First clip from LTT interview with Stephenie Meyer

Dear People who want to hear Moon’s cute laugh & UC’s man voice,

We have your first opportunity. Thanks to Kallie from TwilightSeriesTheories, we have our first clip from the big interview with Stephenie!

Here you will hear a ton of laughing, (the cutest voice is Moon), a voice you THINK is probably the one dude who was with us (Matty from TwilightSource) but is, in fact, me & then Stephenie, confirming what we all hoped- Midnight Sun is NOT being worked on and has NO immediate plans to be published. And that is just fine because seriously what I read was AWFUL and it would just be a waste of her time to work on & I bet the only person who would buy it was her agent & that’s only b/c she got a free copy. Her MOM won’t even buy it.*


As you can tell, it’s hard to hear what is going on. Stephenie can be clearly heard but the rest probably sounds jumbled. (Psst- Twifans was there with us too!) ย It was so laid-back & relaxed that we all just chatted & added thoughts and asked follow-up questions…. it was great!!!!

Hope you enjoy!

UC & Moon

*Wondering why I’m being so mean? You clearly didn’t read LTT yesterday

Oh- PS, this is our 2nd letter for today… Read the 1st one here

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  • Kymz

    Pah!! Who wants thats stupid book anyway!

    • Kymz

      Ooh Im first with my very first comment – how cool!!

  • moaninmymouth

    I’m really fake lezzing on Moon’s cute laugh right now. Can I have it as a ringtone or something?

    • oh heeeeeeey ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • moaninmymouth

        insert kissassmuch? comment here… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • moaninmymouth

        hmm… I’m wondering if my previous kissassmuch? comment ever shows up.

        If not:

        Dear UC and Moon,

        Stuff doesn’t show up.


  • YOUSEE may sound like a man, but unlike Janetrigs she cannot drink like a man. I heard your cute laugh. I haven’t tuned into Moom’s voice yet. Oh well. GIVE ME MORE!!

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  • BrOoKe LoCkArT

    I love that I can clearly make out both Moon and UC. Can’t wait until we are all united later this week!

  • purplescool

    See? Stephenie is not even up to the challenge of writing Mid-day Sunshine or whatever that stupid book is called. I knew it; she’s just done and has no more creativity to do it anyway. And no one wants to read it anyway. NO ONE. Nope. Not even her mom.

    • rpisthenewps

      already done erased that piece of junk of my hard drive to free up some space. Not like I read it 3X a week or anything.

      • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

        Who wants that Edward’s point of view anyway . . . waste of time if you ask me. Even saw a poll in USA Today with a big old cheese wedge in Eclipse Ribbon Red and America is with me on this one. No interest at ALLLLLL!

  • Pattygirl

    I want Midnight Sun!

    • mandie k

      i am devastated i just…..dammmmnnnn, i would really like her to finish midnight sun. i happen to enjoy reading it from Edwards perspective and would like to see new moon AND eclipse from his perspective. shit i would buy two copies. AND I don’t even care of that puts me in the crazy folder.

      • purplescool

        I know, but Stephenie said reverse psychology works on her AND that she reads this site everyday (I KNOW…WHOA, RIGHT?)…soooooo…..none of us really care at all if she ever finishes that piece of drivel. AT ALL, Stephenie. We don’t care. So don’t do it.

  • Cat

    I’m laughing so hard right now I have tears in my eyes. MORE MORE MORE!

  • Aww, love! You girls are such a tease…

  • delilah439

    Did anyone else notice when she was talking about Midnight Sun, and she said ” When material wakes me up at 4am in the moaning, I mean morning…”
    Um yeah, freudian slip much? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sj

    2 posts in one day – life is good.

  • I heard no man voice. And now I’m disappointed that I can’t pick out UC.
    I did, however, hear Moon. I think.

    I love that it sounds like a bunch of friends sitting around chatting. You really weren’t exaggerating when you said it was laid back!

    I want more. More more more!

  • NotWutheringHeights

    One comment: Midnight Sun suuuuuuuucks!

    PS Thanks for the encore today ladies. You rock!

  • rpisthenewps

    I think Stephanie secretly brought Jasper with her and told him to unleash a laid-back-giddy-slightly-incoherent atmosphere – hence the jumbled voices (may also explain the Brendan Fraser dorky clap)

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    Now it almost feels like I was there! All is right in the world. Thanks!

  • Mama moon

    Who wants that stupid book anyway? ME
    Thanks for the sound clip. Your laughter is music to my ears.
    Mama Moon

  • sonata

    what a narcissist Steph is. assuming that we care SO MUCH about Midnight Sun that we would want it answered first thing. As if the interviewers spent days trying to figure out how to ask without really asking about the stupid book. as if we dream about it at night. as if reading it for the 76th time, along with a tub of chunky monkey, is what makes us feel whole again.

    sheesh. delusional much?

  • twiprof

    I love Stephenie….I love hearing her talk. Thank you.
    I understand about writer’s block because I am a writing teacher….when you try to write something that others expect, it can be like pulling teeth. I feel for her. I just wonder if she knows that this point of view is spectacular because not only do you know EC’s thoughts, but everyone else’s too. It certainly is clever……and definitely NOT something anyone wants to read more of……

  • Melissa

    I really love that you guys did this interview!! Such a great treat for all of us. That said I don’t know why you asked about MS I am wanting to know if she is working on the sequel to the host so it is ready for the sequel to the movie!! I cant wait for that MS is SO yesterday!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PS I am being for real about really wanting a sequel to the Host!

    • Gabi G

      Did she mention anything about the movie?? ’cause I read about it on her page but is not really up to date so yeah… and btw Cant wait for more on the interview Moon & UC yall are awesome

      • Melissa

        IDK but I really HOPE so!!

      • yes.. i think they’re in the works?!

  • chuckiepwr

    I can not believe so many of you are hating on Midnight Sun! Amazes me. Such a brilliant idea to be in Edwards head. I hope she finishes it. Funny that all the hate about it is here!!! No where else!

    • Let me guess chuckiepwr… You didn’t listen to the clip or read the link I included above to explain? No.. Well then, too bad you don’t get the joke. Now shoo

    • Michelle

      Whatta ning-nong…

  • operarose

    I love hearing Stephenie talk too. What a great voice – if newscasters sounded like her I’d watch the news all of the time. Maybe.

    I also understand that she cannot be forced to write something she’s not feeling. That would not turn out well. As a writer, you’re either in the zone or out, and there’s really no cure except time. (JKR is another writer who’s said to have experienced this…I think she had some major writer’s block before GoF. But I digress.)

    And I’m not writing all of this because I know she could be reading or am trying to use reverse psychology, which obviously no one else on here is using. I tweed-seriously think that one day in the future she’ll wake up and want to revisit the Twilight world. And that is the day we will all win. In the meantime however, I DOUBT SHE COULD EVER WRITE ANYTHING ELSE to publish in the time between now and when she next writes something to do with Twilight.

    Also I don’t hear any man’s voice. UC, here in Quebec the deeper your voice the sexier. (Again, Tweedserious. And sorry Matt from Twisource, whose highish voice I now know because I just spent 2 hours listening to their podcast as I tried to figure out Volvo’s massively confusing Lost in Forks contest.) Just so you know, I feel like a dirty cheater when I visit another Twilight website and their account of The Last Brunch. Forgive me MoonandUC, for I have chagrined…

  • The first car he steals????

  • blvr

    Wow…just wow…I’m so proud of you ladies, this is the best thing to 2nd hand happen to me. More, more, more, we will never get tired of hearing Steph talk to fans :).

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Thank you UC and Moon for the seven years we have to look forward to . . . Yeah!

    Do you guys start feeding each other grapes or just eventually start throwing them across the room since Taylor gave SM some pointers? You are all so right about never getting tired of hearing Steph talk to her fans, and she soooo knows you guys are the way to get directly to them hence the hat hocus pocus.

    It sounds like an impromptu meeting moved to your favorite cafe and just bring out a bunch of forks since we are sharing desert (and thank you thank you for no screams of Your so HOT! so you can’t hear the Q or A’s for that matter. I so could not have handled you going fake lesbian on SM on audio. Pics, we would need pics of that or video. Definitely video.).

  • Ooh, fun. Thanks for sharing.

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  • natashadushi

    Thank you for this post! Midnight what? Is that a perfume?

  • Alice_NaA

    Yesterday’s second post is a nice surprise for me this morning! I’m so glad you have this blog, so there is not only the tape. Written English I can handle. But quick convo’s are a little too difficult for me apparently. When I make it accross the ocean, y’all have to speak veeerrryyyy ssslllooooowwwwllllyyyyy for me to understand :p.

  • FacePunch

    Midnight Sun? What’s that? Is that similar to Russet Noon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the clip! And aside from clearly hearing Stephenie, that’s a whole lot of voices going on up in there!

  • Proselyte3

    Midnight Sun? Pfft…whateves Steph. Seriously. I mean, guh…it’s not like I…I don’t know…sit around and obsess over how amazing THAT would be. Nah.

    I don’t reread that sucker every few months. I don’t love it more than BD. I don’t want to crawl inside Edward’s head and hold very still with baited breath to see where his thoughts take him. NOT AT ALL. AS IF!

    I’m an accomplished, educated, sophisticated, non-teen who has NO PROBLEM with the knowledge that you will get around to it again when the passion returns. REALLY.

    In fact, DON’T! Cause…cause, it WOULD NOT SOOOOO bring back my first love of this series all over again. CLEARLY….would not. Just so you know.

    Just sayin.


  • allryans

    I’m revoking my twinerd card with this question, but when the hell does Edward steal a couple of cars? Car chases? What?

    Obviously, Midnight Sun would answer this for me, but since it’s going to be a total POS – straight to trade – I’ll settle for an answer in 140 characters or less, since that’ll be all it takes to satisfy my Midnight Sun curiosity anyway. Yep.


    • Xylem108

      Its not just you. I pride myself in my twinerdiness and I can not find a reference of this anywhere in my memory. Then again, my mind is cluttered with so much fanfic who is to know if I am confusing it with a ff version.

      Which reminds me, I really hope Midnight Sun is never finished. I wouldn’t want one more version of it to clutter the versions that currently reside in my mind. I can’t imagine anyone improving on the finished ff versions I have already read. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing changes.

      But seriously…. What cars are these? Did he steal them coming back from the airport? Getting her to the hospital? Was he just playing Grand Theft Auto? WHAT CARS?!

    • Michelle

      I’m thinking it’s when he gets to Phoenix by plane and has to get to the ballet studio to rescue Bella from James. Remember in the hospital Renee said that their area had gone downhill – the ballet studio burnt down and there was a stolen car sat out the front of it?

      • Obava

        OME I think you win the TwiNerd of the Day Award, Michelle!

        xo obava

        • Michelle

          It’s disturbing, isn’t it?

  • theC

    No Midnight Sun on the horizon,oh well,I guess it’s back to reading (in the closet) fanfic!!! Waiting sucks…..

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  • Charmogold

    Hey maybe we can send stephenie Midnight Sun hate mail and rip apart the book and tell her every detail that is awful, and then maybe the week after we can send her a package of all of her favorite things since she mentioned she writes when she is happy and reverse psychology works…

    OH and PS Midnight sun was seriously worse then being forced to read beowulf in high school and probably tied for worst ever with the reading portion on the ACTs seriously Steph I think you are loosing your touch…

  • i thought i was the only one who didn’t really think MS was that gr8.
    love ur site!

  • Emily

    Sooo, I’m not a hater I promise. But didn’t she use that lame excuse a year ago? and then she comes out with the Bree Tanner book and then signs on to be a producer for Breaking Dawn. I don’t know if I believe the “burned out on vampire” comment. I just think it’s kinda mean to tease your fans like that. ๐Ÿ™

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