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All the Twilight news that’s fit to print – Unicorns and lots of BooBoo’s

Dear LTT-ers,

There comes a time every few weeks or so that we have to do a news dump because there’s simply too much news and not enough letters in the day. So here’s all the news we think you should know about but couldn’t cover.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

  • Our BFF Ashley Greene gets a Twitter and proceeds to lull us to sleep with tweets of her sleeping habits and stories of buying dog food. There’s something to be said about keeping the mystery, isn’t there? Love you BFF!
  • Dude, Xavier did you forget what I told you to say if Jackson invited you to a 100 Monkeys show!? Did he not think you were deaf or sick with food poisoning? In other news, HIGH FIVE for going with Ashley, maybe you’ll be the lucky SOB to finally figure out she’s a hot piece, while the rest of that numbnuts cast wonders why they don’t have a girlfriend, or why theirs smells of grease.
  • Both Melissa Rosenberg and Justin Chon dish that Eclipse will be a much “darker” film. No really? This is the book in that saga that contains the story of Jasper’s shady past, killing innumerable people, the turning and training of a newborn vampire army, the rape of Rosalie at the hands of her fiance, and fight training all culminating in arguably the saga’s most satisfying moment of conflict: the battle. So “dark,” you say? NO DUH!
Jacob hungry! Me want filet-o-fish!

Jacob hungry! Me want filet-o-fish!

  • New Moon Action figures go on sale at Hot Topic. Is it just us or does Jacob look a little “special” in the face?
  • Little Jacky is photographed with a boo-boo (not the kid playing Seth) Tuesday. No one knows whether it was his hand, his head or that terrible wig that was injured. I’m hoping he broke his hand after punching out the wig department after he saw his reflection in the mirror. Jackson Rathbone-r: kicking ass and NOT taking names!
  • Little BooBoo Stewart gets his first tattoo! Awww, they grow up so fast, don’t they? How friggin cute is this kid?!

Follow the cut for more news, shirtless Kellan and Jackson the Unicorn!

  • Some dude with a unpronounceable name and arguably a mental disorder interviews Jackson and those other guys. He makes Jackson’s day by getting some dude Daniel Johnston (don’t worry I had to google too) to record a message for him. Listen for Jackson saying “I was born a Unicorn.” It’s a magical moment! He also talks wigs. Action packed!
Ya like whatcha see?

Ya like whatcha see?

  • Micheal K at Dlisted explains these HOT Kellan pics better than I ever could! If it’s ain’t broke don’t fix it yall!
  • Edward Cullen meet your new BFF: Seth Clearwater… you might wanna get Mr. Jenks on that fake ID thing he does so well ASAP!
  • Carlisle Cullen’s KILLER Day Spa. Get the deep tissue massage at your own risk
  • And just as quickly as it appeared news of a Harpers Bazaar Robsten REVEAL quickly fizzles out. I love Robsten rumor shooting stars.

So that’s it for this news round up, did we miss anything? What should we have written a letter about?

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  • Ashley Fragomeni


    poor jax and his broken hand.

    <3 love u!

  • TeamSeth

    Oh, and yea, Xavier is smoking hot. So, I guess we can add one of the cast/crew members to my “hot people from Twilight saga” list. Though that David Slade…he really gets me going πŸ˜‰ (God, his photos remind me of Bilbo Baggins haha)

  • southernbelle

    I think the Jacob doll don’t look like anything like him! It’s freaky looking and something’s not right about it! πŸ™‚

    • MidnightSin

      Yeah its creepy as hell..hey maybe they are trying to prepare us for some kind of “take off” of Twilight…a scary weird movie called Twifright…..ok..still have a fever and I have NO idea where that even came from….sorry..

      • southernbelle

        Hey girl, sorry you’re sick! Hope u feel better. Have a nice weekend. I haven’t been on here a lot because I’ve been under the weather too.

        For the record, I won’t be buying the Jacob doll! Now my mother called last night to talk to my 24 month old asking her if she wants the Bella doll….I whispered to her “no, ask for the Rob doll!” Haha. So that settled it!

        • MidnightSin

          So sorry your sick too! Your lucky tho that you have “a way to get a Rob doll” I cannot imagine how I could pull that off…unless I try while I am sick and feverish…I think maybe they would just assume I am delerious or that whats left of my brain has totally been destroyed with all the Twilight reading/watching I do! LOL…
          GET WELL SOON! πŸ™‚

  • Melanie

    LMAO I lurve you Moon!!! I had to use your “looks special in the face” comment today. I gave you the credit though lol

    That interview was so strange it was hysterical. The fact that you tagged “catfish” just confirms to me that youre made of fucking awesomeness. *smooch*

  • AnnaBanana

    You guys are fun! I am an LTT virgin, having lurked about LTT for a few weeks or so, and I always laugh when I come here. I finally have a place where I can talk/make fun of all things Twilight and not get the “eh?” look. Thanks : )

    • TeamSeth

      πŸ™‚ I like that you used the verb “lurk” So true! πŸ™‚
      But about this virgin status…just write a letter already.

  • About that Nardwuar guy with 100 Monkeys… He interviewed Joan Jett a couple of years ago, and he had a pee question for her too. (FUNNY) I haven’t listened to all of his interviews, but I wonder if that is a favorite topic of his. REALLY. OK, I am going to try to embed the youtube video of it, but I’ve never tried to do that in a comment before, so we’ll see how it turns out.

    • Yay, it worked! Seriously, it’s hysterical.

      • And, that’s only a 2 minute clip. The whole interview was over 24 minutes long and you can hear the mp3 on Nardwuar’s site:


        I wonder if there’s a longer version of the 100 Monkeys interview too? I checked his site and I didn’t see one, but maybe he just hasn’t posted it yet.

        He’s definitely an interesting guy.

        • TeamSeth

          I love how Nardwuar says, “Joan Jett” every time he addresses her.

        • TeamSeth

          This is the best interview ever. heh. The guy’s all “How do you know all these details?” And Nardwuar just moves on to the interview question. HILARIOUS.

  • leahcyr

    “Some dude with a unpronounceable name and arguably a mental disorder interviews Jackson and those other guys.”

    LMAO… i loveee Nardwuar, he’s so funny. I watched this video several times back to back, I supremely enjoyed it for these reasons:
    1- Jackson’s voice
    2- Jackson’s smile
    3- Jackson’s getting uber excited and his super cute freak out about the Daniel Johnston video
    4- Jackson’s voice
    5- Jackson’s smile
    6- Oh, and, when Nardwuar seems happy to basically scream “Rob Pattinson pissed in a cup” from the rooftops.. and no one knew what to say for a second, lol

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