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This weekend I was bored (a good bored- a relaxing bored- a “drank a bottle of red wine myself bored”- a much needed bored, but I’m ready to no longer be bored bored, too) and spent a lot of time on Facebook. For about 23 hours I creeped out my friends by letting them see a picture of myself from the summer before 9th grade, where I resembled a guy whose house Chris Hansen might show up to. After successfully receiving many “OMG your picture is creeping me out” comments, I decided enough was enough and looked through all 1058 pictures I am tagged in to find a new Facebook Profile pic. One thing led to another and I ended up looking through pictures from late 2008- after I had just discovered Twilight- and then pics in 2009 from our first LA Twilight trip to celebrate New Moon’s release. And I settled on a picture where I’m showing off my XXXL Team Jacob shirt from this past summer. It was then I realized I might have a problem. I am obsessed with Twilight (And Facebook). But before I signed off I had a little fun on the Twilight Facebook’s wall. I caught up on some email & found an email from my long-lost real life friend, found again through LTT, about HER realization that she’s a little too obsessed with Twilight. And I felt better about myself (So I went back on Facebook… sigh….) Hope you enjoy!

Dear LTTers,

I have come to the conclusion of late that my obsession with all things Twilight might be a little over the top. Books have always been so much a part of my life that I often fantasize about fictional situations becoming reality (is there anyone who has read Harry Potter that doesn’t wish she could apperate every so often? Or wondered after finishing To Kill a Mockingbird if your dad secretly harbors an amazing talent like being an expert marksman/kick-butt attorney like Atticus Finch? Or wished that they could spend a dinner party with the entire cast of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? Or, my personal favorite, read Pride and Prejudice and not fallen in love with Mr. Darcy a little bit?). No series has managed to worm its way into my daily thought processes quite so much as this saga, however…and there are times I’m not even sure why that is.

So here you go, LTTers:

The Plane Friend’s Reasons Why I Might Be a Little Too Obsessed with Twilight:

  • I can quote whole sections of the novels verbatim. I almost never have to look up a quote or fact when commenting on LTT…or slyly inserting Twilight-related phrases into daily conversation and wondering if anyone else will notice. I’ve found that others notice Twilight-speak a lot less than when I’ve been reading Jane Austen and start phrasing my sentences in Regency period English.
  • I can’t even escape Twilight on vacation, though Plane Husband sometimes makes me try:

o       Plane Husband and I went to Gettysburg with some friends a few months ago. As we were driving into town, I saw a restaurant called La Bella Italia. I immediately pointed out that the Port Angeles restaurant where Edward and Bella had their first date was named the same thing. (Plane Husband rolled his eyes).

o      Also while in Gettysburg, we took a tour of a battle field. While the Ranger was explaining details of Pickett’s Charge, all I could imagine was Jacksper in his Civil War uniform.

o      In Guatemala for an anniversary trip, while we were exploring the ruins of Tikal, our Guatemalan guide pointed up into the trees to show us a few spider monkeys. I silently cursed Ms. Rosenberg (or whoever was responsible) for that freaking idiotic line that—of course—popped right into my head.

  • I ordered mushroom ravioli at a restaurant one night. And yeah, you can guess why.
  • When looking at the mountains of snow in backyard get hit by the only bit of sunshine we’ve had in weeks, I wondered if the way it sparkled is similar to how Edward & co. do.
  • The other day, I was scrubbing down my bathroom sink while my one-year-old clung to my leg, and I wished that Alice and her never-ending energy could come help me. I then got to wondering why, in New Moon, when Charlie is at Harry’s funeral and Bella decides to clean the house for him, Alice just watches her and chats instead of helping her. If I were Bella, I would have been annoyed by the lack of super-speed vampire help.
  • I had an incredibly involved dream in which I lied my way onto the Breaking Dawn set. (By telling them I was the new director? Dreams make no sense!) I got really mad when they were shooting a costumed Halloween party (see previous parenthetical), I got to approve the wedding dress—which was pretty in my dream, became good friends with KStew (?!) and Wyck Godfrey tried to make a pass at me (umm, he’s married, dream self. I didn’t, however, cheat on Plane Husband even in my weird Twilight dream).
  • I have a manuscript in the hands of a literary agent. As I’ve been waiting on pins and needles (for over two months now!) hoping that she’ll call and want to represent me, I have done a lot of daydreaming. And I’ve had the thought that if my wildest dreams came true, I became a published author, and some day someone interviewed me (it could happen, right?), I think I would—proudly–announce that if I could meet any living author, it would be Stephenie, because I have a million-and-a-half questions I’d love to ask her. To prove I’m somewhat normal, though, I mostly dream about seeing a book with my name on the cover…and being on the NY Times bestseller list.
  • And, the most embarrassing (or maybe normal?) admission. When Plane Husband was reading a previous post of mine on LTT, he asked me what the LEGHITCH was. Instead of explaining, I opened the passage in Eclipse so that he could read it…just in case he ever wants to try it out!

So, what do you think, LTT readers? Am I totally normal, or have I crossed the line and taken it a little too far? And what random things from your day remind you of the Twilight world?

The Plane Friend

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