Alice & Jasper – Missed opportunity?

Oh swoon

Dear Jackson and Ashley (and sorta to Jasper and Alice by proxy),

Romeo and Juliet, Ozzy and Harriet, Jay Z and Beyonce, Burt and Ernie, Peanut Butter and Jelly, UC and Moon, Ebony and Ivory. All great couples in history, right? They are M.F.E.O. (made for each other, duh!) as Jessica from Sleepless in Seattle would say. And I feel like it might be time to add Jasper and Alice to that list.

In Eclipse you stole every scene you were in. The banter and sly looks, the half smiles, the eyes, the “ma’m’s.” It was all so golden. As we saw the flashbacks from Rosalie’s life and then Jasper’s, I was holding my breath and saying a prayer to my impromptu alter of David Slade I had erected in our aisle of the movie theater, hoping that he loved us enough to give me what I hadn’t even dreamt of hoping for: The Jasper and Alice meeting in the diner. As Jasper tells Bella about his human life, we see it play out in front of us: riding horses, lion’s mane hair under a cowboy hat, confederate army and then trickery from Maria. Then Alice approaches and Jasper relays how he walked into the diner and met Alice who told him she had been waiting for him. I just knew it would be the perfect moment to drop in a quick glimpse of what that looked life. Sadly, my hopes were too high because we got no such flashback.

So not feeling the hope in this wig

We did, however, get one of the best moments of the movie between you two as Alice tells Jasper he kept her waiting and Jasper with that (at times questionable) drawl replies “sorry to have kept you waiting, ma’m” and then the little kiss. I just melted into the seat. I loved that is panned to Bella who was looking on and then glanced away and smiled to herself. I thought that was a great little moment from Kristen that capped one of my favorite scenes.

But I’m still sad we didn’t get the catch a glimpse of the epic first meeting of Jasper and Alice. It’s no secret I’m a big Jasper/Alice fan and want nothing more than for Stephenie Meyer to take a break and write me the untold Jasper/Alice story before they met the Cullens. Who needs that crap, Midnight Sun, that NO ONE wants finished when we could have Jasper/Alice radness to read? DO IT STEPHENIE!! Or DON’T DO IT STEPHENIE if that helps you out more.

Such a missed opportunity to make this movie even better and to give us Jashley whores a little something to salivate over. Every time Jasper and Alice were on screen everyone in the audience sighed and oh-ed and aw-ed over them, so I KNOW I’m not the only would who would have jumped out of their seat for this moment to happen. BUUUTTT this just means more opportunity for it to be included in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)!!! And with that, as Jasper said “I felt hope.”

Don’t keep me waiting,

Did you feel the same way? Did everyone around you sigh and die everytime Jasper and Alice had a moment? Died. So great. What other moments do you wish would have made the final cut?

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  • L-Mo

    Loved it, loved it, loved it! David Slade did a bloody good job.

    Although I realise this part of the book isn’t essential to the story line, the moment I wish would have been included is Bella’s mini (or maybe not so mini) breakdown after she leaves Jacob’s house after ‘officially’ telling him that she’s choosing Edward (that’s its ALWAYS been Edward). The part when she’s driving home and has to pull over cause she’s crying so much, and Edward comes and rescues her and takes her home and stays with her all night. *sigh. I really wanted to see that brought to life on the big screen.

    Without wanting to complain too much, I really don’t think they made a big enough deal of how much it broke Bella’s heart to break Jacob’s heart – to officially end it with him (although, really it never STARTED, but you know what I mean). She barely seemed to care.

    ok, enough criticism. I think this is the best movie so far!

  • Uhh… Hi.

    I’m a Jashly whore! I, too, melted into the aisle when he apologized for keeping her waiting… Oh, Jasper and thy really bad hair: I love thee!

  • Jennipurrr

    I loved the Jasper/Alice scenes, absolutely… BUT… I think that a man that came from the time of the Confederate Army would know the correct usage of seen vs. saw. That grammar screw up when he was relating meeting Alice really burned my biscuits!

  • Caroline

    I really loved his flashback, but I think it was too short! I wish it was a lot longer <3 And BTW, I'm thinking about sendig Stephenie a letter where I write that she shoul write a book\novella about Jasper's past! Who's with me?? xD I don't care about Midnight Sun!

  • Maree

    I love Jasper in the books and was really disappointed with what they delivered in the first two movies. But Eclipse was SO MUCH better! He was actually hot in the training scene and the flashback, and the little Alice/Jasper moments were fantastically adorable. They totally stole the scene.

    I’d love to see an Alice/Jasper backstory, simply because I’ve never really been able to understand their relationship. They’re so… private, I guess. It’s like everything about thier relationship is sort of an ‘in joke’ that I don’t get. I think an insight to how they amanged to get this fantastic bond is very necessary.

  • Mariam

    Well, I was also majorly disappointed when the diner scene did not happen…even the way that he tells Bella in the book is better than the movie.
    Jasper and Alice definitely are my favourite couple…and I was a die-hard Edward groupie for all of Twilight and New Moon. You are absolutely right, they stole the show in Eclipse. Just the way that he looks at her…MY heart stops whenever I see it.

  • this is so fckin tru!!!

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