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I present to you our first official version of Twilight Philosophy: aka Twilosophy.  So very often, theMoonisDown and I have such introspective conversations about Twi-life, but we miss out on sharing them with you due to our busy schedules providing pictures for Perez to rip off, writing hit Twi-mas songs and updating the world on all-things-Rob.

We don’t want you to think we’re shallow, or incapable of talking about the deeper aspects of living the Twi-life. Plus my husband majored in Philosophy in college, so I’m kinda an expert.

Warning: This week’s twilosophy contains spoilers

Tonight I had a revelation: While Rob Pattinson looks to be jizzing in his pants during the first Biology scene in the movie, he is, in fact, acting just as Stephenie Meyer hoped Edward would act. Last night I started re-reading Midnight Sun. (It’s not like I had anything better to do- dishes haven’t been done since before Christmas, there is still wrapping paper in shreads in the living room and I haven’t cleaned the cat’s litter box in over a week, but whatevs)

Reading Midnight Sun, you’re struck with just HOW MUCH Edward wanted to kill Jizz in my Pants Rob PattinsonBella. I thought to myself “UnintendedChoice (just kidding, I rarely call myself that), how would YOU act like you’re about to kill an innocent teenager and massacre an entire classroom?” And if we remember back to Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, we learned that sucking the blood of a victim is quite a sensual experience. And Edward even imagines it..taking his time with Bella’s warm blood…so it makes sense that he would act like, well, he jizzed in his pants.

Forgot how awesome the movie was? (how could you?!) Thanks to a Chinese pirate, we can watch the entire movie in sections here.

(Read our first unofficial run at Twilosophy here)

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Midnight Sun

midnightsunDear Stephenie-

I started reading Midnight Sun last night and it was like falling in love all over again… but maybe this time it was better, sweeter and with a deeper understanding and appreciation for it. I laughed out loud several times and also felt a lot of kinship and sadness for Tanya… always the Tanya, never the Bella.

I’m on chapter 5 and I can’t possibly begin to think that you haven’t/won’t finish this book. It seriously ranks up there in like the top 2 of my favorites in this series. You really hit your stride here taking on Edwards perspective. PLEASE finish this and publish it, I will buy it, I will stand in line, I will blog about it! PLEASE, it is my Christmas wish from one Arizona girl to another.


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It's taking over…

Dear Twilight, Midnight Sun & Alice,

I’m going on date #5 with Brian this week. Sometimes when I look at pictures of Brian’s sister, I think about how I know we’ll be friends. I think tomorrow when I see Brian I’m going to urge him to let us meet. I’ll say “but I’m going to love her Brian.”

It’s taking over. The lines are blurring. Sometimes when I clench my jaw or my heartbeat quickens, I wonder if he is picking up on it like Edward would.


*received this morning via Facebook. Has Twilight taken over your life like it has for LL (and us?) Tell us about it. Send us a letter to or comment below! xo

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It makes us happy when we find others just as obsessed…

This conversation happened via AIM chat and e-mail with my college roommate:

Dear UnintendedChoice,

11pm 12/14 via AIM chat: i know you understand this, but i just spent the last 40 minutes googling twilight because i don’t want to do my [grad school] final.

i want to go see the movie again, i think i might go one afternoon this week by myself

We discussed her thoughts on Breaking Dawn (which she just finished) and I told her about Midnight Sun– WHICH SHE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT! (oh- do YOU not know about it? Stop what you’re doing. Must read now) We said good-night.  I awoke this morning to this email:

4:03 am 12/15 e-mail: if i do bad on my final it’s all your fault because I just finished reading midnight sun.  And thank goodness it wasn’t the whole book or I probably wouldn’t go to bed and wouldn’t study at all.

darn twilight and it’s irrestible plot.  darn edward cullen for being so darn attractive and perfect.
Yes, Lucy, darn ALL of it… Sigh…
Edward & Bella Kiss

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Sometimes Twilight IS worth losing your job over..

We received this message today via Facebook and just had to share:

Dear LettersToTwilight bloggers,

i have spent each of my prep times (45 mins- we have to prep things each day) this week reading the 5th twilight [midnight sun]. so if anyone finds out and fires me, i’m hoping you can possibly hire me to be a full-time blog writer on your blog. benefits and retirement included. just something comparable to what the [school] district is giving me.

Leanne, we’d love to have you. We understand that sometimes you lose your job because you just.can’t.stop the obsession. (Currently I am about to lose my husband if I don’t join him for dinner in 10 seconds..)

A lesson for all of our readers- Twilight and all things Twilight (like Robert Pattinson) require sacrifice. But it is oh so worth it…

Oh no! That was 47 seconds…

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