Things that happen to me that make me think Twilight may be too big a part of my life

Dear Twilight,

It’s 12:18 am. I did approximately 4.5 hours of work today at my job although I was there for 8 hours and 15 minutes. The rest of the time I responded to blog emails, approved comments, responded to comments, lurked on the forum, played around on twitter, read through my google reader, sent a few emails to my pals: The Bitchin’ Bloggers, chatted with Moon on gchat about how Rob is clearly going to have a sexless summer- it was just another day at the office. I grabbed a quick bite to eat at my grandparent’s house where I kept my cell on vibrate. When I got out to my car I had a missed call and 2 texts from Moon. Plus a bajillion twitter updates. I called Moon immediately & from the moment she said hello until this very moment at 12:24 am, I have not stopped working on my “blog about vampires.” Just a normal Wednesday, or maybe today should go on the:

List of things that happen to me that make me think Twilight may be too big a part of my  life:

  • I got 6 birthday cards this year and 4 of them had Robert Pattinson’s face on them
  • My cousin, who is reading the books for the first time (yep- there are still virgins out there), texts me after she finishes every major section of a book and I call her immediately, making her rehash every feeling and emotion she is going through at that very moment, just so I can live vicariously through her first time. I miss my Twi-virginity so much
  • Someone gave me a book about Rob Pattinson and encouraged me “not to read it all in one sitting” (little do they know I read the entire thing in 30 minutes the day it was released at Barnes & Noble)
  • When I got my friendly monthly visitor in my white pajama pants, while going commando, instead of freaking out & looking around for the closest Tide detergent stick, I thought, “What was Stephanie Meyer’s answer for what Edward does when Bella gets her period again?”
  • I can’t even get my husband to respond to my e-mail, yet Ted C. from E!Online has written me 3 times in the last 2 days.
  • I write a blog about vampires that, for some reason, more people than I knew existed in the world read every day. Yesterday I only had 21 views on my personal blog.
  • When discussing plans for a Twilight DVD ‘girls-night-in’ night over e-mail with some real life friends, one of the RL friend’s coworkers walks into her cube. She invites her to join us for the movie and she says, “Wait, UnintendedChoice is going to be there?” Someone actually called me UnintendedChoice. In my real life.
  • My grandmother cuts out articles from the newspaper about Twilight and mails them to me
  • People I haven’t talked to for years who should have no idea that I run this blog write on my Facebook wall, “I just wanted to let you know I started Twilight and I love it!” (Do they think I wrote it!?)
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • I cropped a fannypack onto a man I never met (OH wait, that was Moon.. check it here)
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • If I haven’t seen a friend in a week or two, the first question out of their mouth is not, “How have you been,” but it’s, “How is living in the Twilight world?”
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • One of my best friends e-mailed me the other day and said “I feel like you have two lives. Real life UC & virtual life UC. I miss real life UC”
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • When I get a company e-mail reminding me the IT guy is coming around to everyone’s office & doing geeky crap to our computers & I go to clear my history, I notice that it’s full of phrases like:

“Rob Pattinson Bite Baby” and “Rob Pattinson lobster”

  • Because of that same IT guy I deleted my temporary files & download folder yesterday. It took 12 minutes. As I saw the file names zip past my eyes as they flew into the recycle bin, I realized not one was work-related.
  • I accidentally start everything, from emails, to facebook wall posts, to work coorespondance, to post-it notes with “To do’s” for my husband, to blogs on my personal blog, to my rent checks, with Dear ___________ and sign it Love, UnintendedChoice. I, alone, am keeping the “white out” product on the market.
I may also be obssessed with this fact that I found out there used to be a petition to have TomStu play Edward. TOMSTU

I may also be obssessed with this fact that I found out there used to be a petition to have TomStu play Edward. TOMSTU

What should I do? Pull back my involvement? Or do I just suck it up and say, “That’s Normal” I may or may not like Twilight


PS: Add to list “The fact that I know who the hell TomStu is”

Okay confession time… what has happened to you to make you say… allright.. maybe I’m not that normal. (But oh! You are! That’s Normal)

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A million thanks to Calliope because without her, today’s post would have been a poll entitled “Who is hotter? Rob or Buttcrack Santa?”

  • domisgone

    I’ve read fanfiction regarding Twilight every day since I discovered that such a site existed… which was January 2009. So every day, I read hours and hours upon hours of fanfiction… and love every single moment of it.

    Drives my husband insane.

    For my birthday, I received a Twilight calendar and I squealed. I own two copies of the dvd, one in blue ray, one in normal dvd format.

    I wanted the 5ft poster of Robert Pattinson to put on the ceiling. My husband outted that idea, although said I could put it on the back of my door.

    And how about I check LTR, LTT, Robession, Twitarded, and Confession of a Twilight Addict every day… several times a day… You should see my internet history…. oh boy. I’m glad this is my personal laptop.

    • manon

      do you not check twicrackaddict??? your missing out!

  • Katie S

    I’m sorry. Did the person who posted after me ask who we were writing about?


  • Jen

    Love your blog, it makes me feel a little better about my addiciton.
    Let’s see, my husband has seen the movie Twilight more times than he cares to admit simply because he was in the same room on one of the many occasions I was watching.
    I almost cried when my kids ripped the front cover of my copy of Twilight.
    My four year old son used to want to be Spiderman, now he wants to be Edward.
    I spend about thirty minutes every morning checking various Twilight blogs for updates.
    I find myself talking of Edward Cullen as if I really know him.
    I squeal like a pre-adolescent whenver I see anything Twilight related on TV.
    I have become a total obsessive fan girl when it comes to Robert Pattinson, my husband refers to him as my boyfriend.

  • MariaM

    I site in front of the computer every moring checking all the Rob sites i go to instead of getting ready for work, and i usually end up being late because of that.

  • oopsilovetwi

    Hahaha, I guess it all depends on if you think it is taking up too much of your life!

    Just get a job in the Twi-world and then blame it on that! “But it’s my JOB!”

  • Erica

    I just had to post a repsonse to your thread today.
    I have to say that I only come and check the LLT/LTR website on a weekly basis, and for that i’m sorry. I truly should be on at least once a day. But I am Jen’s co-worker and I am sorry that I was unable to attend the Twilight DVD ‘girls-night-in’ for the sole purspose of enjoying Twilight again and meeting YOU(fake lesbian love not intended) And never in a million years would I think that somehow in an incognito way would I be quasi mentioned on this fantastic fansite! You are my hero, and reading your post today especially the 4th bulletin, made me laugh. (we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy)


    • AHHHHHHHH hahahaha i’m dying!

      I meant to email Jen to tell her I did this today! But I”m so glad you found it !

      And seriously. only ONCE a week!??? BAD GIRL 🙂

  • live720

    *I know it’s bad when I start finding that I have common interests with my 10 year old nephew (who calls me up and tells me he has J14 Rob posters for me all the time) and my 13 year old cousin. I mean, we seriously have group chats about Twilight. That’s just…wrong on so many levels.

    *And just today…I was sitting in my college’s cafeteria with two of my friends (who have read Twilight) and two people I just met. One of the people I just met was discussing spinal cord injuries and brain failure and how she had a dream that the medical researchers found a way to make a fake spinal cord so people would never be paralyzed and we would all live forever on mechanical organs.

    My first thought: “hmmm, we could live forever, sorta like Edward.”
    The first words to leave my mouth: “Hmmm, we could live forever, sorta like Edward.”
    (Dang my lack of a brain filter)

    Needless to say, the girl looked at me like I was a crazy. Whatev. She just doesn’t know what’s cool.

    *Every single day it is cold and rainy, I get a text from my best friend saying “It’s Forks out today, I’m looking for Edward.”

    *OH and the biggest giveaway to my not being normal happened the other day when my professor was trying to get my attentions and referred to me as “vampire girl.” I was like WHAAAA? Did that really just happen? Yes, yes it did. *facepalm*

  • Freya

    It’s all so familiar! Here are my symptoms:

    In the last month, I’ve been called “Freya” more than my real name. I should have picked a truly fake-sounding name, so people wouldn’t think it’s my real name.

    I have two Twitter accounts–one for RL, and one for Twi-friends. I’m on the second one MUCH more often.

    I get panic attacks during that hour that Twitter goes down for maintenance.

    Everything relates back to Twi. Everything. I found an old HS friend on Facebook, then found she lives in Port Angeles, and freaked out.

    I’m going to Forks this summer. But I’m telling everyone I’m going to the Olympic Peninsula, because my Twi-obsession is so in the closet.

    I’m getting an iPhone tomorrow so I can Tweet and Twitpic the whole trip.

    I check LTR/LTT/Forum/Twitter before I even get out of my pajamas in the morning.

    I’ve had dreams about Rob and Jackson. REALLY GOOD DREAMS.

    I love all of you people, and think that you’re the best. I’ve made real friends through LTT/LTR, and have a bit of a girl crush on UC and Moon. Thanks, girls and unicorns!

    • jazzled

      Ok, I just got ferociously jealous over your good Jackson dreams. I’m about as in love with that man as one can come, and I’m still waiting.

      I guess I might as well share my own hang-ups since I’m sure I’ll look tame compared to some of the rest of yous guys, although mine are more or less Jackson-centric.

      I’ve got over 500 pictures of him, in every possible role he’s ever had, on my laptop and am adding more as I find them. Every day.

      There is a guy that works at the McDonald’s across the street from my house who looks kinda-sorta Jacksonish, in the right light, and I totally asked him if I could take a picture of him to send to a friend of mine who didn’t believe me. I call him McJacksper.

      I actually bought some Monkey themed things to send the boys in the band a care package.

      I went on a crazy spending spree and bought Twilight, S. Darko, Beautiful People, a Jasper shirt and the 100 Monkeys cd THE SAME DAY.

      Ok, thats really all I got. Or at least all I can think of right now. Except haunting this blog and the forum at all times of the day and night. But I’m in good company for that.

  • i’d read your personal blog, not just to improve the numbers either. just sayin’

  • fairytalefrog

    Whenever I’m out with my friends and there is a lull in conversation, the only things I can ever think to say always start with the words:

    “So, you know that guy from Twilight? Well he was …..”

    The eye-rolls are no longer internal. I try to hold it back, but then you just get the awkward silence while it becomes more and more clear that I’m busitng to share my latest bit of gossip. What has happened to me?!

  • twilightchick67

    I’m like a Jehovah’s Witness, trying to convert everyone to Twilight! I mean, I don’t show up on their doorstep, but if someone shows the SLIGHTEST bit of interest in my Edward / Twilight goodies in my office – watch out! It’s on!

    Today for example, I was on the phone with our IT help desk, trying to get assistance with my screensaver not automatically doing its thing. The girl took over control of my PC and saw my New Moon poster (not the official one, but the awesome one with Edward in the coat) and innocently said something like “Isn’t that the guy from Twilight??” By the time we hung up, she had checked out my 200+ photos and promised to read Twilight and Midnight Sun and CALL ME! 🙂

    Very normal.

  • Jena

    New Moon trailer is now available for free download on itunes.

    • Katie S

      Yay! Thanks for the update!

  • Cassie

    When I want to open a new tab in the internet explorer, the “most visited” web pages appear…. there are 9 thumbnails, they’re ALL Twilight-Robert related xD…

    Also, my family and close friends actually ask me about how is Rob doing…. something like this “Um, and how’s Rob doing?” or “What’s new about Rob?”, like I rlly know him!

    When my brother goes out, whenever he sees something about twilight or robert (mags, news papers, posters, etc) he takes a picture with his cell phone and tells me “LOOK! I saw your boyfriend today!” .. cute xD

  • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

    if i were s. meyer i would be so flattered by all these crazy confessions. and maybe a little freaked out. hahah but just a little, i think you guys are great.

  • Jenn

    This is a fun question…well my Twi-obsession is not unlike most that are being confessed here…
    -I spend waaaay too much time reading Twi-news/Rob news…lets just say my children have been eating a lot of eggos and pop tarts for dinner/lunch/breakfast!
    -I spent the better part of my 9 year anniversary dinner discussing the lives of the stars of Twilight with my husband – who will only listen if I throw Ashley Greene’s name in there every now and then
    -I get actually angry at the movie because they didn’t include my favorite line in the book “Do I dazzle you?” – “Frequently.” They totally butcherd the whole dinner scene!!! – (you can’t tell because I am typing, but I’m getting worked up just thinking about it – LOL!!
    – when my MIL said that she was thinking about reading the series I totally changed the subject so that she wouldn’t ask to borrow any of my books!
    – I carry at least one book with me anywhere I go – just in case I have some free time to read!
    – But it is such a fun obsession I can’t think of a better thing to neglect my family for!!
    I am sure that my love for this is not “normal” but who cares!

  • well, think on this: i did not know that *i* was normal until i found YOU! so thank you to LTT and LTR, i think we are kindred spirits and are all defining a new normal together! my confession list is here

    although i have to say, i found myself checking on my sanity as i followed the live blogging of an mtv awards…! you two are too much fun, never stop!

  • My Twilight NORMALness:
    My own personal links in my Firefox folder amounts to 13 different websites. My Twilight links/fanfiction/images amounts to 72 different links. THAT’S NORMAL.

  • manon


    – i’m still kinda new at the twilight thing, and only started reading this year! I ordered the first two and started reading. Within a week they where gone, i already ordered the other two but it took so long that i was stalking my mother if they where in yet (i always seem to be at work so i send them to her house) when they where i wnt strait to her house to get them, and read al trough my visit.

    – i start the day with checking 4 or 5 twilight blogs.

    – i check them every 5 minutes while at work

    – my friend does not want me to talk about twilight anymore to her, but she’s reading the books now 😉

    – i have seen twilight with 4 different friends becaouse i thought they had to!

    – new moon will come out on november 19th here, wich is my birthday, and well i won’t be home to welcome my family to celebrate with me bacause i will be over at the theater…

    – rob is my desktop wallpaper and i may or may not have a slide show on my computer…. ( at work i still have the foo fighters just to keep up appearances)

    i’m totally normal!!

    • manon

      oke my spelling is not NORMAL sorry!

  • yellow.jello

    woah, we´re SO NORMAL, i can´t even believe it. seriously, i probs love everyone on here, just because.
    that´s why i´m normal:
    *yesterday me and a friend were hanging out, getting a little drunk and decided to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire. and every time rob was on the screen i yelled “CEEEEDRIC!” and mentioned that i´d like to have one of those “potter stinks/diggory is our man”-badges…
    *when i come home from college at ~2pm i immediately check LTT/LTR (the posts are fresh then because of the time difference)
    *i use twiquotes in RL
    *i may have said “everything would be easier if we were vampires” a couple of times
    *a friend and i are planning to go to london as a short trip and i convinced her that it´ll be much better if we go there in november instead of this summer or spring2010, just because i want to watch new moon and here it won´t be released until jan2010…
    that´s normal!

    • Katie S

      I say, “everything would be easier if we were vampires” FREQUENTLY.


  • I started using Twitter as my main source for Rob info. I am the only one I know in my REAL LIFE that uses Twitter. I have also been #pounding Peter Facinelli like a Twi-whore and secretly wishing it was Rob I was #pounding. FML!

  • I try very hard to keep my Twilight/Rob obsession hidden so this is hard to admit, but here goes:

    I first read Twilight in November and haven’t read anything else since (though I’ve tried). It is unusual for me to go a day without reading a passage from at least one of the books; they’re a staple by my bedside.

    A dear friend asked to borrow my copy of Breaking Dawn. This friend has a bad habit of “misplacing” borrowed things (hello Season 1 of Lost) so I lied and told her I’d load it to someone else. Truth is, I don’t loan my books to anyone.

    When shopping with my 4 year old, she’ll see pictures of Rob on magazine covers and say (very loudly, of course) “look mommy, there’s that boy you’re always looking at pictures of on your computer!”

    And this happend just a few minutes ago: I was surfing all my fav Rob/Twilight sites and heard a loud crash followed by a cry coming from the other room. I spent a spit second trying to decide if I should immediately attend to the situation, thus leaving the Twi site in full view of anyone passing by my computer, or if I had the time to shrink the window before attending to my possibly injured child. No mother of the year award for me-I shrunk the window (and she wasn’t really hurt, btw).

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  • a little something

    -I work with a guy who sorta kinda looks like Rob sex hair and all (boy does he know how to run his fingers through it just like Rob!)When I first made the connection I would get knots in my stomach and my tongue would get tongue tied when I tried to talk to him. To be honest I still do! The other day at work I was trying to reach something that was up high in the cupboard so I climbed up on the counter like I was 4 and he comes up behind me and says “whoa spider monkey” I literally fell off the counter. If he had the British accent I would be dead!
    -For Valentines Day my parents gave me a cardboard cutout of Edward and my Mom asked me if I wanted her to take a picture of me and him in my bed!
    -I am doing an internship at the Capital this Summer, I commented to my friend the other day that I didn’t like that it was so so cold in our office was because the marble walls were so cold and wet..then I realized I was saying that I didn’t like Edward.
    -Normal much?

  • Calliope


    perhaps the culmination of it though is to have people call me by my moniker in real life and NOT feel the need to correct them. haha.

  • Erin

    I’m so glad I’m normal!
    I started reading the books about two years ago. I have probably read the entire series 7 or 8 times..
    I saw the movie probably the same amount of times (although now I can just watch my favorite parts.
    I waited in line for 2 hours to have Rachelle sign a copy of Twilight.
    I check LTR/LTT BEFORE I check my work email, and then I frequently check back throughout the day to catch up on the comments.
    My co-workers ask me for movie/Rob updates.
    Whenever there is a thunderstorm I instantly want to go joint the cullens in a game of baseball.
    I really tried to hold back the obsession, but it just broke through like mad!
    Love you!

    • Erin

      I forgot to add the one thing that got me to post in the first place. I was reading BD for the first time and got to the very pivotal part in the end (don’t want to spoil it :)) and then it was time to go to church. I had a complete panic attack while I was there because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I hurried as fast as I could home to finish the book. Maybe that’s not as normal.. haha

  • Bobina

    Love this! I will try and keep my Twi-obsession confession to a minimum.
    I was introduced to the books last year and read them within a week. Saw it 5 times in the theater (shamelessly using my niece to feed my obsession). Went to the midnight release of the DVD (dragging my niece along AGAIN so I wouldn’t feel so un-normal).
    Then I came across the blogs. I now feel NORMAL and at home.
    I check yours as well as 3 others first thing in the morning. It’s my “pick me up” and again during the afternoon and again at night (in case I missed anything)
    No one knows how bad my obsession is (well other than through here). I was a hermit at my birthday dinner with my family because I wanted to watch the live blogging that you guys were doing at the MTV Movie Awards. (So glad the ‘rents have a computer!)
    An email went around where I work of a short film from the Cannes Film Festival. I immediately think.. Is it of Rob on the red carpet or at the shoot thing he went to?!! and got all excited.. (yeah I was disappointed that it wasn’t)
    -I believe every time Rob runs his fingers through his hair an angel gets its wings.-
    Any who, thanks for helping me feel normal in this crazy world called Twilight & Rob. Thanks also for taking the time in keeping this blog up and running! You & Moon are the best!

  • Dep

    UC –
    You & themoonisdown make my day, always. Love your sites, couldn’t live without them. So if I couldn’t live without them, that means I couldn’t live without you both, and all your twilight/newmoon/robare-isms. You always make me smile, your writing is divine, so please, continue to be obsessed & not normal!!!

    PS – my 5 year old daughter made me a picture the other day, of a boy & a girl . . . when I asked her who they were, she looked at me with her beautiful eyes & said, “Edward . . . and Bella. Because you like them, right?” The fact that my young child even knows who Edward & Bella are . . . well, to me, is very NORMAL. In my world. 🙂

  • Love your blog keep it going. : )

  • I could only confess this as Rabbit.

    –I used to spend all day on my family website. Then I discovered LTT/LTR. I would hurry up and fly threw the family news and then spend the rest of the day on LTT/LTR, my blog, and anything else Twi-related.
    –To ease my fears that people thought I was crazy I turned a number of my co-workers to create a coven, knowing there is safety in numbers. I turned 5 in my immediate area, who then turned their friends and family, who turned their friends and family. I am now a great-grandmother to a lot of new vampire lovers out there. By my last count I was responsible for the turning of at least 20 people. None of them probably have an all Twi all the time blog though.
    –I was on a medication that made me have extended “human moments” in the morning, to put it mildly. Twilight kept me company through these terrible times. It could be that some of the tardies I wracked up at work could have been “just one more page” related, but I maintain it was the meds. I mean that’s normal right? But getting fired for loving Twilight too much isn’t. It was the meds…really.

  • OMG !! I’m a huqe Twiliqht fan 2
    I’m on mah sidekick I haven’t slept
    & is 7:3O in the morninq I done nothinq buh read about Twiliqht . everybody arounds me I kno I’m obsessed & when I saw the movie w| mah boyfriend 4 the 1st time which was like mah 5th time I told him I wish he was a vampire ^_^ . when I found out Rob qot hit by a car I cried all day lol .
    soo yeaa is NORMAL (: .

  • MissBliss

    Maybe a little not normal, but that’s okay. Who wants to be normal??
    I have a coworker that cuts out pics of Rob & brings them to me. I have officially started the wall of Rob in my cubicle (it’s weird to say that at work, too, ’cause my boss’ name is also Rob). It’s funny ’cause, as I’ve said before, I’m so team Jackson now, but it’s not as though I don’t still enjoy to look at Rob. In the early days of my obsession, while I was still in the process of losing my Twi-virginity, every morning when I came in, she’d look up & say, “Hey, how’s it going, Twilight?”. I am by no means as hardcore as some people out there, but it’s a very thin line I walk.

  • I just wanted to say I completely love you guys and that I have never felt closer to a group of strangers then after reading this post. I am a physician starting my residency tomorrow. I’m currently sitting in orientation not paying attention to documentation procedures or health care coding policies (both of which I assume are relevant somehow), but instead I’m biting my lip to keep my snickering to a minimum while I read your posts regarding butt crack Santa and Soloman Trimble on my phone. Trust me my two fellow classmates (both guys) are looking at me like I just sparkled in the sunlight. This is my first time commenting so I just wanted to say hello and assure you that you are not alone in shirking other duties and life necessities for twilight and/or Robert Pattinson. I mean lives are probably at stake, but I’ll be damned if I miss a new speculative pic of RPattz on set. Keep up the awesome work, Amy.

    • Amy- BEST COMMENT EVER xo. Love that you’re an obviously intelligent woman about to embark on a HUGE new chapter in life… and yet you Love Twilight, And buttcrack santa, & solomon trimble…. and US! ah… i feel special! HUGS

      • Who doesn’t love a little Buttcrack Santa? I have spent the entire AM catching up on blog entries (I think the lady is talking about substance abuse and how it is frowned upon in the hospital…Pshaw whatever) and I died at the tattoo post. I actually think the last tattoo looks like a Jimmy Neutron-family guy version of Luke Perry, which has had the unintended effect of making me want to get one. Just kidding, accurate likenesses only.

        I saw that you read my blog, thanks! I like never update it. I don’t live in NYC, no I’m stuck in the Midwest, but I do adore those Magnolia cupcakes.

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