Twilight eats the month of June (and spits out a SUPERFAN) Part 1

Dear month of June,

I wondered where you went. And then I remembered. You went to Twilight.

First there was that time we met Stephenie Meyer which was kinda cool. I mean meeting a sort-of-hero, someone who inspired us to be who we’ve become, reason we’ve gotten through many of the days for the past year and 1/2? Yeah…. no biggie. We made some videos. Try not to love us too much:

After the epic meeting I put on a new shirt (Thanks Moon!) hopped on a red eye flight home to Philadelphia where I arrived at 6 am. Then I packed some final boxes because friends & family showed up at 8 am to move us ah hour away. I have no recollection of that day.

But I love British Boys....

Oh WAIT, before the British shirt & the red eye & the moving, Moon & I laid at the pool & wrote an article for CREME magazine in New Zealand. They are a teen magazine with whom we’ve become friendly & they wanted to hear about our experience with Stephenie. More on that later.

After 6 days in my new house, it was time to put on my SUPERFAN face. Basically a few weeks prior I got a phone call from my roommate from college who runs which is owned by AOL which owns Moviefone was doing some secret Twilight events, one is in Philly. Did I want to go!? HECK YES! Then she said she could probably get me involved. Would I like to be? HECK YES. Somehow, I end up becoming a SUPERFAN which was actually QUITE fun- I got to interview Jackson Rathbone! SUPERFAN WHAT!?

I was worried about what to wear to interview Jackson. I tried this on but it didn’t seem right….

I dragged along some friends and my sister, who I made promise wouldn’t embarrass me, thought that getting a wolfpck tattoo would hold up her end of the bargain (Which I called The Cullen Crest- #FanFail)

Funny story- after the Jackson deal we went to an art show at a loft down the street from my house in Philly- the artist complimented my sister & her friends on their tattoos & asked if they were FRIENDSHIP tattoos. She thought they were real. As any regular LTT reader would know, you’re supposed to respond, “yes, yes that is a friendship tattoo” but noooo she admitted they were wolfpack tattoos & confessed I was a SUPERFAN.

But first this happened after the jump:

Introducing.... Your Twilight SUPERFAN!

Do me

Here- I'll even take my shirt off...

Tell me the truth: Do you love how pretty I look right now?

I wish the 100 Monkeys were here too...

THAT's where Ashley likes it!?

Did he almost diss Summit? And did I totally reject his attempted hug at the end? Oops. SUPERFAN fail! [If you heard some sort of name other than “UC” (I wasn’t there on official LTT business) just ignore that. They’re crazy. You know my real name is Bunny]

I’m exhausted.. and that’s barely half of JUNE! Stay tuned for Part 2!


If you missed yesterday on LTT, well here’s a recap: Moon & I are major bitches & a hater coined the terms: GAYBERT & KRISTONER for Rob & Kristen. And that hater becomes our new best friend, sorta.

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • All the HATE today, is GREAT. 🙂 for the HATE ya’ll

  • DanySpike

    Oh,. Bunny, you were great with Jackson! You made him semi-diss Summit, you made him laugh AND you gor to say “Well, I talked to Stephanie last week…” like you do it everyday.
    Your so full of WIN!

  • GAH! I have to say that now I officially am joining Jane Trigs in her Mission of Hate. And by hate I mean jealousy. And by jealousy I mean, I’m gonna photoshop myself into those photos.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Off topic: I have a new pet peeve…it might be an old one that I just don’t remember but anywho…IF they are going to insist that actors fake an accent especially a Maine accent then MAKE SURE THEY GET IT RIGHT….ok done now.. 😉

    • Sj

      My new mission today- practise Maine accent. First find out what it sounds like.

    • JodieO

      There’s only one movie I have ever seen where the Maine accents were anywhere close and that was In the Bedroom.

  • Luludee

    UC, Jackson is so trying to work his magicness on you in that “Here, I’ll even take my shirt off” pic. I still can’t believe you were that close to him!

  • lovethesefries

    OMGah you guys are too cute. And UC, Jackson was totes checking you out as you left. So. Jealous. Eclipse has definitely swayed me a little toward Team Jacksper…and even though I’m a southern girl and hear the accent all the time, when he says “my apologies, ma’am” I swoon every time!

    Oh and also, thanks for the FB add, lovies! I may or may not have done a small squee when I saw the request. <3

  • OutOfF(l)avour

    wow – frickin awesome job. you are a really good interviewer.

  • TheRedHead

    I have to reluctantly admit to being there in person (first hand embarrasing) to see UC put a smack down on the cardigan loser from MovieFone with her interviewing skills…and yes Jbone is cuter in person…especially when he winked at (me) the crowd.

    (slow mo flashback…*sigh*)

  • chryredlipstik

    Ack! If I had been you, I would have totally accepted the hug and I may or may not have had to be arrested for kidnapping cause I don’t think I would have been able to let go! I looove me some Jackson!

  • Tigerkitten36

    I will join Janetrigs in my hate of you too.

    Mad jealous .

    The video was great “Bunny”

  • UC, I think I understand why you rejected the hug offer. Of course, you knew that if he wrapped his arms around you, there’d be no letting go and there’d be leg hitching and moans and I’m pretty sure MovieFone was expecting a G-rated interview.

    Now your next step is to find out how to become an NC-17 Superfan. Jasper didn’t get any leg hitching action in any movie, I’m sure Jackson would be willing to “audition.”

  • WakeUpDead25

    Great interview UC, you seemed so composed, and Jax was totally digging you. You guys had some chemistry!
    OMG if you and Moon ever interview Rob, I am gonna die…

  • lieutenant.twilight

    Wow, UC! I couldn’t be more jealous of your interaction with Jackson! Sorry all you Rob lovers but Jackson is my #1 man! (I know blasphemy!)

    Also, thanks for making me smile every day at work! I always start off with a dose of LTT to get me thru the day!

  • Holy Forks (yes, I really did just say that.) I have the British Boys hsirt HOLY CRAPPPPPP.

    Much love, <3 <3 <3

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  • Profmom8

    Nooooo…the video is gone. Where can I find it?

    New to LTT

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