New Moon Premiere – UC and Moon see cast, crew and Dick!

Dear New Moon,

We came (ahem), we sorta saw, we maybe conquered!

Since we didn’t camp out like the faithful Twihard fans we knew it would be a crap shoot showing up to the premiere in Westwood with a gaggle of girls, but UC needed to at least get a glimpse of Rob to make sure this last year wasn’t just a crazy psycho dream and these people that we talk about every day actually existed and since this we be my um.. forth time seeing Rob I was more than happe to give it a go! So we hauled booty over to where the entire fandom seemed to be converging. On our way we heard both KOL’s Sex on Fire and Miley Cyrus’ Party In the USA and knew it was an omen for good things ahead. Once we parked and headed towards the madness we saw Mr. Kaleb Nation aka The Twilight Guy headed in search of more glitter paint or maybe it was a restroom but we flagged him down and finally met someone we had been Twitter stalking for the last month. Another omen.

After that we pushed our way up to the barricade and ended up right across the street from the theater and the end of platform where the radio DJ guy was interviewing everyone as they showed up. We were also conveniently located next to at least two sets of crazy protesters. Why they thought the NM premiere was the optimal place for their protest posters and high pitched screaming, I’ll never know.

So here’s pretty much what happened…

We showed up to the premiere…

Look who was happy to see us!

Ok… ok… just kidding! I mean they were happy to see us they just didn’t know it.

Some lovely gal took our picture… right as a news van drove by and cut out the theater in the back ground! Thanks.

We were surrounded by crazy, loud, cool, and some totally awful fans…

obviously Rosalie Cullen got lost and ended up near the theater with her red wig

Robsten lives… in this 12yr olds heart

Follow the cut for a TON of pictures and video and crazy protesters and hot Rob and us!

For some reason this woman decided to show up and annoy the HALE out of every person in a 3 block vicinity of her chimpanzee scream. Everyone yelled at her to STFU but she wouldn’t so being the good bloggers that we are we gave her what she wanted: ATTENTION!

Now I’m all for ending the war in Iraq and bringing home troops but let’s choose the correct forum to talk about this in, NOT the NM premiere were you scream bloody murder every 5 seconds. Sadly, she wouldn’t scream on camera for us so we decided to make her famous instead.

Finally the stars began to arrive

Gil Birmingham arrives with his lucious locks and what first appears to be a gold lame dinner jacket under those whacky lights. We later find out it’s just a leather jacket with some horses on it. HIGH FASHUN!

Kellan, ever the Twilover that he is showed us some love by coming over to hear us scream his name sign autographs and show us love. Too bad we couldn’t do a prom pose picture, that stupid barricade and a couple twihards were in my way

Jackson making us all weep over his gross mid 90s wanna-be grunge black dyed hair, pilgrims pride look while Ashley SHUTS IT DOWN in a KILLER read dress (arguably the best of the night) and a proper weave. Oh and Kellan looked good as always

Rob showed up and I would post the video but that would be wasting everyone’s time as it’s mostly a shot of the backs of the peoples heads in front of me since everyone surged forward as if moving a millimeter would get them closer to his holy presence. PUH-LEASE you’d be closer if you sniffed a dry bottle of Heineken.

WTF?! This isn’t the liquor store! Who are all these people?

Heh, heh! Gotcha! I totes knew we were at the premiere all along

Rob then made us love him even more when asked by the radio DJ/premiere host/interviewer guy (techinical name) what he wanted to say to the people who had been camping out for days and he said “You are all insane!” Oh Rob, we love you more and more each day.

Taylor showed up and it was much the same but Team Jacob was in full effect and started a crowd chat just for him…

Sadly, Big Daddy was nowhere to be found. We were heart broken. He must have been next door at McDee’s picking up a couple filet-o-fishes to go since fried cod goes better with a movie than a bucket of popcorn does. #TRUTH

Movie Premiere Ken and Barbie show up… I mean Taylor doing his best Madmen impression while KStew did her best hair styling victim in a wind tunnel look…

Near the end of the evening we noticed another set of protesters…

Awhile back we tweeted about receiving an email from a people’s communist party and how Communism related to Twilight and well what do you know, they decided to show up to the premiere too! Too bad they weren’t being loud and annoying we could have made them web-lebrities too!

Some other stuff happened… they all went inside. The Britpack was there, Tom Stu got detained at the door but finally let in, most of the stars stopped to talk to a couple specially abled folks near the entrance with Rob taking a good amount of time to pose for picture and talk with them! All together now: AWWWWWWWWW!

Tweeting is for winners… and everyone we knew! Ubertwitter/twitterberry and every other twitter client was FAIL! We overloaded the circuits with our brand of hilarity

Camera batteries are dead, phones are dead, our feet are dead, we need a diet coke get us OUTTA HERE!

Oh hey there Jared Followill from Kings of Leon with Ashley Greene! Go on with your bad self!

We cruised next door to grab something to eat and drink cause we were famished and as it turns out the restaurant had a great view of all the limos pulling up to take the stars from the premiere to the after party. So we ended up getting to see Nikki Reed (by herself), Ashley Greene and posse including date Jared Followill (yes, THAT Jared Followill, Kings of Leon Jared FOllowill. Lucky biotch!), Stephenie Meyer (whom UC and I missed be a nano second. She was the one person I wanted to see above all), and Rob who ran out by himself. As we walked next door to meet up with some of our posse who should talk out but none other than Dick and Clare Pattinson and family! They might seriously have been one of the highlights of our night. But I would have jumped a barricade to meet Big Daddy though, NO LIE!

SOMEDAY!!! we will meet this woman... SOMEDAY!

After that we were tuckered out but not before making a few loops at the after party to see if it was worth trying to crash. We heard there were real live caged Wolves in there so instead of sticking around to see who would get mauled (Hint: Dakota’s little sister) we sped off in search of high speed interwebs and a cozy bed with an Edward pillow.

Bottom line: No Buttcrack Santa, no Cathy Hardwicke and no Solomon Trimble bum rushing the barricades. FAIL. But we had an amazing night seeing the world premiere red carpet event for New Moon, being with our awesome sauce readers, meeting up with fellow bloggers, hearing first hand accounts of the movie from Jen at MyRobPattinson (her videos are amazing! Get ready!), and generally just soaking it all in.

We’ll keep you updated here as we get more stuff uploaded, linked, figured out but for now it’s almost 4 am and I’m a tired Moon so I’ll leave you with this for now!

Meant 2 Bee πŸ˜‰

PS don’t miss UC’s letter to Rob about losing her virginity! For serious.

Want more rad pics from the event? Head to Socialite Life. That’s where that amazeballs Mike/Justin pic came from

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter

  • southernbelle

    That’s so awesome!!! If I’m in LA and I didn’t have a small kid, I think I would have gone to the premiere to see Rob and the rest of the cast too. Well of course mainly Rob and I would love to see Stephenie Meyer, hope I can meet her someday. I’d be happy to see Kristen too. Her dress is beautiful, she’s so pretty.

    I missed all the info/coverage last night and so I’m really glad you have this posted today. Y’all looked like you had fun so much fun. I’m sure it was worth it, waiting and standing!

    • southernbelle

      OOps I remember, seeing him there at the premiere would involve me camping out for days. So I guess no I can’t do that, but more power to those who were able to!!! πŸ™‚

      • TeamSeth

        You’re just not twi-hard enough. ::sniff:: it’s fine. No hard feelings.

        ps-UC&Moon didn’t camp out and they still rocked it (or did they actually camp out and just lie to us?!)

        • southernbelle

          Yeah I wondered about that. Geez did u give me a thumbs down TS? LOL

          Yeah I guess I’m not enough of a twihard…I just don’t want to see Rob if I’m gonna be smelly and dirty u know? Haha!

  • StotheP

    Agreed. His next gig? Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars.

    • StotheP

      That was supposed to be in response to the comment about him being the next George Hamilton. Oh, well.

      • TeamSeth

        I got it! hahaha and thumbs upped you.

        What do you think?

        About what?

        Do you want to go…to dancing with the stars….with…me?

        • StotheP

          I, uh, I can’t. I’m going to Vancouver that weekend. Nonrefundable tickets.

          You should take Jessica. She’ll make it worth your while.

          Meh or meh not have ad-libbed a bit.

          • “You should take Jessica. She’ll make it worth your while.”

            Are you referencing skanky fanfic Jessica?

            Poor girl. Gettin’ all the hate.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    HEY GUYS!!! I AM BACK!! FOR GOOD! πŸ™‚ I KNOW NOT a BIG DEAL compared to UC & MOONS EXTRAAWSOME NIGHT…but I AM THRILLED to have been surprised by the arrival of my new computer way ahead of schedule…haven’t even had a chance to read anything…just looked at pics and don’t know how to use Windows 7 or anything…BUT YOU KNOW I HAD TO FIND MY WAY HERE AND SAY I AM HOME ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!! AND I AM NEVER LEAVING YOU ALL EVER…I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Now I have to go back and try to read all that has happened and your comments…I HAVE THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW… BIG HUGS AND SMOOCHES!!!! OH and UC & MOON I AM SOOO JEALOUS YOU WERE THAT CLOSE TO ROB….HOPE YOUR HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!

    • *hugs*

      I missed you. Glad you’re back!!!


      • Midnight_Cyn

        “Muah back” Do you have a new icon???

    • absolutelyvlc

      Bongiourno Miss Cyn πŸ˜€ Welcome home πŸ˜€

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Merci Absoulte!!!:)

    • Hey Cyn….so glad ur back! it was wierd not havin anyone to talk to at night….
      Love and hugs
      sad cookie

      • Midnight_Cyn

        You have NO IDEA how sad I have been w/o all of u…and so close to THE BIG DAY!! ILWL..our late night chats were missed more than you know!!! I will never get caught up tho…lol… πŸ™‚ NO MORE SAD COOKIE’S!! ONLY SMILEY ONES FROM NOW ON!!!

        • I cant…i think i truly know how bella feels right now…i know im over reacting….im just lonely and worried about withdrawal symptoms…and i cant afford to go more than once for NM cause im a poor student…Its awful being so far away…

          i need smileys but nothing seems to be working….
          sorry for being so whiney….im such a downer today…ill just stop commenting…im just a frikin rain cloud today….
          Its awesome having u back…its like the world has righted itself again…the natural balance is restored….

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Hey talk to me…what’s going on?? Don’t YOU DARE stop many times have YOU been there for me??? I AM HERE FOR YOU!! Tell me why your so down?? Withdrawl symptoms from what? What have I missed? Fill me in!!

          • ok…ur gonna think im a bit mad but i joined twitter which is awesome and yesterday i watched the livefeed of the premier with sparkle, fang and egregious…it was so much fun…but i think it was a bit overwhelming, the whole experience…knowing that its live and watching it (sporadically) with people who know what ure going on about …i havent done that in a while and it made me so happy i squeeed for hours…

            Then when i got to work the depression hit…i was going for the movie with different ppl,they love Twilight but they dont know the insider jokes, they dont “get” my love for Taycob and theyre not the same kind of funny…

            it just made me realise how far away i am and how attatched ive gotten to u guys….i mean its crazy…i dont even know some of their RL names but i feel like we’ve known each other forever…(like u and me) an then i thought about the day after the movie and how its gonna hurt like hale to not be able to see it again as much as i want to….

            So i had a good cry after fiance went to Uni and tried really hard to write something funny but it just wouldnt work…but u guys have been awesomesauce as usual and made me smile again….i dont think its gonna be as bad as i hoped tonight but ill still be wishing i was with u guys laughing over buttcrack santa and cock-blocking…its just made me more determined to come over there in 2010 and meet all of u…cause ull have made me happy after three whole years of depression and suicidal thoughts…

            ..i know it may sound really wierd and sappy but ur like family to me and im hyper-sensitive..(will cry at the drop of a hat…oh no poor hat…see?) so im really bound to this….like ive imprinted….lol
            sorry for the long post…thanks for listening as usual
            kisses and hugs….(crazy cookie)

          • absolutelyvlc

            Yeah, I’m with Midnight Cyn. Me thinks IWL has some heavy shiz going on! Now I feel like a total ass-hat over the Jacob has fleas comment. So sorry IWL, you know it was in jest. I like fleas.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @illegwolflover…listen to me…I KNOW what your feeling..I can’t tell you what it was like for me before LTT..I was so depressed all the time..I WAS alone and I had lost the life I loved so much. Getting thru each day while “putting on the happy face” for every one else was and sometimes still is..exhausting. That was why I felt so strongly about writing a “stupid” thank you letter that would never get to anyone actually involved in the movie/book that changed my life, but I had to write it. Then I took a chance after lurking around here without commenting and sent the letter to UC/Moon..all of a sudden I felt this “love and support” from total strangers that made me feel alive again. I literally had a place to go everyday and friends again. So I completely understand how you feel. It is like family here…and I will admit I cried daily at not being able to come here and laugh/share/joinin…you may be “far away’ in distance and I may be “far away” because I am housebound but we are always “together” here. We are a family by choice..and we are blessed that we have LTT to come to. I also know how you feel about the “high” of sharing the adventures of those attending the premiere and I wish I could have been on Twitter last night to join in..(I am staying off Twitter b/c of the hacking) but I also understand wanting to REALLY experience these things..HELL I WANT TO JUST EXPERIENCE THE MOVIE ONCE…but I know in reality I will not be going and that makes me very sad. So we are in it together, both the ups and the downs…your entitled to feel how you do and I wish with all my heart I could come there and go with you to NM…I really mean that…what fun we would have, Team Jacob and Team Edward united…we’ll get through this together….promise..I so heart you!

          • AVLC….I <3 u for the fleas…especially in the circus..u made me smile!!!!.
            Im just hyper-sensitive…ignore me..fiance has put up with it for 7 years…bless his heart….
            I know u were kidding…i love reading the comments and even though u guys dislike (hate is such a strong word) jacob i know u guys like me (right?lol) and that makes me feel less lonely….
            I sound like such a neurotic psycho in that post..sorry…i seem to be scaring ppl…its bad enuff with the Tay love…i cant be jailed AND institutionalised…LOL
            Ass-hat??? bahahhaha NEVER!!! again i <3 u

          • @MidCyn….how is it that you “know” me so well? i didnt say anything about wanting to be at the premier and yet u just….sigh Ah-mazing….we really are twi-sisters….
            I’m just glad ur back…im feeling better already now that ur back to good old MidCyn…and i can rant and u wouldnt be like “huh?” LOL
            I <3 u so much its bordering on stalker shiz…get out ur restraining order lady before i steal ur giraffe….see the jokes? im feeling better already…and even if it kills me we're gonna have that hot coffee u promised me the first day we "talked"….it'll be epic i tell u…EPIC…crossing treaty lines and sharing the love…

            *throws away sad cookie* enuff with the miserable baked goods… πŸ˜€ should i take my jacob and edward figures out of their boxes and take them to NM tonight? ill make Edward wear a blanket in ur honour….
            p.s. i started a randoms blog…hopefully it'll be my way of getting to the states…

          • southernbelle

            @illegal -hang in there and don’t leave. If this is an outlet for you then I wouldn’t let this go. I had depression last year, we had a very bad year with illnesses and financial problems. You’ll make it thru this. I’m on twitter too, if you feel like chatting, let me know. I’m always here.

          • @Southernbelle…Thanks so much and yes i’d love to chat with u on twitter…mine is illegalWL..i have a cheesy smiley pic..u cant miss it….

            Im sorry that u went through that…i had to deal with leaving my family behind and going through a lot of crap in a new country with just fiance…ive made some friends but its hard to do here cause ppl are so introverted and im….sigh…u know…nuts…It was hard cause being bubbly and funny is my trademark and when i didnt have anyone to share with, its like i lost myself.I use humour to deal with a lot of things(if uve noticed Ha!)

            i have episodes now and again but its alright after a day or two….im just glad to be here and since ive imprinted on LTT and Tay(he doesnt know it yet) i never can (unless i pull a tammyO)…and thats awesome with me….<3 ya!

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @illegalwolflover…Your on twi-sis… “my” edward would be so honored to be with “your” jacob tonight..a lil blankie would be greatly appreciated…WAIT..hold the presses….YOU GET TO SEE NM TONGIHT??? What the hale…catch me a flight and I’m on my way!! Slap a smiley face on..wear a twi-shirt and stick our “boys” in your pocket…I’ll be there right with ya….playing with the boys of course….:) and when we DO get to have that coffee..and we WILL…it will be the best damn coffee you ever drank!!! πŸ™‚

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @illegalwolflover….BTW…stalk on! But good luck with stealing the giraffe(can’t believe you remembered my giraffe! lol)…others have tried and failed…he is firmly cemented in the ground! Your welcome to try tho…maybe Jacob could offer his assistance?? Just thinkin!!!

          • yup! will def take pics…im chanelling the Cullen family with an Edward/Alice inspired get up….
            *trots off to find a mini blankie*
            expect 2nd hand embarassment tom….do u stil have my e-mail addy?
            cause i dont have urs….sniffles….
            Yeah the movie is today and im keeping my mouth shut tom…cause its no fun to gloat….
            Coffee? gonna have some today to stay awake…not that 20 ft abs will make me feel sleepy HALE NO!
            Dont worry i may be with them but ill be thinking of u the whole time….LOL

          • Of course i remember…u said u wanted to see if he was covered in snow…will never forget image of poor mr. giraffe standing in the cold…

            Yeah Jacob’s on it…Edward said he’ll lend a hand…sigh I love our boys….They just want me to have a part of you…embodied in an long necked,Plain-dwelling, Spotted animal….LOL

          • southernbelle

            @illegalwolflover – Yes I saw you on Cyndi’s list. I’m gigglewoman :-). However I forgot how to use twitter so I’ll get on there tonight and figure it out all over again.

            I totally know about being different. I’m like very hippy in my parenting and lifestyle and a lot of people here aren’t. Not to mention I’m on a “special diet”. I’m gluten-free and dairy-free so yeah I’m always left out at parties and gatherings. I don’t expect people to cater to me but still ya know, it sucks. I remember your family is from Sri Lanka, am I right?

            I guess being on this special diet makes me closer to Edward right? LOL. So hard, especially during the holidays, I can’t even eat the friggin turkey.

            Anyway, hang in there and I’m here for ya friend πŸ™‚ We’ll chat more on twitter. I did see your cute smile on there~


          • absolutelyvlc

            IWL Quote: “even though u guys dislike (hate is such a strong word) jacob i know u guys like me (right?)”

            Incorrect. We do not like you. We Looooooove you. Arwoooooooo <—that was my totally lame attempt at typing the sound of a wolf baying.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @illegalwolflover…..I am SOOOO with you tonight….really I am …right in your pocket (with the boys) if we get alittle worked up and your pocket gets movin …ahhh …just leave it be ok!! I want you to do me a favor…take in EVERY MOMENT for both of us..every ghostward every teardrop and every good ab shot…to share with me…I will be thinking of you tonight..I will be smiling

          • @SB…cant wait to have a chat… i go a bit nuts over there so be scared…very scared…lol

            @Avlc…u know for a vampy chick..u pull off a great wolf howl…I laooooooove ya too…more than u think…

            @MidCyn…I will…and one day we’ll watch it together…with the boys…(live, toys either way) and it will be awesomesauce…

            sorry for a triple reply…typing while i get dressed…dinner before movie…as if i can eat with all this excitement….

            I <3 u all….MUAH!!!! *breaks out happy cookies and passes them around*

    • StotheP

      I have a big smile on MY face now, Cyndi! So glad you’re back for good! I was thinking about Blanket Rob earlier because it’s really fracking cold here right now.

      Take your time catching up – here’s a breakdown of what you missed today:

      Stephenie Meyer proved that all the money in the world can’t buy forgiveness from a dress OR a community of blog commenters.

      Kristen Stewart showed us how to gracefully grow out a mullet. Grace in the front, slightly subdued party in the back.

      Kellan Lutz shook hands and kissed babies or at least signed a bunch of photographs to secure his title of Most Likely to Catch the Flu.

      Taylor Lautner was sans Big Daddy but that’s not too unusual if you consider that a) hovering parents do not a sex symbol create and b) Ryan Seacrest was telling everybody about some 99 cent cookies nearby.

      Robert Pattinson thinks everyone but LTT/Rs are insane and got Robsten truthblocked by a heinous Summit hag.

      Oh, and Ashley Greene was either Super Luscious or Susan Lucci, depending on what site you’re cheating on LTT with.

      Loves and no-more-missies!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        ROFLMAO….bowing in thanks for the breakdown and crackup! Although I am STILL in mourning over Blanket Rob whom I am trying to repair..he actually looks more like the real Rob than Edward now..tee hee.. in truth he took the “bite for me” grandpup was trying to knock off a few of the fingers, dove under Blanket Rob and thus “he suffered” not me….ahhhh..makes me all warm and fuzzy inside even tho it is freakin freezing here too and now have a few drafty areas due to “holy Blanket Rob”..loves him all the same if not more!!!
        UC & Moon should be SO greatful I was not there…I was definately thinking I would have “lost it” being that close to Rob…Probably would have been begging for bail money today….truth!

        • Ang

          MidCyn – Are you sure you dove under Blanket Rob? I think it’s far more likely that being all Edward-like, he was trying to protect you from the grandpup.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Oh Ang…your so right…he was all over me ..yup that’s what she said…and he was trying to save me..thanks so much for putting that image in my head…luvs you for that… <3

    • Ang

      MidCyn – I’m thrilled you are back!!!! So glad your computer arrived ahead of schedule. Even the computer gods wanted you to be with us.

      Hugs and kisses!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Yes Ang for once the Gods smiled on me and if you could have seen my face when the hubs walked in this afternoon with the box..I burst into tears..truth! Then 2nd hand embarrassed…had to call internet people and have them help me get reconnected…was having trouble and I blurt out….”YOU HAVE TO GET THIS WORKING, I HAVE TO GET ONTO LTT CAUSE ITS LIKE TWO DAYS BEFORE NM” To which she replied, “Um LTT? Is that your DAUGHTERS favorite website, my daughter loves that whole twilight thing too” sarcastically…. I WOULD HAVE HUNG UP ON HER…BUT I SO NEEDED HER HELP…BITCH… Oops..didn’t mean that!
        Hugs back at ya..

        • @Ang and MidCyn

          Ooh ooh does that mean Team Twi-journalists are back on?

          • Midnight_Cyn

            YOU BETCHA!!!! Could we EVER be separated?? We are like the “holy trinity” ok well maybe not, but close enough….

            Laughing cause computer makes all kinds of noises that scare the shitz out of me and I don’t know what they mean, then it shut off..dkw…and then the hubs is like…UMMM did you forget about supper?? Ooops…sorry hon..trying to learn this new Windows 7 and all about the computer…(Ahhh NOT….have not even looked at anything except LTT) shhh!

          • Ang

            @illegal and MidCyn – Team Twi-Journalists/Holy Trinity/plays well with others because they can share Taycob/Edward and Rob are back on!!!!!

            While I was driving home from work and cooking dinner I missed the LTT therapy session above. Let me just add that even though we don’t “know” each other in proximity, we sooooooo KNOW each other! It’s crazy how this little web site has connected me with people across the US and the world. Illegal, I was just telling a friend about you Saturday (that sounds scary but it’s not, I promise). He was asking me if I’d heard from my “sri lankan friend.” He meant the creepy guy I told you about awhile back. But of course I thought of you! My favorite funny cookie! πŸ™‚

            Oh, and MIDCYN – love that the Internet person commented about your “daughter.” You KNOW that she’s one of us…just didn’t want to admit it!

          • we DO play well together….If i could share Taycob I’d totes share him with u guys…but i cant…cause he just sent over the papers about the restraining order…now i have to move down to the south island to comply with the “million miles between us” clause….

            @Ang…ur telling ppl about me? ur reassurances mean nothing….i am officially creeped out…LOL. I hope u told him the good stuff…not the “waiting to dumpster dive with a minor” stuff cause Hansen’s already got a long list of ppl to testify to that….

            @Midcyn…”whole twilight thing”? i agree with Ang..she’s totes got the cut -outs in her room AND the Edward undies….Hypocrite….

            We have to finish our epic project….and then shoot the movie…starring us of course….

          • Ang

            @illegal – Sorry I creeped you out. *hangs head in shame* Seriously it was kind of funny because I honestly put the Sri Lankan guy out of my mind. And when my friend asked about Sri Lankan friend I was freaked out….”like, are you hacking into my e-mail or something?” So then I HAD to tell him why I was confused. I kept the comments very vague. Didn’t even mention your Taycob love!

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @ Ang & ILWL..
            Oh yes we must finish our epic story and of course we will film the movie with us starring and of there will have to be some GUEST APPEARANCES….
            ILWL..did you send me your email?? Or did you post it somewhere??? Did I get the copies of our late night Breaking News??? Oh will I ever get caught up???
            Just checking!!! πŸ™‚

          • whew! it IS funny…im sure if someone asked me about Ang…id think it was u….and then the whole world will know of our shame….hahahahaha

          • i posted it…dont worry ill get urs from Ang…
            will cya in the a.m.
            love and hugs!

          • Ang

            @MidCyn – I sent the breaking news to your e-mail. But I can send it again so you don’t have to look for it!

            @illegal – Seriously, I think the whole world already knows my shame! I’m not very much in the Twi-closet. All my friends know. They just don’t know the extent of my obsession. But sometimes I starting talking (like this weekend when I was telling my friend I talk to someone in New Zealand) and they get this look in their eye that is a combo of concern, fear and bizarre fascination. Then I reel it in and come visit you guys instead. πŸ™‚

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @illegalwolflover……..HAVE THE BESTEST TIME EVER!!! REMEMBER EVERY DETAIL…AND if it gets really intense…reach in your pocket and stick my head out alittle for the “good” parts..then put me back with the boys….love’s you!!! <3

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Thanks for resending cause I have a whole new email program now and Gawd knows its gonna be hard enough trying to figure it out! πŸ™‚ I was thrilled today when Dell contacted me and said that they think they can help me get some of my journals/notes etc from old computer!!! So I can get back all my “memories” and important stuff…yeah!!
            Hey ILWL don’t look……
            Hey Ang..aren’t we just alittle jealous that ILWL is going to see NM w/o us??? Yup we is!! πŸ™‚

          • Ang

            I am all kinds of jealous of IWL and her New Moon excursion! I’m so jealous, I’m in denial.

            I’m so glad Dell can get some of your stuff back! I thought they might be able to. That’s awesome!

            Just e-mailed you the “breaking news.” It is so funny.

    • southernbelle

      welcome back! I’ve been trying hard to figure out how to message you on twitter. Glad you’re back!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Hey are ya..? Miss you bunches! Not using Twitter since I got hacked on my twi-daughters computer..(she was NOT happy) anyway…maybe we can all get an IM set up so we can chat when we want..wish UC/Moon could add that to LTT so that we could use that feature to go off on a rant if we want….not that we would EVER do that….

        • southernbelle

          MS – sorry to hear that! My friend’s acct on twitter was hacked too, I think they have mediocre security system. That’s one reason I was never really into that thing. Anyway there is a chat on LTT. It’s off meebo. I can’t remember the site, JodieO can tell you. I used to go on there. It’s very busy though, lots of people and I don’t see them here either.
          I’ll send you my email thru twitter.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            I don”t use Twitter anymore..until I am sure that it is safe…we should all get AIM or …there is another instant msg. thingy but I can’t think of the name right now… πŸ™‚

          • southernbelle


          • Midnight_Cyn

            Speaking of JODIEO….where is SHE!!!! I want to “give her a hug”???? LOOKS AROUND, CAN”T FIND HER” JODIEO…….JODIEO…….WHERE ARE YOU..????

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @southernbelle…dang I can’t remember the one I used all the time….I think it started with a B..but I could be totally off on that….but it was a great IM…I will try and look on hubs desktop cause I think I originally put it on there before he took it out to the garage for work….will keep ya posted….

      • Midnight_Cyn

        @Ang…thanks now hopefully I can figure out how to get into email program…I am not sure I like Windows 7 so different than xp…but you know me..don’t do change well…lol…I do LOVE the light up keyboard though so much easier to see…gonna go and drown my sorrows that I am not in warm NZ w/illegal on the way to NM with some hot choco…and then change my pups leg dressing and then gonna actually try and figure out how to use this computer so that I can read our Breaking News….see ya in the morning and boy does it feel good to say that!! Hugs!!!

    • TeamSeth

      MidCyn, glad your back, girl.

      How you likin’ the new puter?

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Hey TS..HOW ARE YOU??? I Missed ya so…I am having a hard time learning the computer..although I haven’t really tried..tee hee..trying to read comments and catch up …impossible…plus the puter keeps making sounds and doing things that I don’t understand…lol…fill me in on you!!!

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  • Midnight_Cyn

    Hey random question..yup I’m back…lol..anyone know what Napster is?? This computer says it comes w/ 60 free songs??? I don’t know anything about it..big surprise there huh…anyway of course was wondering if it was a real thing and if so could I get the soundtrack of New Moon from it?? Do tell if anyone knows please!

    • StotheP

      Napster USED to be a file-sharing service that people used to pirate songs and such. Now, I’m thinking it’s a pay site where you can legally download stuff. I haven’t used it in years, though.

      • absolutelyvlc

        Napster is what we call Cougarwicke with the dreadlocks – cuz that shiz is nappy hair!

    • AzureEyes

      you’d probably have to use Limewire to get what you want. hth

  • PourLAmourDeCanard

    Kellan has never really done it for me but is it completely nuts for me to say that he is cuter in motion? And he is sooooo much more attractive as Kellan than as Emmett!!! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! Rob just keeps getting more and more adorkable. That suit had my panties en fuego!! Agreed that Welch is the new George Hamilton and I would pay for the privilege of holding Chon down and CUT HIS FRAKKING HAIR!!!!!

  • AzureEyes

    jealous also. wish i could have been there. although am sure I would have had to consume a bottle of wine for the nerves. the crowds would have drove me crazy. ahh ladies, UC and Moon, I guess for now, I’ll have to live vicariously through you. I hope it was great. : D

  • GriffsSayWhat

    Hey UC I read on MSNBC you are from Philly….thats where I live!! We should get together and go see New Moon (for the whatever-ith time) lol

    -Off topic random comment

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