Bill Condon is a tease

Pillow fight!!!!

Dear Bill Condon,

You know that sound you heard on Thanksgiving Day when you tweeted this still from the Breaking Dawn set? That wasn’t the sound of oven timers going off or your mom basting the turkey or even the air escaping a balloon at the Macy’s Day Parade. It was the sound of a gabillion girl boners happening at the same time all over the world. And now news of the stone cottage scenes filming this next week so fresh on the heels of the Isle Esme scenes has everyone clawing at their computers like feral cats. I’m surprised you haven’t had any crazy fangirls crashing the set or kidnapping you till they were allowed to watch from a darkened corner which Rob and Kristen… I mean Edward and Bella got it on.

But if you film all the ‘hot and heavy’ stuff up front what are the crazy fans going to pant about in January? It’s like an intense relationship that moves too fast, all the good stuff at the beginning and then all the boring crap like “running patrols in the woods” till you break up cause someone got bored (aka met someone at the Thriftway). Who wants that? Unless of course it’s Taylor running around the backwoods of Louisiana with his shirt off for no reason other than you want to test his commitment to the role. And Lord knows he’s committed. Meat patties, anyone?

All I’m saying is a slow burn is hot. Kinda like tweeting ONLY this picture. Next you should just tweet ONLY Rob below the belt with a bloody mouth or ONLY the high neck line of Bella’s wedding dress or ONLY Jackson’s catfish facial hair before you make him shave it off. THAT should get everyone’s blood boiling.

ONLY 354 days till Breaking Dawn Part 1 *resigned sigh*

PS Bill, I hope you keep this tweeting thing up like David Slade before you. Seeing pics of Taylor lit up like a sweet sweet angel or a super close up on a blade of grass really made Eclipse filming… ok maybe not the blade of grass but the sweet sweet angel thing, definitely.

Thoughts? If you could only see a still from ONE scene in BD, just to know it was filmed, which would it be?

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