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What we were actually thinking during our Stephenie Meyer Interview

Dear LTTers,

You’ve learned that Stephenie actually reads LTT; you’ve seen our EPIC picture of the LEGHITCH with the creator of the LEGHITCH; you’ve heard about Midnight Sun– the book we hope she loses the manuscript for so no one has to read that piece of crap; you’ve heard us hint that there’s much more to share. We thought we were already pretty generous, but apparently sharing 3 pieces of our 4 hour conversation wasn’t enough for you all. Sheesh. So demanding.

Anyway, this week we had a chance to listen to some of the audio we took *sniff* 4 weeks ago today, and let me tell you: Re-listening to this stuff was pretty awesome. While it was only 4 weeks ago, so much has happened in both of our lives that it seems like it was FOREVER ago. So getting to hear Stephenie’s voice again nice & loud and clear (because Moon had the microphone all up in her personal space- she was basically sitting on her lap she was so close to her) was a great reminder of the amazing experience & how blessed we still feel for getting picked to be a part of the day!

Aww! The whole gang

Sappiness over. Let’s get real. Here’s what was really going through our heads during the interview:

Leg hitch, Hunt, Imprint


UC: I’m offended
Moon: ME too
UC: WHY does Stephenie immediately think we’d ask something that might make her blush? As if!

Moon: Which one is Fred again?
UC: He’s not Xavier! I know that…! Is he “The red head?”
Moon: No.. that’s Edward…Ohhh he’s the one who smells
UC: hahahaha (I totally read his “gift” as a smell thing- sorry Steph)

Vampires aren’t Stephenie’s “thing”


UC: Did Stephenie imply she and Michael Sheen were talking about how Stephen King is lovely?
Moon: Yeah I think so…. Do you think she knows?
UC: About the awful things he said about her!? Of course she knows. My grandma even knows! She cut out a newspaper clipping and mailed it to me when she read about that!
Moon: And yet.. she still called him lovely…
UC: Stephenie Meyer 1, Stephen King, 0

Oh heeeyyyyy Stephenie likes Xavier too


UC: So it’s official.. Cathy Hardi never got Stephenie high by telling her it was an herbal sleep aid?
Moon: I was so sure it happened at least once
UC: We’re still convinced though that Stephenie had a few sips of the Ultimate Cougarita (the drink named after Cathy at TGIFridays, in case you’ve forgotten) because Cathy told her it was a special virgin cocktail made especially for her?
Moon: Oh for SURE that happened. Cathy wasn’t going to try to sneak into Rob’s room without a partner!

More tidbits and maybe a picture or two, after the jump!

We have so much more audio- including a great clip I just cut today where Steph DEBUNKS some rumors about the reshoots of the tent scene (but that one is still awaiting approval. Possibly because Stephenie suggests committing a felony. No- not kidnapping Xavier & keeping him as her pet, although I’m sure she’s thought of it. We have)- but we wouldn’t want to give you too much today. Then what would we post 4 weeks from now when we decided to write about the interview again? KIDDING- from now until we run out of stuff to say, we’ll be recapping our interview on Fridays, along with the other 3 sites we were there with! Here are some other fun tidbits:

  • JORTS are all the rage- but we all know this. We mentioned before that Stephenie asked us if khaki shorts would qualify and we quickly filled her in on the hipster lifestyle & told her those would be called KORTS. Phew! UC & Moon here to save the day. Imagine if she walked into a Banana Republic, picked up a pair off the table  & asked for a dressing room to try on “these Jorts.” Talk about 2nd-hand embarrassment! Anyway, our dear friend @Brookelockart was a lucky bitch & got to be on the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere. She “ran into” Stephenie, got a picture and Stephenie told her (and I quote) “Tell (UC’s real name) that I worked JORTS into the commentary” NO SHE DID NOT. That’s like a date night with Big Daddy at the Olive Garden plus a mug of compost stew with Mr. Molina after sitting on Buttcrack Santa’s lap drinking out of little bottles, all rolled up into one amazing moment:

Is that PANCHO in the background? Dayummmm

  • During one of the many non-recorded “chit chat” moments with Stephenie, we mentioned our site is now found at “letterstotwilight.com” without the “wordpress.com.” She assured us she had been to the new site (I almost made her pull out her Blackberry to prove it, but I contained myself) but made sure to say, “But I just call you LTT. That’s how I have it in my bookmarks.” We told her that was unacceptable. She had to put our COMPLETE blog name in her bookmarks. That’s what Stephen King would do and we know he’s lovely.

You’ve been so patient with us and we’re so glad. We’re giving out a MAJOR fake prize today: You get to play Leghitch, Hunt, Imprint with any of the Twilight characters you’d like. And it will actually fake-happen. You’re welcome!

UnintendedChoice for both of us- no wait, for all three of us- HA! xo

Having trouble with the audio? Play all 3 clips from today here:
LTT Interviews Stephenie Meyer Set 2 by letterstotwilight

Legal Stuff:
All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer jreamer@writershouse.com
All Photos: Julie Adamson

BIG LTT Thanks to:
Samuel from Twifans
who did a TON of audio editing. HE RULES!!!!

New Shirt Design:
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  • I’m at work and my phone won’t play this audio, but ahh.
    This all sounds so cool. I’m so proud to know (sort of) you guys!

    I cannot WAIT to hear the jorts mention in the commentary. Seriously.


    • Yehhhh, my mum’s hanging around lol
      I’ll have to listen tomorrow when I she and the bro are out heheheh
      But I loooove what I am reading!
      And Brooke, you look just gorgeous in your pic with Steph!! It’s a really great photo.

      • chochang

        they actually look like sisters, noh?

  • JodieO

    Yay! Thanks, Ladies! Hearing more about this interview is like a drug to me… or something.

    • JodieO

      Also, I gotta stick up for my homeboy Stephen King. It’s been a while since I read that article, but I don’t think he said anything that hasn’t been said by us here. Maybe we should send him a Jorts Pack t-shirt?

      • Stacey

        My husband has been trying use his love for Stephen King as an excuse to hate Twilight. I wonder if I told him that Mr. King secretly liked Twilight, maybe he would get off my back? (I don’t know if that’s completely true, Uncle Stevie’s Hoyt to like it a little, right?) Oh never mind, I gave him the newest Stephen King book for Christmas and has only got to page 3. At this rate, he should be finished by the time he’s 50. (so in 17 years)
        Not a reader that one.

        • Stacey

          Sorry the iPhone hates me again and is making up words. I meant Uncle Stevie has got to like it. Not Hoyt like the guy from True Blood. I did think of something b/c of my iPhone fail. I have a feeling Stephen King likes the show True Blood, but not the Charlene Harris books so much. I just have a feeling, might be wrong. I often am. I, however like all of the books from the three authors and they all have their place in literature. Tweed cap now placed back in closet.

          • StotheP

            Agreed. I like all three authors as well, although I would like King to throw some money my way for therapy, or at least apologize for creating my deepest-seated fear (I can’t even reference the title or subject) as well as my most vomitous literary moment ever (getting out of handcuffs in Gerald’s Game, anyone?)

            Every author is a special snowflake. King’s just pissy Stephenie’s sparkles so prettily. Maybe his is yellow?

          • Stacey

            Stephen King reinforced my fear of clowns, well that and Tim Curry. Now I can’t even go to a parade without breaking out into hives and just forget about the circus.

          • StotheP


          • Stacey

            I see Mr. King has destroyed your youthful innocence too! Wait…how am I going to be able to watch WFE? I’ll be worried about Rob around the clowns the whole time. Oh no.

          • StotheP

            . . . .

          • JodieO

            We float. We *alllll* float. And when you’re down here with me YOU’LL FLOAT, TOO!

          • snowwhitedrifted

            I’m still messed up from Pet Sematary. Especially since my cat looks like Church.
            …and I have never watched the “zelda” parts.

          • JodieO

            I played with Judd, and I played with Mommy, and now I wanna play with yooooouuuuuuuu.

          • StotheP

            Dear JodieO,

            I hate you.

            <3, Me

          • snowwhitedrifted


            *hiding all x-acto knives in office cause they kind of look like that scalpel.

          • JodieO


          • Good Lord. I hate It. Freaks the crap out of me but I have no problem with good clowns.

  • Nelle

    WIN WIN WIN WIN. Gonna love SM Fridays for awhile. Thanks Moon and UC.

  • Robjunkie

    Mind totally blown! She really mentioned jorts in the commentary? Stephenie Meyer FTW!

    • AJ

      I know, if this really happens then you girls have made it!

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  • I read this and the first thing that came to my mind was “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. I’m obviously delirious from sleep deprivation.

    The audio clips wouldn’t work for me. My computer smokes crack sometimes (I still hate that whore that got it addicted; it’s a nasty, expensive habit).

    You two are sooo cute. I’ve said this like 301482 times, I think. It’s still true.

    Umm… yay for Stephenie Meyer!

    PS. This is probably rude but I was not loving that interview about the fanfiction. No way in hell would I ask an author about someone else “expanding” on their work of original fiction…

    “So Stephenie, *holds microphone close* have YOU read *insert amazing “famous” fanfic author’s name here* work? SHE PWNED YOUR ASS.”

    ^–They didn’t really say that. I have an awful, terrible habit of reading between the lines. I’m sure the Twifan girls are lovely. Beautiful even. I’m also sure that someone is going to get really pissy at me for saying something negative. Just go ahead and calm down now. *grins*

    • StotheP

      Since I must hate myself today, I’ll admit that when I read the Twifans fanfic post, what stuck with me the most is Stephenie’s observation that fanfic authors should work to get their own original stuff published and not spend so much time on something they can never fully own.

      I love fanfic. I spend too much time with fanfic. I see a recommendation on Twitter and I’m all “oooo – shiny!!!” and suddenly I’ve lost half the day. HOWEVER, sometimes I find myself scratching my head when I read. 30+ chapters? Really? REALLY? Adoring reviewers or no, if I’m going to invest that much time and energy, I better be getting paid.


      • fangbanger

        *bites lip*

        Paid?… LIKE A MANTIS?!?!?

        HAHA. *dies*

        • StotheP

          Yes. Like that.

  • Ish

    Saw Eclipse last night for the first time – almost as good as this post !!!! Love your cheeky grin in last photo made me laugh and I am sure you were up to something:-)

    • I was making the shocker symbol behind our backs

    • How could you stand going so long without seeing it? I would have died. I’ve seen it twice, but the first time I waited in line 6 hours just to get good seats!

  • Stacey

    Thank you girls! It’s like Christmas this morning! If Christmas was 90 degrees and humid w/a chance of thunderstorms. Nope, still like Christmas!

    • TeamSeth

      Ah, memories of Florida…

  • shleeeigh

    Do you know what has happened? You, through this blog, are now directly impacting the Twi-verse. Things are happening because of you. Jackson wants to hug you, the creator of it all not only hearts you (obviously) but is going out of her way to do things LTT related! This is so much more than an awesome series of books!! It’s not a lifestyle choice, we were born this way!

    I’m so excitable right now and I have no idea why…

    • shleeeigh

      HTML fail but I kind of like it.

    • “It’s not a lifestyle choice, we were born this way!”
      Yup, totally!

  • dionrenee

    This is fabulous….once again I am so jealously happy for you girls.

    SM is so down to earth, I love the bit about Riley, he is delish.

    Can’t wait to hear the “jorts” comment…..

  • Sue G.

    Great letter…..thanks for teasing us! I can’t wait until next Friday!

    I love how Stephenie thought your question would make her blush! Too funny! She really does read LTT/LTR!

    Loved her comments about Xavier….maybe they can recast him as a different vampire in Breaking Dawn. Maybe Nomad Garrett?

    As for Leghitch, Hunt, Imprint, it would be Xavier – wouldn’t mind a piece of that, Bella – get her out of the way so more for me, Edward – enough said.

    Great post as always! Happy Stephenie Friday!

    • Stacey

      Of course, he can play Garrett! They have plenty of wigs left from the movies! Taylor’s is still available from the Twilight shoot! Just visualizing that… Yikes! Never mind. :0)

      • Ish

        watching E last night (Germanys a bit late here) I couldn’t look at Jasper. I had to put my hand up to cover the screen every time he came on. The guy is a hottie in real life and the wig just putrificated him. (EXCEPT for the flash back scene his wig/hat look was kinda hawt) Other than that I don’t know what the fuss was about Bellas wig – I didn’t think it was bad at all. Just rereading twi series and I have to slip in (TWSS) I am unconditionally and irrevocably positive that Jacob is a premature ejaculater

        • Stacey

          Jake does get excited awfully quickly doesn’t he? Silly puppy…I mean teenage boy,

        • eatmyjorts

          Sooooooooooo close to a thumbsdown! How long would you expect a frustrated teenage boy to last? It’s their recovery power that’s phenomenal…not their staying power. Not that I know that or anything….casts mind back over 20 years….Still so much better than the stick of rock Edwin has to offer.

          • Stacey

            Aww…don’t be mad. I love puppies! Plus, practice makes perfect. :0)

            (omg what is wrong with me today!)

        • Keisha

          I was certain that sleeping bag in the tent scene was how Bella got pregnant in Breaking Dawn.

          • rpisthenewps

            haha, never thought of that! Fits the timeline though, doesn’t it?

  • Interview Fridays, love! You girls really look amazing!

    I somehow read Fred’s ability as a smell thing too. Because nausea is somehow connected to smell, isn’t it? Anyway, poor Stephenie, inadvertently creating a stinkpire… Good thing there was no need for an actor to portray Fred, imagine the stigma… or stinkma! (I clearly need a weekend… the sense of humor is going downhill.)

    • Nope, not going downhill – “stinkpire” made me laugh out loud.

    • Kadie

      Funny…I kept thinking of a smell and then rereading to convince myself that she never did SAY smell!

    • I never thought of it as a smell thing. Weird? I just figured there was something about him that turned people off.

    • Oh I also pictured him as really hot too. Like the really hot guy who had the queen bitch for a sister and kept everyone away from him.

  • Elisabeth

    OMG OMG OMG!! Thank you so much for the I heart British Boys stuff! I may or may not have a thing for British Boys who stop in town (one of the perks of living in the same town of the largest Naval Base in the world)

    I also may or may not have been leg hitched by a British boy who is kind of in love with me.

    Pretty sure the best moment of my life was when we were all talking about things later (including one of my friends who reads LTT) and I said the words leg hitch. British boy then proceeds to say “WTF is a leg hitch” in his adorable British accent and I almost died! Really wish I had an audio recording. I’ll make him say it when he comes back to visit me 🙂

    By the way for anyone who hasn’t been leg hitched, I highly recommend it, it’s super hot! Especially if you can find a British boy to do it, the accent makes it so much hotter!

    *Cursing the government to hell for not getting me my student loans yet so I can buy lots of I heart British boys stuff*

  • chochang

    i quite misunderstood the last part. i thought we were supposed to Leghitch, Hunt, Imprint on UC, Moon and SM (not in that order).. *facepalm*

    p.s. i am wearing plaid shorts right now. do i call them PLORTS? #veryimportantquestions

      omg… that would be awesome and mean and awesome

      • chochang

        Leghitch, Imprint, Hunt: UC, Moon and SM

        Let’s do this!

        i’d fake leghitch UC coz she’s already imprinted on mr. choice. can’t fake imprint on her. plus, SM’s already leghitched her so she’s an expert.

        i’d fake imprint on moon and we would rock “fake lesbians rule the world!” shirts. (btw, why do we never hear about mr. moon?)

        and then i’d hunt SM… if she decides to finish that stupid and awful book, the one nobody wants to read.

        • JellyBeanRainbow

          We hear about Mr.Moon all the time, on LTR, because, psssssssst, don’t tell this to anyone, he’s also known as Mr.Pattinson.

    • operarose

      I’d leghitch and/or imprint on the three of them, though never hunt.

      Also I frequently wonder if I should call jean skirts “jirts” as I wear them all the time. So many questions! I also think of the word “jorts” about 5,000 times a day… whereas it had never even been in my vocabulary over a year ago.

      • snowwhitedrifted

        jirts! <3 it!

      • eatmyjorts

        Curiously enough I’ve been calling mine ‘jirts’ for a while now. Even wore one to see Eclipse. May wear one tomorrow when my BFF takes me to see it for the second time as a birthday treat. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

        • WakeUpDead25

          Happy Birthday!

  • MrsKowski

    Y’all are my hero’s seriously!!!

    I can’t wait for next friday & for the dvd so I can hear (and fangirl) this shout out!!

    & when listened to the one audio-clip, I sorta thought she was calling Michael Sheen lovely. Maybe that was my subconcious making it sound that way tho cuz who the hell calls Stephen King lovely? LOL

    • Luludee

      I heard that lovely as referring to Michael Sheen as well.

  • Lovely pose UC and Moon in that family portrait! And that red shirt guy ALWAYS makes me wonder if he was the inspiration behind Rob’s maroon/burgundy/red Gucci suit at the premiere.

    That pic of Stephenie at the premiere reminds me how Rob and Stephenie totally matched that day. Steph+Rob=BFFs 4EVA!

    Also, more proof that Stephenie’s just like us: she’s totally fangirling over Xavier. Girls, give some serious thought about LTX, for realz.

    Loved the interview. You girls totally nailed it. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it 🙂


    • TeamSeth

      LTX hehe, it sounds like an airport code

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Help..what tapes? How do you listen?? Pulling hair out… Waited all week for this ARGGHH!

    • Under neath each title (the first title “leg hitch, hunt, imprint) there is a audio box in red- you need to push the button to the right of the box- it’s the play button!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Major computer narrator fail.. “Anna” can’t find the tapes! Putting pillow over head and starting day over ! Eddie tissue please!

  • sassysmart


  • blackgirltwihard

    Awwww, you guys!! I love this… Love the pics, clips… Everything!!! I would have been sooo star-struct
    Great job…THANK YOU!!! P.S. IS that Pancho in the background…double dayum! js…(neva had a close up before)

  • Stacey

    I finally got the audio clips to work! They are wonderful. Stephenie is such a funny and nice person.

    It’s fantastic that her sister loves Buffy. They are going to have a great time when they finally watch it together. (Don’t wait, Stephenie! You’ll love it. Gosh, my dad loves it. I also think my dad would love Twilight too. hmm…got to work on that!)

  • StotheP

    Yay for more interview! And JORTS! I’m going to be grinning through the entire commentary. Mr. totheP will NOT appreciate the lengthy explanation of why it’s all so hilarious. Not that he’ll sit through the commentary with me, but I have to share it with SOMEONE in real life.

    Siiiigh. Thank goodness there’s LTT. Our li’l NORMAL online family. With two mamas.

  • operarose

    I’m in my “happy place” thanks to you. (Note BD reference.)

    Please let us know how we can thank you. Would a leghitch be sufficient?

    I love the new design but could never wear one, as several of my inlaws are British Boys and that would be…creepy. I (heart) foreign guys or European guys could work though. Although I’m still saving my money for the alpaca-themed shirt that I am hoping will eventually show up in the store… perhaps for your winter collection?

    On a slightly off topic note the post about FF sort of bugs me too (I think someone else made a comment along these lines). I have nothing personal against reading or writing FF but to me it’s just for fun. It sort of freaks me out that there are people out there who take it really seriously, seriously enough to discuss it in depth with SM. I agree with SM (not trying to brown-nose or anything) that many of those writers should go out and try their hand at their own series. FF is sort of a waste of good talent. If I recall Cassandra Clare was a big HP fan fic writer about a decade ago and now she has an amazing series of books (City of Bones/etc.)

  • natashadushi

    Great post, nice pictures! Thank you! mwaaaaaa

  • twigirl_world

    Know what’s lovely? Moon’s hair, gorgeous!!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Hahaha! Where are UC & Moon in the group shot? Front & center OF COURSE! Love it.

    Can’t wait to hear audio (stupid phone). 🙂

  • Jamie

    Okay, am I the only one who totally gets the vibe that Stephenie doesn’t like Rob at all? Did you get that vibe while you were talking to her? I don’t even know if I can explain it. Just feels…weird.

    • well, i don’t know if we got that “vibe” but she definitely didn’t really talk about him. Except to say she “loves all the kids”
      She’s down with them all too, clearly

  • snowwhitedrifted

    I love the sass in your poses! UC, Moon and @Brookelockart all look beautiful and so relaxed. How the hell can you manage that in a photo with celebs?!

  • calliope

    This is all fine and lovely… but the real question i have is “what did steph think of your outfit” UC.

  • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

    I cannot listen to the audio at work:(, but your comments on it are hilar!!

    Got to see Eclipse last night!!! My poor hubbby wanted to know why I was giggling at some “not funny” parts. I could not bring myself to explain all the inside jokes on LTT.

    I think he might be a Unicorn in training. The other day he came home and said he read something about the movie and asked me if they knew Bella was going to have a baby in this one becasue it kept mentioning newborns. I explained that newborns are new vampires. I just thought it was so cute that he is wanting to learn!!

  • HATE you but Love you. Life is difficult for me

  • hitc4manynewmoons

    OK..this is big for me. I have never posted anywhere…avid reader of blog from “closet” and totally love you guys. You all crack me up daily! I had to post to the ff comments. I was thinking that my hubby (avid Star Wars geek..lol) reads tons of companion novels that George Lucas reads and approves each one. There are 100’s and each approved by him…hubby was teasing me about my ff addiction and then said seriously…”maybe she pull a Lucas years from now…that way the UNIVERSE (get SW shout out) can continue”. Not sure but thought that might be cool MANY years from now.

  • Luludee

    Yay!!! This was so awesome today! I brought head phones with me so I could listen at work. So awesome!! You guys all sound like you are totes BFF!

    And Steph, The Historian was absolutely amazing! Great pick for your single vampire read. But I must say, that I wouldn’t consider vampire books to be “horror,” at least not the one’s I have read. They are definitely more “fantasy.”

  • Loved the post!!

    As for leghitch, hunt, imprint…

    Leghitch – Jasper

    Hunt – Felix…freaks the crap out of me

    Imprint – Jacob…i don’t care if he ejaculates prematurely…

  • That pic of the three of y’all is ADORB!! I mean, if that were me in there, I would say screw my fam and THAT would be my Christmas card with the line, “sorry I am awesome” underneath the pic.

    Anyhoo– a lil’ leghitch, hunt, imprint here:

    Leghitch: Eclipse Emmett– hello Angry Emmett and his forceful shouting of “AGAIN!!” um. yeah. hot.

    Hunt: Alice with all frekking visions and perkiness and waiting for Jasper. pfft.

    Imprint: Jasper. Duh.

  • Robjunkie

    Leghitch: Charlie, cause he’s a total DILF, and he rocks the copstache.

    Hunt: Jacob, cause he’s a total prat. Also Bella, I have to get that bitch outta the way so I can,

    Imprint: Edward – over and over again, till he begs for mercy (In my twisted, perverted head, imprinting is all about smexing it up)

  • Thanks! I love Stephenie Meyer.

  • TeamSeth

    Still waiting to get home so I can actually listen to this. Hey IT guys, I know you’re reading this… knock it off with the audio/video controls! I want my youtube back!

  • WakeUpDead25

    Love love love this post! I’m living vicariously through you Moon & UC and I think my cat is too bc she’s on my lap staring at the screen with intense focus.
    After much deliberation:
    Leghitch: Robward

    Hunt: movie Jacob, he annoys me and Bella’s wig

    Imprint: can I say Robward again?

  • BrOoKe LoCkArT

    and BAM. there’s my face.

    At some point I’ll tell the story of the whole crazy event.

  • FacePunch

    Love all of the audio clips! Felt like I was right in the room with ya… *almost*… 😀

    I still can’t believe you gals met SMeyer… it’s just too much. 🙂

    SO glad for you… and I just have to ask, who the HALE is that hawt blonde guy in that one pic… ME LIKEY! 😀

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