Ashley Greene our new BFF

ashcloseuplttltrDear Ashley,

Friday night was a night of amazing luck.  Not only did my flight get in 52 minutes early, but Moon BOOKED IT over to Hollywood after work (without eating any dinner- that’s commitment) got us tickets for your appearance at Hot Topic, picked me & the hubster up at LAX, and drove us BACK to Hollywood where we showed up at 10:04 and live twitted our entire evening’s experience. And though the night ended around 2am, I still had enough energy to drag my bag up Moon’s bajillion stairs into her house, even though it was 5am my time. Luck, I tell you…

Because we had tickets, we decided NOT to wait in the long-ass line of ticket holders since it was freezing and FAR away from the action. Instead we got up close and ashwalksinlttltrpersonal with all your fans and the camera crews waiting outside of the Hot Topic Store.  There we met some pretty great new Twi-friends (and made fun of and took pictures of some way weirdo Twi-fans) and got to be with Mini-Edward for his first MTV experience.  It was so fun being with all the hyped-up fans (minus the one girl who seriously needs to be kicked for her insane screaming fits) that we didn’t even mind waiting for you for two hours. Plus when you finally showed you were in this adorable red dress flashing your famous, gorgeous “Ashley Greene” smile that we didn’t even mind the crowd rushing us from behind and pushing us into the security gate. (Okay…we minded a little…)

usashAfter you went into Hot Topic we decided to be super smart and, again, forego the long-ass line and get us a midnight snack. Johnny Rockets rocks the fries at 12:15am.  By the time we were done, we jumped back at the end of the line, made it into Hot Topic within a 1/2 hour, snapped some adorable shots of you behind the counter, picked up our signed copies of the DVD & swooned over your adorable Twilight earrings (and after viewing some of the professional vids of you that night- we realize you didn’t show up with those earrings and must’ve put them on mid-evening… we’re guessing you were wearing a fan gift, which makes you even more bff-worthy in our minds).

Plus, we ended the night meeting the BEST Unicorn ever in line- Kynt from season 12 of The Amazing Race. He’s the biggest Twilight fan and we wanna invite him to our next sleepover with you and Rachelle, if that’s okay with you.

Really, not much could’ve made our night better (well, maybe 5-8 degrees, a soft comfy chair, 1 less screaming, crazy girl, & you coming 2 hours earlier serving us Rob on a platter). It was amazing and so wonderful to know without a doubt that you are the graceful, beautiful person you appear to be on screen, up close & personal!

Bffs already,

Seriously, amazing night. I was high on adreneline and that’s the only reason I wasn’t falling asleep standing up. Thanks to Ashley Greene for being your adorable, awesome self. Thanks to Moon for not eating dinner and running all over town to ensure we had an amazing night- plus putting the Edward Cullen PillowCase on the bed to welcome me to your home. Thanks to JBell who is our best cheerleader on Twitter! Thanks to the hubster for sitting by himself for hours in downtown Hollywood and enduring the people pretending to be Jesus & Spiderman in the street. And thanks to Kynt, our new friend, who blogs here, and who was so fun to meet at 1-something in the am. Oh, and thanks to Rob Pattinson because you’re hot and… why the hell not?

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A Unicorn and another wanna-be Uni…

Wanna-be Unicorn


hubs who love Edward are HOT

Dear Edward,

I was laughing my ass off today when I finally had time to get to the computer. My husband (who normally does not encourage my Twilight computer time) kept hinting for me to come see something on the computer, but I kept putting him off b/c I was in the middle of making dinner.

When I finally did sit down I couldn’t help but feel like someone was staring at me. Imagine my surprise when I looked over my left shoulder and saw ol’ Rpattz staring down at me with his sex on fire self. Grrrr. So, I am not sure what to think of this, does my husband want to be a unicorn or does this mean I have to return the favor??? I hope he doesn’t think I am going to pin up a poster of Megan Fox out in the garage.


Vickyb- I’d say he’s a Unicorn, in my opinion. I also say he’s smokin’ and I give him our ‘hot hubby of the day’ award.

Actual Unicorn

I, like Jordan, am too a guy, though maybe not as much of an upfront one! Do excuse the formality of my style, as such things do not come to me easily *sheepish grin*

In the year 2030, I feel my own son will be of age to read the great books that have shaped and formed the minds of generations: Oscar Wilde, Dicken’s, of course, a selection of Jane Austen, even dear Kasaprov, as contested as his status still is amongst such greats. Why, I think I shall even suggest he reads the Harry Potter series, though many would question that choice more than giving a 12 year old boy Kasaprov!

There is one series however, that stands upon it’s own lustrative altar. For it’s sheer doctrinaire propensity and unsalable differed equity from the other books, I believe my son (and may he be smart enough to realize it’s stolidity) should quite fully read, amongst Mary Shelley and Saaverda, the complete Twilight works.

So amazed I am by both it’s quality and it’s obvious appeal to people all across the globe. It’s seems a book capable of crossing language barriers, just as Shakespeare has. In my mind, I imagine a little girl, in the slums of Africa, picking up this series, and learning English, just so she can read it fully. The simplicity of the language, yet the content of concupiscence aimed at the perfect gudgeon leaves in my mind a feeling of awe, both at the cunning skillfulness in which Stephenie Meyer traps her audience and the way she weaves the net around so many young, and older women (and quite a few men too!).

I stand in constant awe of the popularity and abhorrence of Stephenie Meyer’s series.
My son will be made to read it as a guide on great writing.

Hoping always for a bright future, Calum

*whoa- he wins our hero of the day award, for reals!

Other great Unicorns here!

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A Unicorn's Perspective

We were thrilled when we received our very first letter from a male reader. Yep, a real, live Unicorn. Jordan owns all 4 books, a “Team Edward” keychain and has convinced females to read the series. Um, our hero? I think he’s our mascot for today. Congrats, Jordan. You are today’s mascot. Today’s “Twilosophy” will be in the form of a letter from Jordan:
Yeah, this is Rob on a unicorn. Thanks FB flair

Yeah, this is Rob on a unicorn. Thanks FB flair

Dear woman who have fallen in love with Edward,

This might end up being really hard to write about without sounding completely gay, but my man-card has pretty much been permanently revoked at this point anyway, so screw it.
It absolutely makes sense to me why so many girls (and their moms, for that matter) are such big fans of Edward, almost as if they are legitimately frustrated that Robert Pattinson isn’t just Edward brought to life. And it’s not just Edward and how dreamy he is, or whatever, but it’s the way he looks at Bella, and the way Bella seems to just be transformed by being around him. It’s the effect they have on each other.
It’s a love that’s pure, unfiltered, dangerous, sexy, scary, and uncertain. That kind of feeling for each other, the intensity that flares every time they lock eyes – it’s almost blinding. Nothing else matters. It’s just magical.And honestly, I’m glad that so many women have fallen for him and wish that they could be the one to see his skin sparkle, or to stand at the top of a massive tree after being carried up on his back, or lay in a field of grass and just gaze at him.
I hope Edward and Bella’s incredible romance makes all those women more discerning and more willing to pay extra attention for that magic, and more likely to turn guys down who find it easier to tear them down than to lift them up.
We are in desperate need of more relationships like theirs. Maybe not to the extent of worrying about whether or not kissing your significant other will end up getting you bitten, but we all need to see interaction like theirs. The way they look at each other, it’s almost as if they’re the first member of the opposite sex that the other one has seen. Really, in a certain way, that’s precisely the case. Not biologically, but emotionally, because neither of them have ever seen another person the way they see each other. And they’re completely immersed in that – just stunned, and wondering how it is possible that someone could exist who can make them forget where they are and make them wonder why they ever thought anything else had any significance at all.
Maybe I’m delusional, but I refuse and soundly reject the notion that all of what I just mentioned, all of those feelings, have to be confined to the movies. Those feelings and those indescribable moments of wonder and of ecstasy are out there, waiting for those of us who believe in them to find them. Here’s to never accepting otherwise and being brave and hopeful enough to continue the search.”
We <3 Unicorns!

We <3 Unicorns!


So, we officially know you’re out there guys. We wanna hear from you. NOW! And to “All the single ladies,” click on Jordan’s name above to read his blog.  Maybe you can convince him to experience those “feelings and those indescribable moments of wonder and of ecstasy” with you. (Note: we have no idea who he is, how old he is and if he’s single, so we will not take responsibility if it doesn’t work out. We will, however, take responsibility if you fall madly in love as a result of “meeting” through our blog and are expecting to both be maids of honor at your wedding.)
More Unicorn goodness here

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A Tragedy has occurred…

Dear Letters to Twilight girls (and to the boys/men who are reading along with their gfs/wives and/or reading on their own b/c they just love our hilarity):

A tragedy has occured.  I received this e-mail from a dear friend this morning:

I was just telling [my male friend at work] B that we had a Guitar Hero / Twilight-night planned for Wednesday with an emphasis on “twilight”. *insert comment from me- I was so excited to play “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse after seeing Twilight at the $2.00 theatre, but sadly I already have plans for Wednesday (and I’m hoping to cancel those for my Groundhog Day present)

To which he responded “I fear this question will show my ignorance, but…..what is Twilight?”

1. Do you think he’s serious?
2. Assuming he is, where do we even start? Maybe he needs to meet JPO’s unicorn

UnintendedChoice, can you help B, as you are most expert among us? Any links to your blog that may help him understand?

<3, SM

UnintendedChoice to the rescue!

WHAT are we going to do about this awful piece of news? We cannot let B go around this world ignorant.  I think we need to come up with a quick synopsis of what Twilight is.  No- not a recap of the 4 stories- he can find that online, but the TWI-LIFE (The good life), our twi-world.. how do we encapsulate Twilight and all it’s utter-gloriousness into a few sentences? 

Please help B by leaving your ideas in the comments. I think we can all agree that we just cannot leave this atrocity alone. We MUST save the day, thus saving B’s life.


Ps: my mom always told me I was melodramatic when I was growing-up. Isn’t that weird?

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The rarest type of Unicorn

In continuing with our Unicorn series, we had a real-life friend submit her find. (By ‘real-life-friend’ we mean someone we’ve actually met opposed to become bff’s over the internet with. Cuz despite the fact that we spend all our time on here, we actually have real lives. We use our real lives to stalk Rob, but they are real…)

The Rarest Type of Unicorn of them all:

What is this unicorn I speak of? Well it’s not just your average Twilight reading male. No no. This male not only reads Twilight but he shares his love of it with other males and tries to convince them to read it as well! I know what you’re thinking- you thought this unicorn didn’t exist, that it was the sort of thing fantasies are made of. And I know what your next thought is, he must be gay. But he’s not! I know him personally, I’ve met his girlfriend, and aside from the occasional pink polo shirt, there isn’t anything that would make you question his sexuality.

I came to find out about this unicorn’s love for Twilight from one of the males that he tried to convince to read it. He was not convinced, and dare I say, appalled at the thought. In an interview with this gentleman he was quoted as saying, “It made me wonder what vibe I had given off that would make him think I would appreciate Twilight, let alone read it?!” I think we can all agree that this would be the reaction of most males. So for more information, I had to go to the source…

I sent a casual email to him saying, “so I hear you’re a twilight fan. Is that true?” His response went above and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. I think that rather than paraphrasing it would be better for me to just give you the word for word:

“Hahah twilight is awesome! I read the book and watched the movie.  You probably think I am weird but I learned bellas lullaby on piano too hahaha.” 

Really, what else can I say? I imagine that his response has left you as dumbfounded as I was. I feel privileged for uncovering such a rare gem, and I hope that you have enjoyed my discovery. This is my first contribution for letters to twilight. I wanted my first one to be something special, and I think it was. But just to put a little extra icing on the cake, the unicorn let me take his picture. Which isn’t surprising, because if you’re willing to talk to guys about it, you sure as hell know you’ll put it out there for girls 🙂

Peace. -JPo


Sorry girls, this Unicorn is taken 🙁

Just a thought, wouldn’t it be heavenly if we got THIS Unicorn together with theMoonisDown’s guy friend who loves to talk Twilight? They could play Bella’s Lullaby on the piano while discussing Kristen Stewart’s facial espressions- with their moms! 

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