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What about… Vampire animals?

Moon & UC are still “Gone Fishin” (literally UC’s dad wants to drag her deep sea fishin’ today. um no) so sit back & relax while someone ELSE takes the LTT reigns!

Hi Stephenie,

It seems to be some unwritten rule around these parts that we never address you directly, but today I’m going to shove protocol aside and ask you a question that has been bugging me for some time now.

So the other day I was making puzzles for LTR with my bloggy pal
Alice_NaA and she made a rebus with a picture of sparkly doe in it. And that sparkly doe reminded me of a question that had occurred to me while I was reading the saga for the very first time, back in April 2009 (ah, good times…): What happens if a vegetarian vampire bites
an animal, but it manages to escape before it is killed?
Would the animal then become a vampire animal? And if so, would they sparkle in the sunlight too, like that cute sparkly doe?

If you think about it, it’s even plausible that vampire animals might exist. Why wouldn’t a lonely 4-century old vampire create himself a cuddly vampire cat as a companion? Or a vampire horse – just imagine how fast you’d be able to travel with one of those! Or maybe a vampire bat, if you like that tongue-in-cheek kinda humor.

And really, shoving aside the fact that vampires and most mythical creatures don’t really exist, aren’t most of these myths based on exaggerated natural phenomena anyway? Take rabies, for example. In ancient times, couldn’t the fear people had of rabid animals have evolved into a myth about vampire animals? And ultimately, ‘human’ vampires?

Or let’s take something more recent, like the fox plague we’re
currently experiencing in Britain and Contintental Europe (Yes people… a fox plague. We have such rustic plagues here on the old continent. Alongside the modern ones of rats and pigeons, of course.). Apparently foxes enter chicken houses to kill one chicken for dinner, but then go crazy and just bite all the other chickens until they are dead. Now maybe, just maybe, we are not really having a fox plague… but it’s all the work of a newborn vampire fox! Heck, maybe it’s even a newborn vampire fox army! Think about it… Yes, that totally makes sense. Totally. I’m glad we figured this one out. I can now sleep
soundly again (aside from the fact that an army of undead foxes is wandering around my country, but well…)

They’re not bears… they’re vampire foxes!

PS: You know, now that you got me thinking about it, new questions arise…
like, what would a vegetarian human like myself who became a vampire eat? Would we really suddenly shove our principles aside and kill animals for consumption? Or would we turn to,
say… ketchup? Help me out here, Steph…

PPS: Will you please invite Letters to Twilight for another exclusive interview again for the release of Breaking Dawn so they can ask these questions for me? Many thanks!

I love Bella_NaA (and her partner in Twi-Crime Alice_NaA) for always asking the important Twilight questions!

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  • superhumanmoron

    I want one of those vampire horses. Bad.

    • BayWolf

      Me too 🙂

  • Not to mention vampire mosquitoes. Oh wait… :-p

    • Janetrigs

      YESSSSS! 🙂

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Hahaha! I can see Aro sitting on his throne in the turret stroking his vampireized kitty all Dr Evil style. (Austin Powers

    • cledbo

      Vampire Dr Evil would totally have vampire sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.

      An evil vampire petting zoo? The perfect Sunday outing for history’s creepiest couple, Nessie and Jake.

  • DanySpike

    God, you do not know how hard you made me laugh! Thank you for a great letter and I hope Stephenie answers your questions, because now they’re my questions too, and I bet they’re other people’s questions as well…and, wow, I don’t even want to start thinking how big this is going to be by 6 p.m!

    Good luck with the vampire foxes over there! You could always come to Chile to escape from them.
    Not only we don’t have that plague, this is Nahuel’s hometown, so we’d be happy to have you 😉

  • Sue G.

    Sounds like you may have come up with Stephenie’s next book! :o)

  • PrettySparklies

    I think that since it’s mentioned that vampire venom is poison to the wolves that it probably pertains to all other animals as well? What do you think?

    • efam

      Stephenie…is that you?? 🙂

      • PrettySparklies

        Nope just a addicted reader, but first time poster. 😀

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Welcome. I like your name.

          And welcome to our LTT version of that book, “Are You My Mother?” where we try to figure out which commenter is Stephenie (come out, come out wherever you are Stephenie WE don’t bite). Many of the current commenters have been speculated, all denied being Steph when asked… But I’m still suspicious of a few.

    • dreamingofforks

      While I love the idea of a vampire kitty (wait…my little monster might already be one), I would have to agree. I do remember the venom being lethal for the wolves, but you also have to consider when Edward tells Bella that once the bloodlust starts, a vampire can’t stop. Very little chance for one to get away. I think the venom also acts in some kind of way that paralyzes the victim. I vaguely remember Bella alluding to this feeling after being bitten by James.

      Sorry, major Twi-nerd and someone who remember useless facts.

      • cledbo

        Don’t forget that the wolves are supernatural creatures too, they’re not normal wolves (and also, They’re NOT Bears!).

        I think it’s plausible, apart from the fact that what animal would be able to escape a vampire? Also, how do you stop them going nuts on their fellow animal friends? That was the whole thing behind the creepo vampire bebbies – they have no proper sense of self, ergo bad for keeping vampirism under wraps and all that.

        Listen to me, talking like this is a legitimate topic to expend brain time on! Damn you Twilight!!

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Vampire bunnies, goldfish, budgies… I’m just not seeing the pets all cold, sparkly and eternal.

    Great question for Steph though, and as a fellow vego… and to quote Robward in Twi… “what do we eat?”

    Speaking of vegetarians… why do you think Summit decided to make our Bella a vegie in Twilight? Big contrast to go from the Garden burgers and salad to Bambi and Kimba once we get to Breaking Dawn.

    • Obava

      Oooo good point, NWH- i hadn’t thought of that. Although movie Bella ate only vegetarian food, it was never established that she is, in fact, a vegetarian. Maybe she’s like me and loves vegetarian food but also occasionally eats meat. If she *is* a strict vegetarian, maybe she’ll crave black beans and then when she starts puking, she’ll think it was cuz the beans went bad.

      • dreamingofforks

        I always just figured that they did that because Kristen was/is a vegetarian. Not even sure if that is true though.

    • Bella_NaA

      Good point! Seems like Mel Mel and Cathi managed to set another unnecessary hurdle for the next Twilight movie. Awesome.

  • @super human moron
    Accidental thumb down. My apologies. Posting from phone.

    Vampire foxes terrify me but a vamp horse would be so awesome!

    • superhumanmoron

      So it was YOU, eh?? 😉

  • HAHAH! Great letter.

    I remember reading a book called Bunnicula when I was a wee child. Now, the bunnies that inhabit my yard are referred to as “Bunnicula”. I’m strange like that.

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      Bunnicula! Haha, forgot about that one! Thanks Fangbanger : )

      • Jamie

        OMG, I LOVED Bunnicula as a kid. Coolest book series ever!

      • Jamie

        OMG, I LOVED Bunnicula as a kid. Coolest book series ever!

    • Aww I loved bunnicula when I was a kid!! the whole series was so cute! (Bunnicula, The Celery Stalks at Midnight and Howliday) I keep seeing them at bookstores and I’m really tempted to buy them for nostalgia.

    • superhumanmoron

      I’m imagining the bunny a la Monty Python??

    • same

      As I recall from The Celery Stalks at Midnight (which delighted me as a kid) the vampire bunny was discovered draining all the veggies and turning them white. So would herbivorous vampire animals just like drain the chlorophyll out of plants, or would they go all Cujo? And why am I ruminating on the nutritional requirements of herbivorous vampiric pets? Ah yes, LTT. God, I love this place!

    • Sj

      Why do I now I need to know what happens to Bunnicula?

    • Bea

      I was looking through the comments for where the Bunnicula discussion would start… Fantastic introduction to vampires, that.

    • smalltown

      I LOVED Bunnicula! Still do, really, though it’s been ages since I’ve read one of those books. I recently found out there were more books in that series I never read, so tempted to get a library card just so I can get my hands on them.

      • YAY! I love all the Bunnicula lovers!

        However, I do not love work days where I cannot chat about vampire bunnies all day. Boo.

  • Robjunkie

    OMG, I think you’re right. It’s totally an Aaahmee of newborn vampire foxes. Yikes, I hope the Volturi step in soon.

  • This is a very tweed serious letter! I’m going to be thinking about vampire animals all day now!

    Do you ever wonder what if your dog was actually a shape shifter? No? Just me then.

    • Robsessedgirl

      SOMETIMES! I’m weird….

    • BayWolf

      I do!!!

      Like today when I came home from work, and my Trivial Persuite game was scattered all over the living room floor… 🙂

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Aw, I wish! Then Shifter dog could clean up his own accidents in the living room.

    • TeamJacobEdward


      And now that you mention the shape shifting thing… it WOULD kind of explain some things…

  • blackgirltwihard

    This is probably venturing over into R and J’s future kid… A Vampire Wolf…a story that I hope SM writes just as I approach my 50s…(kids in college, menopausal, and more Twilight = YUM)

    • P.S.

      I hope Stephanie DOESN’T write J&R’s future story, just like I hope she doesn’t finish Midnight Sun.

  • Jamie

    Yesterday on the History channel there was a special on the Chuppacabre. An animal that has four sharp fangs that drains the blood out of animals. There are two diff. versions of the Chuppacabre, ones a lizard thing, the other a dog like creature. Some dude was actually able to shoot one. It actually looks exactly like a standard size mexican hairless dog with bad teeth. Either way, its basically a “vampire” animal. I could see Alice grabbing one of those dogs as a pet. They’re fashionably ugly with a mohawk tuft of hair. She could put cute sweaters on it.

    • Luludee

      I was going to say that perhaps Bella_NaA solved the mystery of the Chuppacabra! A vampire coyote, only it got much uglier rather than more beautiful.

  • NormlinBmore

    Newbie here, jumping in because I love LTT and this animal theme touches on something that just occurred to me this morning, as I was wiping kitty upchuck off the floor and thinking, “The Cullens would never have to do this, because I guess they wouldn’t have pets, would they, being predators and all.” (cleaning up after my pets and managing to relate it to Twilight: That’s Normal)

    And then I wondered, how do animals react around SM vampires? Do they sense that they’re in the presence of a predator and shy away? Thinking back over the books, I don’t believe any of the main characters had a pet, so SM didn’t have to go there…

    • dreamingofforks

      I would assume that animals could sense them just like any other predator. Then again, that mountain lion never really seemed to know Bella was coming on her first hunt in BD.

  • Stacey

    Do you think that since Rosalie can’t have a baby, that she was ever tempted to make herself a vampire puppy? And then would it go on a rampage through Forks? I have a feeling training against blood lust would be a whole lot harder then training it to go to the bathroom outside.

    Great letter, Bella _NaA! Of course, I am now going to have vampire puppy nightmares.

  • Janetrigs

    Double thumbs up. Loves this

  • Moonbun

    Weird as it may sound, I thought about this when I first read the books (obviously imagining myself in Bella’s position, but I wouldn’t be able to get rid of my kitty), and then I thought about the possibility of “vampirizing” an animal.

    Although it would be fun to see my wee kitty taking down a buck (she would get to be the lion she thinks she is :D)

    P.S.: About the vegetarian thing… I am one and I think I would go for child molesters, rapists and such before being able to take down an innocent animal… Just the way I see it 😛

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Awe, I want vampire pets! I had a vampire teddy bear once, does that count?

    Side story- a friend of a friend got attacked by a vampire bat in Cabo. She freaked out. I would have laughed and said, “Edward, you found me!”

    Another side story- Vampiric preschooler. My daughter was bitten a few times by her friend. I have nicknamed the girl Victoria. #Normal

    • fangbanger

      Oh, wow. My daughter was once bitten by a little boy named Victor.

      Coincidence? I think not.

      • Bea

        Laughing so hard right now with both of you. Totally normal to call the girl Victoria. I know someone who calls her ex Voldemort, and that’s rather along the same lines.

      • snowwhitedrifted

        @fangbanger LOL.

        Are our kids strawberry/ freesia scented?

    • TeamJacobEdward

      “Edward, you found me!”


  • I was hanging out with my friends this weekend and we were discussing their new cat which is a like a violet blue gray color. Anyway my friends husband is like yeah Chuy (the cat’s name) Sparkles. And of course I bust out with aww just like vampires. OOPSIE. I was a little embarrassed cause everyone just kind of looked at me.

    This post just reminded me of that.

    • Moonbun

      Don’t worry, as most would say, that’s normal ^^

  • Robsessedgirl

    I want a vampire animal(kinda). But the idea of my dogs sparkling doesn’t really..maybe. Great post! Hopefully I won’t dream about a vampire puppy eating blood flavored kibble!

  • Sj

    Surely Jasper would have a vampire horse. Italian leather riding boots Alice? Emmett would be constantly racing it. But SM doesn’t seem to care for pets, there is a disturbing lack/absence of them….sure Bella has the cactus..

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Too many pets to bury when you live forever. 🙁

      And the Cullens have Emmett. He’s like a big goofy dog.

  • lapushbaby

    Hey, isn’t that sparkley doe Snape’s Patronus?

    (HP nerd alert)

    • Bella_NaA

      Yes, in fact it is! *waves HP nerd club card*

      • lapushbaby

        *waves back and does club handshake*

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Sshhhh….you’re going to start a wave of cat ladies vamping out their cats and then what’s going to happen? MASS MURDER!! I can see the headlines now…”Another single woman found drained of blood and surrounded by her sparkly, red-eyed cats.” Can you handle that kind of guilt Bella_NaA??!?!?

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Isn’t that how CATWOMAN originated?

      I don’t know my Batman lore very well, but I remember a bunch of cats licking Michelle Pfeiffer.

  • BayWolf

    army of newborn vampire foxes – BRILLIANT!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    But if there are vampire animals, would they sparkle? Or would their fur keep their secret by masking their sparkly skin?

    I don’t remember Edward’s hair alight with sparkles. So then how would we ever know?

    Wow, that was Twilosophical.

    • MichaelSheenisaDILF


    • frightenedflips

      I’m now visualizing my black Great Dane, Mowgli, with a sparkly nose. Kind of like a Were-Dane Rudolph Raindear Vamp dog. Completely normal.

  • same

    Oh! And then there’s Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit for Team Jacob. Bunnicula and Were-Rabbits…I always thought is was so random that Anya on BTVS was afraid of rabbits, but apparently a deep-rooted rabbit fear is fairly common.

    • same

      Well, I suck. This was meant for the the Bunnicula discussion above.
      Rabbit tangents cause comment fail. Sigh.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Your all probably gone to bed but gonna say hi anyway….I have JUST NOW got a sec to read all the great comments..spent the entire day and night doing the blasted crossword puzzle..(cuz that is so normal) and still see scrambled eggs in all the letters..welcome to my brain…. :)..but just had to say hi b/c I am missing you all! xo

    • Sj

      *waving from other side of globe*

      I think there’s always someone up somewhere in LTT land.

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Hey Cyn. Some of us are still conscious in the southern hemisphere.

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