New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 2

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The wolf's outta the bag

Dear LTT-ers and anyone every having to do with New Moon,

Today we continue on with beating a dead horse aka our reviews of New Moon and this is my part two since I was so long winded the first time around. Wednesday, I started this review by posting what I call the hits and misses of the movie so let’s continue down that path…


Alrighty smile for the camera, say: "cheee-we'retotallyoblivious towhatsreallygoingoninthistown-eeese"

The Humans
Once again the humans are really the highlight of the film. Just like in Twilight they bring the funny and the sense of reality. They act like high school students, make stupid (read: awesome) jokes and generally remind us that not everyone is an undercover sensitive, brooding monster. If I had to give props to give one human though I think it would have to be Billy Burke as Charlie, famous ladies man. This time around we actually feel the bond between him and Bella which isn’t cut short with stutter-y phrasing or bad awkward moments. He plays the Dad figure well and you actually feel for him as he tries to comfort Bella. I also noticed in the dream sequence when Bella remembers the Werewolf/Vampire story the person laying on the forest floor is not her but is Charlie (at least I think!) if so, it just further illustrates that she really doesn’t want him to get hurt because of her crazy monster secret life. Awwwww… can’t wait till I see if again to really see if it was Charlie.


Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning Like a whirlpool it never ends And it's You girl makin' it spin

UC talked about it and I will to, I’m sure it was used as some sort of visual tool to disorient us but I think it worked all TOO WELL. Everytime she trips and falls in the forest I think “here we go again” and get a good grip in my chair because we’re about to take a trip on New Moon the ride now at Universal Studios. Let me off! Let me off! Bellaaaaa, BellAH… Get me off this crazy thing… called love (anyone? anyone?!)


Excuse me, what did you just say?

Chemistry between Bella & Jacob
One of my favorite scenes between them is the “break up” scene after Jacob has turned and Bella, tired of getting the dismissal from Billy, goes to find out why he’s been missing. They emote, they stare into each other eyes, they tug at my heart strings, they make me cry. Taylor has probably the best set of puppy dog eyes ever and uses them to kill us every time. How can Bella be immune to THAT?! They really do portray two people who are great friends torn apart by great odds who try to overcome them. I think it’s probably why I lean so heavily in favor of Team Jacob in this movie. There’s really nothing like a true best friend.

Seriously let’s finish this thing up after the cut


Bella Swan, phone home

Is that you Gran? Nope, it’s you Bella! With a completely different face, eyes, body and height. But it’s you, trust us we’re vampires. I mean… bloggers?


The score
Thank God Jacob’s theme is not just another version of “dead native American” music like most movies with native Americans feature. UC wasn’t a huge fan but I think I love it pretty hardcore. I finally got to pay attention enough to hear when Jacob and Edwards themes blended at the end (last video). Also anytime Jacob’s theme plays I grab for a tissue. Seriously, someone call Chris Hansen. I have tendencies.

(someone hand me a tissue)

While New Moon definitely has it’s faults it’s mostly nitpick-y stuff that really doesn’t change how much I love this movie. I try to explain to “civilians” what makes New Moon so great and I fail every time. How can you explain what you’ve waited a year for? How can you explain the awesome-ness of all the little details. How do I explain FacePunch? You can’t, that’s how. You just gotta trust that the movie will work it’s magic on even the hardest of hearts and if it doesn’t? Well, there’s always those abs and the “2-wheeled death machines” to help win them over.

Two thumbs WAY up!


PS I figured out who is to blame for those wigs! Just wait Stacey Butterworth, your day (and letter) is coming!

So did we thoroughly kill any and all enjoyment out of New Moon with these reviews? This is a blog-o-cracy speak your minds!

Oh Lion & Lamb I can’t wait till the DVD comes out and you screencap every second of the movie. Thanks for all the pretty!

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