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Moon & UC’s Excellent Adventure Vol. 2: The Stephenie Meyer Interview

Dear LTTers,


4:00 am, somewhere in Pennsylvania, an alarm clock is set to go off.
4:15 am, somewhere in PA, a back-up alarm clock is set to go off
4:30 am, somewhere, a “you’re an idiot if you’re not up by now, but I’ll set this just in case’ alarm clock is set to go off

Never drive faster that your guardian Larry can fly

6:30 am, Mr. Choice awakes to find me still in our bed, panic tears & wailing ensue. I rush, with teeth brushed (not hair) & no make-u applied, to the airport 1 hour away to try to catch a flight that leaves in ½ hour. After being told there are no more LA flights with room, oh wait, we found 1 seat in first class for $1500, oh no- sorry that flight won’t get you in until 7 pm, oh wait, just kidding we found one seat on the next flight to LA, I arrive in LA only 2 hours later than I was supposed to. Crisis Averted! I attribute it to one thing and one thing only- Larry411. The Twitter “celebrity” was on my flight and I feel as thought the universe knew that having me & Larry, two of the most important Twilight people EVER, on the plane was a necessity. (Yeah, it’s going to be awkward next time I run into him in Philly after I tweet him today showing him this picture I took while sitting 2 seats down from him, trying to work up the nerve to say “Hi, I’m UC, I like Twilight” but deciding against it b/c snot was pouring out of my nose due to previous crying spell.)

Moon POV

Being woken up at 5am by about 20 text messages is never a good thing. Unless the person sending them is Robert Pattinson looking for a booty call. This was not the case Thursday morning.

Since UC’s 2390429034 alarms failed and she missed her flight, I spent those extra hours running around doing errands, finding a blasted voice recorder so we could immortalize the interview forever and ever and make Stephenie Meyer saying “2nd hand embarrassed” (oh yes, she did!) our outgoing voice mail message.

After fetching UC from LAX we busted a groove over to Westwood so we could meet up with Twifans and Twilight Series Theories for lunch, which was deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. And of course we debated what we thought would happen during the interview which was pretty much us saying we weren’t about to stay on topic (ie Bree and Eclipse).

*thinking* holy crap holy crap holy crap what are we gonna ask?!

So the countdown to SM time had begun and we hadn’t pow wow-ed about our potential questions for the NEXT day. So of course we ran down to the pool to get our sun on, which was conveniently behind a building thus making us shiver, and run through questions and potential scenarios. While we pondered what our first question would be: Jorts vs Tweed or Big Daddy vs Dick Pattz, some of the other sites came up to talk about how they thought it would go down and some of their potential questions. And well, you know us, we’re not exactly rules followers or the kind of people who want to know, in detail, what happened in Edward’s mind on page 78 so we got a bit spooked. Ok, we freaked!

It's everywhere!! We can't escape!

UC: You guys really put on the pressure! We knew that if we went in there asking when Fred’s birthday was (May 17, 1984, btw) you’d kill us. And rightfully so. We started having these joint, day-time nightmares of us asking a funny question and Stephenie saying, “I refuse to answer unless you somehow turn that really hilarious joke into a question about the intricacies of Bree’s life.” (If you think for one second I actually know what Fred’s birthday is, you’re fired as an LTT reader)

Moon: So we called an emergency dinner of the Los Angeles branch of the LTT family. We needed to be talked down by The Font and White Yorkie. Over sushi of course. Well, we ate sushi and the Font watched the Lakers and White Yorkie bailed on our asses.


Since this was my first time meeting the guys, I’ll jump in to report that #1 they are huggers, #2 The Font wore some sort of 7 year old boys’ comic book or teenage-mutant ninja turtle t-shirt and #3 White Yorkie has action figure boxes on his bedroom walls. I assumed they were from Action-Figure Edward, but I didn’t ask.

The guys TOTALLY got us pumped up. They made us laugh, they reminded us that we’re not expected to be like any other site but ourselves & threatened to never do another LTT podcast or even SPEAK to us again if we weren’t absolutely cool. Oh, and they told us we better make Stephenie laugh.

Picture of us suitable for hanging next to your family members (that's what the note said!)

Later that night, after ordering a bottle of water from room service & being served Evian like it was Don Perignon, we wrapped our gifts for Stephenie, Moon finished up 2 mixed CDs she made her (Yes- she rules), and I said “I’m so tired I think I’m going to die” about 3,000 times.


Moon: And when we got in bed we got Twilosophical & talked about how we just wanted to be true to ourselves and to the blog. If the interview was going to be lame and controlled, we were still going to TRY to ask the questions we wanted and all the LTTers wanted to have answered!

THE BIG DAY (after the jump!)

Oh heeeeeyyy, just gettin' all prettied up

UC: We primped until we could primp no more, grabbed all 1,200 of our bags and hit the elevator. And when we finally walked into the room where the event was taking place, there she was- Stephenie Meyer.. just hanging out and talking to the girls from Twilight Series Theories. There wasn’t a halo around her head and angels weren’t playing trumpets like we expected! Stephenie was just chatting with the other fansite like they were the dearest friends.

Would it be considered inappropriate if I puked in that gift bag?!

Moon: I don’t know where YOU were, UC, but that’s not the Stephenie I saw. Where I was standing, a light shown down and a choir of angels sang. You know how in kid’s Bibles angels have those halos around their heads and look like glowing neon necklaces from concerts? Well, they’re real and she had one. Who knew Zondervan kids illustrated Bible had it right all along? In all actuality she pretty much looked like one of my girlfriends only with amazing skin and great lips (super insider info: she wears the tinted Burts Bees. I know this because I spied it as we reapplied before the group photos. I had the pomegranate & she had the tinted stick) and we talked about how we’d be washed out if we didn’t put some color on our lips.

UC: Despite being told we could put down our stuff, grab some food and take our seats, Moon & I stood and waited our turn. Since we were still pretty convinced that this was all an elaborate set-up to get us in person to publically embarrass us for making fun of the fandom, we wanted to get that over early so we could maybe hit the pool for a few hours before we had to check out of the hotel.

That wasn’t the plan.

In fact, if there is an opposite of that plan, this is it: As we were hugging hello & introducing ourselves, Stephenie said to us, “I just have to tell you girls- I read your site every day.” We responded with:

“What? Are yo- NO! NO! How, I don’t even know what you’re say- How Ho- Whadya whayda you talking about, yo- want me to go away- I, I, I can’t, I can’t I I can’t just leave – I… (fade out)”

And as if she wanted to prove it because there was NO WAY we believed her, she mentioned how Alice_NaA’s letter about finally understanding Bella’s pain was so great & that Melissa Rosenberg would look great in the pants I wanted to wear so badly to the interview. No seriously, Stephenie reads LTT. Which is cool, but we REALLY would’ve been impressed had she set up a lunch at the Olive Garden with Big Daddy. I mean, come on Steph! You know what we really want.

We sat around with the group chatting for a bit. We were supposed to be eating. I’m pretty sure I ate one of those seeds that are on the skin a strawberry & Moon ate a piece of lettuce. Or maybe it was an ice cube. After about 20 minutes, Stephenie’s assistant (who was awesome, btw, and we’re not just saying that b/c she reads LTT yes we are. We just really liked her ballerina sweater.) said we should officially start. So we pretended to turn on our voice recorder (it was already on) and opened up our notes like real reporters.

But before any questions could be asked, we all breathed a sigh of relief as Stephenie said she wanted to address the huge vampire elephant in the room- Midnight Sun- since she was sure it was the ONLY thing our readers wanted to know about (She was right) Basically, and we have to re-listen to our audio recording in case she actually muttered to Moon (who was sitting next to her) “I have it done I’ll get it to you guys next week,” but she hasn’t completed it, she wants to eventually, but she’s vampired-out. Between editing scripts, dealing with the movies & taking care of Pancho, who recent turned & has been so demanded with wanting her neck from time to time for a snack, she has no creative energy left to give to Midnight Sun what it deserves. It was REALLY GOOD to hear her response. She knows how important that story is to her readers- she REALLY KNOWS- and she said if she wrote it now, it wouldn’t be good, and she doesn’t want to do that. We asked if her mom is still asking her to finish it, and apparently she has stopped. She DID mention reverse psychology works on her. If someone says she can’t do something or shouldn’t do something, she usually wants to do it. We really don’t know why we spent more than 5 minutes talking about Midnight Sun. It’s such a stupid concept & really was the worst 12 chapters we have ever read of anything ever.

After the stupid conversation about that stupid Midnight Sun story, we were up for the FIRST QUESTION. What would we ask? Would we delve into the thematic message of Bree? Would we ask for Rob Pattinson’s phone number? Would we embarrass The Font & White Yorkie so badly that we’d never see their action figure walls or comic book tshirts ever again? Nope, we’d just use a swear word and straight up break the ice by having her make a choice that was soooo LTT. After all: “it all begins with a choice…” But more on that later…

Stephenie has a candor about her that is just so real- she makes you feel like you’ve been friends for forever. She answered questions for four hours without seeming tired, taking a bite of food, getting up to pee 12,000 times like UC did or admitting she was actually Team Jacob. (We tried to make her slip up & confess!) Honestly, we think there wasn’t much Stephenie wouldn’t say. It was like having a famous friend- one who could tell you what Rob looks like at a 5 am call time.

Thank God, that's over!!

We have so much more to tell you- like the time Stephenie said, “Oh yeah- his name is The Font, right?” And when she said “That’s 2nd-hand embarrassing” while looking at us and when she helped us explain to the one guy in the room, Matt from Twilight Source, that he’s called a “Unicorn.” (Has it hit you yet that Stephenie actually reads LTT!!!) Plus we know how she really feels about Twilight tattoos and Fan Fiction, and the title of “Letters to Twilight” in her bookmarks bar. We could just change LTT to “Letters to everyone about our interview with Stephenie Meyer” because we have enough to talk about for at least 7 more years. Oh and WAIT until you see the pictures we took… we may have done the most epic thing ever…. to Stephenie Meyer….

UnintendedChoice & Themoonisdown

So…. while we were SO excited to hear that Stephenie reads LTT, we are not freaked out… It’s not going to make us change who we are or how we write- what it WILL hopefully make us do is write better & funnier. We’re not going to change so you shouldn’t either. So don’t write love letters to her in the comments or feel weird about stuff you say or have said in the past. Be yourselves! We love you & she will too!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Ish


    • MeteorMuse

      Yes! Now! Please! I am dying! Do NOT pull a Midnight Sun on us!

  • This sounds epic!
    I’m still so excited that you guys actually got to DO this. I’m glad it was everything you thought it would be.. and more?
    Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    • PS. Hi Steph!

      • natashadushi

        waves two hands

  • Ish

    LTT you guys just imprinted on me

  • Good Lord.
    That is all so freakin’ cool!
    I’m seriously lost for words!!
    I’m still so and excited and proud of you guys, and I feel so so lucky to second-hand meet Steph! Way, way cool.
    (I’m also DYING to tell someone in RL that someone I know met Steph… but then I’d have to explain everything :|)

    • Somebodyelse

      Exactly! Second-hand meeting Steph FTW!

      • LissyLoo

        I did this!
        I totally tried to explain to my sis how uc & moon met steph and how awesome and amazing it was and how she said she pulled their names out of a hat but we know there is no way that’s a coincedence! But my sis just laughed at me and said “hmmm yes coz it’s normal to be that excited for a stranger!!”
        Btw I’m a teacher and always tell kids I drew names out of a hat but it’s just that the hat is invisible!!
        Anyway girlies this really is like a drug to me…
        Keep it coming!!
        You’re the bestest

        P.S. Hi steph (fangirl waves and squeees!)

        • delilah439

          I just hasd basically the same conversation with my hubby… and he just cocked his head to this side like he was waiting for the big reveal at the end of the story. Im like, thats it! Dont you get it! I have only commented like three times of LTT but there is a tiny chance that stephenie freaking meyer has read it. If I feel that psyched over my dinky little comments, I cant imagine how it feels for UC, Moon or anyone else who has written letters. lady boner forming as we speak… a little faint of heart….

    • I second that: second-hand meeting Steph FTW!

    • Dreaming of Forks

      Feeling the same way as I just finished reading all this! I WANT to tell someone, but no one around here in RL actually cares…

      UC & Moon, so excited for you…as you deserve it! You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished with this blog in the last year or so. It really is your talent and wit that keep us coming back. And obviously have caught the attention of Stephenie as well. (Still can’t believe that she reads everyday just like the rest of us!!)

    • Michelle

      Jayde – I’m with you. I’ve been explaining it to my husband in RL as he seems to be the only one who truly knows (note: I do not say UNDERSTAND, only knows!) the extent of how much I love this Twi-verse! But even he’s like… what? Why would you want to meet SM? Wouldn’t that be boring?

      ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE hubby?! The fact that SM imagined up those obsession makes her the most interesting person of them ALL! The actors would be cool to meet and maybe steal their iPods (for their playlists, not the Robsten pics… ok maybe the Robsten pics) but to be able to pick Steph’s brains for 4 hours like you gals did. jealous. much?!

      I need a RL Twi-Friend!

      Did you guys get much rest? How’s the move going?


      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        Yes, I too need a RL Twi-friend. No one whose face I can actually see understands at all. Sometimes I think I might be crazy, but then, insanity, well, That’s Normal, right? It’s all the people who aren’t that I worry about.

        • delilah439

          Me too. I need a RL TwiBFF. I have some TwiAcquaintences, but nothing real…

    • Jayde, again with the needing to be rich and able to fly internationally on a whim cause I’d LOVE to be RL Twi with you and it only is a tiny bit influenced by the nature of our joint Hottie McHotHot post ;o) ily

    • TeamSeth

      RachelB and Slapping the Beaver, I love you both so much for this very reason. I’m so lucky to have you guys!

      Now, STB, if we can only recruit more so I can finally have an excuse to buy Twi and NM scene-it…

      • Slapping The Beaver (a Unicorn)

        TS, “If you don’t Like Twilight, well then… I feel sorry for you” 😉

      • Michelle

        OMG Is there really a Twi and NM- Scene It??!???

        • TeamSeth

          Well, I thought the NM was out, but I guess not. I can’t find it anywhere. :'(

  • Yes! I knew the interview could not be anything other than epic. I cannot wait for the pics! Thank you guys so much for making me laugh every day. xo

  • Nelle

    A dream come true. May not as good as the “Meadow” dream… but still! Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Alice_NaA

      Is this you Stephenie?

      • Nelle

        No. I wish…

      • xylem108


        Seriously speaking, Alice… Can I have your autograph?

  • Nelle

    Ugh. So excited I can’t type. Should be “Maybe” above. But you knew that, right?

  • tuesdaymidnight

    I may or may not be fangirling right now. 😀

    • Me too!

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        Me three! (Oh, who a, I kidding? I’m sure I’m actually number 5,356 by now!)

  • natashadushi

    Is it normal that I was thinking of today post the whole weekend? “what were the questions, how the pics are going to look like, did 100 monkey’s give a mini concert during the pee break, how was the food, did SM wear jorts during the interview”….question question questions…. I love today’s pics without ribbons. You rock! xxx

    • lindsaylee

      Look at us still questioning normalcy, of course it is! I did the same thing too. So where there’s two of us, there are lots more

    • What she said exactely. I had the same existential questions over the WE and I’m not even a Twilight fan, but this event is history!

      Also I never thought I’d say this, but Stephenie Meyer you rock!!!!! This is the coolest and smartest “PR” thing ever done (yes, it’s better than when X brand throws island holydays at bloggers). I’m sorry I don’t want to put a commercial word on it, I know it was sincere and fun, I just think this might be cooler than any Rob promo thing these days, as a gesture. And you all know my “acute fondness” for Rob, which is quite the contrary of how I feel for Twi.
      Yeah, briefly, Stephenie Meyer you rock!!!

      • mine!mine!mine!

        MP *waves* tra-la-lar

        Just having a quick lurk on LTT don’t usually post on here (though do lurk occasionally) but I’m more of an LTR kinda gal, but had to read the interview post….UC and Moon brillz post by the way and I can’t wait for more…there is more? Right! 🙂

        So funny that UC missed the plane *not in a mean way*, I’ve done that soooo many times, but never when I’ve got anyone important to meet!! Very impressive UC 🙂 and the Stef sounds fab.

        • TeamSeth

          I love your handle, so funny!

      • The Old One

        Hi Minuit! I hang out over here, not because I love Twilight so much as I just love UC and Moon’s posts and all the clever commenters. My day just wouldn’t be complete without them, and the whole Interview with the Creator takes my adoration to a whole new level!

        • Me too, me too. I sometimes come here for the brilliancy of the posts and comments. I wish I could do it more often but I’m busy *cough posting on LTR cough*.

        • Oh, and did I mention how I realised all of the sudden that I like Stephenie Meyer? ANd how her promo thing is cooler than Rob’s? Yeah, I thought so.

        • robsfuturemate

          Hi LTR girls!! I too am only a lurker here but couldn’t wait to see the SM stuff! Does SM make anyone else think S&M? …with Rob???

  • I was just in the middle of something vaguely important and when I saw the time I new I had to drop it and come straight here! That’s dedication!

    Girls, it sounded amazing! Stephanie sounds so lovely!

    I feel like you’ve played ‘just the tip’ with this post. Invariably, I need more.

    • Indeed, this feels like just the tip… now come on ladies, we want more & you know it! 🙂

      • Ish

        Don’t you dare fade to black on us….

  • superhumanmoron

    I hope you put some Aman-DUH on that mix cd for her.

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  • NotWutheringHeights


    Unicorn! Second hand embarrassing!

    So refreshing to see she is one of us. Love, love, love!

  • Milfy Goodness

    I couldn’t even post on Saturday because I was so filled with jealously. How jealous you ask? Think – I’m gonna come back from my hunting trip just to prevent you from seeing that other guy level of jealous. Or, I’m going to have to sit overnight next to you in a tent while some overgrown dog snuggles you level of jealous.

    Everyone else is so nice – “I’m so happy for you Moon & UC” and “you deserve it since you actually write this blog” and blah, blah, blah. Well, I’m not a good person like that. I just wish it were me from the top of my head to the bottom of my size 9 feet.

    OK – rant done. I’m going to act grown up now. Support you in your success.

    Maybe I’m just taking the wrong angle. I need to think “I met UC in person the night before the Remember Me premiere, and she just spent 4 hours chatting up Steph Meyer, therefore, by the rules of Kevin Bacon, I’m practically Stephenie Meyer’s friend & I can invite her to my next Halloween party (vampire costumes not permitted).” There. Now I can be happy for you!


    ps – I really am THRILLED for you!! And I’m glad you asked about Midnight Sun & I can’t wait to see what she said about FanFic – that would have been my #1 question.

    • natashadushi

      I want to know if SM has some fanfiction secretly under her bed (like I have….totes NORMAL)

    • it IS basically like you know her now!!

  • NotWutheringHeights

    PS Forgot to say what utter rubbish Midnight Sun is. I know she can’t ever finish it and who’d bother spending a bean on it the crapfest anyway?!

    • efam

      Yes…I have absolutely no plans to read it, ever. Even if it falls from the sky into my lap and I have nothing to do for the next 2 days.

    • sassysmart


      If it was between death by fire ants or reading Midnight Sun…well, I would pick Midnight Sun but I WOULD. NOT. BE. HAPPY.

    • What is “Midnight Sun”?

    • Michelle

      Look, I’ve always thought that Edward was a major fucktard from woe to go during Twilight. I mean… all that gumpf in those first few chapters where he was at WAR with himself about his feelings… love vs. devour… I mean srsly get over yourself.

      I’m quite confident that the final few chapters of Midnight Sun would do little to convince me otherwise. Never liked him anyway!

      • Ish

        midnight sun.. bah humbug

      • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

        srsly- s’meyer should just rename it “The Pussification of Edward Cullen”

    • TeamSeth

      It’s not even that so much as I bet she can’t even finish it. She knows she can’t top Twilight, so why even bother.

      • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

        She’s probably incapable of coming up with any descriptive words, other than “chuckle” “icy planes” and “edge”. She shouldn’t even try. Steph- DO NOT go out and buy a thesaurus and try to finish this book.

    • NotWutheringHeights

      With drivel like “She was dreaming of me. Could a dead, frozen heart beat again?” who would even consider reading such a book?!?!

  • eloise

    I may have planned my day around being able to read this post. There are no words. Wow.

    • blvr

      I totally was reading it during class, for the first time ever. I loved it! I was so excited to know she reads our posts!

  • Bea

    This goes beyond a ‘yay!’ and enters the realm of ‘Huzzah!’ I’m looking forward to the next 7 years of posts… or maybe just a big fat transcript and posts about it until we all see Eclipse.

    • Nelle

      Or a CD or DVD would be nice.

    • Bea

      Wait… Those mix CDs weren’t the much-awaited alternate CCM sountrack for Twilight, were they??? 🙂 I thought of another track for that little project this weekend… which is totally normal.

  • MrsKowski

    OMG – how much do I love that you gave her a photo of yourselves!!!

    I am dying to hear more!! I knew you guys would own that interview & obviously you’ve made us proud!!!


  • MOON! I love your shoes. They’d look really good with an Eclipse ribbon over your face. (Are we not doing that anymore? Love you.)

    Midnight Sun, schmidnight run…I’ll read it whenever. I just wanna know if Stephenie’s pumped about MOCKINGJAY! (Duh. She is.)

    p.s. UC, you know how my addy book picture of you used to be the 80’s bank teller? Well I’m sure you know what it is now. #Mullet

  • Sharpie

    *cliffhanger* DUN DUN DUN!!!! I am dying to find out more deets about your new BFF!
    But on a side note, I just have to say that even though I am totally jealous of this EPIC adventure, it couldn’t of happened to two more deserving people! Without fail you lay-dees make me laugh on a daily basis. I have spit out more beverages on my computer screen than you could imagine. You’ve taught me so many things…like what a good jort combo should look like, how to be a fake lesbian, and if Kellan’s career tanks he always has a back-up job as a Bible camp summer school teacher.
    So thanks girlies, and I can’t wait to hear more. 🙂
    And PS…you owe me about $435,263,983,763.95 for computer repairs. Apparently it’s not a good thing to spit coffee on your computer.

  • Wendy

    So seriously, I really don’t think Stephanie can finish Midnight Sun. She absolultely CAN’T do it. You hear that Steph? NO CAN DO…

    PS…UC and Moon – I am so 2nd-hand excited for you that I can hardly stand it. How could she not read everyday? You guys are addicting!

  • kat

    Taht’s it!!!!! come on, ya fade-to-blackers!!! It’s like the great SM (Hi Stephenie!!) and Isle Esme with the no information situation around here.

    Other than that, I’m so freaking psyched that you met Stephenie, that she was cool, and that she reads LTT. OMG, she reads LTT. I wonder if she reads the coments also and horks hot coffee through her nose at inapproriate times like we all do???

    Can’t wait to read more!!

  • Carrie Jo

    Does Stephenie read all the comments, too? Because that makes me a little nervous!

    I think I am going to lose my mind as you dole this out in tiny pieces! It’s so exciting!

    • Dreaming of Forks

      I was wondering that too… *looks around nervously*

    • Ish

      methinks not. She is still spending most of her time writing that really bad story, what was it called again? Mother sun? Monkey son?

      • Michelle

        coffee on keyboard! man down!

    • Luludee

      Surely she must, as it’s an integral part of LTT!!
      The real question is, does she comment?

      I don’t know how the lurkers hold out for so long. I think it was maybe a week or two of reading before I took the plunge.

      • delilah439

        Im a pseudo lurker, coming out of the closet only a handful of times, and its mainly just due to the fact that I cant always comment while Im at work, and then by the time I would be able to I feel like the convos are over for the day and Im the late loser throwing one in there. Like right now….awkward…. But I usually read it in the AM and then spend the rest of the day thinking up comments that I WISH I could put down 🙂

        • robsfuturemate

          Me too, delilah! What’s up with this work thing getting in the way? Over at LTR we are trying to start and After 5 club for the late night bloggers. Maybe we need one over here too!

          • delilah439

            seriously, work, schmerk…. why cant everyone wait until I am done with work to say all the hilarious and snarky things that I want to say? Im always a little tardy for the party…

          • robsfuturemate

            I love that you used the word “snarky”=totes win!

    • The Old One

      Yeah, I’m a little nervous about that too, cuz there was kind of an unflattering name I may or may not have called her that starts with C and ends with R. But hey, if UC and Moon aren’t apologizing, neither am I! All in good fun, right?

      • SnMLamb

        My bad girl/sailor mouth is at a loss here…or I’m truly getting old and unable to come up with good names to call people.

        Did you call her a Cooter? This is the only thing I can come up with…and if it’s correct, OH. DEAR. LORD. I am died and have to see that comment.

        • The Old One

          Cooter!!! Steph, you cooter, you! Umm, no. Laughing hard.
          Think: “No, Bella, we can’t, I could kill you.” Rhymes with stock locker.

          • Michelle

            OH THAT…. I thought Cooter too!! I was wondering in what context on earth you would’ve called Steph a Cooter!

            Cock Blocker. Look, I’m not going to change my tune just because the Twi-Messiah is hanging out here 24/7. Steph is a cock blocker through and through, and I’d be willing to bet she would agree with you!

          • TeamSeth

            Sing that tune proud, Michelle, ‘cuz you’re completely in key!

  • Michelle

    Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk! “Just the tip” indeed – you girls are cruel. We would have been FINE with a 17 page post today! 😉 Okay, maybe tomorrow…


    PS – Yeah, Midnight Sun…no point in REALLY finishing it now anyway…who wants Eddie’s POV after Bree’s?!


    PPPS – More pics please. Now. That is all.

    PPPPS – You girls looked FAB! 😉

    • SnMLamb

      *huffs* I always lose at “just the tip”


  • sassysmart

    You really are bff’s with her now! EFFING TEASES!!!

    Don’t make me have to write a FF about what I think happened. Give us more!!

    I’m now Fade to Sad…until tomorrow, hopefully.

    • sonata

      yes. Fanfic FTW! You get on that and then send me the link.

      Better yet, wait until the ‘fade to sad” UC & Moon finish their version, and THEN write it with all of the “missing moments” and from Steph’s POV. 😀 and THEN write it AU where Steph is not a famous author, but a vampire rockstar who, along with her vampire husband Nacho, meets two human newspaper reporters. What happens when Nacho’s bloodlust threatens the newfound friendship. AU/OOC/No lemons (well, maybe a couple).

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Zomg! Eeek! I feel like begging you to tell me more… hahaha! Grease song just popped into my head; “tell me more! Tell me more!…”

    Oh and, eh, we don’t want Midnight Sun. It’ll never be as good as we have have placed it on our pedestals. She’ll never be able to meet our high expectations now. Steph may as well scratch the entire idea.

  • Pinky

    Eeeeeek!!!!! I’m dying here! I’m not sure if I even breathed or moved the entire time that I was reading. I can’t wait to read the rest.

  • Sj

    UC- obviously everyone of us should have been scheduled with wake up calls for you. Next time you have a major mission we’ll be ready.

    PS Font & WhiteYorkie came through, yah team.
    PPS I’m slightly 1st & 2nd hand embarrassed that SM reads LTT but am rapidly getting over it.

    PPS Big Daddy has the Olive Garden, but where’s Dick’s hangout?
    PPPS hope the move went well.

    • Michelle

      Dick’s hangout would be Best Buy or the British equivilant so he could ask many a GPS question…

    • ErinB

      Longtime lurker, first time poster. Couldn’t resist. (Heh heh heh. “Dick’s hangout”.) And also, you’re my heroes. Epic. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Xylem108

    I can’t read it yet… Cause of studid work commute. Booo. But the pics look exciting.

    Also, I dreamed over the weekend that I too got to meet Steph (I didn’t realize I was this envious until this dream) but anyway in my dream I was screaming at Steph: “Who the fu@k is Jared’s father?!?!”. IKR, I can’t believe I would curse at her… Even in my dream. But when I woke up I realized that is the one question that has. bugged me since the first time I finished the series.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Ooooh, do you think anyone asked this? I wanna know, too! Forgot that this mystery has never been solved.

      • xylem108

        I just read the accounts of these two Rock Stars! They were amazing! I remember when they first announced that they would be meeting The Queen and a bunch of us theorized that it would go down exactly like this…. Steph and the girls using LTT lingo and having to explain to the rest of the bloggers what they were talking about. I am so 2nd-hand proud and awed. Way to have a dream and go for it. Maybe next time the real dream of doing salad shooter shots off of Big Daddy at Olive Garden will be realized. Steph can make this happen.

        I must know,… What was her reaction to the “Fade to Black Sad” notebook? That is hilarious! And seriously, I’ve read so many Midnight Sun fanfics, I’m totally ok if its never finished. Who cares what Edward thinks about kissing Bella. His stomach was just probably grumbling anyway. *smirks*

        That whole alarm thing totally reminds me of the Seinfield marathon episode when the alarm never goes off. I can not even imagine how nerve racking that must have been. All in all…. Amazing work ladies!!! Can’t wait to read and see the rest.

  • eatmyjorts

    UC you missed the plane! I would have had a cow right there, & been killed to death by the gynaecological implications, & that would have been my day/life over.

    Thank Jorts it was you! I’m totally over excited about the whole thing – but especially Steph quoting LTT! We’re just one liitle step away from hearing the wolf pack, on film, teasing each other about wearing jorts/khorts/sworts…

    Eagerly awaiting more tales. Was SM’s hair as nice as it looks BTW, almost as nice as Moon’s?I need to know the important stuff!

  • dude I cant wait to see the pictures!!!

    Cant wait to see what questions you guys asked and everything!

  • Obava

    UC & Moon-
    Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you guys are going to be talking about this epic meeting of the minds for a looooong time and didn’t blow your wad all at once.

    And I am such a fucking douche bag for crying actual tears at the news that SM will someday finish the huge vampire elephant in the room, AKA Midnight Sun.

    She likes us- she really does!

    You girls done good <3

    xo obava

    • Michelle

      DUDE be cool…. we gotta be nonchalant on the MS… sssssshhhh!

      • xylem108

        I love you for this… but you have to know that the cool train took off several weeks ago…. about the time we learned that The Twins (my new short hand for Moon/UC because its short and it sounds dirty…. also has the prefix “Twi” in it) would be meeting the Steph…. From the sound of it… They were the coolest ones there. I mean, they gave Steph two cds of cool pirated music. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

        • Xylem108

          HTML FAIL

  • Brooke Lockart

    Wow, I bet the emails in your crazy folder will quadruple by the end of the day. Half of those letters are sure to be nut jobs trying to get their child cast as the demon baby in breaking dawn while the other half will be people trying to write funny LTT letters while obviously using it to get themselves cast as witness #11 and 12 (I’m available!!!).

    I can deal without midnight sun for a while, but will definitely lose my shit if the Lauren Mallory diaries gets released.

    Btw, you both looked adorable.

    • natashadushi


    • MichelleI can deal without midnight sun for a while, but will definitely lose my shit if the Lauren Mallory diaries gets released.

      “I can deal without midnight sun for a while, but will definitely lose my shit if the Lauren Mallory diaries gets released.”

      I love you for this. I SO wanna know what was going on in her witchy head…after FanFic’s “Wide Awake” I’m just SURE her and Edward did a lil’ something-something Steph has hidden…

    • TeamJorts

      Wuhahahaha! Hilarious!

  • HOLY SHIT, LADIES! I am so insanely happy for you both. And so proud of you. STEPHENIE READS LTT! As well she should. There’s a reason you two are the only people I rely on for anything Twilight-related. I don’t even read SM’s website (in the event the gorgeous SM reads the comments, I’m so sorry…I’m just really lazy and a little bit vampired out myself).

    Love, love, love everything so far. Including the revelation that The Font wears comic book style tshirts. Except that that’s not really a revelation – is anyone here surprised by that? P.S. If he has an in to get a TMNT tshirt, I totally want one.

    Can’t wait to hear more! <3

    • Brooke Lockart

      The Font would really appreciate that pic that you’re always flashing around, you know the one where you are wearing all green and are sorta ninja like? Lol love you

      • linneaforever
      • The one where I’m sorta ninja-like, while simultaneously sorta turtle-like? And maybe a little mutant-like? With orange accessories? Indeed, I think he might be able to appreciate that… It’s buried in my twitpics somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig it up at some point to flash it around one more time for good measure.

        P.S. Is it any wonder I work for a toy company? I am a giant child.

    • obird

      Um, yes I agree with Brookie….that ninja pic rules. Green is a good color on you! You NEED one of those shirts. xo 🙂

  • Milfy Goodness

    Moon – can you please give us the song list of the mix tapes you made for SM? Did you pander (all Muse and Blue October)? d Did you try to impress with really obscure artists? Or just go 100% RPattz?

    • AJ

      Great idea Milfy! I am curious too. I hope you included a bonus secret 100 monkeys track to blast out at Steph when she least expects it! If not than that would be a fail

    • Michelle

      I want this playlist too!!!! Need new music, the radio is really getting on my tits big time these days. That’s how I know I am getting o.l.d.

  • Doffie

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I. NEED. MORE!
    You girls SO deserve it! You do such a great job and making me laugh so hard everyday! I love LTT and I’m no afraid to say it. I love LTT.

    And hi,Steph! 🙂

  • Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    *fans herself and tries to come up with something more mature to say*


  • SarahG

    Poor UC!! The rest of my day is a complete waste
    if I miss my alarm(s) and have to get up frantically. I can already tell from this letter what an awesome experience you gals had! Can’t wait to get all the juicy details and see pics!!!


  • che

    what could be better than Steph reaidng LTT?it is findin’ out that Rob reads LTR
    (yes Rob, u do hone.. i know)
    but gals u’re just amazing can’t wait for the more&more details

  • Holy. Shit. I died and you’ve barely started!!! And getting Steph to say, “2nd hand embarrassed”??? Oh god, I love it so much.

    p.s. – Anyone else 1st hand embarrassed about SM reading their pervy comments?

    • natashadushi

      *looks around and raises hand*

    • allryans

      What pervy comments? *bats eyelashes innocently*

      • natashadushi

        I just LOL about your comment here at the office while *caugh caugh* working.

      • robsfuturemate

        “what pervy comments”

        We are soooo refined (and only a bit vulgar), Papa P!

  • Oh Em Gee again! That was super exciting! I feel so proud of you girls and I’m soooo glad that I’ve been reading this blog for the past one year. Means I’ve got something in common with Stephenie. (Hello Ms Meyer!)

    Cannot wait to see the pictures and tomorrow’s post!

  • Bandmum

    I’m so excited you two got to do this, and maybe even more excited that Stephenie got to meet YOU! I mean, seriously… You’re UC & MOON! *fangirls*

    You rock red ribbons and yet remain tweed serious when it comes to recreating the Meadow scene with 2 Pocket Edwards. No one can touch you (except Rob of course… and Mr Choice[UC]… and Rob.)

    Thanks for the dish on that Midnight story thing. Oh, and Steph, since your reading this (and that’s why I feel I can call you ‘Steph’), lemme say one thing:

    While you are busy NOT finishing that, please, PLEASE don’t give Moon Rob’s phone number. Or him, hers. They really never need to talk. Oh, and don’t invite her to come to the Breaking Dawn set with you, either. I’m sure she has no ideas about how to get the pillows bitten & the headboard broken or just how Edward’s linen pants & board shorts should fit. (Borts?)

    Ladies, thanks for bringing the funny, AGAIN, and I anxiously await the next installment wherein I’m sure you will recount the fun little moment when you two and Stephenie swore you are Fake Lesbians For Life. ‘Cause that is TOTES Normal!


    • TeamSeth

      Borts FTW.

  • jennred

    I’m at work laughing because I’ve read the post, and my bff is doing payroll and can’t for a couple more hours. I was nice enough to print it out for her, and she reads a paragraph “in between”. Then she’ll call and we’ll discuss what she has read while saying she has to get back to work. Break down and read it all already, I say. (I think she’s enjoying the anticipation…)
    I usually read your post at night, but I can see this being a trend for the next couple of weeks until it’s all out… You have us all on the seat of our pants waiting for any little tidbit you can scrape to us.
    OH YEAH, Midnight Sun STINKS! I don’t know why I’ve ready it a bazillion times. I’m sooo over it! 😉
    Love you girls.

  • KinkyKiss

    I liked to be teased but idk if I can hang like this!
    I want moooooooore!!
    I’m still very much 1st & 2nd hand excited to part of this!
    You girls look fab btw, even tho I’m sure ya know…

    Can’t wait till tomorrow!


  • TheColdWoman

    When I finally got around to a computer this morning, all I could think of was UC and Moon interviewed SM – I have to see LTT!!! It sounds like you guys came out of that interview total besties with Steph. And I’m so glad you guys were there to ask good questions, and not the same old stuff we’ve heard before or the lame questions about when each vampire was turned, etc. BOR-ING!

    Can’t wait to hear more! And seriously – what was on those mix CDs??

    And btw, Steph – You may think you can’t work on Midnight Sun because you’re all vampired out… Well, I don’t think you can do all four books from Edward’s POV. So don’t even try.

    • lindsaylee

      I accidentally thumbs downed you, not my intention!! My apoologoies- verbal thumbs way up!

    • I also don’t think she can fill in the “fade to black” blanks. Sorry, Steph-just don’t think so. Feel free to prove me wrong and re-do the leg hitch and Isle Esme though.

  • lindsaylee

    I have been checking the site religiously all weekend, thanks for the post! I am thrilled to see that y’all stayed true to who you/we are!

    And of course she reads ltt! She’s normal…

    • New LTT/LTR t-shirt? “She’s Normal.”

      • lindsaylee

        It would make a killing!

      • Michelle

        MUST. HAVE.

  • Just me

    Excellent! I was actually excited on my drive to work on a Monday morning knowing that I could log on to LTT for the win.

    The picking out of the hat thing was totally bogus – Stephenie just likes the funnies.

    Now I’m so excited for the rest of the week.

  • allryans

    I can’t wait to hear if Stephenie is an Avalon or Phillips Craig and Dean fan. #bigquestions

    What is the end result of this interview? I know her only Eclipse press was you guys, so are the blog posts the stuff then? Or are we going to see footage of you guys schmoozing with Stephenie on E! …. or is the whole end result super secret?

  • sjaantje

    So I hope you guys are calling in sick for the rest of the week and are getting the rest of the interview details together for us. Not that we are greedy or anything, I’m just saying we are DYING OVER HERE! LOL! Something this exciting doesn’t happen everyday you know.

    I’m so happy for you guys and can’t wait to hear the rest of what happen. Oh and I am really hoping my “Elephants and Allergies” shirt comes in today so I can have it to wear to the midnight showing.

    OH, did you guys ask her if she has visited the LTT/LTR store?

  • StotheP

    So excited for you both that it went so well – so excited for US that we have so much awesomeness to look forward to!

    UC – I almost seized as I read your horror story about the alarms & missing your flight. Trauma like that is what haunts my nightmares before every trip. GAH!

    I’m totally fine with waiting for Midnight Sun. In the meantime, I’d much rather she spent her downtime working on a fifth book that explained how Jacob was really just Bella’s stressed-out manifestation of one part of Edward’s personality and that whole tearing-her-heart-in-two thing was just a metaphor for loving the different aspects of one person. ONE. Not two. One.

    • “working on a fifth book that explained how Jacob was really just Bella’s stressed-out manifestation of one part of Edward’s personality and that whole tearing-her-heart-in-two thing was just a metaphor for loving the different aspects of one person”

      oh em gee. MARRY ME! Wait. We did that once.


    • Woooow. O.o If that is not a fanfic by now, it should be. I’d read the hell out of that.

      p.s. – Had to watch “Lost Boys” last night and now I’m staring longingly at your avi. fyi

      • StotheP

        *avi stares back*

        • I just realized why your fifth book idea is so hot – It’d be a bit like merging “Fight Club” with “Twilight”. The possibilities are amazing.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      “loving the different aspects of one person. ONE. Not two.”

      Thank you so much for saying this! I’ve always wanted that to be the real truth. No matter how hard I try, I cannot be convinced that she truly loved Jacob. Could have, but didn’t yet. I know Stephenie wouldn’t approve, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

      • Lovintherain

        I agree with you. I think that Bella loved Jacob in a more familial way. Upon my most recent reread of Eclipse, I think that Jacob was so manipulative with Bella’s feelings that he guilted her into thinking she loved him romantically. She felt very connected to him, and loved him, but not the way he wanted. Oh, and I don’t fault Jacob for trying.

        • Stacey

          I can completely see that! I also wonder if Bella also got confused by her hormonal feelings got mixed up with the familial feelings for Jacob. For example, Jacob would get more physical with her, while Edward would pull back and she wounded up confused.

          Do you think Stephenie answered a question like that? Maybe she would right now, if I said pretty please! :0)

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