The time we met Stephenie Meyer & STILL had stuff to share!

Dear LTTers,

Today in the world of “The Stephenie Meyer Interview that keeps giving, giving and giving” we delve into the details she spills about Eclipse re-shoots, hear her “pet” name for Rob, listen as she calls me [UC] “brave” about something I did when she probably really wanted to tell me she’s “2nd-hand embarrassed,” find out a little about Moon’s romantic past, hear the correct pronunciation of “Twilosophy” and… well, why don’t you just take a listen & see what else we have planned:

Stephenie gets violent
Psst you can hear Jodi her agent & Meghan her assistant here too!

SM StupidHelicopters by letterstotwilight

Let’s talk about Meghan for a second (who was the one you heard speak the most next to Stephenie) How much fun would it be to be her? She gets to hang out with Rob Stephenie and make up stories about Twilight characters & helicopters. It’s like writing LTT but getting paid. And MUCH more glamorous. Plus she gets to eat catered movie food. Dear Stephenie, can I have Meghan’s job? Love, me

And did you catch when Stephenie said this: “[It’s so] rough on the kids who are trying so hard” Kids!? IS THAT what she’s calling Rob these days? I gotcha, Stephenie!… We can all play it off like the hottest guy to come on the scene in a LONG time is a “kid.” I guess we can call Xavier that too! *wink.

Stephenie’s Battlefield & Eclipse Re-shoot Rumors
We wanted to ask Stephenie this: “Summit makes really dumb decisions like 99.7% of the time. How do you deal with it? Do you want to scream & tell them you’re taking your books somewhere else? How much do you hate them on a scale of 1-10. Do you blame everything in your life- like when you lock yourself out of the house- on Summit like we do?” but figured she wouldn’t answer that… so… we went about it a little nicer:

SM PickingBattles by letterstotwilight

I’d like to see Stephenie “throw a fit.” Does she quickly heat up a vat of fish fry & throw it into the face of the executive at Summit? Maybe she writes a novella following the Volturi on a weekend trip to LA where they break into the offices at Summit & feed on the execs causing her fit. Perhaps she threatens to steal Robsten’s bear skin rug where they make all their magical love so that they’re so distraught they can’t even act out their latest scene. Or maybe I’m thinking too deeply about this & it’s much more simple: she gets the fever and phases into a wolf…

And how about around 2:03 when she says about Jacob & Bella in the tent, “I would have had [them] more enveloping than it was” PROOF- TEAM JACOB. We KNEW it!

The case for Virgins
Twifans starts a great conversation about the virginity talk in Eclipse & it naturally progresses into a talk about Twilight & religion:

SM virginsandreligion by letterstotwilight

Did you catch this one around 2:05?

Stephenie “Guess what these conversations really DO happen”
Moon “YEAH!!!!”

Sounds like someone has a little experience being cock-blocked by an old fashioned guy, huh Moon??

And how about when I chime in & say, “Bella wants it” I cringe listening back to that… I say that at little too convincingly right? I’m like, “No, believe me! If I want it this badly from a book character, I promise you the book character that actually gets to be with him REALLY REALLY WANTS IT.” Seriously, UC, as if Stephenie, the creator of the want of the virginal vampire, didn’t know. HA!

And Yes- you heard that right After the part where Stephenie says she enjoyed something I wrote (This letter about Twilight and Religion, at 2:24 she says, “So I’m saying it right!” She’s proud of herself for pronouncing “Twilosophy” right all this time. Has it hit you yet that Stephenie actually reads LTT? Yeah.. me neither.

Gah somedays I love to be reminded of how amazing this day in the life of UC & Moon was!


Have you read ALL the “Meeting Stephenie” recaps? They’re pretty awesome.. Like.. I’ll probably get them printed in a book because this was a pretty amazing moment for both of our lives! If you want a major Cullen Smile, just re-read everything- or for the first time if you missed some: Interviewing Stephenie Meyer

BIG LTT Thanks to:
Samuel from Twifans who did a TON of audio editing. HE RULES!!!!

Legal Stuff:
All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer
All Photos: Julie Adamson

HELP ME OUT after the jump!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Moon left yesterday for Kenya where she will be for the next 14 days. I know. I’m dying already & it’s day 2. Don’t worry- you’ll see little posts from her now & then- she worked her ass off this week and scheduled a bazillion- most fan letters submitted by some of the most popular LTT/LTR writers, so I know I can’t wait to read them!

But yesterday, as we were tweeting hilarious reasons I might need to use Moon’s emergency contact info in Africa (Ex: Taylor gets attacked by Alpaca at the zoo) I had an idea to keep a journal or log of everything Moon misses while she’s gone. Will you help me out? I’m calling the project:

Clever, right? I have no idea what this will look like- @Brookelockart wants us to turn it into a video… but for now, if you think of something about Moon while she’s gone- or something she might like… hilarious, random, awesome, totally lame- let me know. Email me with the subject “While Moon was Gone.” Like did you drive through McDonalds to grab a happy meal for your kid and the guy in the window looked exactly like Big Daddy? THAT’S what Moon is missing! Help me make her homecoming (which I’m already counting down for) AMAZING.

Also… I leave for vacation in a week from tomorrow. I know- we’ll BOTH be gone. AH… soooo I’m preparing ahead of time. I have some options, but now is the BEST TIME to submit the EPIC letter you’ve been wanting to write. Email me with your best LTT (or LTR- which I probably need more desperately!)

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Oh, boooo!
    I’m housesitting at the moment (hence my no-commentness) and their computer has no sound 🙁
    I mean, there’s the earphone jack but you can barely hear anything.
    Guess I’ll have to wait til tomorrow! 🙁

  • Sounds like Stephenie’s down with the kids! OR she hung out with Gil Birmingham too much.

    Keep the interview goodness coming, I’m loving every morsel of this!

    • Also, that Moon pic is probably the funniest I’ve ever seen!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    I wish I could listen… Boo being at work! Oh Well, I guess I’ll wait for the fun til later… <3 all the written commentary tho, kinda lets me know what y'all are talking about withtout being able to listen! <3 you LTT!!

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  • BrOoKe LoCkArT

    I actually got to listen for once because I have a day off from work! Woohoo. The only reason I’m awake is because Felix went crazy cat at 7am.

    I’d like to take credit for the Moon in the crazy hat pic. I picked it out for her to try on and snapped the photo… just more proof of the awesomeness of #leghitch2010

    Back to the movie, anyone else think it was slightly jarring how the movie went from the Virginity talk between Bella and Charlie to the next scene of her trying to seduce Edward? Feels like there’s a few steps missing.

    UC – great recap! and no worries about saying how much Bella wanted it, we know how much you home-schooled girls are just freaks in the bed. 🙂 Love you

    • Stacey

      That silly Charlie just put ideas into Bella’s head!

      That is a great picture of Moon in that fun hat! Another reason that I am jealous/happy of all the #leghitch2010 fun that all of you had!

  • My favorite part = “Bella really does WANT IT!”

    • BayWolf

      My fav too. UC you said it very laud and clear – and it’s so true… so true… 🙂

      • TWIPAM

        So true…srsly, WHO wouldn’t ?? 🙂

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, and don’t we all, don’t we all… 😉

  • celestialchic

    I am still so pea green with envy. Sounds like a blast!
    I love that SM made sure she was there for the tent scene re-shoot! It would have completely sucked if Jacob had not touched Bella to get her warm. That would have been a major director fail.

    • The Old One

      I know, right? WTF?

  • chochang

    re: kristen having the flu/food poisoning

    why was it taylor taking care of her and NOT rob?

    (i expect plenty of thumbs downs from robstens..)

    • operarose

      as Embry would say, “oooh, burn!”

    • I thought she said Rob wasn’t there…? Wrong?

      Or maybe Taylor was just more concerned about where her puke was going to end up because he was sharing a sleeping bag with her.

      • chochang

        i heard SM say this happened on the last day and i think she also mentions rob was there on that particular day. i don’t know.

        anyhow, i heard her say “everybody was taking care of her.” but it’s just weird that SM would single out what taylor did and not mention what rob may have done that day as well. 3 possibilities: (1) SM truly belongs to team jacob and notices what taylor does more, (2) rob DID do something for kristen but SM can’t talk about it (3) taylor is just sweeter than rob. and rob was probably busy looking for his hot pockets or something..

        gah.. now i’m blowing this thing all out of proportion.. moving on..

    • MariaCecilia

      Hm, I always figured Rob would be one of those guys who is REALLY sick when he is sick, and is REALLY anxious about catching it when other people are. Closet hypochondriac, you know? So that even his undying love for Kristen could never persuade him to share a sleeping bag with her if she was sick…

  • operarose

    Nice! Thank you for the new clips. I love listening to all of you… you’re all so well spoken. I like the “Bella WANTS it” – such a “LTT” thing to say, so don’t cringe when you listen to it, UC!

    And thank you thank you thank you Stephenie for the intervention of the “chaste sleeping bag” in Eclipse. The tent scene in Eclipse ended up being one of the highlights of all three of the movies. It ended up being so, so well played by the “kids.”

  • Stacey

    What a great inerview. I am really enjoying the audio clips and hearing not only the great time all of you had, but how easy it was to discuss all of the books.

    That virginity conversation was very interesting. It is also a true conversation that some couples have. I might make fun of Bella a little bit, but I was honestly in her shoes. A little snippet for your enjoyment…(Only in the roles of me and Seth Green Jr. imagine Kristen (Bella) and Rob(Edward) it’s much prettier that way.

    Me: Dude, come on. We are 22 and moving in together. Let’s do this!
    SGjr.: Don’t call me “dude”.
    Me: Are you gay? I mean that’s okay. I still except you. Just let me know, ’cause I have other options.
    SGjr.: What?!? No! What happened to romance? Let’s get married first.
    Me: Oh excuse me. Nice proposal, champ. 30 sounds like a good age for that nonsense.
    SGjr.:You’re being ridiculous.

    Two babies later and we have an epic romance like Bella and Edward. And romance meaning two mortgages and 5:30 am wake up calls from the little ones. Love, sweet love.

    • operarose

      I think we all make fun of her a bit but I hear ya… in fact, I think there are more “Edwardian” guys out there than we give men credit for. I was definitely in Bella’s shoes once too. In fact, my significant other just recently saw Eclipse with me. When I asked him what he thought about the bed scene, I expected him to make his usual gay joke but instead he got quite serious and said that he can “relate” to Edward’s thoughts about the issue and “respected” Edward. That was a first.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      LMAO at your convo with SGjr. I met Fletch when I was 28, so, ummmm, we didn’t have this talk.

    • My husband was (almost) always the one to put the brakes on before we got married. We made it to the wedding, though, all Bella and Edward-style.

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  • Janetrigs

    Please tell Moon I hate her while she’s gone.

    Also I owe you stuff.

    And finally, I like these awesome Fridays. Wish I could hear the stuff.

    PS Nice rack!

    • “Nice rack” = Thumbs up!

    • The Old One

      Oh yeah, both of our gals represented with their awesome cleavage! Take that, Twifans.

  • “Meeting Stephenie” – i will buy this book.

  • My husband and I play this game sometimes called “Who would you rather have dinner with?” i.e. Obama or Oprah? Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? Kim Jong-il or Hugo Chavez? Steven Spielberg or George Lucas? After this interview, Stephenie just jumped to the top of my list, but of course I can’t tell the husband. He already mocks me too much.

  • Robsessedgirl

    It sounds like everyone was having so much fun! It would’ve been awesome to be there. & yes, the tent scene was everything I hoped for & more. Rob really showed his chops there. I liked the blue balls scene! I’d be lying if I said i didn’t sob/dryheave when she said yes/he proposed/he picked her up/said that ‘I’ll love you forever’ line. It’s good Steph has input, I’m just scared for her BD input. I can imagine:
    “No Bella wouldn’t make that orgasm face!”
    “Edward would not do that to her!”
    “The pillows need more biting!”
    “Rip the headboard now!”

    • snowwhitedrifted

      I just threw up a little thinking of Bella’s O face, so thanks for that.

      As for BD, this has been said on here before, “Keep the camera on THE GUY”

      • Robsessedgirl

        YES we need the camera on THE GUY. NO ONE cares about her. It’s implied that a girl is participating, no one needs her. I really only care about Robward. Maybe they could make it a choose-your-own-adventure movie. Like, put yourself in bed with Rob. Just for that scene anyway. I’ve been reading fanfic all morning, so I have inspiration.

      • The Old One

        Melissa R. did say that the birth scene will be from Bella’s perspective, so why not be consistent, and make everything through Bella’s eyes? And if it’s through her eyes, then we don’t see her, right?

        • Robsessedgirl

          YES! YES! thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Though it would be cool to see it through Edward’s eyes. Gah too many choices.

  • Summit should really consider putting Stephenie in the Eclipse commentary, along with the Holy Trinity. Oh who am I kidding? Last time, in New Moon, they put the EDITOR in the movie commentary.

    Loved the interview girls! Really, Stephenie should do a lot more interviews.

    • The Old One

      Yeah, more interviews, but only with UC and Moon! There were too many people talking at once in some of those clips, too distracting.

  • Midnight_Cyn


    • The Old One

      Where have you been, Midnight Cyn? We’ve missed you!

    • HUGS!

    • Yes, you have been missed, deah! (Insert Maine accent here – or, rather, heah.)

      • Midnight_Cyn


        • eatmyjorts

          Hey Sweetie! Are you ok now? Lots of Jorts love to youXXX

          • Midnight_Cyn

            not yetmiss you

          • Midnight_Cyn

            miss all

        • Cyn, seriously, you said we were practically neighbors (I live in Rumford, if you forgot). I will come visit you!! I will bring brownies!! We can talk Edward!! Just contact me through my blog – click on my name and leave a comment with your info if you want a visit.

          Again, I promise I’m not a weirdo. 🙂

          • Midnight_Cyn

            xo when better 🙂

  • MariaCecilia

    When Moon was gone – that sounds like a play, (no, I’m thinking Dark of the Moon now) – or maybe this is just the equivalent of those empty pages of months in New Moon, because when Moon is gone, well, that’s like the dark ages, right? *sigh* Since I have now accessed the Internet again, after a long absence, I will rack my brain for something helpful, UC – you have my deepest sympathies.

    Loved the interview! Now I try to dream about being there, interviewing Steph, not just about running into Rob while underwear shopping. But unlike the film Inception, which I saw yesterday, I find it really hard to influence the contents of my dreams, unfortunately. Could someone please invent a dream machine for me I could hook up into?

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  • Luludee

    OT – there was totes an ad at the bottom of this page that was a “preview your baby” website and it was a baby with fangs and Edward’s hair. Like Renesmacallit, only a boy. I should have Print Screened it’s creepinessawesomeness. Instead, I refreshed the page to see if it would still be there. It wasn’t.

  • Pattygirl

    yeah kris was puking because she has to kiss yucky taylor again. He wants to kiss her , she wants to puke…..

  • forks4eva

    I was so glad to hear the bit about the tent scene because I thought that Taylor looked stiff or rigid (ha! I said stiff and rigid!) At any rate, I thought he looked uncomfortable and should have been more handsy. Is it just me? I have 2 theories:
    1) Can the kid really have trouble playing the teenage hornball that he is next to Kristen, because, well, he really was stiff and rigid (wink, wink?) *Awkward! OR
    2) That beef patty diet has been making havoc on his gastroinstestinal track and the poor kid was just stiffling gas bubbles through the whole thing so he wouldn’t be giving his friend dutch ovens while filming.

    What do you think?

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