Getting Twilosophical with Stephenie Meyer

Dear LTTers,

Week after week now we’ve given you the goods on our interview with Stephenie Meyer. We’ve shocked you with our “Eff, Kill, Marry (Leg Hitch, Imprint, Hunt)” question, we’ve made you laugh with our Leg hitch picture and we’ve proved we’re the best of all time with our smooth, cool demeanor- even when she told us she reads LTT every day (Hey Steph!)

But we know you’ve been DYING to know details about the questions we asked about Bree & Fred and the connection between Diego & Bree and why Stephenie choose to let Fred escape but kill both Bree & Diego. Oh wait, you don’t want to hear about that? Oh that’s right- you would have killed us had we asked crap like that and then made you listen to it.

However, our interview wasn’t all fun & games- we did have some serious questions for Steph. I mean…. how could we look at ourselves if we didn’t get Twilosophical with the creator of it all?

Today’s discussion topics:

  • Redemption in Twilight (hollaaaaa) & what happened to Bree? Vampire Heaven? H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks?
  • What did Steph’s kids watch on TV when she was writing Twi?
  • What makes Stephenie want to kill Nacho Pancho
  • Edward’s evolution throughout the saga
  • When Nacho got HOT(ter) & whether or not Mr. Choice is awkward around kids

LTT Interviews Stephenie Meyer Set 4 by letterstotwilight

Yeah… you heard that right- Stephenie said “The Font” and called them “Your Unicorns” Wanna hear that again? We do too:

The Font, right?

SM The Font by letterstotwilight

Your Unicorns:

SM Unicorns by letterstotwilight

You know that’s not the last time you’re gonna hear those audio clips!

Phew- that was way Twilosophical for today. How ’bout I remind you that the marjority of the interview was like this:

Lots and lots and lots of laughter (and way weird faces from UC and Moon almost kneeing Stephenie in the face)


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  • BrookeLockart

    I miss Moon.

  • Sue G.

    Stephenie DOES read LTT/LTR…how cool is that!

    Hi Steph!

  • Ish

    Hey wasn’t on yesterday how you doing UC?

  • superhumanmoron

    Not only does it look like Moon is about to knee Stephenie in the face, but it also looks like she’s pushing her down into said knee.

    And what she said about your man getting hotter when he becomes your baby daddy? So. True.

  • Very interesting conversations. I enjoyed the Bree talk most. I like how she said they “didn’t know” about the existence of vampire heaven. Isn’t that true for everyone? You can hope and pray and dance and sacrifice until your heart bleeds but you never really know until you’re there (or not). The amount of faith for a human to believe in a “perfect” place cannot even be a 1/100th of the faith that a vampire must have.

    I feel like I suddenly understand the entire series better. Wow.

    LTT – forcing me to think about vampire literature in the wee hours of the morning.

  • YeahIGuessIam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you asked that Edward question. That exact question has plagued me since I finished the saga. You guys rock for having the guts to ask it. Thank you for being awesome.

    • The Old One

      Yeah, that was good to hear from the horse’s mouth. A little more perspective on Breaking Dawn.

  • Aw, I’m having a crap Friday, and that includes me forgetting my earphones so I’ll have to wait until I get home to listen to the audio clips. *sulks*

  • sonata

    that was awesome. Is it weird that I realized that my toddlers and her toddlers were watching Blue’s Clues at the same time? And that as I was trying to simply exist in a tantrum/colicy induced fog, she was writing THE series? Kinda makes me feel insignificant. 😉

  • One of the reasons I loved Breaking Dawn (when it seems like half of the fandom hated it) is that we got to see Edward’s evolution…over 100 years of being this tortured “teenager,” and he finally becomes a “adult,” and a husband and father. Seeing him in those roles was HOT. Because yes, I agree with Stephenie…Edward as a baby daddy is H-O-T. Just as seeing my own husband as a father to my children is hot. It is “a whole new level of sexy,” as Stephenie says.

    And I’m saying this from a mother’s point of view, admittedly. But sometimes we all forget that yes…Bella is a mother. Just as Edward is a father. And I love it.

    p.s. “Sleep is a huge priority for me…” See, I’ve always said Stephenie was my people. Always.

    • I have to say, I really disliked Breaking Dawn, but what Stephanie said, and what you, Lulu, have highlighted above, does make me see it in a whole new light. I’m not a Mum, I don’t even have a boyfriend, I like and want to see Edward as the dark, mysterious, super hot bad boy who wants me Bella above everyone else and experience that part of a relationship with her, because that’s what I want right now, in this stage of my life.

      But looking at Breaking Dawn from the other point of view, as someone who watches the hot guy turn into the hot babydaddy makes the whole book (and Edward’s character within it) make SO much more sense to me. Apologies if I was missing the obvious, but as soon as Bella get knocked up, I lost interest in the book. I don’t want kids right now, all I wanna do is practice making them with Edward someone, not actually make any.

      I wonder if when I do settle down and have kids if I reread Breaking Dawn I will have a new appreciation for it…

      • LuLA – Sorry!

      • The Old One

        You said that so much more eloquently than I could.

      • YeahIGuessIam

        Ok I might get my first thumbs down for this ….I am a mom and I have a wonderful husband who is sexy on a whole other level since he became a dad. But I still didn’t like what Stephenie did with Edward post-Twilight. Edward could have turned into a husband/father without completely losing his edge. With the exception of the part in Eclipse where he handily takes care of Victoria (I think they made it look like a closer fight in the movie than it was in the book), I can’t recall any displays of true bad-assness from him for the rest of the series. In any event, like I said earlier, I am thrilled that UC & Moon asked about Edward’s evolution, and I’m also glad that Stephenie was open about her thought process, even if I didn’t like it.

        • YeahIGuessIam

          Oh yeah, except it is pretty bad ass when he gives Bella the c-section with his vampire teeth. How could I forget about that part??

      • Luludee

        Lol, brilliant, Shleeigh!! While I certainly did not hate Breaking Dawn, far from it in fact, I did sort of have a hard time thinking of Bella and Edward as parents.

        I definitely see what Steph did, but I’m in the same stage of life as you are, and I’m with you all the way! I’m sure I could appreciate BD even more should I someday become a mother.

  • Glad to see Moon got to leg hitch SM!

  • blackgirltwihard

    Stephenie talking about her being a Mom of 3 trying to write sounds very familiar to me;o) …Great job on the clips once again, guys…!!!!!!!!

    P.S. BD is my favorite of the series; however, I know that as this TWI-atus etches on, until 11/11, we must all get ready to defend it..I am so ready!!

  • chochang

    woah. i’m like freaking out that steph actually mentioned sweet valley high ’cause, for the longest time, i’ve always thought that she might have been a ghost writer for francine pascal.. bwahaha.. and now, more evidence! ha.

    also, the bit where she was talking about edward made me go all “awwwww”.. now that! that’s the reason why i love this series. and why i’m team edward. ♥

    • robsfuturemate

      I too, was so excited for the Sweet Valley High mention. But even more so for the Anne of Green Gables mention! Steph, I think we might be kindred spirits!

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  • TeamJacobEdward

    On vacation and phone won’t play audio clips. 🙁

    But at least I got to see the leg hitch blooper picture! 🙂

  • Very good Twilosophical conve. Love it.

    And I still don’t like Breaking Dawn….not because Edward is a Dad, cause I think that is actually kind of sexy. It just don’t enjoy its pace. Oh well…

    • I am the bestest writer ever. By saying “It don’t enjoy…” I mean “I don’t”. Obviously.

    • HATE!

      Just kidding. I love you hardcore. I just had to come say this because I don’t think I’ve ever once hated on you. And it was long overdue.

  • I’m so glad Stephenie described Edward’s evolution in BD. Up until now, I used to think he became some sort of a wuss after Bella gets pregnant. I was telling my only RL twihard-BFF the other day that if vampires had tear glands, Edward would have shed the most tears in BD. Not that there’s anything wrong with a man showing his emotions..

    But I completely agree with what Shleeeigh said above. Like Stephenie said, for me right now, a father means my dad and since, like Shleeeigh, I too don’t have a boyfriend either, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have the man you love become your baby daddy. Now that I come to think of it, I realize it IS kinda hot. Besides, even though I’m definitely nowhere near thinking about relationship/marriage/kids right now, I would definitely want that someday. And I envy Bella for having all that, in spite of all the mythical aspects and other major screw-ups by characters *cough*EdwardinNM*cough* in the story.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Hey UC..Yeah you..I heard you hatin on ppl from MAINE! Tell me this isn’t so???

    • JodieO

      Just fat white people from Maine. You are safe. =)

  • sorry if there have been blog issues today- i just broke it (intentionally) then fixed it- then kicked all users off (intentionally) so you have to sign in again… BOO ME. but ya for being the biggest geek eVER!

    • Obava

      Imma tell Moon you broke LTT *neener neener neener*!

  • Ashley paleochicksdigs

    Does anyone miss me? *tear* I miss Moon, too. <3.

  • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

    Boo Hoo!! I cannot listen to audio at work. I will have to wait till I get home. I cannot wait to hear her mention The Font and Unicorns!!!

  • Alice_NaA

    My computer suddenly blocked everything and made a loud uncontrolable rrrooooaaarrr sound while playing the audio clips. Is this a sign from vampire heaven?

  • Stacey

    I can’t listen to it until return home next week! But, I am very excited to hear it. Oh Breaking Dawn, how you confuse me and make me give mixed messages. I can’t wait to hear Stephenie talk about it.

  • Robsessedgirl

    I could listen to Stephenie talk about Edward for hours.

  • ForEveralurker

    I never finished it. thats how bad i felt it was. But good explanation from Stephanie although that doesn’t explain why the whole book was ….even the battle that built up that never was. Anyhoo, she is the writer and there is no way she can diss her own book. Well done ladies for even approaching this subject.

  • eatmyjorts

    Ug. I haven’t listened to this yet & I may never. I feel like my relationship with Twilight has been irrevocably altered. I basically just died & went to Oprah.

    What actually happened was that I was working at a Young Women’s night at a local Youth Club. One of the things we were doing was customising T-shirts, & I had to sit & help three totally socially overdeveloped 11/12 yr old girls(on a sugar high & at full volume, them, not me) make Team Jacob T shirts for their Mums, using puffy fabric paint. Apparently these three young ladies have seen all the movies & read all the books, including ‘Breaking Down’. I had to sit & listen to them witter on about Taylor ALL night. My love for Jacob hangs in the balance. I may have to find me a new Saga.

    I’m off to bed now to read ANYTHING else. *peels jorts off slowly, leaves in heap by bin*

    • JodieO

      Dear god. That’s enough to make anyone hate anything.

    • The Old One

      No, EMJ, say it isn’t so! We all know theoretically that Twilight is supposed to belong to the puffy-paint demographic, but here we all are to disprove that! Come back into the light and put those jorts back on, with the NORMAL people!

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      New saga? Go for the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
      (I’m so excited for #3, Mockingjay!)

      • eatmyjorts

        Been there…excited for no 3 too.

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  • robsfuturemate

    I was glad to hear Steph talk more about Edward’s evolution because I had a hard time with him in BD. I think it’s great and still very sexy for him to become a dad and all that, but he seemed like he was always pawning her off on Bella because of their connection. And I wanted to see Edward be less fragile with Bella (not just in the bedroom). It was his time to enjoy her and show some actual emotion and I wanted to see more.

    Saying that, I’ve only read BD once and def need to reread it. Maybe now I can do so with more of an open mind.

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  • Reeti Shah

    Thank YOU, for asking the Edward question!!It made my day. ps. Is it possible to provide a written transcript to this pease?? Stupid speaker is not working…:((

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