Open Weekend Post: We just met Stephenie Meyer

Dear LTTers,

Don’t hate us.

But we’re exhausted.

We have so much to share


We interviewed Stephenie Meyer yesterday. No, scratch that- we hung out with Stephenie Meyer yesterday for four hours.

Yes. You heard that. FOUR HOURS.

We have amazing photos (We’re pretty sure the photographer got some good ones of us stuffing strawberries in our faces & feeding each other grapes) and H-O-U-R-S of conversations to pour over.

But we can’t give that to you today- we just can’t. (Besides since Eclipse isn’t out yet, we have to have those convos approved. And we don’t have the photos yet)

Here are a few other reasons why:

It’s 5:30 pm on Friday night & Moon is about to go to work. UC leaves for the airport in 3 hours- where she’ll fly on a red eye back to Philadelphia (oh yeah, we’re in LA- you can know that now) She arrives at 6 am. The moving truck arrives at her home at 9 am to MOVE HER to a new home. Plus the four sites at the Stephenie interview agreed we needed some time to process, re-listen to our audio & really give the interviews the time & attention they deserve. Seriously- FOUR HOURS OF CONVERSATIONS!

But we will say this: Today was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Stephenie is just as incredible as we envisioned in our minds- she’s literally one of us- just famouser. (Word copyrighted by Moon&UC 2010) Get ready for EPIC information (straight from the horses mouth) on everything you wanted to know (and A LOT of stuff you never thought about before. Hint: Dick Pattinson used to be some sort of well-known musician)

We appreciate SO MUCH all your texts, calls, tweets, emails, comments, facebook messages, carrier pigeons, prayers & advice as we would have been way more freaked out without knowing we had all of you cheering us on!

We can’t wait to share more details. We love you all!


Moon & UC

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • KrisM

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  • allryans

    Did you know that “squee’s” actually occur in nature and not just in internet-speak?

    They SO do. Cause I totally just did.

    So essssssited to hear the deets, but first things first – UC, hope your move goes smoothly. And rest and relax, do non-blog, non-twi related shizz for a few days. We’ll all still be here.

  • aleisha

    This calls for a new LTT t-shirt:

    I 2nd hand met Stephanie Meyer.

    • KinkyKiss

      umm, seriously would buy this!!!

    • Michelle


    • Steph

      It’s a must have!

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  • robsfuturemate

    Yay Ladies, can’t wait!!!

    But my mind went all wonky when you mentioned “The Details”…oh, rob!

    And Dick Pattinson…oh, rob’s dad!!

  • Bella_NaA

    All I can think of to say is wiiiiiiiii! I am SO happy for you guys. I just knew you would have a great time. You make us proud and happy! Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the pictures. In the meantime, good luck moving, UC! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  • LuvsMeSumEdward

    Omg…I’m so happy for you guys! 4 hours, that is a crazy amount of time. I can’t wait to hear all the juicy details and see the pics! Congrats again…you ladies deserved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KinkyKiss

    You’re killing me Smalls!!

    but You did it!!
    fangirl squeeeeeee !!!!

    Im sure we seriously cant wait for the details and
    pictures and EVERYTHING that happened!!

    So proud of you girls!!

    much love & respect

  • swansong

    Patience. Is. Wearing. Thin.

    Seriously, can’t wait!

  • zeebie

    I couldn’t be more thrilled that out of all the sites that were pulled out of that hat, yours was one of them!! I don’t think I’d want to read about this day with Stephanie from anyone else but you guys! Yay!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yayayayayay!!! I feel like such a proud Mommy! Even thought I’m pretty sure we’re all around the same age. But still!!! YAY!

  • Jennred

    I keep checking back in every hour or so, just to see if we’ll get a surprise… Pathetic? NOPE. NORMAL!
    Thank you sooo much for giving us a place to go.

    • abcoolie

      Me too! I keep checking to see if there is anything new. Totally normal.

      Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • MariaCecilia

    I knew you three would get on like a ton of bricks! You have so much in common: long brown hair, a sharp sense of humour, keen powers of observation, a passion for writing, an obsession with Rob..ehm..Edward and probably a just as obsessive habit of snacking on nachos, fish fingers or whatever comes to hand. Too bad Stephenie won’t do bar hopping: I think you would do some awesome bar hopping together. (Leap frog, hey!)

    Since the day I trusted you ladies with living my life vicariously I must say it has really paid off! Not only do you go to all the places I want to go, and rub shoulders with Rob and Kristen, you chat with Stephenie Meyer for four (4) hours! Now I am only waiting for your engagement with You-know-who to be announced, and you will have lived my life for me to the full…
    *sighing contentedly and settling down in sofa with a Marguerita*

  • MayaM

    I <3 when good things happen to good ppl! i hope you had a blast… you are great, can't wait to hear the details.

  • Stacey

    I am so happy that you had a great time with Stephenie! I can’t wait for all the details when you rest up from your awesome adventure!

    Good luck with the move UC! I hope you can give me some good tips when I move in a couple months!

  • agusap

    omg FOUR HOURS! squeeeee can’t wait to read the interview


    • DanySpike

      Yeah, same here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can’t wait to read all you Stephenie Meyer tales and see pictures. Good luck with moving UC. Get some rest girls.

  • Owning It

    Soooo happy that you had such a great time!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it, LTT style of course. I wonder who you will ‘write’ the letter(s) to? S Meyer (too personal?) Twilight (this is soooo much bigger, no?) Your loyal and loving fans (Yes!) Perhaps it could be Podcast, Quilluete-bonfire style, with you girls telling us the tales of the interview as we sit huddled around, hanging on your every word… too much?? That’s normal.

    Good luck with your move this weekend, UC- make sure you label your box of Twilight goodies as ‘Fra-gi-le’. Better yet, just keep them with you and don’t let them out of your sight.

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    So completely happy for you! I am shaking with anticipation. I imagine the crash is coming. I am so glad I am not UC right now… Wish I was UC yesterday, but moving, glad to be me right now. Wow. What a huge month this is for you girls. I am really looking forward to details. Stay healthy and sane. And thanks for letting us all live vicariously though you both!! It is such fun. Evol ya!

  • BayWolf

    You’re alive! Oh I’m SO glad that you survived the experience – and that you came back (I was seriously afraid that SM would keep you).

    I’m totally fangirling YOU (you know I love you – now I just love you and envy you:-))

    It sounds like you had an amazing time and I’m so happy for you! I’m very much looking forward to hearing more about it!

  • Krystle

    ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy for you girls! Couldn’t wait to check LTT today to read anything about what happened!! Proud day for LTTers!!!

  • so. effing. awesome.

    will be waiting not-so-patiently to hear all the details!! : )

  • ICanHandleIt

    So darn Excited Ladies!! Oh, and I am taking this chance to change my screen name officially from plain old Becca…(well, I’m not that old..) anyway, to ICanHandleIt. It’s a Bella quote from Eclipse. Chapter 8…. that’s right, the leg hitch chapter! Best Chapter ever! he he!

    • Steph

      You’re my hero! I’ll take your lead and come up with my own super cool (like purple) name. Hearts!

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  • sjaantje

    Get some rest, regroup and know we are doing our best to be patience and wait for the details of the FOUR HOUR INTERVIEW. You ladies ROCK! See I told you she would enjoy hanging out with you two the most! Who wouldn’t!

  • operarose

    Glad it was everything you hoped it would be! Can’t WAIT to hear everything that you will have to share with us.

    But wait a second you were feeding Stephenie Meyer grapes? haha, that’s too surreal…

    You guys should have a reality show. You’re much much much more interesting than the Situation, brides who say yes to the dress, and psychopaths addicted to babies and plastic surgery. Hello, Bravo? MTV? TLC? anyone out there…? Watching Moon and UC feed fruit to Stephenie Meyer then fly a red-eye to meet a moving van sounds like far more constructive reality tv.

  • Michelle

    Congratulations guys, I’m so happy for you… and for us that we now get to live vicariously through you!!

    I was kinda worried that it would be one of those press trails where you get a brief chat with Steph with someone tapping their watch just out view, making you wrap it UP! I am ecstatic that it was so much more than this and that it lived up and hopefully exceeded your dreams and expectations.

    I hope you girls are able to get some rest after all the adrenalin that would’ve been pumping through your veins for the past month!


  • theC

    I want details, lots and lots and lots of details……do not leave anything out! This is soooooo awesome, SM+4hrs = heaven!!!! I’m truly excited for you both,but the waiting is gonna be hard (and that’s what she said!).

  • mandie k

    yeah… i’m all for restin up and stuff. but please dear god in heaven, if there is even one nugget of info about midnight sun… well i’m not trying to be u know pushy or anything but i would really like to know what that news might be, unless of course its bad news…..shudders at the thought. please please please have good news about midnight sun.

  • EyeC

    You girls are livin’ the dream! What an exciting week! Can’t wait to hear Everythingggg… Why have we never heard about famous Dick???

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    So glad all went well and you have lots of great stuff to share. We’re all very anxious to hear about the epicness and how awesome Stephenie is and all that jazz, but you take as much time as you need to recover and process and take care of yourselves! We need you in tip top form! Plus, we love you both and don’t want you dying of exhaustion.

    I’m waiting patiently…….(please hurry!)

  • Owning It

    So happy to hear that you had such an awesome experience!!! I am sooo looking forward to the full break-down, LTT style. I’m curious though… will you write it in letter form? and who will you address the letter to? S Meyer (too personal sounding)? Twilight (This is much too epic, no?) Your loyal fans (Hale yes!!!) Perhaps a Podcast, with you both telling the tale of ‘Meeting Our Goddess’ around a bonfire, Quileute Style, and all of us readers sitting at our computers hanging on your every word….. too much?? Yeah, that’s normal.

    UC- I hope your move went well, and more importantly, that all of your Twilight swag made it to your new home safe and sound! <3

    • Owning It

      Bwahahahaha — Epic Fail for Me!!!! I thought my comment didn’t post yesterday…. internet/ cable issues and all. ***Major Face Palm***

      Oh well, double the fun I guess!!!

  • I cannot believe you actually met her! I’m so excited for the premier of Eclipse, I’m actually going to night before for the early premier in Atlanta. Can’t wait!

  • cledbo

    I love you guys, and I’m more excited about this than anything else in my life at the moment – Living vicariously FTW!!

  • mandie k

    no sh*t the suspense is killin me, i’ve checked 3 times hoping against hope there had been some kind of an update, and not for nothing but one of those times ended with two little heart stealin monsters in the fridge (broken eggs included) lol

    trying to be patient, mentally willing u girls to hurry

  • Rob4Deb

    WOOHOOO How fabulous! Always knew Stephenie would be all kind of 1ovely – didn’t expect anything less!

    Well done UC and Moon you are fabulous and I am sooo jealous!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it

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