Oh heyyyy: We just saw Eclipse!

Sorry all- Eclipse is out- All spoilers ahead!!!

Dear Eclipse,

Oh heyyyy!!!

Where do we start? Do we discuss the hits versus the misses of the movie? Do we talk about all the cheesy one-liners we already know we’re going to be saying for the next year and ½ until we get some new content? Do we talk about how the only thing going through our heads every time HE came on screen was “Oh heyyyyy”

How about we talk about how we want to set up a stool, pull David Slade up on it and give him a huge hug.

Let’s talk about how we love Howard Shore for including the Sia & Metric songs throughout his score.

Let’s be proud we can show our non Twi friends this movie because it actually seems like a “real” movie.

(Let’s squee for a second over the new Harry Potter trailer and also get a little freaked out about how much they gave away!)

Let’s discuss how we got the MOTHER EFFING LEG HITCH!!!

Let’s apologize to Edward for liking the Jacob & Bella kiss a litttttle bit too much

Let’s get Jake some blotting tissues for that last scene when he looks like he’s dying of yellow fever.

For that "fresh off the Jersey Shore" look

Let’s put a call into L.A. Looks, and after thanking them for sponsoring Twilight with their donations of tubs of hair gel, ask them to move some of the allotted product for Taylor & pass it on to Rob to fix his floppy bangs.

Let’s close our eyes and picture OURSELVES as Bella in a world where the guy on the bed is so hot that the gold brocade bedding he’s laying on doesn’t even matter.

Let’s be grateful that most of the Bella/Edward getting-it-on scenes didn’t make us feel like we were watching Robsten preparing for an evening of licking cheese-whiz off each other

Let’s talk about when we can burn down the jewelry store that created Bella’s engagement ring.

Let’s “lay” with Charlie in the Biblical sense because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t gotten any since Renee left.

Let’s call up our local zoo & find out when “pet a wild wolf day” is- because those pups are CUTE! (Or we could just head back down Sunset Blvd where Moon, Mr. Choice & I saw a REAL LIFE WOLF crossing the street last night! It’s a sign. Rob loves me, obviously!)

Let’s get excited for illegal clips to surface online so we can watch Edward get all turned on and imagine we’re Bella but with good hair & a 2 karat solitary diamond ring. HELLO!

Let’s take a second and pout that no one yelled “FREE FRED,” and in fact, no chubby red-headed vampire was spotted at all.

Let’s be momentarily bummed that we didn’t get to see the scene where Alice & Jasper meet in Philadelphia but then swoon over the scene where they share a quick kiss during battle practice.

And let’s be grateful we just realized it’s 7:30 am on the east coast and you’ll all be expected a new letter live in 1/2 hour!

Oh heyyyyy:


What did YOU THINK!????? Gah- we have so much to say. We recorded our convo with @paleochicksdigs & Mr. Choice on our ride home. I can’t wait to see it again because it all went so fast!!!! Sorry if you haven’t seen it yet- today is a day of mucho mucho spoilers!!!!

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  • I know I may get shot for this (or have really horrible wigs thrown at me) but the whole movie all I just kept thinking was…”I’m totally switching to Team Jasper. Bad wig and all.”

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      IKR Jackson Rathbone is blossoming! No down thumbs here!

    • Luludee

      No down thumbs here either. I’ve got one foot in Team Edward and one in Team Jasper, with all my weight on that foot. 😉

  • PourLAmourDeCanard

    Got to see the trilogy last night. Now at work with only 3.5 hours sleep. Sooooooooo worth it!! Even with a theatre full of Team Jacob Tweens that screamed every time he entered the shot. And my husband sat through the ENTIRE thing with me! Now that’s love right there. And it was his idea! A guy sitting in front of me was wearing a tshirt he had made that had a manip’ed photo of Rob and Taylor looking like thy were about to kiss and it said “screw Bella”. I second that. Honestly, I forgot how pissed off I got at her in Eclipse. I don’t fucking care how confused you are. You DO NOT make out with another guy when you are engaged! To Edward no less!!!!!! Overall, the movie was fucking phenomenal.

    However, Bellas wig = goddamn tragedy. How can you make this huge budget movie and make the lead actress look like a nappy-ass hippy? And I’m tryin not to hate on Bryce because she seemed to try so hard but that was part of the problem. She tried to look feral and intense while Rachelle WAS feral and intense. Bryce just managed to look like a psychotic porcelain doll from a bad horror flick ( IMHO)

  • 3hboyshouse

    OK UC, you must admit that short people can kinda Rock it! David Slade actually made a movie that I can enjoy as a real movie and not just cause it has “Twilight” in the title.

    Do Not Fear the SHORTIES!

    Love the post and do not forget we must write a letter to the new haircut that Mr. Chon was sportin’! Can anyone say “Flock of Seagulls”. It is kinda making me nostalgic.

  • I not long got home. It’s 3.03am and I am SO not sleepy.
    I am also happy that I can eat my words and say, with my hand on my heart, that Eclipse is, without a doubt, the best film so far. It completely exceeded every single expectation, and then some. So, so happy and excited!!I am DYING to see it again, hopefully tomorrow! … Well, later today.

    P.S. LEGHITCH FOR THE MOTHER F*CKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ambushed by twilight

    i forgot to mention in my earlier comment how many people in JORTS i saw! uh-huh… straight-up cut-offs!
    anybody else notice that where they were?

    • YES! Lots of cellulite on display last night from disgustingly short jorts.

  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    Let’s discuss Edward’s sparkle. I think I liked it best in New Moon although I’m glad DSlade removed the tinkle effect for Eclipse.
    Who’s with me?

    • “tinkle”
      I just pictured the sparklepeen in my head since that’s the term my 3 y/o daughter uses for peeing. hehehehe

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard


        • I hope this doesn’t sound too wrong wrong wrong, but the other day I was changing my little boy’s diaper after his sisters had been crafting with glitter and some got down into the front of his diaper, and all I could think of was…well, you know. But not in the WRONG way!!! (Please don’t think I’m a big perv…I just couldn’t help laughing…)

          • Rob’s flaming dashboard

            That reminds me…

          • Athena


    • Pinky

      But I loved how Slade made the sparkles in the sunlight reflect off of Bella’s face early in the film. I thought that was a beautiful touch.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Yes! Real close to my book image. I also thought they finally got Edward’s makeup right. Pale and interesting. Loved his blazing coal black eyes when he grabbed and snarled at the snog stealing hound on Bella’s doorstep. Cullen yellow eyes were best in Twilight though.

      • Obava

        I totally did not notice this. Prolly because I was looking at Edward, not Bella 😀

  • I found some parts of the movie riveting, but too many times the mood was broken by the hysterical teens who constantly screamed like they’ve never seen TayTay shirtless before. But altogether it was pretty awesome. I’m going back asap.

    Rob was painfully hot in that tent, y’all! Throughout the whole movie really. GAH!

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    So I got home at 3am and laid awake trying to think of something I didn’t like….and, nothing! I’m sure I’ll think of some things upon subsequent viewings (of which there will be many) but for now I am completely satisfied (twss), and if you know me, that is damn near impossible!

    But right now I would just like to send a huge THANK YOU out into the universe to all the people in my theater last night, for not screamin too much or being otherwise insufferable, including the surprising number of teenage boys who seemed to not quite know why they were there. I love you all right now!

    And an even huger thank you to David Slade, Master of the Twi-Universe.

    • Either my theatre was full of lamespices or they were being respectful (I can’t decide which) but no one squeed when Edward or Jacob showed up for the first time. Strangely, they did applaud when Julia Roberts came onscreen for the Eat Love Pray trailer. WTF? But everyone was actually pretty quiet. And there seemed to be no Team Jacob members there-other than the collective “mmmmm” that rippled thru the theatre during the first shirtless scene, there was no giggling, squeeing, screaming, or changing of the panties. Sooo different than NM last year.

      • Minderelly

        I had lamespices in my theater too. Zero envolvement, no clapping for HP trailer (WTF???), talkies behind us and stupid comments throughout. One girl actually said, “Ha! Look it’s the Space Needle.” I’m in Seattle. Uh, no sh*t, brainiac. You don’t need to point out our biggest landmark to the whole theater. I kinda wanted to say “Look, it’s Vancouver!” for the rest of the movie. “Look, it’s Vancouver trying to be Florida” could have been fun too.

        No catcalls in the theater for nekkid Tay. What gives?

        • kitkat

          My friend may or may not have yelled “take off your shirt!” during the first scene. I LOVED his entrance, despite what someone said earlier about it being cheesy. Be still, my heart!

          • Pinky

            I loved it too and there were plenty of catcalls in my theater when Taylor brought on the cheese.

  • Aro


    I will not take off work tomorrow I will not take off work tomorrow…

    Ooh, I may go tonight instead of Saturday I may go tonight instead of Saturday….

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Go tonight, go tomorrow, go Saturday. Because that’s #NORMAL

      • Aro

        Bought the tickets for 8pm tonight about two minutes after I typed that :-).

        This is all normal….

        • Rob’s flaming dashboard

          So you are probably home by now and ready to join the posting fools!

  • blackgirltwihard

    Replied to my own post cause this is hella long…SPOILERS!!!!! Ok I made it and I stayed till right before the battle scene… it was great. Moved a little fast as someone said earlier, but overall David Slade managed to combine the “indie feel” of Twilight and the, “main stream-ish feel” of New Moon. Eclipse kinda seals the deal. All I gotta say is Condon better get his weight up… this is a tough actor to follow!

    I did enjoy Bryce’s tree jumping swagger as Victoria a little more than I thought I was going to…Speaking of that scene, when Emmett and Paul had that run-in in the beginning…Whew yeah total sexiness… Matter of fact total, sexiness all the way around!!! Schoolyard motorcycle ride and all… But when J and B, were in the garage, I really missed the Indie rock songs;o( and that whole scene could have went sooooo fanfiction left when Jake got all “Friday night Dateline-20/20 I killed my love interest” on Bella re: the whole “better off dead, than a vampire” soliloquy… kinda scared me…otherwise I actually enjoyed all of Tay-Tay’s lines/soliloquies … he was very HOT!!!!

    Overall, I loved the acting… I thought everyone looked great, but Bella’s scene with Rene (very touching btw) in her $1 store sun shades killed me (Volturi-Italy-Alice-Ray bans!!! Somebody, PLEASE), also at the grad party when Jessica and Angela ran up on her looking “oh so fly” and she was in a wrinkled blue shirt, I was like “dammit this chic runs with Vampires,” but can she run to the damn Forever 21 or the nearest TJX??? ( I think either UC or Moon said that up here before, But yeah the “Bella” gear is awful)

    2 honorable mentions were 1) Bella looking more uncomfortable than a deadbeat dad at a child support convention (sorry, divorcé turrets) at the tribal meeting, which was also done very well — short and to the point…it’s kinda long in the book… js, (but don’t twist it: the 1/8 Cheraw in me appreciates anything NA…js …check the weave I mean, hair) and 2) the whole Bella going to the Cullens for their alone night” which again, was also very sweet and tasteful, even though when she gets to the door Edward (being the Edward that he is and (yeah he was VERY Edward in this one) was rocking out to Debussy, when I’m sure I heard Tupac’s “ How Do You Want It?” playing in the truck as Bella pulled up thinking she was about to “lose it” to old Eddie-Poo or maybe that was playing in my head…Dunno! Anyway, LOVED IT…!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. re: the whole Robsten thing: all I’m saying is that the goo-goo eyes looked a little more real this time but I could be a victim of the whole “Wyck Godfrey opening day eve” confirmation-gate…my young impressionable Shrek watchin’ mind…

    • natashadushi

      “the whole Robsten thing: all I’m saying is that the goo-goo eyes looked a little more real this time” I thought the SAME thing! (and I am a nonsten)

    • Pinky

      I loved your entire post. ‘How Do You Want It?’ Indeed! Hahahahaha….

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Okay, I have a splitting headache from staying up so late and watching it on IMAX, so my thoughts are still a little scrambled, but here’s what I loved:

    The acting, especially Bella and Edward–SO MUCH BETTER. Rob didn’t seem like he was passing a kidney stone at all and Kristen actually gave Bella some balls. I really felt more like Bella was a real modern teenager and was more grown up in thinking about her choices.

    Taylor’s body! I still feel like a serious sleazeball, but DAYUM, I totally involuntarily whistled (didn’t even know I knew how to do that) when they showed him shirtless for the first time. His acting was good too–I saw the pain and heartbreak in his eyes.

    Charlie: Never disappoints. I’m developing a stache fetish. (ok, not developing, I’ve had it for a while now)

    The Volturi: Dakota Fanning is the stuff of nightmares and it’s good to have an actual scary vamp in a vampire movie. Though, of course, I would’ve loved an added scene with Aro.

    The back stories: were well done. Felt for a minute like I was watching True Blood.

    The seks: lots of hotness in the kissing department. Though poor Bella must have the most serious case of lady blue balls ever.

    Things I wanted more of:

    The Taha Aki story seemed too short and didn’t explain the shift from spirit warriors to shape shifters. Just seemed rushed.

    Leah: I wanted more of this badass bitch. I like Leah as a character because she is just not okay with all the BS that’s happening to her and, again because she’s a badass bitch.

    The ending: I definitely missed out on not seeing Edward finally lose his impeccable boner control. AND I totally agree with the above comment about how pained Bella was after Jacob is hurt and she tells him about her choosing Edward.

    AND, here’s a big thing I missed: didn’t the end of the book have a scene with Leah and Jacob and Jacob takes off in wolf form and is all wolfy sad and pissed off? I liked the shift to Jacob’s point of view, which sets us up for BD. One of the things I loved about the book is that you finally get out of Bella’s crazy head and just really FEEL for Jacob. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the meadow.

    What I wanted LESS of:

    Jasper’s wig. Jasper’s accent. Carlisle’s new accent (WTF?) Bree. Victoria’s wig. Bella’s wig. Flannel. Denim shirts. Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts for sale in the theater.

    Oh, and check THIS out: My friend got sick and bailed on me, so I went ALONE. To a midnight showing. In my LTT “They’re NOT Bears” shirt. Devoted? Nerdy? Crazy? Pathetic?

    • 3hboyshouse

      Totally Devoted, Nerdy, Crazy and totally NORMAL! I <3 you for going by yourself! I agree about the Carlisle accent. I am not sure why Peetah has to have the accent. It just sounds pretentious, he sounds like Madonna after she moved to London.

      • MichaelSheenisaDILF

        Yes! That is EXACTLY what he sounds like. OH WHY?!??!? I love the Fach! The accent was just wrong.

  • lapushbaby

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did. I think I will have more critical opinions after the eleventy-billionth time I see it, but at midnight last night, in the theater of hilarious, laughing, cat-calling, gasping people (mostly gals) it was Perfect.


  • I LOVED all this and more…it was EPIC.

    HOWEVER, how DARE they limit the amount of “Badward”…I mean, let’s face it, in this book he is controlling, protective, and downright badass. He was supposed to KIDNAP her. They left out my FAVORITE line: “You are in trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.” This angst should have been in the movie. 🙁

    Also, how could they forget to include Rosalie’s obsession with having kids and how she “saved” Emmett because he reminded her of her friend’s baby? This is such a huge precursor to Breaking Dawn. They could have done better with that scene but at least she wore the wedding dress to kill Royce. 🙂

  • frightenedflips

    I’m so happy with this movie I think I may or may not want to cry a little.
    I think my fav line was Charlie “oldschool? is that code for something” – cringe!!! hahahahah!!!!!!

  • Minderelly


    Love, love, love, love, love!!!

    There is finally a movie that I am not embarrassed to enjoy. David Slade is amazing and I heart him.

    Favorite things:

    I almost stood up during the Leg Hitch. Did not, thank goodness.

    Bella & Edward had “moments” where they actually seemed in love. Awww.

    Jacob to Edward: “I’m hotter than you.” Funny. And have to agree without the shirt. *Ducks*

    Charlie. ‘Nuff said.

    Alice – Jasper scene. SO cute and awesome.


    Must go see it again! Enjoy LTTers! UC & Moon thanks for the thoughts. So fun!

  • LCneiny

    David Slade is awesome!! Way to up the ante on the franchise, sir!

    I think having the soundtrack ahead of the film is really helpful, I loved having that connection to a song I love at a pivotal point in the film (Sia = leghitch for eva)

    Like others have said, I wish there was a little more conflict over the choice, I feel like it was glossed over a bit.

    Loved the tent scene, Bella petting Jacob in wolf form (mostly b/c I kept remembering the interviews where they talked about how Taylor was in a silver jumpsuit to film the scene for CGI), and the proposal! I was expecting the proposal to be totally cringe-worthy but I thought it was very well done.

    Can’t wait to watch it again without the 12 year olds screaming whenever Taylor appears on screen. Save it!

    OH – and my movie-marathon-viewing-partner was not familiar with why the leghitch is so important. I had to give her the lowdown prior to the movie starting. I told her she needs to start reading this site so she’s properly informed 🙂

  • PerfectDate

    My 2 cents:
    1. Where is my Edward strut and entrance. Isn’t that in Rob’s contract? J/K
    Seriously: (but no tweed thank goodness)
    1. Liked the blanket graduation gift, to “keep her warm”, cleverly written in by MR. Am trying to think back to any other “easter egg” things though (like the cross in the first Twilight, the music in the Volturi elevator in New Moon, etc).
    2. I think DS missed a dramatic shot with Edward ripping out of the tent, going nose to nose with SethWolf, and saying “Go!”. I love that in the book. I like my Edward with a big dose of whoop-a$$. And I wanted to see Edward and Victoria do their dance, not play slappy hands.
    3. I thought Victoria’s death was shot well, we see Edward lean down like he’s going to kiss her neck, I def caught that so kudos to DS for including that little detail.
    4. Charlie=Win, what else can you say
    5. Loved the Jasper v Alice practice fight, “little monster”, those little duets were all well done IMO
    So I am off to go read LTX, oh heeyyyyyyyy!

  • Twix

    I’m usually a lurker on this site, but thought I’d post my reaction to the film since I seem to be in the minority…? Saw Eclipse last night with the hubby. It was pretty good, aside from the mass numbers of preteens and subsequent giggle fests. I definitely liked the movie overall, but am I the only one who wasn’t completely in love with it??! I truly think New Moon was phenomenal, and Eclipse fell short of its awesomeness. As someone mentioned before, the CGI in this film was embarassing to watch at times, especially during *most* of the wolf scenes. What kind of an animal moves like that?! They were so discomboulated! With the $$$ they’ve made off this franchise, I’m not impressed with those pups.

    The leg hitch was, thankfully, there. But a little anticlimatic…and maybe a bit awkward.

    Bella’s wig was SO distracting. How could the hairstylist let her leave the chair looking that ridiculous?!

    And the soundtrack…wait, what soundtrack? Must have missed it.

    And the instantaneously combustible Victoria, yeah, WTF?!

    But I’ve got to say, the tent scene between Edward and Jacob was refreshingly geniune. This scene was beautifully delivered on both their parts. And Bella’s speech at the end was very poignant.

    But still: New Moon eclipsed Eclipse (bad humor) ;D

    (Dear Chris W., I missed you deeply)

    • Twix

      apparently I can’t spell discombobulated…

    • Aro

      Omg, thank you for this. Because I am DEVASTATED that:

      *looks around, says in teeny tiny voice*

      I didn’t…like it.


      Well, I enjoyed I think the first quarter or so. And then…bah. The sexy times were good (very!). The first Cullens-chasing-Victoria scene was badass. But other than that, I got nothin.


      And I agree, the wolves looked like…wtf? New Moon so blew it away. I want Chris Weitz back. Devastated I say….

    • lysin

      Totally still liked New Moon more! Thank you! Even with Robward missing the majority of the movie, it was still better.

      I think Eclipse was well done, and more of a normal movie… but the tone was so different. It lacked so much of the angst that the other 2 were dripping with but the storyline (love triangle) is full of angst.

      I loved the leghitch and the tent scene. And the acting was way better! I loved scary Rob! But the tone of the movie made it feel like looking at pictures of your dinner instead of actually eating. My theatre was really quiet too, but I think its that this movie just hits you in a different way.

      And big fail on missing the “grizzly bears” line after the kidnapping, I loved that part. And Edward relenting at the end.

      And yes, where was the Soundtrack??? I loved how NM really used music to set the tone (like the Hearing Damage scene). There are so many good songs on the Eclipse soundtrack (like Heavy in Your Arms), but where were they????

      But I am so ready to see Breaking Dawn part 1! “I have hope’

  • Luludee

    Ok, I just remembered two things while reading through the comments.

    – Love, love, loved the fact that Bella did some NARRATION in the movie!! It felt so much more, I dunno, real or relatable. A little more would have been nice maybe.

    – At the part where Jake tells Bella about imprinting, she asks him about it unsurely ( I can’t remember what she said) but I defs remembered someone’s comment from yesterday about “peeing/marking” (because she totally asked the question like she was thinking the same thing) and busted up in giggles for several minutes.

    • natashadushi

      I thought that the explanation of the imprinting part could have been more deeper

      • Luludee

        I was too busy giggling to notice. I’ll pay better attention next time 😉

  • Carrie

    I’m calling Eclipse battle of the hotties from now on.

  • lindsaylee

    hooray!! yes some silly lines ( i did laugh a bit) but loved the robsten scenes, missed a little more of the home alone bit from the book, but indeed best one yet. Cant wait to see it again on friday with val

    and btdubs, taylor didnt really stand out to me like he had in past movies, in fact i was quite underwhelmed with his performance

  • I am so excited to let it all sink in and pull a UC/Moon style collab blog with fellow LTT gal & Aussie native Jayde!!!


    &&& I can now TALK ABOUT ECLIPSE! My gag order is over!!!!


    was just thinking about him again and had to throw it in here. DAYUM.

  • Lovintherain

    Holy crow….it took me all morning and afternoon to read all the comments. I love reading everyone’s thoughts! I definitely loved it!!! Seeing it on the IMAX screen was a little intense. You can pretty much see the actors’ pores.

    These are my thoughts:

    *I thought the movie was extremely fast paced, but I guess it had to be to get everything in.
    * Rob channeled Edward better than ever before. The look of longing on his face at the beginning when Bella refuses to agree to marry him, and when he walks up after the B/J kiss broke my heart.
    * I also loved that Edward had more personality besides just brooding. I saw Rob in an interview saying that he enjoyed playing Edward in Eclipse more because he had a range of emotions. That def came through.
    *Charlie had the best lines in the movie. Superrrr was my personal fave. I think that both NM and Eclipse managed to portray the love between Charlie and Bella even better than the books.
    *The line that got the most laughs in our theater was when Jacob said, “You gotta admit, I am hotter than you.” (paraphrasing…can’t quite remember, still in lack-of-sleep induced fog).
    *I think Kristen has matured in her acting. She is able to show more emotion with less blinking and stuttering.
    *I loved having more Cullens!!!!!!

    I could go on and on and probably will in the weeks to come.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the SM interview, UC the Superfan, and which lines from the movie become a regular part of the LTT vocabulary!

    • Renie

      The pace seemed better with the second viewing. I was able to relax and enjoy the movie when I knew what to expect.

      • Lovintherain

        That’s good to hear. I promised I would take my son tomorrow (yes, I am raising a unicorn) so I will get the chance to relax and watch too.

  • LetsBeSimple

    I want to know why if vampires are supposed to all be beautiful, how come all the newborns (aside from Riley – Hellooooo Nurse!) look like white trash? And butch white trash at that. Just an observation, there.

    • natashadushi

      * nods frantically* of yes

  • teamboth

    It was amazing, really bad wig and all! It really went way way to fast!! It was like months and months of planning your wedding and then all the sudden its over, thats how it felt. 2 hours and 15 min felt like 5. I cant wait to see it a million more times 🙂

    Lovintherain I love everything you said!! I totally agree 100% Rob and Kristen were amazing in this movie! It was just really good I cant believe we have to wait so long for the next one 🙁

  • Danielle

    When she punched Jacob I couldn’t help myself from laughing the whole theatre laughed. I even said mind you while I was watching the film ‘oh that was stupid’. I do not ever talk during movies (pet peeve)so it really wasn’t great. The sound was weird when she hit him and it was so quick and from a weird angle, but the next scene Jacob and Edward arguing so great. The movie was amazing def the best of all three by far. KStew was good. Taylor was great, and Rob was good too. No huge complaints.
    Anyone notice when the Jacob wolf gets hurt and shifts back to actual human Jacob he is totally nakey!?! I mean I realized that happens but awkward, guess they didn’t want to piss of us hard core fans by giving the poor man some shorts lol.

  • natashadushi

    My eurocents on the movie:
    Loved all the actions!
    > What a FUGLY engagementring, looks like a cuttle fish bone (http://www.carolscornwall.com/On%20the%20Beach/Cephalopod-Cuttlefish%20bone13-03-09.jpg)
    > Leghitch was awesome!
    >Loved the ” lalala” from Charlie after Bella tells him she’s still a virgin
    >Proposalscene was poor. Now I have to think of Robward everytime I drink ice-tea
    >Didn’t like the deadscene of Victoria. It was akward!
    >Ditch the daddyvolvo!
    >I am a fakelesbian for Leah now
    >Team Zwitserland? *snort*
    > In the last 30 min of the movie I could hear Rob’s English accent a few times

    • MichaelSheenisaDILF

      I’m a total fake lez for Leah/Julia Jones. I want her to bitch slap me.

  • rpisthenewps

    3 headed lobster?

  • Obava

    I have so much to say but a lot of it has already been said. Loved loved loved Eclipse and *especially* Eclipseward- finally he got a personality. He was funny, sweet, fuckhawt angry, vulnerable, and controlling. Rob did a great job- especially the proposal scene. Edward had asked Bella to marry him several times in the meadow scene, but in the bedroom scene, he got so nervous I was getting nervous for him!
    I was disappointed in the tinkley sound (like glass or ceramic breaking) when vamps were dismembered- the book says it sounds like rocks being shredded. And I was looking forward to how the pieces of vamp in the books were white and heavy and burned with that purple incense smoke, but none of that was in the movie.
    Cool Slade marks: Rosalie in the wedding dress- I was so sad the scene ended before we could see her in her full glory. It was so awesome that it left me wanting more. I also loved Bella’s dream about Jasper- tres creepy!
    My daughter and I laughed at the leg hitch- we KNEW Slade was putting a very fine point on his message to us LTTers, and were suprised he didn’t add a blinking neon sign saying “LEG HITCH…LEG HITCH…HAPPY NOW?” I knew I was the only LTTer in my theater because I was the only one who threw her arms up in the air and cried “Leg hitch!”
    The 15 year old girls in our group are now all Team Riley, and the non-unicorn dad’s assesment was “That was a good movie, but she should dump that vampire boy and go with that wolf boy.”

    Can’t wait to go again tonight!

    P.S. I had a dream last night that we LTTers were all riding a “magic carpet” (like what the vamps walk on to make them look like they are really fast) like we were on a bus and I stood up and yelled “Leg Hitch 2010 accomplished- are you ready for Buttcrack 2011?!?!” and you all screamed in agreement. When I first woke up, I thought I had been referring to Buttcrack Santa, but now realise I was talking about Naked Edward on Isle Esme 😉

    • Luludee

      I love your dream and especially your later realization about it. Awesome. Perhaps we will need a bus for BD. I soo want to make the LTT-BD meet-up!!

    • JustGoWithIt

      I thought about the tinkling sound too. I liked in Bree, when she describes Victoria and Riley’s kissing sounding like marble clanking together (not exact words), since that is in keeping with the descriptions of vamps being hard like marble when touched. The one part of new moon that really took me out of the mood was Alice’s bouncing soft breasts in her party dress before Jasper goes at Bella. In my mind nobody that was hard like marble to touch would have that much jiggle to them.

  • Nelle

    Just came back from the IMAX theater. So much to like and some things to dislike a little or at least that could have been done a little better. Does anyone else catch themselves with a silly grin on their face when Edward is particularly adorable onscreen?

    I also didn’t like that they made it look like Edward was having some problems with Victoria in the fight. He was so invincible in the book. We saw enough of vulnerable Edward in New Moon with the Volturri.

  • MsLiss

    wow just wow.. i’ve had 5 hrs sleep and now i’m at work, but i had to check in with LTT! ok so i loved the movie, agree with most comments here. Bedroom scenen FTW! – oh really there was so much win!

    One thing i feel a little werid about is Bella’s speach at the end. i sort of get it as in the book some of her inner monologue is about not fitting in or being on the same wave length as other peps, but did she really have to say it wasn’t about Edward? I’m not sure about that part..Can anyone help me out with bits from the book on this one ?

    although i an see how it makes Bella look strong and willful which will help her character move inot the BD movie with all the BIG decsions she has to make..

    We counted 36 guys in out midnight sess…and i could of throttled the twi teens. As some one else mentiond there was alot of Team Jacob sqeeling going on WTF? and immature teens giggling at the kissing scenes. So i’m going to see it again..

    teary moments…Renee and Bella..Graduation..Jessica did a great speach! i know there was another but i can’t remember right now. sleep dep.

    and yes OH HEYY Xavier!

    • Nelle

      I sort of liked Bella’s speech at the end (except for the part of it not being all about Edward- everything is all about Edward!). However, I think they “borrowed” those musings from Breaking Dawn. And we didn’t need to take up Eclipse time with that. That scene should have had the hot make-out session with Edward! Also got teary at the Bella and mom scene. Liked Jessica’s speech- was funny, but again- took away valuable Edward screen time. Does anyone else feel this movie could easily have been 20 minutes longer and fit in more from the book? Like we would complain about it being too long?

  • WakeUpDead25

    I thought this one was def the best of the 3 movies, I felt had almost no 2nd hand embarrassment. But some teeny tiny things stuck out for me:

    Why does Bella never shed a tear? Isn’t she supp. to be in pain over her choice and all? Did they not shoot that cuz KStew can’t cry on cue?

    Why does Jasper (almost) shed a tear and why does Rose get teary-eyed when Steph Mayer’s vampires can’t cry??!

    How come Jake looks tall and muscular in some scenes and like his normal short self in other scenes? Kinda bothered me.

    On another note, could RobWard get any more delish? Holy crap, he looked gorge in this one, rarely constipated and never dressed like an old man.

    • Obava

      WUD25- Re: Vamp tears- I noticed that, too- even Alice looked like she was tearing up when Jasper did. Good acting, bad vamping.

  • Sue G.

    “Let’s close our eyes and picture OURSELVES as Bella in a world where the guy on the bed is so hot that the gold brocade bedding he’s laying on doesn’t even matter.

    Amen sister!

  • LissyLoo

    UC and Moon..
    Definately time to start LTX.
    I’d offer to do it for u gals but I’m not nearly as funny!
    Yay the Aussie connection is awesome! Now I can have someone to hope to see in the street! Although he’s prob always in LA as well!!
    anyways… Love me some xiley!

  • Um, I totally thought of LTT when Bella said she was Switzerland. I swear they wrote that just for us.

  • lovemesomecullens

    Finally. A+++ to David Slade!

  • lovemesomecullens

    Am I the only one who thought Rob looked a little like Elvis in some of the scenes?

    • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

      Too funny! Someone with us said that out loud.

  • lovemesomecullens

    And, just one more observation. Did Jasper turn into Matthew McConaughey? Cause when he went into that little southern drawl and talking out of the side of his mouth, well, I was waiting for Jennifer Lopez to pop up. That was weird for me!

    • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

      I absolutely LOVE Jasper, but for some reason his forehead seemed to grow before my eyes in the movie. WT…..

  • Right now I really want to hug a Keebler elf out there somewhere(Slade)!!The legHitch was so worth the wait, and the movie brought on the action in the the best way possible. Robward brought his A-Game to set throughout the movie and really made it great!!I am now team “Can you please keep your farts to yourself”. Go Eclipse and the LegHitch!!!

  • Obava

    Just got back from my 2nd viewing in less than 24 hour period:

    Noticed a new Rob scar- just to the left of the bridge of his nose. And I love the scenes where it looks like he’s wearing no makeup. Also caught what you ladies were talking about where his inner De Niro took over.

    When Edward is talking to Charlie & Bella about the plane tix, he sounds exactly like Carlisle. And when Charlie & Bella are having sex talk, Billy uses Kristen mannerisms- I’m really impressed if he did this on purpose!

    Edward’s sideburns kept getting longer, then shorter, then longer- how hard is it to remember to trim them evenly with his earlobes, make-up department?

    In the Cullens v. Volyuri scene, Alice’s nipples are HARD in that pleather Member’s Only jacket, and as soon as I noticed they wouldn’t stop staring me in the eye. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have to leave the theater.

    I thought Taylor’s acting was great in this movie, and gets better every time. Plus, in the Yellow Fever scene, I could have sworn I saw a tear slip out of Jake’s eye and roll down his nose.

    Off to try to sleep, and no more Eclipse for me tonight 🙂

    xo sleepyobava

  • cledbo

    Haven’t seen it yet (do I have to hand in my fangirl card? Stupid early meetings…) BUT

    I’m super second-hand proud that everyone loves Xavier, because he’s 100% pure thunder from down under, and I loves to represent my fellow Aussies. Yo.
    Plus, because he still lives here (somewhere *stalker mode activating*) my chances of “running into him randomly” whilst looking smoking hot are exponentially greater than my chances with Rob…

    LTX, you say?

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Loved it but also felt some parts too fast/others too slow . . . so of course have to see multiple times (Normal, right) to figure it all out. Slade, the little Troll Leprechaun 2nd generation hybrid cross (which means he is legal in CA), really surprised me. First soft spoken interviews & movie not as dark as I feared w/him at the helm. Though I wonder how much Summit/producers rein the directors in (Can’t shake the mental image of Jimmy Neutron every time I see an interview of Wyck Godrey!). This sounds way too serious, but being tired results in a rambling side effect. No, I guess I always type like this . . .

    Probably drove surrounding people CRAZY between dueling Robward person next to me & Punch Buggy bad wig game going on the other side of me . . . I was distracting myself w/my own comments, but had a good time & can’t wait to go back & truly absorb (which is just scary). Hoping IMAX next week.

    Liked the opening Edward/Jake since a little more dialogue than clip, but still bothered (no pun intended) about Bella running off w/Jake on motorcycle & leaving Edward.

    Did like Edward w/more emotion instead of gas attacks (maybe reason he heard the word farts for thoughts, sorry, couldn’t resist).

    LOVED Charlie more than EVER but was waiting for “I always am” line even though would have cringed if he did say it.

    Bella reaction to Jake & Edward – wanted more of turmoil if that is it, not sure. Felt like she was like meaner than need be to Eddie throughout or no reaction to something that should be tearing her up. No Eddie comfort after kiss or in car after broken bed.

    Wedding dress revenge – kinda freaky. Thought her eyebrows were going to take off when she was talking to Bella on the deck, blame it on the blonde hair. Love her as a brunette & your fake lesbian thoughts have ruined every scene for me that poor Niki is in . . . You are all a bad influence I must say. Trying to explain to someone why you are laughing at odd moments would be so much easier if they new LTT shorthand!

    Jake Wolf nuzzle – expecting more connection w/the whole grey suit story – really liked in bk cuddles w/him always wanted a dog & at 1st fight practice (I think) he licks her face she laughs & forgets everyone is there, looks around, Cullens & Wolf pack silent looking at them w/the WTF look.

    2nd Jake Kiss – Almost lost an arm when said to Robward next to me, “Wow, don’t think she kisses Edward like that” . . . I think I have a bruise. Ouch! Who threw that shoe!?! I know Chris Hanson can’t legally get me, but I love my wolf boy.

    Wow, this is getting long & I am so jumping. . . .& I think my quota for Jake love is over the limit for this site. . . will just have to have to go check it out again . . . loved the funnier lines throughout – had everyone laughing not just the people who read the books. Boy, I gotta go to bed people . . . sorry for the rambling . . .

  • twiprof

    Eclipse….favorite book, and now, favorite of the saga movies….
    Robward…..beautiful–can that boy get any prettier?
    Xiley….wow, just wow…and funny too…he screamed something at the newborns about “keeping a low profile” and I burst out laughing. I guess I was the only one in the theater who found it hilarious ( or maybe I was the only one who read the Bree Tanner book) BTW I am glad I did, for it seemed the newborn army was shown often. But Xavier, you are now on my radar honey!
    Loved the tent scene.”I am hotter than you” came out better than I anticipated, and Edward was heartbreaking. Rob truly did feel spot on in this movie.
    I also laughed aloud when Edward is coaxing Riley, and he is telling him about Victoria’s deception. He says something like “you are from Forks.” It struck my funny bone.
    I could go on and on, but I honestly need to figure out the next time to see the movie….I need several viewings…..
    oh, and my charlie….still stand by my leghitch charlie, imprint edward….
    love you LTT! LTR! and LTX!

  • Monzo

    I wish I hadn’t know about the Bella wig thing- every time she was on screen I was staring at her hair, trying to figure out if it was THE WIG or not.

    I would have preferred to just focus on the movie instead.

    I loved the tent scene, but did anyone notice that Rob let his british accent slip once during the convo with Taylor? Bummer.

    Also- WHY did I read the eclipse book just before seeing it at the movies???? It just made me focus on all the things they changed or left out. I know they can’t be true to the book 100% and I think they did an excellent job.. Ahhh my mistake.

    Loved it, wanna see it again!!!

    • JustGoWithIt

      Same here on all counts, distracted by wig-watch 2010, thought dang I shouldn’t have re-read the book because every scene in a movie seems cut short compared to books, and going to see it again.

  • JustGoWithIt

    I enjoyed the movie, but had one major objection.

    The kiss scene at the end with Bella and Jacob, where he asks her to kiss him. In the book this is very emotional, she cries, it is a big deal and it should be for a teen girl in love with two men. In the movie it was like why bother. We don’t even know why Edward has left the scene, he doesn’t seem to have gone far, it seems like he could be standing right over yonder. And she asks if he is angry he says no, and that is the end of it. She couldn’t have had one lonely tear run down her cheek at least?

    Loved the leg hitch scene. Thought they should have included the heated scene in the meadow in the end where he is willing to do the dead right there, and she decides she stops him. Why not? It’s already gone there with the abstinence thing, why not add a little heat at the end?

  • JustGoWithIt

    Side note, I actually liked serious tweed Rob in New Moon – dashing!

  • OutOfMyElement

    I read every one of these comments and you ladies are very funny! I would have loved watching it with any of you. I saw it in an Over 21 only theater Wed. afternoon. Edward and wine, a most perfect combination. My crowd was very quiet and respectful with no one making a sound until Edward’s proposal when someone yelled I DO!

    To my surprise, no one has mentioned anything about the newborns and how they looked. Aren’t you supposed to be the best you can be afterward in the looks department? I’m guessing some of them must have been very fugly…………LOL!

    • JustGoWithIt

      Good point, they looked like zombies. Maybe I was sweating the small stuff with this movie (I’m going to see it again, maybe it will be a more relaxed viewing), but I noticed a few things with the makeup in general. Alice’s face looked kind of rough in a few parts, and Edward seemed very pale in some parts, with more color is some like the tent scene, during which he had a smokey eye. Bella also looked like they used powder, purple eyeshadow and matte lipstick. She looked pretty (everyone did), but I would have gone for liquid makeup only (and not much at that, she is supposed to be a not very girly girl right?) and light gloss on the lips only.

  • Loved the proposal scene soooo much! Use of “my love was brilliant. But what was the song playing as bella first arrived at his house? I recognized it as one of the alternate verions of bella’s lullaby but idk which one!

    • OutOfMyElement

      I’m not positive, but if memory serves me, I think it was Claire de lune.

  • Waytoooldforthistoo

    So, I know I brought this on myself by reading LTT/LTR before seeing Eclipse, but I couldn’t help myself. I finally saw it yesterday and, thank you very much, Taycob was a freaking alpaca. I could not get that image of the alpaca out of my head. WTH is an alpaca anyway?
    Aside from that little problem though, LOVED it!

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