Tweets you’ve missed about ComicCon so far…

True Love 4 Lyfe

Dear Twilight,

Why aren’t you following us on Twitter & laughing at the hilarity that Moon & friends (and occasionally me, from my windowless office in Pennsylvania) are tweeting & sharing about their experience?

Here are a few gems you missed so far:

Moon hasn’t texted me back 4 a good 10-15 min. The only acceptable excuse is that she’s currently watching Robsten do it on a bearskin rug

Quote of the day “I look like the people we make fun of” – @krazy_Kidd

Just told Moon I’m on my knees in prayer that this is the day she gets to hug Big Daddy Lautner

Just spotted bill condon. Want to crash the latte line w/ him and discuss Chicago and maybe headboards and sparkling. That’s normal, right?

You get it? It’s great. It’s funny. I’m SO sad I’m not there with Moon. So follow us & the crazy on Twitter & help make my windowless/California-less/comic-con-less day suck less



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