Who should have played Bella?

Dear Twilight-

It’s no secret that I’m not crazy about Kristen Stewart as an actress. Moon & I have admitted as much way back since the beginning of this blog. Well obviously it’s because she’s with Rob obviously b/c obviously I sensed their magicness the first time I saw Twilight and was so jealous obviously. (Do you see what I did there? I used sarcasm to out myself as a nonsten)

No but seriously, I’ve never been crazy about Kristen Stewart as an actress. I’ve said it time & time again. We don’t need to debate her acting right now. You can like Kristen, I don’t care (But if you want to debate it read this post:  it’s a good read)

But we should talk about this question I thought of yesterday:

As I was driving into work I was thinking about LTT. I was thinking about what Moon and I have done for now over 2 years and how to explain it to someone who is outside of it- maybe to someone who doesn’t know Twilight or anything about the fandom. And I realized (or I admitted) that we’ve said some HARSH things over the years. And every time we have we’ve known the backlash we might get or the reactions we probably could expect. We’ve rarely been surprised by a reaction. So I was thinking about explaining to someone about one of the more contentious things we talk about- Kristen. And I was thinking that this imaginary person talking to me in my car might ask me, “Well, if not Kristen, then who would you want to play Bella? ” and I was stumped by myself talking to myself as an imaginary person asking me that question. (I’m crazy in the car in the morning, clearly.)

I don’t know!? Who would I want to play Bella? Kristen Stewart is Bella! I never thought about that before- I never thought about anyone else playing Bella. We’ve never explored that before, even on LTT. So today we’re going to discuss who should’ve played Bella:

Well the first OBVIOUS choice OBVIOUSLY is.. me!

Here are the reasons why. I’m beautiful, as evidenced by this picture:

(Sidenote: That was made for me LONG Before Face-in-a-hole did it. LOOK at the date on the poster!) Also, I’m very sexy (You know, all the things Bella should be) and I really really really want to make out with Rob on a bed.

Bite Me

Well, if I can’t get the role, then who else? I swear that I remember seeing that Lucy Hale was in the running for Bella at one point. She’s adorable . I love Pretty Little Liars & the scandelous teacher/student relationship. Plus I love those pants movies. But Lucy as Bella? Hmmm… Not so much.

I’ve heard people mention Kat Dennings. Probably because she’s sarcastic & not so super girly- sorta has the Bella personality. But she has really big boobs (NOT how Bella was described). Plus there was a photoshoot she did with Rob oh so long ago…


Stephenie’s first choice was Emily Browning. I don’t know much about her- but she definitely has that “girl next door” LOOK that Moon & I had imagined a little bit more for Bella. I can see why Stephenie picked her.

But WHO ELSE has that Bella persona? And what other American brunette’s have I forgotten to mention? Who could pull it off? Who would just CLICK as Bella?

The reality is, I’ve never thought that someone else should be Bella. I’ve just never THOUGHT about it. And now that I just did in today’s letter, I don’t think anybody else is right for it. Maybe it’s because Kristen’s played her in 3 movies & I can’t imagine anyone else as Bella. When I think of Bella now, I see Kristen in my mind. I don’t even see whoever it was I had pictured as Bella before I knew Kristen would be playing her. There literally is no one else that comes to mind. And despite not enjoying her acting as I never have, obviously because she gets to “do it” with Rob Pattinson obviously, I don’t think anyone else should play Bella, (well, besides myself of course!!)


Congrats Kristen, you ARE Bella to me (exactly what you want to hear!) What do YOU think? Have you ever pictured another actress as Bella? Think anyone else could pull it off better? Pick me! Pick me!

Oh- wanna watch something fun- aka a bad video to a bad song, but fun nonetheless?! Here’s a video showing all of Stephenie’s original cast picks. Some are SO interesting!

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