’s Obsessed: Harry Potter vs Twilight featuring yours truly!

Dear LTT-ers, and Twilight fans alike,

Last month I was asked to be interviewed as a Twilight “Expert” (ha!) in a web series called Obsessed by comedian Kevin Avery. The series was going to compare the Twilight and Harry Potter fandoms.  I’m sure you can guess that I thought it was going to be a Colbert Report type thing where Twilighters were made fun of they went for the easy jokes instead of really getting to know a bit more about the Twilight fandom. BUUUTTT that was not the case at all, Kevin was awesome and totally got the fun, the crazy and the deep stuff about Twilight. I had a blast letting him in on the inner workings of the Twidom and sharing a little bit of why we love Twilight so much even when it doesn’t make sense! The video also features our good pal AshleyFrag rocking it for all the fans out there against some crazy Harry Potter competition and the gals from the Twilight book club in LA! We both had a ton of fun I don’t know how they edited it all down to only 3 minutes! Let’s start a petition for an outtakes reel!


Now embedded! They heard our cries! Or  watch HERE

Big thanks to Kevin Avery and Keri and also Will from NMM, EM, BDM. We love you!

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