Rachelle Lefevre out as Victoria and we want to know WHY?

rachellebluetopDear Summit-

We have one question for you: WHY?

We’ve never written you a letter before, but I think it’s time to break our silence. Now that we’ve read both the personal statement from Rachelle, your Press Release sighting “scheduling conflicts,” and now the 2nd press release sighting another film, we’d like to know the REAL REASON WHY the character of Victoria was recast. With only one film left to go in Victoria’s character arc, this is one of the biggest surprise moves you could have pulled (and at the 11th hour we might add.)

Now don’t immediately write us off as some simpering fansite looking for something to write about. We know the entertainment business is a fickle and mean bitch. Deals are created, moves are made, everything’s political, believe me: we KNOW! We both have worked and continue to work in entertainment and understand stuff happens schedules conflict, contract options don’t get picked up, and there are ALWAYS two sides to every story, but that’s not what happened here. It is clear from both your statement and Rachelle’s that she was screwed. She admits a scheduling conflict that you were trying to work through it and says she would have dropped the movie Barney’s Version if she had known her role as Victoria was going to be recast. So the question remains and we want to know, WHY?

Follow the cut to see our full letter and some of our guesses as to why…

rachellevictoriaI think if there had been a plausible reason presented from BOTH parties this would be a lot easier to understand. But you have yet to provide a real reason other than a “scheduling conflict” and now an “uncooperative spirit” so you can understand why there is such an outcry from the fans. Considering the uproar, yesterday, on Twitter, blogs, texts and email you’d think this was a world crisis, after all 4 of the top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter yesterday were related to Rachelle and the Victoria situation! Imagine if you could use this power for good. Imagine being up front about the situation and really explaining why than you might not have such a black eye right now.

It seems like such a far cry from just a short week ago when Twihards were all abuzz with the news coming out of Comic Con. You were in their good graces, fans were excited about New Moon and you should have ridden that wave, but my how quickly things can change. If you were just more open with the fans I think a lot of this could be circumvented but since you won’t explain WHY we can only assume the recast for was nefarious reasons… or maybe in fact for some of the reasons we’ve come up with…

  • You recognized how AWESOME we are and wanted to cast us both as Victoria but didn’t want to reveal our true identities so you gave us the name “Bryce Dallas Howard.” I hate to tell you this, but it’s already taken. Oopsie.
  • You’re courting Ron Howard for a future Summit project and in a sign of goodwill cast his daughter in this role
  • Money! Doesn’t it always come down to money? But we have a hard time believing that you’re pinching pennies what with the sales of Twilight Body Glitter through the roof. Remember Twilight merchandise almost saved our economy!

victoriarachelleboatAnd ya know who knows maybe you’re telling the God’s honest truth and Rachelle is a dirty liar but you gotta remember something: You would still be nothing but a small fledgling studio if you hadn’t made the decision to turn Twilight into a movie. Because Twilight is nothing without it’s fans and if you alienate them than you are back to square one.

Now we know we we don’t work for you and we don’t have billions of dollars and we’re not on your speed dial or even on your mind most of the time, which is a sad fact we’re all quickly realizing, but we are FANS first and foremost and together we have a voice. We’re the ones who came out in droves to see this movie, we’re the ones who put almost 400 million dollars in your pocket. And we’re also the ones who can make or break your next project. Never underestimate the power of a fan.

Whatever happens will happen and we’re sure Bryce will do a lovely job as she is a great actress, but it’s the way you went about this and the shifty undertones that permeiated the whole process. It’s totally put a damper on the good thing you had going.

Themoonisdown and UnintendedChoice

PS A word to the wise: when you issue a 2nd press release at 730 in the evening, make sure whoever is writing it took a xanax before- because what you put out reads like copy written from a pissed off woman who had to cancel her dinner reservations with her boyfriend at Mozza, and we all know what a pain it is to get into that place. Youch!

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