What we were actually thinking during our Stephenie Meyer Interview

Dear LTTers,

You’ve learned that Stephenie actually reads LTT; you’ve seen our EPIC picture of the LEGHITCH with the creator of the LEGHITCH; you’ve heard about Midnight Sun– the book we hope she loses the manuscript for so no one has to read that piece of crap; you’ve heard us hint that there’s much more to share. We thought we were already pretty generous, but apparently sharing 3 pieces of our 4 hour conversation wasn’t enough for you all. Sheesh. So demanding.

Anyway, this week we had a chance to listen to some of the audio we took *sniff* 4 weeks ago today, and let me tell you: Re-listening to this stuff was pretty awesome. While it was only 4 weeks ago, so much has happened in both of our lives that it seems like it was FOREVER ago. So getting to hear Stephenie’s voice again nice & loud and clear (because Moon had the microphone all up in her personal space- she was basically sitting on her lap she was so close to her) was a great reminder of the amazing experience & how blessed we still feel for getting picked to be a part of the day!

Aww! The whole gang

Sappiness over. Let’s get real. Here’s what was really going through our heads during the interview:

Leg hitch, Hunt, Imprint


UC: I’m offended
Moon: ME too
UC: WHY does Stephenie immediately think we’d ask something that might make her blush? As if!

Moon: Which one is Fred again?
UC: He’s not Xavier! I know that…! Is he “The red head?”
Moon: No.. that’s Edward…Ohhh he’s the one who smells
UC: hahahaha (I totally read his “gift” as a smell thing- sorry Steph)

Vampires aren’t Stephenie’s “thing”


UC: Did Stephenie imply she and Michael Sheen were talking about how Stephen King is lovely?
Moon: Yeah I think so…. Do you think she knows?
UC: About the awful things he said about her!? Of course she knows. My grandma even knows! She cut out a newspaper clipping and mailed it to me when she read about that!
Moon: And yet.. she still called him lovely…
UC: Stephenie Meyer 1, Stephen King, 0

Oh heeeyyyyy Stephenie likes Xavier too


UC: So it’s official.. Cathy Hardi never got Stephenie high by telling her it was an herbal sleep aid?
Moon: I was so sure it happened at least once
UC: We’re still convinced though that Stephenie had a few sips of the Ultimate Cougarita (the drink named after Cathy at TGIFridays, in case you’ve forgotten) because Cathy told her it was a special virgin cocktail made especially for her?
Moon: Oh for SURE that happened. Cathy wasn’t going to try to sneak into Rob’s room without a partner!

More tidbits and maybe a picture or two, after the jump!

We have so much more audio- including a great clip I just cut today where Steph DEBUNKS some rumors about the reshoots of the tent scene (but that one is still awaiting approval. Possibly because Stephenie suggests committing a felony. No- not kidnapping Xavier & keeping him as her pet, although I’m sure she’s thought of it. We have)- but we wouldn’t want to give you too much today. Then what would we post 4 weeks from now when we decided to write about the interview again? KIDDING- from now until we run out of stuff to say, we’ll be recapping our interview on Fridays, along with the other 3 sites we were there with! Here are some other fun tidbits:

  • JORTS are all the rage- but we all know this. We mentioned before that Stephenie asked us if khaki shorts would qualify and we quickly filled her in on the hipster lifestyle & told her those would be called KORTS. Phew! UC & Moon here to save the day. Imagine if she walked into a Banana Republic, picked up a pair off the table  & asked for a dressing room to try on “these Jorts.” Talk about 2nd-hand embarrassment! Anyway, our dear friend @Brookelockart was a lucky bitch & got to be on the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere. She “ran into” Stephenie, got a picture and Stephenie told her (and I quote) “Tell (UC’s real name) that I worked JORTS into the commentary” NO SHE DID NOT. That’s like a date night with Big Daddy at the Olive Garden plus a mug of compost stew with Mr. Molina after sitting on Buttcrack Santa’s lap drinking out of little bottles, all rolled up into one amazing moment:

Is that PANCHO in the background? Dayummmm

  • During one of the many non-recorded “chit chat” moments with Stephenie, we mentioned our site is now found at “letterstotwilight.com” without the “wordpress.com.” She assured us she had been to the new site (I almost made her pull out her Blackberry to prove it, but I contained myself) but made sure to say, “But I just call you LTT. That’s how I have it in my bookmarks.” We told her that was unacceptable. She had to put our COMPLETE blog name in her bookmarks. That’s what Stephen King would do and we know he’s lovely.

You’ve been so patient with us and we’re so glad. We’re giving out a MAJOR fake prize today: You get to play Leghitch, Hunt, Imprint with any of the Twilight characters you’d like. And it will actually fake-happen. You’re welcome!

UnintendedChoice for both of us- no wait, for all three of us- HA! xo

Having trouble with the audio? Play all 3 clips from today here:
LTT Interviews Stephenie Meyer Set 2 by letterstotwilight

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