement ring, the other one she wears on her index finger) and wear them proudly. – Do they sell this at Hot Topic or should I wait till the next TwiCon rolls through town?

17. You carry a copy of one of the books wherever you go, and you bring the whole set with you when you go on vacation. – I’d like to get laid in the next decade, thanks.

18. You’ve made a personalized license plate out of Rob’s or Edward’s names. – Yup: AKL-3295 is totally code for something Rob/Edward related.

20. You wrote a serious paper for class about the series. – I write a blog called Letters to Twilight EVERY DAY (sorta) does that count?

You might be a Twilight fan if... you're in this picture

21. You fantasize that Rob and/or Edward is in love with you. – Wait, is this is a bad thing?

22. You practice your ‘dazzling’ look in the mirror. – I’m doing it right now, can you see?

23. You’ve spent long hours wondering about what Jacob and Renes-whatever’s children are going to look like. -I spent hours trying to figure out how to spell her name.

25. You’ve made jorts from a pair of jeans. – I do live in Hipsterville area of Los Angeles, DUH. This is a requirement upon moving into this neighborhood: jorts, weird facial hair, no bra, smokes a pack a day, rides a fixie and listens to bands no one’s ever heard of.

26. You act out scenes from the books with your friends, significant other, and stuffed animals (if they’re needed for those loads and loads of extra characters in Breaking Dawn.) – Only on my LARPing weekends. I’m Celeste Donavon from the Port Charles coven.

29. You hope to run into Cougar Cathy whenever you go to TGIFridays. – I live for this possibility… and the hope that maybe she’ll give me Jamaican vacation braids while showing me THE AUDITION tape on repeat.

30. You hope to run into Big Daddy Lautner whenever you go to Olive Garden. – See above only this time I hope he gives me a big bear hug and teaches me the finer points of choosing which sauce and pasta combo on the Endless Pasta bowl menu item leaves the most room for dessert.

31. You have multiple sets of the books and multiple versions of the movies. – Obviously everyone needs a “loaner” set. DUH.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you've made something like this

33. You read the books that Stephenie says inspired her when writing: for Twilight, Pride and Prejudice, for New Moon, Romeo and Juliet, for Eclipse, Wuthering Heights, and for Breaking Dawn, The Merchant of Venice and Midsummer Night’s Dream. – Yes, it’s called required reading in high school and college lit classes.

34. You cried when Buttcrack Santa died in Twilight. – I sobbed.

35. Every time you have a dream, you try to write a best-selling, teen-sensation, multi-million-dollar story based off of it. – Your lips to God’s (or Little Brown’s) ears…

36. You’ve attended Comic Con just because Rob was going to be there. – I used to attend for work, now I just use work as a cover for my real motives: losing my hearing to 50 year old women screaming out “ROB  show me your sparklepeen!”

39. You like for your significant other to hitch your leg whenever you two are gettin’ cozy. – Yea, it’s weird when Rob asks me to stop requesting that move though. Kinda kills the mood.

41. Your diet consists mostly of Heineken and Hot Pockets. – More like Diet Coke and Twilight conversations hearts and Sky chocolate bars with the Cullen crest on them.

So, I guess you could say I’m sort of a Twilight fan from the facts listed above. I mean you haven’t really lived until you’ve photoshopped some actors head on a dude in a drive through window or coming out of a porta potty or on a dude with a mullet. And you also haven’t lived till you’ve eaten your weight in nasty conversation hearts while quoting the Twilight movies with the girl you blog about Twilight with… I mean yea, I’m sort of a fan…. maybe.

Ok, I’m a fan, you caught me.

It’s funny how we can simultaneously say yes and HALE no to the same question about whether we’re a fan or not. Any you would like to add? Throw ’em in the comments.

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Breaking down THE bed picture- you know, the underwhelming one….

Dear Breaking Dawn,

Moon & I started breaking dawn THE BED picture, and then ended up just creeping each other out. Hope you enjoy!


UC: OMG OMG OMG OMG… did you see it? The most over-hyped underwhelming picture of Edward & Bella in BED of the year!?
Moon: why yes, yes i did- i tweeted it out like an hr later. and then sat around and watched the crazy descend
UC: way to be on TOP of it (ahem) on top like Edward. Missionary style what whatttt!!
Moon: Bella’s first time
UC: Question: when you thought about yourself as Bella, doing it with Edward for the first time, because you know you did, how did you envision it? Missionary? I know you save your doggy style fantasizing for your Jake fantasies..
Moon: doesn’t Stephenie describe it as missionary in the book?? Cause he doesn’t want to crush her?
UC: does she GET that descriptive? Oh yes… the crushing….
Moon: ps the fact we’re breaking down the position is disturbing for any family members or friends reading
UC: sorry to all of them. but it’s SERIOUS, and we discuss SERIOUS things
Moon: and YET you’d think if he didn’t want to crush her it’d be the other way around
UC: also isn’t missionary best for baby-making? ? and since they make a baby (SPOILER ALERT)… or is that a myth
I will google it: Ah- Informative

“You may have heard that positions that deposit the sperm closest to the cervix — such as the missionary position (man on top) — are more promising than other positions. But there are no studies to back this up.”

thank you babycenter.com. but getting back to our fantasies.. I’m trying to think……
Moon: so wrong. isn’t everything about sex made up? it seems….
UC: I think so.
Moon: i mean if urban dictionary hasn’t heard of it than it can’t be true

Less Sex than on CSI

UC: right. So there’s that… Edward’s on top.. Big surprise. Are we jaded & t hat’s why we weren’t overwhelmed like it seemed the entirety of twitter was by this?
Moon: well i mean i guess i was underwhelmed cause its like we already know this happens, right? We’ve all read the books. they do it.
UC: right…. i know… i think we’ve built it up more in our minds… and at the end of the day… it’s just sex. And it’s going to be less sex than we generally see on an episode of CSI (believe me, I watched like 12 in the last few days i’ve been sick)
Moon: Or maybe we’re underwhelmed because it wasn’t on a bear skin rug. And even if its really Edward and Bella, Kristen and Rob should insist on any LOVE MAKING being on an animal hide
UC: I KNOW- it should be in their contracts. It should be wolf skin- just to stick it a little to Jacob
Moon: the fireplace is negotiable. The rug, NOT. It should be on a white wolf skin- the rarest of all! Suck it jacob!!
UC: have fun waiting 18 years for the zygote growing inside of me to grow up so you can get it on with her
UC: I just became Bella there.. in case you couldn’t tell
Moon: poor jacob. his life is the epitome of a “true love waits” campaign
UC: haha So true.. he’ll have to ask Kellan for tips
Moon: maybe kellan has given taylor pointers on how this works best
UC: jinx

The one where Faith Hill did it first

Moon: ALSO maybe it’s not ZOMG for us because it’s something thats pretty straightforward and less something we don’t know how it will turn out- like maybe if it was from the transformation or birth or something with Renesmee it’d be diff
UC: right…. they do it… it’s a glowing sunlit morning…. the sheets are beige….
Moon: I’d even say the feathers were better because it left so much to the imagination
UC: I’m thinking of another sex scene where you see a lot of beige translucent sheets….Wait..i’m pretty sure it’s Faith Hill’s video for “Breathe” but it might be from a movie…
Moon: and PS this is clearly from the same shoot with the feathers. give us something NEW!
UC: that’s how the scene always played out in my mind… and the hand with feathers, and now this, is proving even more to me that it will be that.. we’ll see the back of Edward- with Bella’s hand clasping at his skin…. maybe he’ll turn her on top for a second… a translucent beige sheet (or canopy from the bed) will fall and we’ll just see their outline.. and then up close shots of their mouths… all to a really kick ass song…like how the Sia song fit during the leg hitch scene
Moon: exactly. It will be all very tastefully and not crazy intense
UC: you’re right. no surprise.
Moon: cause this is a family film, and it will NOT be some crazy s&m, fan fic scenario. So everyone should ACCEPT it now
Moon: save the crazy shiz for after Bella’s is an indestructible vampire. She’d be more down for whips once he can’t kill her accidentally
UC: What this scene WILL be is great fodder for Robsten video makers. So we have that to look forward to!!
Moon: Dude bill condon already turned it sepia for them!! they’re half way there! All they need is an awkward song from celine dion and clips from a soft core porn and its done!

More after the jump! Continue…

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It’s a Twilight Christmas!

Dear LTTers,

I don’t have too much to say, it IS Christmas Eve afterall & that means I have way too many presents left still to wrap, snacks to make for a party this evening, and a champagne bottle to stare at longingly in excitement for Christmas morning mimosas! (I love that suddenly since all but 1 of my sisters are of age, this has become a new tradition. In fact, it’s the one thing I’m looking forward to MOST this holiday!)

But I wanted to drop a quick note because it wouldn’t be a LTT holiday without creeping you out with a few things Twilight & holiday-esque!

So while you put your presents under your Christmas tree topped with a Burger King Crown:

and hang your Edward Cullen doll hagning from its branches

and also your Jumping Rob ornament that turns into a magnet after the holiday (I actually own this – THANKS Texas Lili!)

Jumping Rob ornament

and after you hang your tinsel on Cardboard cut-out tweed serious Edward:

please gaze at the beautiful Twilight-themed Christmas cards I have come across this season

Those are just a little Christmas gift from me to you. You’re welcome.

May all your Christmas dreams come true- like Robsten getting engaged

And whatever other dreams you have. World Peace & stuff. And while I’m too hungover from the 3 beers I drank last night (seriously) to create new Christmas cards (and we know I can’t top these from last year) Here are a few that we & friends have made over the years and whose messages remain the same:

We love you & hope your holiday is magical, no matter what you do or wish for!


UC & Moon

Things might be a little quiet around here since lots of people are celebrating the holiday! But  comment when you can, share the crap-tastic holiday Twilight stuff that you’ve seen circulating around! We’ll be back next week sometime!

Most of the decoration pictures came from The Twilight Examiner. Check out the gallery for mostly 2nd hand embarassing but some cute Twilight-integrated holiday decor! The rest of the pictures found by googling “twilight Christmas” then deleting my browsing history at work

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Eclipse The Movie: Then & Now

Dear Eclipse DVD consumers,

So….Eclipse? Did you watch it? I am well-aware that Eclipse didn’t release this weekend everywhere in the world and that just sucks. Seriously, move to America. Not only do you not have Thanksgiving & you have to like soccer but you don’t even get movies at the same time we do! Not-Cool-rest of the world! (No really, stay in your country. I’m sure it’s great, I WISH more people liked soccer, and I’d really like to visit you in your country).

Anyway, I watched Eclipse at 9 pm Saturday night with @Brookelockart & pals. Let me set the scene: Fishtown Pennsylvania: I park under a bridge, think I’m gonna die but survive my 2 block walk to Brooke’s new house. I almost catch my scarf on fire making my world-famous stove-top popcorn, then I almost kill us with heart attacks using an entire ocean-filled with salt on my world-famous popcorn. Oops. But the time comes and we pop in the DVD (after figuring out how to use the DVD & watching Comcast On Demand Eclipse Extras in HD where Edward looks more like a dying ghost instead of a hot vampire because his make-up is so white). We watch the first 15 mintues. Then stop & re-start the first 15 minutes because some more people decided to join (semi-Twi virgins, which was HILARIOUS to experience with)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t much looking forward to the movie. I don’t really know why- I just don’t think I was in a Twi-mood. But as soon as the drum kick sounded & the line “An innocent child in new orleans” sung by the Black Keys came through the TV speakers, I remembered…. and got the butterflies inside. It was interesting that I didn’t think about the 2nd time I saw the movie with my Philly Twi pals- no… it was the first Eclipse experience. I remember sitting next to Moon, squeezing her hand in anticipation.. and that first “Oh heyyyyyy” Moon said when Riley appeared on screen. Dang I forgot how hot that kid was but Oh Heyyyyy, Xavier, still!

(Oh, yes: You’re welcome)

But let’s recap what Moon & I thought about Eclipse almost 6 months ago when we penned you a letter at 4:30 am and see if our thoughts still stick. I just re-read Oh heyyyy we just saw Eclipse” and had a big chuckle. Which generally means it’s only funny to me! But overall, I thought or said out loud some of the exact same thoughts Saturday Night without remembering I had said them before. Here I thought I was being original when it turns out I was just ripping off myself from 6 months ago:

Original Thought: “Let’s talk about how we love Howard Shore for including the Sia & Metric songs throughout his score.”

Yes. I still love that. I haven’t listened to the Eclipse soundtrack for awhile (but New Moon has been playing daily in my office again!) so it all seemed new to me again! And when Edward was working Bella up only to let her down BIG TIME, I remembered the Sia song that was building up in the background- and then during the Leg hitch it explodes into beautifulness (the explosion is music beautifulness, much to Bella’s dismay) At which point I leaned over to Brookelockart and whispered “You know what? Edward could just go down on her & it would be fine. Win Win” Then we had a conversation entirely too inappropriate to share.

And DUDE where are all the Twilight fans with way too much time on their hands ripping these legit Eclipse scenes to You Tube for our viewing pleasure this weekend? Sorry for this crappy quality of an illegal video:

The score has always been lacking in my mind- Mr. Choice (a music composer himself) has always been a bit confused as to what exactly happened there- because we’re pretty sure that’s not the original score Howard Shore wrote- but the use of Metric & Sia throughout the entire theme is beautiful.

Original thoughtLet’s apologize to Edward for liking the Jacob & Bella kiss a litttttle bit too much”

Hmmmm….. I remember thinking even then that Taycob needs to calm down the head movements, but it was WAY distracting this time. I know for awhile there it seemed like I was riding the “Team Jacob” line, and I’m not sure where my head was, but I’m definitely back on Edward’s side. So I think I was just too pissed to enjoy Bella’s lucky day- with two boys who want her. PLUS the Twi-virgins we were with (who were ALL ABOUT Jacob- evidenced by the “oh shitttttss” that were moaned every time he appeared with his shirt off) REALLY couldn’t stand Bella’s wishy-washy-ness. Maybe it’s been so long since I’ve read the books & gotten so annoyed with Bella that I forgot. But I was reminded during that scene. And was thinking too strongly that “Bella’s a Bitch” to enjoy the kiss.

Original ThoughtLet’s get Jake some blotting tissues for that last scene when he looks like he’s dying of yellow fever.”

Dude! I already used that Yellow Fever joke!? I seriously thought the same thing Saturday night and planned to use it again today. I get it- he’s in pain- he’s sick- but dudeeeee. At least let Bella wipe him down a bit. I felt like I was looking at “The Situation” after he fell asleep in the tanning bed & stayed in for an hour or two too long (new joke- boom)

Original Thought
“Let’s put a call into L.A. Looks, and after thanking them for sponsoring Twilight with their donations of tubs of hair gel, ask them to move some of the allotted product for Taylor & pass it on to Rob to fix his floppy bangs.”

Move over L.A. Looks

I was getting a D.E.P. vibe Saturday night. And I think I was so happy to see Rob for an extended period of time without a big bushy beard & maintained sideburns (sorta) that I didn’t mind the floppy bangs! I’ll take what I can get!

Original ThoughtLet’s close our eyes and picture OURSELVES as Bella in a world where the guy on the bed is so hot that the gold brocade bedding he’s laying on doesn’t even matter.”

I mean…. can gold brocade ever not really matter? If Chuck Bass, Damon Salvatore & Edward Cullen wanted to have a foursome, but the condition was that it had to be on gold brocade bedding, I’d really try to convince them to pull out that air mattress they keep in the closet at the Salvatore mansion for when unexpected Vamp visitors swing by. Or see if we can borrow Rob Pattinson’s Hot Pocket Fort.

Original Thought “Let’s be grateful that most of the Bella/Edward getting-it-on scenes didn’t make us feel like we were watching Robsten preparing for an evening of licking cheese-whiz off each other”

I know! I mean, I’d say that none of the scenes made me feel that way this time. And I was worried- I mean, we’ve had Moantreal since Eclipse came out. But I got no Robsteny-vibes. I still think the Bella/Edward dialogue is semi-awkward with these long, drawn-out pauses in the beginning, but it picks up as it goes on.

Original thought
“Let’s talk about when we can burn down the jewelry store that created Bella’s engagement ring.”

THIS! Why have we not planned an LTT arson-day yet? I think one of the Twi-virgins’ exact words were “What the hell is that thing?
We don’t know, Twi virgin. It’s either a cheese grater for when they make “Italiano” or is a rock powerful enough to kill all the Cullen men with one blow. The jury is still out on that one.

And there is no original thought to accompany this one but JORTS!. I think it’s because I know that Stephenie mentions it in the commentary that I was looking out for how often they are worn, but DANG! They are EVERYWHERE. I like to think LTT can take some credit for that since we “Have much love for Jorts” or however Stephenie phrased it in the commentary (again- DUDE with the Twilight fans with a lot of extra time! Where is your screen shot transcription of the entire commentary!?) But sadly, no, we did not come up with the term. We have to thank the hipster neighborhoods both Moon & I reside in in Philadelphia & Los Angeles and the rednecks from which the hipsters stole their jorts-look.

All-in-all, my thoughts didn’t change much from my original viewing back in June. But I enjoyed this time around much more than expected. My only complaint is that they still weren’t able to figure out a way to keep Riley alive. Who cares about book to movie continuity? We want Xavier Samuel to stare at!!

Oh heyyyyy,

What did you think? Did you watch the movie with some pals this weekend? Did you love it more or less than when you saw it months ago? Any new thoughts come to mind? Any new ah-ha moments or lines that were funny THIS time around!??

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