Managing my Eclipse Expectations

Dear Eclipse,

Today I looked over at my custom-made Rob Pattinson calendar (this picture with the days of the month scribbled on it) and nearly had a heart-attack. YOU ARE RELEASED IN THE THEATERS A WEEK FROM TODAY!? What!? When did that happen? Last thing I remember you were still being filmed & our #LegHitch 2010 trip was 13 months away and @JanetRigs already had a color-coded spreadsheet & her hotel booked and restaurant reservations for the night of your release. Seven days from this very moment I will have seen you!? I need to slow down a second and manage my expectations because right now they are out of control.

We know a ton of people who have already seen the movie. We have heard specific details about what we’ve dubbed the “Leg-Hitch” scene While I know more details than I’d like I still haven’t had 100% confirmation that Edward’s ‘hand curved around my elbow, moving slowly down my arm, across my ribs and over my waist, tracing along my hip and down my leg, around my knee. He paused there, his hand curling around my calf. He pulled my leg up suddenly, hitching it around his hip.’ But he better. That’s all I’m saying. Or else, David Slade. OR ELSE. Plus Stephenie talked Eclipse details when we interviewed her last week (Sorry- not allowed to repeat them until AFTER the movie is released) and while she’d occasionally say “SPOILER” and nod for us & the gals from TwilightSeriesTheories to cover our ears, I was still thinking about how the words “jorts” came out of her mouth when we first met and forgot where my ears were. So needless to say, I’ve heard a LOT about this movie. And most everything I’ve heard has been good. Like “This is the best movie out of the three BY FAR” good and “There are no cheesy lines” good. But let’s start with that because after being a Twi-lover for so long, my expectations have changed and:

There better be cheesy lines

You remember how much I wanted Chris Weitz to incorporate a character like Buttcrack Santa in New Moon? I even created Tequila Tomas for him. It would have been so simple- plus Forks could use that diversity- all that green grass & gardens but no experienced gardener? Tragedy. But whatever, Chris… you didn’t listen to me. And New Moon was lacking that random character that made us (and Stephenie) really confused. However, what New Moon wasn’t lacking was cheesy lines. I’d even say that the lines we came away with from New Moon stuck more than in Twilight. I mean, “They’re NOT Bears” “FACEPUNCH” and “Let’s DO This!?” How many times a day do YOU say them? I say them at least 12 times, plus @Brookelockart still consistantly texts me an audio clip of “They’re Not Bears” randomly late at night.

Let’s Do This: [audio:]

I have HIGH expectations of what Eclipse might bring. I’m envisioning Edward whispering “Leg Hitch Me” to Bella in school the first day back after he almost gives in on the bed. And then Bella faints in the middle of Geometry class, which is a shame because she was about to win the golden triangle for being the biggest math nerd!

Then wouldn’t it be awesome if, as Bree runs to the clearing from the forest she’s screaming FREE FRED at the top of her lungs!? Who cares that it doesn’t make any sense. Since when do Twilight jokes make sense? Anyone remember Buttcrack Santa’s “little bottles?” Right..

And I feel like New Moon played ‘just the tip’ with Quil Clout Lay. IT was only said ONCE? What is Jacob? A pansy? Tell that girl you love her ALL.THE.TIME, dude. How do you think Edward got her? By riding dirt bikes & wearing jorts? NO. I’d like the tent scene to be full of moments where the camera pans to Jacob, brushing a strand of wig-covered mullet hair from Bella’s forehead, whispering “Quil Clout Lay. No seriously, I really “Quil Clout Lay” you”

Man, I’m good. I should really make movies

What's that, Aunt Susie? A thing-a-ma-bob from the future?

I’d like Bella to get a cell phone

And I don’t mean a Native American boy, in wolf form, trailing her around all day long. I mean like something nice- maybe a Nokia, or a Motorola100. Hey, I’d even be happy if for one day they let Kristen borrow Rob’s Jitterbug phone for a scene, just so they can prove that the Twilight saga is, in fact, set in present day and not the early 90s like one would think by the extraordinary amount of flannel worn by the characters.

A wolf needs to utter the term “jorts”

And if that doesn’t happen then I want my money back. Or I at least want to be reimbursed for the cost of the puffy paint I used to write “THESE ARE COMMEMORATIVE JORTS TO CELEBRATE THE TERM BEING USED IN ECLIPSE” and perhaps something extra for my husband who was pretty pissed when I cut up his fav pair of jeans..

I’d really like someone to “BING” something

Click that

Remember how, in the book, Edward leaves Bella to talk to Jasper & see if it’s safe for him to stay out of the fight? Maybe he can’t find Jasper, so, being the 109 year old he is, he turns on his trusty Compaq and loads up and BINGS “Can vampires and werewolves win a fight against Newborns if I sit out and instead cock-block my girlfriend and all of those watching my story?” I really want this to happen so that I make fun of Summit for being the type of company that would so obtrusively throw BING into one of their movies. Burger King crowns, check, BING, check check, Bubble wrap from UPS, triple check (Hey you KNOW it could happen!)

GAH there is so much I want: The Leg Hitch; the leg hitch to turn into full on getting it on; for there to be no 12 year olds in my theater so I can enjoy the getting it on; For my belly to have room for a whole bucket of popcorn at 12 am; for the tent scene to be as tension-filled, awkward and AMAZING as it was in the book and therefore is in my head.. I haven’t been managing my expectations, guys. Stephenie said so herself the tent scene turned out BEAUTIFULLY and she’s so happy with it. What if she just said that because she’s Stephenie & she has to? What if Taylor’s voice cracks & he sounds like he’s 14 and Kristen’s wig was so bad that day they just take it off & rock the scene with the full-blown mullet or Rob’s white make-up gets all smudgy? If there’s anything I’ve learned while loving this saga is that we must have realistic expectations.

When discussing this topic for New Moon, I had some pretty brilliant things to say. I’m going to say those things again- this time relating them to Eclipse:

Let’s not go into Eclipse on opening night thinking it’s going to be like Schindler’s List. If we accept that it will more likely mirror Bring it On Again, it might be easier to love if it’s a major dud. Accept it NOW. They will NOT cover EVERY detail in the book. They have 200 minutes to bring a 25 chapter book to life. Plus they have to backtrack and include some details that Twilight & New Moon left out (like why in the world t he wolves are always shirtless. THAT’S WHERE THEY CAN SAY JORTS!) They will leave out details you feel are important and they will add details IN that you think are stupid. ACCEPT it now!

There will be things that will be cheesy. It’s Newborn Vampires, CGI and WOLVES- Big, non-existent computerized wolves. And They’re NOT Bears, so they will not look real. Cuz wolves like that don’t really exist. Accept IT now! Rob will occasionally sound British. He can’t help it. He’s British. Accept it! Kristen will stutter & blink. She learned that in when she was 13 and in Panic Room when the director yelled “Look scared” and she said “How?” and he responded “Stutter & blink!” Colors will be different. The order of events will be different. Characters will be different. Characters will be ADDED. ACCEPT it NOW! You WILL be cock-blocked like in the book. Edward and Bella don’t get it on. Rob won’t be getting naked. There fight scenes to “bring in a male audience” will be more graphic than in the book. Someone will come in costume with an Edward Manilow attached to their hip (like it’s the “Leg Hitch”), and little girls will be in the theater with their “Team Jacob” t-shirts and you will judge their mothers for allowing them to come despite their age. ACCEPT IT NOW.

Once YOU accept this and once I accept this, we will all be able to enjoy Eclipse- whether cheesy, wonderful, funny, REALLY good or completely horrible. So, LET’S DO THIS together!

Quil Clout Lay,

So where are you? High expectations? Reasonable? What do YOU except to see from Eclipse?

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  • I can’t wait to see what cheesy lines we can put on our tshirts from Eclipse!

    Maybe Beller will get an iphone? She can update her twitter throughout the movie like this:
    Bella: hey @wolfpack put your jorts on, its battle time

    Jacob: @bella Quil Clout Lay #iloveyou #readbetweenthelines #dontletmedie

    Eddy: hey @jacob STFU

    Bella: @jacob @eddy Cant we all just be friends?

    And…I could go on but let me stop while I’m ahead. 😀

    • WIN!

      • Alice_NaA

        I also remember this facebook thingy you posted on your blog once about Harry Potter and Edward was interfering fnar and then he said:

        “I just have a lot of feelings”

        I still LOL over that from time to time…

        • lilmisscan’tbewrong

          Thanks for sharing that! Now I can LOL from time to time, too!

        • Haha yes!! Those still crack me up!

    • Xylem108

      oh my gawd… Now I want to read the whole Fire and Ice chapter in tweet talk. This is awesome!

      • agusap

        someone please make THIS happen!

    • This is genius! Somebody make this and put it on LTT! Remember Twilight in Facebook updates? Good times

    • Sj

      No, go on. Go on!

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Oh this has so much potential. I love the Twilight in facebook updates and also the awesome live journal about the Cullens’ daily life. Please go ahead and write it!

    • TeamSeth

      Epic win!

  • I have to say I am more excited for this than I was before… but my expectations are definitely down, compared to the ones I had set for New Moon (which were met, and then some).
    We’ll see.
    So excited, though!!!

  • Nelle

    My friend and I are wearing our LTT “They’re Not Bears” shirts to the June 30th IMAX theater. Can’t wait. And we’ll probably need to stop on the way home and see it again in a regular theater! Need the leg hitch. I DO have high expectations.*sigh*

    • dude! I’M wearing my “not bears” tshirt, too!! I’m wondering if anyone in line at the theatre will “get it” or be a LTT reader?? That would be fun times, esp since I plan to bring a sparkleflask.

    • Sj

      I don’t think it will be a Tweed Serious occasion so I’m going for my LTT/LTR tee.

    • Xylem108

      LUCKY! I was at dinner last night with my non-LTT movie viewing partner whom we’ll call Lisa, because that’s her name when out of the blue she says “Hey, when are we seeing that Astronomy movie” to which I just looked at her blank… and she followed up with “… you know, that one with the wolves and vampires” My heart sank. I will probably cringe through it in her presence while watching it the first time (come on, Rosalie actually speaks in this one) and then enjoy it by my lonesome at a later date. #LoveMeALittleBitOfDavidSlade

      • efam

        Astronomy movie?!? LOL. sigh…some people just DON’T get it.

        • Xylem108

          I tried to get her to see the light. I made her read Twilight, but she never got past Bella’s whiny voice. Forcing her to see this movie with me “will be the most selfish thing I’ll ever do”. but I’m ok with that.

    • sjaantje

      I got my “Elephants and Allergies” shirt and plan on wearing that. I have another shirt that I had to make at home that has the four book covers (hince why I had to make it at home) that says “Can’t, I’m booked” at the top. I couldn’t decide which one to wear but then I decided I wanted to see if my shirt would introduce me to any LTT/LTR fans in my area. So “Elephants and Allergies” it is!

      • kitkat

        Yep, I’ll be proudly sporting my LTT girl bag, so if anyone sees me at the theater, say hi!

    • Luludee

      I will be wearing my kelly green “War of the Wigs” t-shirt. I expect people to love it. #LTTMissionary

      • robsfuturemate

        I’m so bummed I don’t have an LTR/LTT shirt to wear!! And I don’t think it will get here in time. 🙁

        But I will sooo be on the lookout for all you girls sportin your shirts! Will def come and say hi!

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Yes! Cheesy lines are a must. The reason I like Twilight more than New Moon was because New Moon tried to be serious. (Yet, it somehow managed to totally undersell the fact that Edward was concerned about the existence of his soul, other than in Bella’s conversation with Carlisle and the very softly muttered “heaven” in Volterra. Yes, this STILL bothers me. No, I will not get over it.)

    The Twilight Saga isn’t Romeo and Juliet, despite the comparisons that you always see in media outlets that don’t get it. It was a fun read, and I fell in love with the characters. That’s all I want out of the movie.

    • Sj

      Romeo & Juliet is full of cheesy lines and the plot?! My 3 year old niece could come up with a better rescue plan a la Dora the Explorer.

    • lapushbaby

      Tuesday I totally agree. I love the characters and all their flaws, and I want a fun movie that is pretty to look at . That ought to do it for me.

      And I would like Eric Yorkie to say something ridiculously hetero. THAT would make my movie.

      • allryans

        Something hetero like, “Last time you losers doubt my *gulp* girlfriend.” ??? It’s been done. Boy is SO hetero.

        • Lovespelledbackwards

          I get so irritated at that line and miss Ben something bad. I really liked Ben. Angela deserves so much better.

        • lapushbaby

          Yes, it’s been done, and beautifully. That’s why it must happen again.


  • I agree – much less fasting and praying for this movie than for New Moon, but just as excited!

  • ambushed by twilight

    i know… i almost feel like this movie has snuck up on me… not as much “media saturation” as New Moon, which is what we all said we wanted b/c they gave us too much before, but now… my “hype” is all on the inside. HA! i’ve had 5 different people say to me “bet you can’t WAIT til next week huh?” and EACH time the comment caught me off guard.
    oh-my-word… NEXT WEEK IT’LL ALL BE OVER!!! and i’ll be chomping at the bit for the DVD and Breaking Dawn coverage… that is so spread OUT, it’s the ultimate cock-block… GIMMIE!
    *le sigh* the whole event is “eclipse”ing me…

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      I’m the exact opposite. All last week I kept thinking it was coming out this week, and I was PISSED when my sis-in-law said she was going to Vegas this week when she was supposed to go to the midnight show with me! Then my husband pointed out that I had the day wrong. My husband! He had it right, and I had it wrong! (I have never said those words before.)

  • Mania

    “And I feel like New Moon played ‘just the tip’ with Quil Clout Lay. IT was only said ONCE? What is Jacob? A pansy? Tell that girl you love her ALL.THE.TIME, dude. How do you think Edward got her? By riding dirt bikes & wearing jorts? NO. I’d like the tent scene to be full of moments where the camera pans to Jacob, brushing a strand of wig-covered mullet hair from Bella’s forehead, whispering “Quil Clout Lay. No seriously, I really “Quil Clout Lay” you””

    hahahahahahahahahaa I die now

  • Michelle

    Anyone else totally freaked out by this movie? Freaked out meaning we get this…then have to wait A YEAR AND A HALF FOR ANOTHER ONE!? They gave us THREE movies in *almost* that time…

    OMG. I think I may die…I lack some serious patience. If I were Bella, dude SO would have been seduced by the end of the Twilight book. Yeah, I’m cool like that. Muhahahahaha.

    No but seriously…I’m freaked out. Yeah, so I’m going to the Twilight Marathon then the midnight showing…but I almost want to wait till it’s almost OUT of the theatre to see it…to drag out what I’m so excited for. I dunno if that makes sense. Did I mention I’m freaked out by the Twi-Drought that will ensue? Waaahhhh! Okay, I’ll quit being tweed serious for a moment to shout…

    They’re NOT bears! They’re like wolves! GIANT WOLVES!


    Somebody pass one of those little bottles…crap, and I don’t even drink!

    Ohhhh just thought of things that will help me manage the drought…Robowski. YUM. Sweaty, dirty, fighting Rob. SWOOOOOOOON.

    • Stacey

      Unfortunately, it’s going to take that long just to figure out how to create THE BABY. MR and MR. Dreamgirls (I forgot his name again) are probably, at this very moment, getting completely wasted as a brainstorming session.

      • Obava

        Condom. His name is Condom.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Also, Unbound Captives. Yay for loincloth Rob!

    • Lovespelledbackwards

      I am just glad I have all of you in my life to make the next year of waiting more then bearable…7 years of SM interview updates and UC and Moon and all LTT comments to keep me laughing. It should be o.k. Deep breath.

  • Tigerkitten36

    You had me at “night of your release”
    After that its pretty much a blur.

    • Alice_NaA

      That’s the best TWSS I heard in a loooong time!

  • Xylem108

    “camera pans to Jacob, brushing a strand of wig-covered mullet hair from Bella’s forehead, whispering “Quil Clout Lay. No seriously, I really “Quil Clout Lay” you” BWAHAHAHAHA!

    I am not managing my expectations (although after reading this, I really, really should). I am a spoiler h00r so I’ve seen every Eclipse image, soundbite, clip etc. and from what I’ve seen, if I combine all the clips together and only watch that, it will still be a better movie than Twilight AND New Moon together. I loved Cdubs and he seemed like a genuinely nice person, but New Moon is more than 60 percent slomo shots which is very annoying.

    Eclipse looks fast and crisp and FAST! And most importantly, dialogue I’ve heard comes directly from the book. Squeeeee! I am most looking forward to the Jacob kiss first and the leg hitch second. The way SM described that kiss (and apparently re shot to meet her Team Jacob expectations) is something I have to see with my own eyes.

    • Sj

      I am so not managing my expectations for the Jacob kiss realistically. I’ll be overly tense with excitement and will end up watching it through my fingers and won’t get to see it properly until 2nd viewing when I know when it will be coming and can remind myself to breathe. ‘And breathe…now’.

      • Xylem108

        Stephanie, is THIS you?

        • Sj

          err, why yes, yes it is.


  • Brittany

    I’ve been reading/lurking at your blog for a while, and I’m not generally a commenter, but I just can’t contain it anymore. I just love you guys so much. Probably more than I should. I just have to tell you that. 🙂 Carry on being awesome now.

    • Manage your expectations about us- we’re not that great

      🙂 xo

      • Sj

        Is today downthumbs day? I’d hate to miss out.

        • natashadushi

          WTH is happening here?

        • lapushbaby

          I downthumbsed you for good measure, then I felt bad about it, sorry.


          • Sj

            Actually I love getting downthumbed. Makes me snigger like Muttley in my head. Ok, out loud.

      • i blame the thumbsdown on @janetrigs

        • Sj

          So all is normal. Good.

        • Thumbs down to you for your blaming.

          Thumbs down to me for blaming you on your blog.

      • Stacey

        Actually you guys are pretty great. I have a feeling that if Stephenie’s pull four names out of a hat wasn’t rigged, that she was REALLY excited and felt lucky to have pulled out LTT. I have a feeling she had been wanting to meet you both for awhile.

      • apotampkin

        are you doubting your mad skills??

    • Hi ya! Welcome to the crazy….or at least I’m crazy.

  • Carrie Jo

    Ok, I was nearly wetting myself reading this I was laughing so hard. UC, I “Quil Clout Lay” you for writing this.

    Is it wrong to hope that, in the movie, AFTER the moment when Bella goes insane and kisses Jacob, that Edward will find her in the tent, and tell her she is a “faithless monster” and that he wants me instead?

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s managing my expectations.

  • sassysmart

    I have no expectations. Except to be slightly intoxicated. Just like have been for every movie and book that I have experienced.

    • allryans

      Agreed. And by slightly, I mean – completely, totally, irrevocably. Not unconditionally though. That depends on how much I’ve had to eat.

      • Kadie

        “irrevocably” FTW!

  • Squeeee, one week from today! I am especially curious to see where all the songs from the soundtrack will go. The soundtrack left me way confused, with all its dancey songs.

    • Oh and FREE FRED!!

    • Alice_NaA

      There will be NO singing along in my car! just sayin’…

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    LTT and caffeine in the morning, that’s all I need really. The smile is on my face and I can face the world and not freak out about the day count. You have helped me face my fears of the bar too high and face the reality of it smacking me in the face since it should have been lower.

    Low expectations, the craving for cheesy lines, and do I have time to read the early LTT so I can catch up since I realize how many layers I have been missing . . . ok, give up other sites. Too many new pics, have to take that one slow . . .

    Moon and UC need to double pinky swear to not give up this blog even if your new bff Stephanie wants you two to be her tag team PAs since sweater girl is running away with some random hot interview guy or Nachos younger/older brother (does he have a brother, did anyone check?).

    I’m serious! Hello Kitty items and cute shoes as bribes can be negotiated. You might not want to use Kellan’s agent on that one though. Just saying since that was a close one.

  • Stacey

    It wouldn’t be the Twilight series without the cheesy lines. What would we at LTT and LTR do without Spider Monkey or Likin’ the rain? I think we would cease to exist and this would become a serious site where we discuss the actor’s motivations. That would be a sad day indeed!

    By the way, I just like to bring up one of the final scenes in Eclipse. I like leg hitch, but when Edward gets all frisky at the end and Bella cuts him off, is fun too. That’s one of the scenes that I want to see in Eclipse!

    • Obava

      Frisky Edward? Bring THAT on!!

    • kitkat

      YES MeadowEdward! Darn Bella for suddenly worrying about her virtue.

  • A week from today?! How can we be expected to work through the next 7 days?? Ridiculous.

    I tried so hard to keep my expectations low. But this was my favorite book in the series and I adore my little Dave Slade to pieces. Plus, after watching the “My Bella” clip and hearing the “it’s so close to the book” reviews, I can’t help it!!

    It’s like dating… You really want to keep your expectations low even though you secretly set the bar high. And then you’re disappointed because you’ve played “just the tip” and ruined the whole experience for yourself. What were we talking about?

  • celestialchic

    Laugh out loud funny! Good times people! And thank you so much for the advice. I have not managed my expectations AT ALL, but will begin to now.
    chanting to myself – I will manage my expectations, i will manage my expectations, i will . . . the tent scene will suck, the tent scene will suck, IT’S GOING TO BE PHENOMENAL! Wait – what? Forget it! I am destined to be disappointed.

  • Stacey

    I forgot to add my own funny/embarassing moment with the cheesy lines happened last night. My husband was looking out the window at a rain storm and I said to him, “You likin the rain?” and looked at me like I was crazy and said, “yeah. Why?” I just mumbled something and hid in another room.

    • rpisthenewps

      last night as I was reading this site and laughing uncontrollably, my hubby DEMANDED to know what was so funny, so I let him read it. After searching my face for a few seconds, I could see in his eyes that he was deciding which mental institution to send me to. I’m sure he would pick the very best and visit as often as they allowed.

  • Sj

    @Brookelockart needs to draw up a colour coded spreadsheet to help us manage impending drought. A couple of weeks at least could be, strike that, should be devoted to cyber-stalking Cudley and also checking LA real estate lists for Taylor’s first yet reasonably priced apartment conveniently located near an Olive Garden for when Big Daddy visits. And plenty of street parking for the paps.

    • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

      Overlooking a McD’s drive thru so Big Daddy can look out longingly (is that a word?), and not only on 2 for $5 Fridays. Though deep down he is wishing (using the secret thought process) that one day they will make the dollar menu (but then he would lose the picture of not one but two sandwiches on the menu and he is torn).

  • I refuse to manage my expectations. I’m never disappointed by a movie. I realize it shall not be the awesome, amazing thing I dreamed up and just watch it. It’s all good.

    I’ll love it (except for all the scenes involving a certain smelly puppy attempting to steal a beautiful sparkly vampire god’s girlfriend).

    Now, I just need to buy tickets…

    • Xylem108

      Oh SIK!!! Not you too. No puppy love for Jakey? Well, since IWL is not here to remind us of the awesomeness of that epic kiss (because she was there of course) I feel the need to go back to the text. If you turn with me to the book of Jacob chapter 15, the hymn immediately after fire and ice. The apostle Bella says:

      “”His lips found mine with an eagerness that was not far from violence.”…
      “…As soon as he was sure I wouldn’t drop my wrist, his hand feeling it’s way down to my waist. His burning hand the skin at the small of my back, and yanked me forward, bowing my body against his.”

      “…My brain disconnected from my body, and I was kissing him back. Against all reason, my lips were moving with his strange, confusing ways they’d never moved before — because I didn’t have to ne careful with Jacob, and he certainly wasn’t being careful with me.”

      Let us all hold hands and pray… That those words become reality. dare you to find an equally epically described Edward kiss. Besides he will get over it…. I mean HE LEFT HER for like a whole book. Can Bella not enjoy some overdue we-were-on-a-break tonsil hockey?

      • Michelle

        I stand firmly on Eddie’s team…but all I can say is…

        Jacob and Bellers kiss better be HOOOOOOOOT!

        And…after that I say, E & B need to be even hotter. 😉

      • Oh dearest SIK,

        This will be the one issue that makes us claw each others faces off. What darling Jacob did to her was unwanted. I would just DIE if a wolf attempted to stick his tongue down my throat with “an eagerness not far from violence”.

        Actually die. ; )

        • eatmyjorts

          I however am woman enough to handle the sheer glory of finally getting the world’s best frenchie from a hot wolf. He’s trying to save her life, for the love of all that’s Jacob, by showing her what it’s like to be alive….;)

          I am also woman enough to actually hurt a man who kissed me, if I didn’t secretly want it. Where am I going with this? No idea. None at all.

          • Vera

            Jacob trying to save her life? Bella has never wanted to be saved. Jacob just wanted to save his own life as he didn’t have sexual identity. Hot wolf? 16 yo, unsophisticated, unpractised? Oh God, sexual fantasies for all styles…

          • eatmyjorts

            You know I’m only messing with you right? But I do have to say, that at Bella’s age in Eclipse I had done SO much french kissing that an overemotional rookie like Jacob would have been no trouble ;). You know us Christian girls – we don’t put out until we’re married so we get reaaaally good at all the ‘other’ stuff. Tee hee.

        • Xylem108

          It was the first tongue down her throat because Eddie is poisonous. I think every girl should have that experience as a human at least once. Its all I am saying.

          • kitkat

            I’m sure Edward would agree, what with his fixation on Bella having “human experiences” like prom and a grad party. French kissing is just like that… sort of…

          • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

            Now come on . . . ease up on Jake the puppy boy with the little head tilt of wonder that sneaks up on him when he is pondering during interviews (opps, that’s Taylor, my bad) . . . the boy literally gave her the SHIRT OFF HIS BACK for Bella. He has gotta get points there. Just because he never put it back on should be thanks enough but . . . oh crap! I typed that out loud. Why did I put all my shoes back in my closet? There is no room in there for me now. Double crap!

      • StotheP

        Ew*punctuates by vomiting*

        Hi, Xy!

        • Xylem108

          Hyya StotheP!! I am aghast at the lack of ‘tub’ love for Jake on this forum. Where is Chim when you need her. 😉 BTW, I see you had corn and peas for breakfast? How did that happen?

      • Sj

        Dear Mr Slade, 2nd Jacob kiss better be epic cause I still have my pitchfork and am a little disappointed I didn’t get to try it out after New Moon. Just sayin.

        PS Kristen, Taylor – this goes for you too.

      • snowwhitedriftd

        I <3 the Jacob kiss too! (I change Teams in the books). I mean, a few mornings ago I slept with all of the bathroom windows open and it got really, really cold in there. I jumped a little when my foot hit the ice-cold stone floor. I thought (and this is totally Normal to think @ 5AM), "This is what Edward's supposed to feel like?! Brrrrr, I'm not banging kissing my floor. Bring on the hot puppy”

        • Lovintherain

          Were your windows open just in case someone wanted to come to room at night?

          • snowwhitedrifted

            Oh yes, open for bloodsuckers.

            sadly… they ended up being mosquitos.

      • AJ

        Amen Sister!

        Bella was so into that kiss. I still don’t understand why Stephanie Meyer covered for her!

        In fact, that’s the first question I would have asked Steph if I’d had the opportunity to meet her “Why did you cover for Bella when you KNOW she wanted to make out with Jake! Why?!”

        I go back in forth about Eclipse. I had super high expectations a month ago and for some inexplicable reason am nervous now….

        BTW girls you are still not off the hook for dishing more about the interview with SMeyer!


    • Stacey

      Okay girls, I see the wolves vs vamps debate has started again. Can’t we all get along? One is sexually repressed 109 year old virgin and the other is a hormonally charged virgin puppy. You can’t compare the two. It’s like apples and sparkly oranges.

      • I just like to fake fight on comment boards. FUN!

        It’s better than arguing over boring topics like the death penalty and immigration. ; )

        • Stacey

          I do love the fake wolves and vampire fights! I like to imagine it as a West Side Story dance number! The wolf girls wearing the extra special wolf ear jackets and the Edward girls wearing sparkly glitter peacoats. I have way too much time on my hands!

          • eatmyjorts

            I totally fake hate all of you vamp girls! I’m so up for dancing around in my stretch war jorts & wolf ear hoodie slapping those smiles right offa your faces.

            P.S. DJ? Have I lost you to J/B ff? Come back, you’re needed.

      • Michelle

        OMG I love this! LOL! Apples and sparkly oranges! EPIC!!!!


        PS – Bella’s the one we should all hate…vamps, werewolves, they’re all hot dang it! She’s the whore who jumps teams every other scene. Down with Bella! Ohhh but to be in her shoes on Isle Esme…

      • Xylem108

        “It’s like apples and sparkly oranges.” Bwahahaha!

        I am not picky, hairy or sparkly, I just like fruit. 😉

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Bree shouts, “find Fred!” to theCullins as the Volturi disassemble her.

    Every time Jacob and Edward are around each other, you hear the song “why can’t we be friends?” playing softly in the background.

    Jacob tells Bella he’ll get her all hot and bothered in no time as he climbs in the sleeping bag. (bothered!)

    During the leg hitch scene (that they better have) a ray of light from a window casts down on Bella and Edward. Bella sees this and blurts, “sparklepeen!” everyone else just thinks she’s saying that he is sparkling, but we’ll know better.

    Kay I’ll stop now…

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Well, we the audience will be unanimously and irrevocably BOTHERED!

  • natashadushi

    Jorts? check! Beanie? check! Sleepingbag to reenact Bella in the tentscene? check! Tickets? CHECK! I am ready!!!!

  • I have no expectations, so I shouldn’t be too disappointed. As long as there is a #leghitch and the guilt kiss doesn’t last TOO long, I’ll be happy. I’m sure that the first time I see it, I will go all Ricky Bobby and say it deserves to win the Oscar for “Best Movie Ever Made, Ever.” Then, by the time I see it for the fourth time with the hubs, I’ll be rocking in my seat laughing, agreeing with him that Edward looks constipated and Jacob’s spray tan is fading on one side.
    I mean, I know how it’s going to end already…

    • kristen’s bestie

      But, what if Melissa Rosenberg/David Slade changes the ending and Bella chooses Jacob in the movie. I mean it is all about the Choice, right?

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        My first ever down thumb. Shame on you Kristen’s Bestie for daring to even think such a thing. *fingers in ears* lalala

        • snowwhitedriftd

          Ha ha ha, your name rocks!

        • kristen’s bestie

          WOW! That’s my first time too! I think the two thumbs up were def accidental. I thumbs downed myself…

          Anyway – I’m TeamEdward all the way. In fact I could not understand how there could ever be TeamJacob people. I was like – Wha! someone actually wanted Beller to end up with Jacob? What’s up with that? Eddie’s my man – all the way. New Moon (the movie) changed that for me, now I can understand it. Sort of like now I get the Robsten’s after seeing them at the MTV movie awards accepting the Best Kiss trophy. I get it, but I’m still not giving a Crapsten!

  • “I’d even be happy if for one day they let Kristen borrow Rob’s Jitterbug phone for a scene, just so they can prove that the Twilight saga is, in fact, set in present day..”

    I didn’t say goodbye to my grandma who was going out of town because I was laughing at this line. See where my priorities lie? #shame

    But seriously, that’s a really good point. I have to give Cathy Coug props for giving Bella an iPod (albeit the older one, but still it’s not the battered CD player Steph described) and a NOkia phone too. Reading the book, it really is hard to tell at what time the story is set. Only in BD does Steph mention the part where Edward gets Renesmee an Mp3 player for christmas, already full of, quote, “3000 favourite songs of Edward.” Uggh, as much as I love Edward, why does he have to force his choices and his decisions over other people all the freaking time ? Anyway, moving on…

    I remember the post last year with the New Moon expectations and I saw it with an open mind. I already knew it’ll be full of cheesy lines (“Bella, you gave me everything by breathing,” “It’s my JOB to protect you”) a.k.a all the lines uttered by Edward. I knew I would cringe multiple times (Jacob: “You’re lying to everyone..Charlie…..” and Alice’s vision anyone?). Even then I loved the movie. I watched it again fully the other day and I finally GOT it. The ‘They are NOT bears’ line…ROFL!

    So, this time again, I’ll watch it with zero expectations. I’m prepared to be horrified by the wigs (Bella, Jasper, Victoria, Carlisle, Alice…basically most of the cast). I’ll be prepared for more cheesy lines. BUT, there’s one thing that I have a little expectation for: Yup, it’s the Leghitch ’10 baby! Even if Edward whispers to Bella “Leghitch me” afterwards, I’d still be content.

    Hoping to watch it within this year! Keeping my fingers crossed…happy Eclipse viewing to everyone who lives in a place where the film is coming out.

    • The fact that you can’t see Eclipse when everyone else is makes me sad. 🙁

    • eatmyjorts

      And there’s me feeling ridiculously sorry for myself because I won’t see it until the 9th of July here in the UK. I probably won’t get an advance ticket because for that to happen I must wait to be paid.

      I’m going to have to stay away from here. Do oyu want to hang out on some LTT-free sadpage somewhere?

      • I’d love to but I don’t have as much self-control as Edward ‘self-cockblocking’ Cullen. As soon as the movie will be out, I’d be rushing to read the reviews on all the fansites 🙂

        Have patience, you’ll just see it 9 days later than those in the US. The movie comes out in Japan in NOVEMBER! Imagine their frustration. I bet all the Japanese twi-fans are tearing their hair out and cursing Summit all day..haha

        • lilmisscan’tbewrong

          How is that possible? I though he was “Big in Japan”!

      • Stacey

        Don’t feel bad! I can’t see it until the 10th and I’m in the US! Darn house closing! However, if anyone would like to email, Twitter or call with details I will happily accept, because I love spoilers and I am very impatient.

    • rpisthenewps

      correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the mp3 hold 5000 songs? I’m sorry I can’t help it

  • Batty_old_pug_lady

    I have ridiculously high expectations, it was by FAR my fav book of the series. I hope that the film does Bree justice and shows her in her newborn subtle wildness!

  • Ish

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh so thats what he said. (Quil clout lay) I must have played it overe and over and then even put the german subtitles on – all to no avail, couldn’t work it out. Thanks for that was keeping me awake at night.
    as to expectations, I have to watch it first in german – sec language as live here, and so can`t wait to see it in Eng when DVD comes out.

  • Pingback: Tweets that mention Managing my Eclipse Expectations | Letters to Twilight --

  • Keisha

    My expectations were way down until I realized that Edward will be in Eclipse A LOT more than New Moon. #cannotcontainmysqueesanymore

  • Sheila

    You made me smile…no I chuckled a little…now I’m ready to face the day

  • Don’t be jealous. I am still on hate hiatus, but my hate of @laineygossip is running its course. I can flip at any time.

    <3 your face.

  • Alice_NaA

    No matter what, the complete twilight saga will always be the most popular choice for a movie night in every retirement center in 2070.

    • allryans

      Oh no! Is Twilight going to be the “Love Story” or “Return to Blue Lagoon” for my grandkids? Cause I hate those movies, and my aunts are totally hot for that kid with the blond fro.

      • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

        Wow, and blonde afro boy fell for his sister and had the excuse they were the only ones on the island during puberty before the Charlie talk. But I just cringe on how they will deal with the whole imprint baby thing . . . I’m not going to think about it.

      • Carrie Jo

        Sorry, but Love Story is a GREAT movie!

  • allryans

    Um, I was managing my expectations JUST FINE thankyouverymuch until someone said “frisky Edward” – and now that’s shot to shit. All I can think about is how Edward is going to be jealous and protective and horny, and EFF – now I’m giggly.

  • jennred

    Am I the only one that thinks this was an awesome post but is sad because I WANT MORE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ANSWERED? As a matter of fact, as soon as I got to the office my BFF who is crazy – oops, normal, like me asked me to print the post ASAP, and as I was handing it to her mentioned that she was going to be disappointed because it wasn’t about the interview. And WHEN in my life did an interview become more important than the movie.
    As far as the movie, I already know that I will be disappointed. So anything half good will be AWESOME. Yes, that made perfect sense to me. lol
    Already have my Tuesday night “Twilight and New Moon” ticket’s purchased. (Theater is playing on the big screen just once…) Eclipse Ticket’s for Wednesday (I’ll be tired from sitting in a movie theater for 5 hours watching the first two movies, so I won’t be able to sit in a movie theater for the Midnight showing. That’s OK, the anticipation will make it even better on Wednesday.) Oh, and let’s not forget the Friday’s tickets at the 10:15 pm showing, hopefully all the kiddies will be gone and me and the girls from work are going for dinner and cocktails before hand….. Nothing beats seeing the movie after a few cocktails and feeling all warm and tingly… OMG Can’t believe I’m going to post that comment! But “The truth shall set me free…”
    P.S. Seriously, please post more interview tomorrow. Even if you only add a little tiny paragraph at the end, it will make me soooo happy. 🙂 I’m sure everyone will agree. I am desperate, so here’s where I BEG! LOL

    • crack is whack

      Uh, I don’t post here much, but had to comment on this. I feel totally cock-blocked by LTT for not giving me some more SM interview details this morning. I logged on very excited to hear more details….now I know how Bella felt for three books. Crap.

    • Michelle

      I’m thinking our darling UC and Moon have a confidentiality agreement they can’t breech for a bit. Thus, very little details (for now) and/or no pics of Steph.

      Or…maybe Rob made a surprise appearance, then they actually kidnapped him (aka lured him away with hot pockets, heiny’s and boobage) and are on a deserted island right NOW violating him all kinds of ways. Muhahahahahaaa…the posts we are getting are someone covering for them.

      Yup. I have a fab imagination… 😉

    • While I really, really liked this post (much laughter), I too want more interview details!

  • babiesbrown

    I sooo hope I am not disappointed in this movie. I’m concerned about the last scene where Eddy gets frisky, bc I think I saw a spoiler where he just said, “We’re doing this your way,” and there was no face suckage. Which would suck.
    Even more than cheesy lines and bad wigs, though, I hope the wardrobe department has outdone themselves with this one. It’s gonna be hard to follow tweed and Alice’s head scarf/grey coat combo, aka my grandma’s rain bonnet and poncho.
    What could we get? The possibilities are just so lovely. Bree’s a runaway, right? She needs lots of flannel that she stole from some Washington lumberjack’s dumpster after his wife went on a cleaning spree.
    Idk why, but I keep picturing Riley as some Adam Lambert rip off, complete with cliche black trench and Doc Martins from the mid-90s. (maybe even some guyliner?)
    Bella’s tighter jeans? She so needs some sparkly unicorns sewn on the back pockets. Just because.
    Pls, wardrobe gods? Make this a fun one! Put Rose in some of those gladiator sandals from 3 seasons ago, and an “awesome” tight t-shirt that says, “Not only am I perfect, I’m also a blonde!” Pls, pls, pls?!

    • Stacey

      There has to be frisky Edward making out! I will be very sad if there isn’t. (You hear that Stephenie…very sad!)

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    Argh! I’m really trying to manage the expectations, but as you said, people who have seen the movie keep raising them again! Haven’t these people ever heard of reverse psychology?

    But two previous films have taught me to appreciate the absurd. I can even watch Twilight now without fast-forwarding the spider-monkey line. See, progress!

    “Quil Clout Lay. No, seriously, I really ‘Quil Clout Lay’ you.” Oh my! I am dying over here!! I hope you will feel sorry for my soon-to-be-motherless children!

  • operarose

    I am fairly excited for Eclipse and my expectations are higher than I’d like them to be because I was so satisfied with New Moon. Still, I think if it ends up being a “stinker” (as Bobbygee would say) I’ll at least be happy that we got one good movie out of the series (NM).

    Also I agree, I hope there’s some majorly whacky dialogue thrown in for our amusement.

    And the #leghitch should be in slomo.

    I haven’t seen a ton of clips so have no idea what I think so far, other than I might be bored during the action scenes. Sort of dreading those. I hope Eddy is hot enough to keep my interest while Victoria and co. are trying to rip him to shreds.

    Can someone tell me why I should see it in Imax? I haven’t bought my tix yet because there are so many choices. Do I see it at midnight? On Imax the next day? Which showing is the least likely to have preteen giggly girls who flirt with my fiance because he’s the only male in the theatre (true story from New Moon)?

    • Lovintherain

      I am going at IMAX, and chose to do that because they have reserved seating. We are going to the midnight show because it is just kinda fun, and I am impatient. Because of the reserved seats we shouldn’t have to wait in line.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      “And the #leghitch should be in slomo.”


      Speaky of the action and fighting, I want to see how Ed rips off Vikki’s head. I picture him holding it up like Perseus did with Medusa’s in the ol skool version of Clash of the Titans.
      but with this wardrobe:

      • Stacey

        I’m liking that image. It is particularly fitting due to that wig they have on Bryce. That wig looks like it has red snakes coming out of it.

        • snowwhitedrifted

          It does look like snakes, doesn’t it!

          Nicknaming BDH’s hairpiece “Medusa Red”. <- actually, that sounds like a Manic Panic haircolor

      • The Old One

        Yes, the Medusa head is a fitting image, but hello! even better would be Edward standing there without a stitch on just like the fine, god-like statue he is.

  • Lovintherain

    I think my expectations are way too high for this movie. I saw Twilight when it was almost out of the theatres knowing that there way no way it could compare to what I had imagined while reading. Then I got pretty excited about New Moon because I had been reading this sight daily, and fallen in love with all the actors (some more than others, or course). But, New Moon was not my favorite book of the series so I was open to whatever was brought to the table.
    Not the same for Eclipse. By far my favorite book of the series. I love when Bella tells Jacob that she thinks of him as her sun. And he says he can handle a few clouds, but even he can’t deal with a total Eclipse. Because that is what I love about this saga. E and B’s love eclipses everything else. I am a hopeless romantic….
    So……I am going to spend this week working on managing my expectations. I promise. I can’t help thinking it is going to be great though. Based solely on how hot Rob looks as Edward in all the pics.

  • kitkat

    Question for the lovely commenters: I had a friend tell me that she hates the way they are portraying Jacob in the movies, saying that they turned him into an annoying jerk. This surprised me, because I’m one of those who sees book Jacob as rather annoying but I’m in love with Taycob. Movie Jacob, so far, seems more sympathetic and likable. I guess we’ll see in Eclipse, but what think you so far?

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Jacob was always an annoying jerk, or at least he had that side to him. I actually agree that Taylor makes him more sympathetic (must be all the pretty. I’m easily influenced like that!)

    • agusap

      First of all, the first time I read Eclipse I thought Jacob was so annoying, ugh, but then I kind of understood he’s just a kid and he grew on me. I don’t think movie Jacob is a jerk and I like Taylor but I simply can not stand Taycob after he transforms into a wolf, I just can’t. I don’t know why but he makes me squirmy, something that never happened with Rob and Kristen’s acting (I know, weird, huh?).

    • Xylem108

      THIS! If Taycob really followed the book version, he would seem way needy and schizophrenic because he fluctuates from being friendly and lovey in LaPush to being confrontational and antagonistic at Casa de Swann (homage to NM in 20 minutes). I like what Taylor is doing with the character and cookie-baking-ab muscles aside, he stole New Moon performance wise. I am team whichever I can have, so I don’t have loyalty issues. Go Taycob!

      • Kadie

        “I am team whoever I can have…” Ha ha ha! I’m with you!

    • Kadie

      When I first read the books I was totally Team Edward and thought Jacob was annoying…until I read BD and loved reading those chapters through his thoughts. The lenghty chapter titles, the multiple conjuntions (like couldn’t’ve)…it really sounded like the way someone his age would speak, unlike Bella and her overuse of words more suitable for the SAT. It kinda’ started to make sense why he was the way he was.

      Then the beauty of Taylor in NM happened and I am definitely Team Movie Jacob (suck it, Chris Hanson…he’s 18 now). When I reread the books, I started liking Jacob more because I knew that in the end Edward gets Bella and I could appreciate Jacob for what he brought to the story. Plus Jacob really was a good friend to Bella when she needed him. I like that he was honest about his feelings and so very persistant. It would be nice to be fought for like that. And yeah…he’s a kid, so I couldn’t really hold it against him for being selfish. It wasn’t right to think “grow up” when he really ISN’T grown up.

      So I’m all for the portrayal of Jacob in the movie, but I think it has more to do with Taylor than with Jacob.

    • Luludee

      What you said exactly, kitkat. Book Jacob really got on my nerves and I expected to still feel that in the movie. I was quite surprised when I kinda loved movie Jacob. Not enough to switch teams, mind you, but I decided that I appreciated that the movie made me feel “Bella’s Choice” as I surely did not in the books.

      • kitkat

        And that’s why I’m waiting for the movie, because Eclipse is really where Book Jacob gets on my nerves (I just re-read it for the movie). I’m solidly Team Edward, because he and Bella belong together, but since the movies I’m Team Edward because that leaves Jake free for me. I don’t want Eclipse to ruin that, even though it probably should if it is going to stay true to the books.

        • Luludee

          Your comment has reminded me that I too am curious to see how I feel about Jacob in Eclipse. I don’t know if I want to hate him again or if I want to feel torn.
          I’m actually thinking that Taylor will be able to pull off “jerk” but in a way that is totally hot so that I can’t hate him, but can be annoyed with him, sorta like in NM where he flipped out on the marshmallow (Mike). I was like, “geeze, chillax Jake!” But secretly inside I wanted him to beat someone up or rip his shirt off or something, lol.

  • snowwhitedriftd

    The Jitterbug phone now comes with “They’re NOT BEARS” as a ringtone.

  • rpisthenewps

    Yes! Free Fred!! He’s my fave! Every time he was mentioned in Bree, all I could think of was Right Said Fred and I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! That’s why no one could look at him!

    • Kaet

      LOL I couldn’t stop my brain inserting Fred Weasley (so I LOVE the Free Fred pic!)… even when we find out he’s big and blond my brain still went “WEASLEY!!!” and turned that into redhead.

  • agusap

    Aaand the local theaters have FINALLY decided it’s time to have Eclipse tickets on pre-sale, that definitely screwed up my expectation management…

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Q: Did anyone else see that 90 second clip of an actual Eclipse scene (they showed it at the MTV Movie Awards) and literally yell at Bella, “ooooh BITCH!” like I did?

    (I won’t say more detail for those diligently trying to keep their purity rings shiny and untainted, but I wanted to know if I was the only one unable to contain my anger and yell at the screen.) 🙂

    • Michelle

      I hated her guts for getting on the back of that bike…leaving poor brooding Eddie alone in the lot. I’m with ya.

      I actually THREW my book when she kissed Jacob in Eclipse. SO ANGRY at her hurting Edward…


      This isn’t real, Michelle. Get a grip. But seriously, WHY is she giving Edward MORE reason to be all brooding and angsty!?!?! I like happy Edward!

      • TeamJacobEdward

        EXACTLY! Though I’m probably the only one yelling at inanimate objects and fictional characters as if they can hear me (or probably the only one that will openly admit it). 🙂

        I agree about the book too. I thought NM would surely be my least favorite book because Edward gone for most of it but Bella ticked me off so much in E that i wanted to shake and smack her (and I’m not generally a violent person). I yelled at her to pull her head out off her arse and quit being stupid!

        I digress because I think I’ll like this movie best because it’ll be the closest thing to bedtime action we’ll get… I just know BD will fade to black before even so much as a leg hitch happens.

  • JustGoWithIt

    I saw Twilight wayyy after it had left theaters, with no expectations, just because a friend had cryptically recommended going there.
    I saw New Moon before reading the book, so totally exciting since I didn’t know what was coming. Loved the end when he asked her to marry him. Loved the soundtrack. Loved the screaming girls, looking forward to more of them when I see Eclipse.
    I have been really over-exposed now with Eclipse. But, the previews are making it all action seeming (meh), so hopefully that levels out my expectations (high on one end, I’ve been obsessing for months/low on the other I haven’t seen any clips that are particularly exciting). I hope it brings the sexy, since the book was all sexual frustration (wonder she didn’t go all the way with Jacob in that sleeping bag considering how much time she spends in bed with Edward not doing it).

  • TeamSeth

    You sure that’s not George? Even their mum can’t tell them apart…

    Hm, I can’t beat my sister’s epic comment, so I will not try.

    • Your sister is on here? It’s a family thing? One of my dear sisters, WHO HAS READ THE BOOKS and everything, totally got me a Edward fleece blanket for Christmas JUST TO MOCK ME and give everyone a good laugh at present opening time. THAT’S the kind of family support I get.

      (And I really thought I was hiding my Twi-interest (note I did not say obsession) from my family pretty well…guess not.)

      • TeamSeth

        That’s so mean! My sister got me a keychain, and some trading cards (maybe my boyfriend got me those? hm), but best of all she delivered a little bottle from Buttcrack Santa! <3

        (I am sending her an Eclipse Viewing Kit, but shhh, don't tell her)

        • Top this: my husband went to Burger King and came back with weird Twilight postcard-y things and gave them to me on my birthday – also to mock me. I get no respect!

          (But I did save them…)

          • TeamSeth

            I can’t top that.

        • TeamSeth, who is your avatar? Looks like Peter Sarsgaard – ?

  • cedvanhalen

    Woah, I was just thinking about writing a letter to you all about my expectations with Eclipse. But since you pretty much got most of them…I’m just gonna add 2 more:

    1) I want Rosalie to kick some arse. I’m going to be honest, Rosalie isn’t my favorite character. In fact, I find her kind of a biotch. But in that flashback scene, she totally gained some of my respect. But then I went back to hating her in Breaking Dawn, but that’s another story…..

    2) Edward Cullen better get on one knee or I will hurt someone. I haven’t yet decided who that person is going to be, but David Slade you better watch out. You are little. I feel like I could take you.

  • j9necessary

    I go to the TSM (Twilight Saga Movies) with my rose-colored glasses on and fall in to some type of hypnotic state and leave the theater stumbling from the sheer beauty that is Edward/Rob. Then I come home and take off my rose-colored glasses and check LTR/LTT. Only then do I realize how some parts of the movies are so laughable, poorly acted and just downright “wrong”. But you know…I find myself going back to watch the movie again and again and again…..such is the power that is Rob!! That’s normal….right?

  • purplescool

    As for managing my expectation, I just hope I’m not TOO 2nd-hand embarrassed by the cheesy dialogue and bad wigs.

    BTW, I saw an interview where Taylor ALMOST says “jorts” – he was talking about how his friends make fun of him for wearing those “little jean shorts” the whole movie (yes, he used the word “little”)…just one step away from “jorts” – you know it’s gonna slip out at the next interview.

  • Kadie

    It seems that many of the commenters here are anti-fight scene. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, although I haven’t been overly excited by the fight-with-the-newborns scene, the training scenes with Jasper and Emmett and Edward, etc are HOT! I’m seriously looking forward to THAT action! Maybe I’m Team Sparring Cullens.

    • Luludee

      I loves me some fight scenes! Any vampire story would not be complete without at least a little bit of violence. I was horribly disappointed with the non-action of the book, so the fact that we get to see anything in the movie sounds cool.

  • lapushbaby

    “not the early 90s like one would think by the extraordinary amount of flannel worn by the characters.”

    Don’t forget this movie takes place in the North West….justsayin’….

    • TeamSeth

      Yeah! My born and raised in Oregon unicorn didn’t even understand the plaid joke because flannel’s just a way of life here! (though he did snicker at everyone calling it plaid and not flannel)

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