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Storytime with Moon: Eclipse Premiere and Red Carpet Event

Dear LTT-ers,

Tonight (I’m writing this at 2am) was the Eclipse premiere and red carpet event in downtown Los Angeles and I was there. Barely. And no thanks to the awful security/event management company SEM who couldn’t keep their rules straight, changed the rules whenever they felt like it, were led by a power hungry dbag, were so worried about ticket fraud they even wristbanded a BABY (which didn’t work! Fraud happened). It was shenanigans to say the least. BUT, we were in, and after meeting up with tons of #leghitch2010 girls we dropped off LilCrazyCow (my cousin) who would be helping us live tweet from her spot on the ESPN restaurant balcony, we headed off to get in line to be loaded into the bleachers by the red carpet.

Of course waiting meant we got to see a bunch of crazies in their natural habitat… outside a movie premiere…

THEY EXIST!! In real life!!! And I always thought these lived on Etsy (or Regretsy) only. Nope! People buy these!

Then these 2 old creepers showed up. I asked them what they were doing here (since they didn’t know the name of the movie), they said they were there to see a BIG TIME movie premiere… AND to pick up chicks. I told them they better check ID’s cause I was calling Chris Hansen on their creeper asses. WEIRD!

And this girl brought a TIGER BEAT for the cast to sign… ummm… ok???

It was already pretty 2nd hand embarrassing so we sat down for a second to collect ourselves before we would be faced with being in the middle of the screaming masses AND the cast.

Then we were finally taken to the bleacher area were we sat with @myrobpattinson and a few hundred people who would quickly become the bane of our existence.

Let me tell you after spending about 3048324 hours in those bleachers I don’t even know who half the cast is anymore I was so astonished at the total lack of knowledge regarding the Twilight cast from the so called fans who somehow got wristbands to sit in this special section. So don’t worry about me I just may call them by the names the “fans” gave them tonight for your reading pleasure!

First up was Tyson Houseman, aka the Nerdy Wolf who no one around us even knew. So we gave up thinking he’d come over because everyone was too worried about “Jacob” and when he’d show up. Um, not till WAY later people!

Then Mike Welch RAN over and ran up and down the line several times probably in effots to burn a few extra calories and earn some more points on Weight Watchers, but he reminded us we gotta get that protein in us!

And then in one of the “WTF arrivals” of the night Tia and Tamara Mawry showed up and worked the red carpet and even came over to sign for fans further cementing our musings about the connection between ABC’s TGIF and the Twilight franchise. Cause surprisingly the crowd knew all about these girls, pronounced their names right and talked about their show “Sister Sister.” I kept asking Ashley what planet we were on. TIA AND TAMRA MOUWRY?!

Then we noticed this dude who we swear we thought was Paris Latsis, Nikki’s old/maybe current/we don’t know boyfriend, but then we noticed he was wearing and Eclipse tshirt and was somehow working for Summit. But maybe that’s Nikki’s parting gifts to her ex boyfriends? Jobs at the studio she makes movies with? Maybe the whole “Greek Shipping Heir” thing isn’t working out for him and he needs some extra hair dye money?

It may not have been Paris Latsis but it was fate that we noticed him because without him we wouldn’t have seen this beautiful piece of art work behind him. I know when I’m planning out my posters for red carpet events my first idea is “pencil drawing of Rob and Kristen.” Who needs glitter when you can capture their magicness with a drawing?

Earning the nights “Classy Moments” award would be Papa Stew throwing up rock signs at his rando pals and then having a ciggie right in front of the fans, the huge Eclipse banner, and the radio/MC guy then snubbing it out on the edge of the carpet.

Heard in the bleachers: “OMG PapaStew and Nikki Red are hugging!” #awkward


Taller than the fire hydrant but shorter than the limo… David Slade!! To get the full effect of his teeeeeeny tiny awesomness here’s him walking away since when he came near the fans it was almost impossible to see him… he he

Do I spy some sort of blog/croc on his feet?

Follow the cut for part 2 of the Eclipse premiere complete with the Holy Trinity, a double take and a wink

Oh hey Copstache!

Daniel Cudmore – This man is HUGE. That’s what she said… but seriously huge. I was standing up on something and it was almost as tall as me. He has meat hooks for hands which I totally understand when that was mentioned last week.

Then is was time for Kellan to come light up the crowd. The second he stepped out of the car the energy went through the roof. A twihard knows when Kellan is in a 5 mile radius and it showed. He cheesed it up with fans HARDCORE

Funniest sign award… wish I could have gotten the whole thing

Tinsel bought the best in tulle from Windsor Fashions and then used their handy service that tells other people going to her event what she wore so no one wears the same thing. Handy, no?

As luck would have it I caught Ashley Greene as she saw her reflection in the floor length mirror a fan so gracious held up. Ashley couldn’t believe her stylist was actually a caterer at the after party who grabbed one of the table clothes to dress her in. TOGA TOGA TOGA!

And then this happened…

HERE COMES DREAMBOAT!!!!!!!! Holy nuts this dude gets best dressed man at the event. Sorry Ron but patterned shirt, cufflinks, tailored suit, hair and accent wins everytime. DAYUM. Throw some shrimp on his barbie. I don’t even know what that means Austrians I’m still recovering from the brain cells I lost yesterday from standing in this mess.

Then Gil showed up but didn’t come talk to the fans so I have no picture but as he exited the car this gem was spoken around us:  “is that the guy in the wheelchair?” Why yes, he’s magically healed and now at the premiere! Amazing!

Then some other stuff happened and finally the big three showed up! You could tell because someone uttered:

“EDWARD’S HERE!!!” or as one girls say “Rob Patteson

Why yes, yes he was! In all this Uncle Jesse/Ron Burgandy/Vintage Glory. Oddly enough it looked great on him with the shoes, but then once he stepped next to people in not ironic suits he looked like a doof. How can you compete with tie bars, cuff links, pocket squares and patterned shirts? YOU CAN’T, sadly. But we love him despite and we love him when he looks up and does a double take at us. AND WAVES! Oh yes friends Rob looked at us twice. And of course I thought “he knows!”

Oh heeeeeey there! While this was happening the whole Pattinson clan showed up in outfits from the same color palette. Poor Rob didn’t get the memo when he was shopping at Just for Men

Hot damn that’s a good looking family! All I need is to trade my Pattinson Family Reunion shirt in for a Silver/nude/gold/white/gray ensemble and I’m ready for the family picture!

Then Kristen turned up… in a great white beaded mini with back cut out detail. She hoped into the line to sign autograph but as she started a sharpie swiped her face in the melay. Poor fan’s hand totally got pushed into her forehead. So KStew ran off to clean that up

she left and these words were uttered… “I got Kristina Stewart’s” autograph!”

Then…. “Jacob Lautners

And oddly enough as the big three arrived so did RON ARTEST. WHO? You ask, why yes the NBA player RON ARTEST. WTF?! Just another Twilight event!

Then it was pretty much over and we were looking around for the nearest bar to help heal our spirits and figure out if we’re psychotically obsessed or just NORMAL that we know their names AREN’T “Alice” or “Ron Patterson” or Kristina Stewart.” We hugged each other and agreed that we had to be normal because at least we didn’t say…

“YEA KI! Touche is the best band I’ve ever seen for free”

Oh lawd….

Until next time,

Business Time:

A few articles of business:

First, we want to THANK everyone who has purchased and is now sporting LTT_LTR gear from our store! Please, please send us pictures of you modeling it or doing something funny! We’d love to see:) Secondly, our gear is all through CafePress- and they are GREAT! They rushed the items we got for Stephenie Meyer SO fast to us & we’re really greatful. So obviously check our Our Store, but CafePress has millions of customized gifts – for all topics, interests, and brands such as other Twilight T-shirts! Make sure you have something HOT to wear for opening night!!!

And…. what would you say if I told you that someone you know…. someone you know well is going to be a “Twilight Superfan” at one of the Twilight Night events coming up THIS Saturday? Would you die of second-hand embarrassment for this person? Would you make fun of her like you make fun of the PattinsonPants Lady & people who make Robsten videos? I would…. except…. except… it’s UC:/ Yes, UnintendedChoice will be the TWILIGHT SUPERFAN at the Philadelphia Twilight Night event THIS SATURDAY. Please tell us if you’re within driving distance so you can go support her because who knows what she’ll have to do. Will she have to reenact the tent scene with a moviefone employee? Will she be forced into an oversized Twilight tshirt & made to perform “We are the Rob” all alone!? Email us if you’re going to be there! UC wants to meet you!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    I had to work last night and I missed it all so thank you Moon for storytime! *breathlessly waiting for more updates*

    David Slade = sex thimble?

    • CarrieCee

      SEX THIMBLE lmao. That is hilarious.

  • natashadushi

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA ” Taller than the fire hydrant but shorter than the limo… David Slade!! ” Can’t wait to read more!
    I hope UC can leghitch the moviefone employee hehehehe

  • superhumanmoron

    I’d love to see PapaStew and Dick and Clare together. #awkward

    • misty

      I don’t know why but PapaStew gives me the creeps..

      • misty

        like the person wearing the Twi themed converse. Eww

      • Nelle

        Maybe it’s the extra long mullet- bleached?

  • JodieO

    How can you say Bryce was best-dressed when Jackson showed up in a barbed wire corsage?? Oh, Moon…

    • StotheP

      I haven’t seen pics of Jackson yet, so . . . nooooo. Also, YEEEEEESSSSSS. Imma have to go find this now.

      • JodieO

        It was like a fake black rose or something, but it was wrapped in wire with a big spike sticking out of it. It actually looked pretty damn cool.

        • tuesdaymidnight

          I gotta say, Jackson looked damn good. I actually liked the flower, too! However, I find his catfish facial hair attractive, so I’m immediately disqualified.

  • kat

    Wow…it looked like Kristen wore make up and didn’t look horrible. Ahhhh…..she’s growing up;)

  • Yea UC!!! I think I would fangirl out at meeting you way more than The Stew! And speaking of, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh! Note to Papa Stew: It’s ok to be white trash as long as you don’t act white trash. Just sayin’.

    Great job, Moon!

    • TeamJorts

      Agreed on all accounts!!!!

  • Well, that sounded like a blast. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Or whatever silly saying fits. Stew looks beautiful.

    Oh and Tia and Tamara!!!! I was just wondering about them the other day! *hums theme song*

    • Stacey

      I thought the same thing about Tia & Tamara! Then when I saw Jennifer Love Hewett and thought WTH!

  • Stacey

    It looked like a lot of 2nd hand embarassing fun! I was following you on Twitter and sneaking around the house. My husband might be thinking I’m having an affair. With The Font. Ack!

    3 observations:
    1. Moon, were you wearing the New Moon flip flops? I was a little scared, but intrigued. I want them for the beach.
    2. Nikki’s dress looked like an ode to The Birds, but Ashley’s table cloth was cute. Rob can rock the burgandy suit.
    3. Slade really is a wee little man! It’s cute when he’s growly.

    • StotheP

      Sometimes I think, if I were to interview David Slade at an event, I’d take a minute to apologize for the fandom and how, even though we give him props for his talent, we just can’t seem to resist cracking short jokes at his expense.

      And then sometimes I think I would probably just ask him if he was there representing the Lollipop Guild.

      • oh my.

        • I do not know why I commented with that name. #dumbass

      • The Old One

        Bad, bad, girl, StotheP. A girl after my own heart.

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        Best laugh of the day! And a Wizard of Oz shout out, at that. Good job!

    • purplescool

      It looked like Nikki Reed had a run-in with an ostrich on the way to the premiere – and the ostrich won. Either that, or she was going to be competing in an ice-skating competition immediately after the movie. Seriously, who let her out in public like that? Didn’t care for KStew’s odd, white dress either – it bunched up at the top (and she usually looks cute at these things). And really, Rob, a maroon suit? C’mon. But i gotta say, that tablecloth did look good on Ashley Greene.

    • snowwhitedriftd

      That’s funny you snuck around the house to avoid hubs. Mine was still at work until after the Rob interviews so I was luckily in the clear.

      • My husband “caught” me watching the streaming black carpet thing. At first I tried to explain it away and then I said screw it. Yes, I like Twilight. Yes, I’m looking forward to the movie. Deal.

        He just smiled.

        (And he liked all the HSM movies, so he knows I can play that card if he gives me too much of a hard time.)

      • Stacey

        You both are lucky! He is still questioning my hiding in the pantry with my phone. He did however mention there was some model at the premiere. Which makes me wonder WTF, how did he know that? Hmm…

        Hey Moon, do you know who he was talking about?

  • Athena


  • raven4mi

    Slade really is a tiny little thing, isn’t he? I had no idea. I was watching the MTV live stream and I kept wondering why he didn’t get up on the platform while Josh was interviewing him – then I realized he WAS on the platform!

    I followed all your tweets all night while watching the stream (until they cut you off! Stupid twitter!) which made the night quite enjoyable. Especially loved the “overheard” tweets and The Font’s observations. Good job, people!

  • SarahG

    Thanks for the great coverage! I’ll be checking back throughout the day for more updated goodies. Is it just me, or has the Holy Trinity gotten a lot better at the whole interviewing thing? I mean, Kstew didn’t stutter once (I think…E!Online was fail whale for me last night so I was relegated to watching the atrocity that was the “MySpace Girls” attempting to interview…ugh, it was painful), Taylor was appropriately flirty with everyone and Rob was so charming I was completely engrossed in whatever he was saying! All in all, I thought it was a good “red” carpet premiere.

    Oh, one more thing. I’ll be glad to loan Michael Welch some money if he’s a little strapped. Did anyone else think he looked like a hobo?

  • Melissa

    I’m totally moving to LA!
    Who knew D-Slade (that’s the rapper name I christened him with) was so…um…..horizontally challenged? He makes Gary Coleman (RIP) look like Wilt Chamberlin!
    Looks like a ton of fun!

  • Rob’s burgundy blazer totally reminds me of the front desk agent uniform that I had to wear while working at a swanky hotel. Then I trailed off memory lane to the guy who worked with me that had really bad breath all the time and we were all trying to pass him mints or gum. Now all I think about is bad-breath Rob working at a hotel. Ahhhhh!!!! *quickly going to VF photos to reset Robimage*

    • ICanHandleIt

      I didn’t have quite the same image that you did… I thought Rob was HOT! I loved his hair. The jacket was just part of the package! I was impressed with KStew…she rocked it. The whole thing…the dress, the interviews, she even smiled! And here is the part where I admit I watched the whole live stream!!! All of it! I. could. Not. Stop. Watching. THANK YOU Moon!!!

      • Remind me to show you my “employee of the year” vid, complete with burgundy blazer and bad-breath-front-desk-agent. You’ll see what I’m talking about! Can’t shake image. *Running again to VF Robporn again!*

      • Xylem108

        I agree with you about Kstew on ALL counts. She smiled, was friendly, looked hot, someone even wrote on her face and no blood was spilled. I think the word I’m looking for is “chillaxed”. Who knew Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct interview dress would still be hot?!

        • ICanHandleIt

          ha ha! yeah, her dress was so ’80’s. She wore it well…wouldn’t be my first choice, or second…..

  • FreakyBella

    HOLY crap that’s funny! People are so very stupid! They should have some sort of IQ test before they let people into the bleachers…

  • chochang

    hey.. moon and the other girl (ashley, i believe her name is).. you have matching bags! cute. fake lesbianism is alive after all.. haha~~

    • Ashley (Blonde Alice)

      haha..yes. This is a sacred rule of ALL fake lesbians. We sport them in public often 🙂

      • snowwhitedriftd

        That’s how you know they’re fake lesbians…. true lesbians wear matching fanny packs.

        • Lovintherain

          Matching fanny packs…hahahahahahahahahahah.

          • eatmyjorts

            That’s especially funny if you’re British. Over here as fanny is a vjayjay…

        • Stacey

          Ha ha! See all I missed by going to the aquarium!

  • StotheP

    Everytime I think of PapaStew (so . . . once), I picture him doling out awesome fatherly wisdom. Stuff like “Keep on rocking in the free world, Kristen,” and “Like a true nature’s child, we were born . . . born to be wild.” And of course, admonishing her not to be bogartin.’

    I was live feed-less last night, so I’m really excited about this post and can’t wait to read the rest! Thanks for giving us a vicarious thrill, Moon, et al, and UC . . . well, I felt for ya. It was like that one time I had to work late at Catfish King and all my friends were going out to the bypass to burn stuff. Or something like that. 😉

    • Totally awesome musings on PapaStew. Those are exactly the sort of things my dad says to me…still.

    • eatmyjorts

      Bwahahaha. That is spot on! Make love not war. All you need is love etc

    • The Old One

      I can totally see that goin’ on with PapaStew.
      Ashamed to admit I thought he was an interesting-looking older woman when I saw him hanging out in the background, before I was clued in to who he was . . .

  • Oh god. Epic.

    I’ll always love the old Victoria, but I can’t deny that Bryce is lovely. And I love David Slade to pieces. Teeny tiny pieces!!

  • misty


    So you saw PapaStew, what about Dick & Claire and your new bestie SM?

  • So much funny in this!! Thanks for staying up late for us, get some sleep, Moon!

  • Can’t wait for more updates! What an overload of info for LTT to share! Don’t think i’ve forgotten about the 456789123 Stephenie details you’ve yet to share.

    • Robjunkie

      Yeah, did you guys pick up cockblocking techniques from Stephenie? Don’t leave us hanging like that yo.

  • TeamJorts

    I followed LTT via Twitter last night until they lamely shut you down for over tweeting. Boo! But you guys were totally funny and honest about the madness! The Font’s comments had me busting up all night. What a sport. Great job to everyone involved!

    PapaStew needs a handler of his own. I can hear it now-“Sir, sir I understand you’re KStew’s Daddy, but you can’t just light up out here and burn the carpet and snub her fans! Okkkaay I guess you’re just gonna do it anyway, how John Belushi of you.”

    UC if I lived remotely near Philly I would happily come out and support you! I hope you don’t have to leghitch the Moviephone guys!

  • Xylem108

    As an Art Teacher, I Approve:
    ” I know when I’m planning out my posters for red carpet events my first idea is “pencil drawing of Rob and Kristen.” Who needs glitter when you can capture their magicness with a drawing?

    • eatmyjorts

      Especially a bad drawing. Nice.

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      I had to cringe at this poster and Moon’s description. When I was in my teens I thought Keanu (gag) would love me for drawing a marvelous pencil sketches of him. Ugg… I wish I could take that back. I wish RP had been around…I might still enjoy that memory.

      • Stacey

        I laughed until I realized I did the same thing with Jared Leto. I so wanted to be his Angela Chase to his Jordan Catalano. For you young whippersnappers, a tv show called My So-called Life. Aka Best Show Ever. Well at least to me. :0)

        • thischickrunswithvampires

          My So-Called Life!!! I was just thinking about it the other day. How I looooved Jordan Catalano back in the day.

          “Young whippersnappers” LOL

        • eatmyjorts

          I just rewatched the whole thing on DVD! Why was it cancelled, why?

          • LoveSpelledBackwards

            It really was a age defining show. Loved it.

    • Xylem108

      This just goes to show you should never underestimate the determination of a Robsten shipper… Specially if she’s armed with a pencil and an 18×24 sheet of paper.


  • the hell…why is tia there LOL

  • BrookeLockart

    Last night was EPIC for me. I’ll save all my comments up and write a letter of course! So great to finally meet you in person Moon and all my other Leghitchers.

  • operarose

    I’m feeling seriously overstimulated by all of this Twilight news these days.

    So to somehow turn this into a tweed moment, I’m starting to think that Twilight “Twihard” fans are just crazy for the sake of being a part of the madness, not crazy because of Twilight, per se. I mean they’re camping for a week in the middle of LA to the mockery of people all over the world, and screaming for and drawing embarrassing drawings of the cast all to meet said cast *whose names they don’t even know*. It seems like they are a type of people who thrive off of the frenzy. So either they’re just plain ol’ crazy for the sake of being crazy. (Or we are for actually analyzing/critiquing them? Not sure which is worse… so I’ll run off to contemplate turning this into an anthropology thesis now.)

    And… UC, you must tell us how that happened! Congrats…I think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?!

    • eatmyjorts

      I am so with you on this Operarose! It’s just bonkers for the sake of being bonkers. I feel physically repelled from events like this by sheer overwhelming, life-threatening 2nd hand embarrassment.I would shrivel up like a salted slug if I had to personally witness this level of insanity.

      I think UC should take her cue from my favourite ever Twilight interviewer. This girl has it right. I’m just running off to youtube & will post it underneath.

      • eatmyjorts


        I don’t know if that will come up as a link…I don’t think I know how to do it.

        Are you guys actually going to make big bucks out of Twiglet lunacy? Do it.

        • Robjunkie

          Hahahaha, that interview was awesome! It was one of my faves. That girl is our people. I like to think it’s that kind of absurdness that reflects our snarkiness here on LTT.
          Thanks for posting it, it’s the perfect antidote to 2nd hand embarrassment.

        • The Old One

          I’ve seen that before, but forgot how totally wonderfully funny it was. Thanks!

        • whyamidoingthis

          That’s my favorite one too! She is so hilarious, I fake lez love her.
          Thanks for posting–hadn’t seen it in a long time!

        • Luludee

          Oh, how have I never seen this before?! Soooooooo funny!

        • operarose

          That’s by far the best interview I’ve seen of the cast on the red carpet. I want to be that girl. Major applause for her.

          Thanks for posting!

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  • Luludee

    So was DaddyStew a member of ZZ Top sans beard, or a hair band back in the day? Cuz wow. Also, I’m really surprised that his hair is so blond. I always pictured him with dark short hair and like a goatee or something.

    I do not want to join Twitter, but all these Tweet events have me seriously reconsidering.

    • I thought he had gray hair. Now he’s blond?

      I’m sure he’s lovely and everything but I’m just not cool with longhaired dudes. Except for Russell Brand. He is my fake lova.

      • Luludee

        Maybe he does have grey hair, or like that white hair that looks sort of yellowish? All I know is it looked rather blond in those pictures, which are the only one’s I’ve ever seen of him. I’m curious now. Googling pictures of DaddyStew will be my afternoon time-wasting activity 😉

  • eloise

    Last night I was watching the feed and I saw Stephanie Meyer. Hubs for some reason asked me about her husband and I pointed to him standing behind her (I had recognized him from the LTT post a few days back). And Hubs said that he was actually embarrassed that I could pick him out in a crowd. I thought about explaining that he was actually second hand embarrassed, but I figured that might make him become more concerned and refuse to let me go to LA tomorrow. I kept my mouth shut and played dumb from there on out.

    Oh and I loved the font’s commentary. I can totally imagine him yelling at men to button their top buttons!

  • Luludee

    I’m reading through your tweets from last night while at work (#priorities) and I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard.

  • O.M.E

    Dear Ltt,
    I just disovered your website a few weeks ago and since then I feel normal about my obsession with all things Twi. I no longer feel second hand embarrassed to love it so much (Robsten included) and am thrilled to know that the words exist for what I have been experiencing on my own (my friends love it too, but their love does not run as deep). Thanks for letting us follow you last night, the premiere was awesome. What was up with the smurf comment (EOnline host) to David Slade??

    • GIrl WELCOME. You are Normal here.:)
      and I dunno- I mean.. was that a shout out to US- knowing we’d get a kick out of it? HE IS SO SMALL!!!!

    • Nelle

      I noticed the Smurf comment too. Little David did NOT look amused.

      • O.M.E.

        Thanks for the welcome. It feels official now ☺Yeah , The Slade actually looked rather UNamused. Everyone else was fab, even Kristen. She seemed super relaxed and I loved how she was gripping RPattz’s maroon suit jacket. Not sure how I felt about the suit (flashbacks to “The Joker” although more purple than maroon, good thing he didn’t have a green shirt on under it all.)

  • gizmo

    HAHAHAHAHA I died yesterday when I read this tweet about Slade.. And I’m still giggling all day about it.

    This is how he should be introduced from now on everywhere he goes:
    David taller-than-the-fire-hydrant-shorter-than-the-limo Slade

  • lysin

    Loved the premeire last night! I watched the MySpace stream, the camera work was great showing the whole place but the interviewers had no clue who the people/characters were or that there were more books. They thought Kiowa Gordon was a girl before he walked up!

    It was so cool though seeing the Twifecta signing autographs, posing for pictures with fans, and really giving the fans as much as they could. They just hate the paps and the Crazies.

    But forget the Bjork dress Nikki Reed stole… did anyone else think the Goddess SM looked beautiful as always but also very preggers?

  • eloise

    Also, not sure if I am more concerned about the fact that they wristbanded a baby or the fact that someone actually brought a baby.

  • Bea

    Dear Nikki Reed-
    Thank you for using your dress to explain the following to us all:
    Emmett’s favorite food: irritable grizzly
    Edward’s favorite food: mountain lion
    Rosalie’s favorite food: evidently ostrich.
    Either that you lost a bet with your stylist only a Cullen could pay off.

    Dear Elizabeth Reaser-
    We love you, and we know Nikki’s your new BFF. But that doesn’t mean you should take her advice on clothes.

    Ok, I’m putting my claws away now.

  • Nelle

    I thought KStew looked relaxed but when she joined Rob- she put her hand on his back and grabbed a fistful of his (blood red) jacket. She did that a few times. And he didn’t flinch. What a good guy. I think she really “leans” on him for support.

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Okay I just looked at the pics from the red carpet. And I think something is wrong with me, because the only thing I can think is that I want to go fake lez with Julia Jones. I can’t even think of something snarky to say about the red suit.

  • blackgirltwihard

    All I gotta say is if Kim Kardashian think she got her “subliminal-Breaking-Dawn-audition-in-by-rocking-a-braided ponytail” for the role of Zafrina, I will cut a BIATCH!!! Jk: love KK as much as the next chic, but uhhhhmmmmm NO Kimmy Kakes! Sorry!! P.S. Love the site, chicas!

  • cathakin

    it ERKED me so much when I saw a tweenage girl holding up a sign that said “Robert Patinson” SERIOUSLY?! come on mom, you should’ve taught her better!

    moon, cant wait for the part 2-looks like you were just getting warmed up.

  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    Moon, is that you or your evil twin I spotted in the crowd in the shot of Ashley Greene posted by the Fug Girls?


  • superhumanmoron

    Of course he did a double take. He recognized that girl mum and dad were telling him about.

  • AJ

    This is just too much Moon. I fear this past week has seriously raised our expectations. What will we do when the next big drought comes along and we’re all just left to wonder about the backstory of Buttcrack Santa or how many fillet-o-fishes Big Daddy has eaten in a day??

    We are so spoiled! (oh, but you and UC are def the most spoiled!)

    • Sj

      AJ – Good times ahead, good times ahead.

  • itsallhappening

    Best red carpet re-cap ever….I can feel the awesomeness of it all but am secretly glad you took one for the team and stood in line cause I just could never do that.

    My high points – I am glad Xavier was confirmed as super hot cause he has my knees knocking…wowza

    So glad Rob gave you the double take…he was probably too shy to call you out and tell you how much he loves his daily letters..I just know he reads them and know you know too!

    Kristen’s dad and his homage to Summitt ..love it

    You ladies are brilliant – amazing documentation.

    I am just so glad I get to come here everyday and read this kind of stuff – really and truly priceless.

  • zeebie

    You missed the sign I was so privileged to see from my side of the black carpet… “Rob you make my ovaries scream (and not in a creepy way)”. Ok, wtf? Really, a sign someone was holding up. And how is that not creepy?

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    Among screaming teenagers and ignorant people who didn t know anyone but Kardashian sisters there were @BiteMeBaker and me hypervnetilating at the hotness of Daniel, Xavier, Peter, Bryce, Ashley….. AND ROB !!!!

  • Sj

    Thanks for all the tweet action from everyone who was there, my boss didn’t leave work early enough for me to go into his office and watch the livestream on his comp. Bad boss!

  • Loves. Can’t wait to see your face. I plan to sharpie it!

  • CarrieCee

    Moon, I am going to overlook the fact that you called us “Austrians” instead of Australians, only cos I know you were super tired.
    But you’re on, like, a warning. I’m yellow carding you, okay?
    Right, now that I’ve said my bit I’m going back to my bbq, the shrimp are waiting.

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    So Tia and Tamara, but no Uncle Jesse? What’s up with that? I thought he and Rob were tight!

    Anyway, I thought Kristen looked beautiful, but her dress didn’t fit properly, a little too big. Ashley and Nikki both looked silly, Dakota looked pretty but boring, and Bryce was divine. I may just have to start loving that girl, despite the fact that she’s not Rachelle.

    As for the men, Taylor looked shellacked to perfection, Xavier was delicious, and Rob…..mmmm, Rob. I LOVED the maroon suit. Very 60’s mod, kinda Beatles-esque. But of course, I’d love that man in anything. Or nothing, whatevs.

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