LTT interviews Stephenie Meyer: The never-ending story

Dear LTTers,

I must apologize for my lack of preparedness last week when I was on vacation- I didn’t have a story ready for you regaling the tales from our interview with Stephenie Meyer for Friday- I fail. But this week I prepared ahead! Yesterday morning on my 1 hour + drive into work, I re-listened to part of our interview and picked out some fun stories and audio we wanted to share. And let me tell you IT IS AMAZING- we’re gonna tell you what Stephenie would write were she to write a sequel AND who she fangirls over..

Alas, I have to apologize again. See…. we have to get all audio we post approved first- because Stephenie told us top secret things like Rob’s phone #, where she gets her telephonic lens for photographing the Robsten love nest and just how many headboards she and Nacho* broke on their Isle Esme honeymoon (Sandals, Jamaica 1997 baby!) Apparently those stories were for our ears only. Haha Suckas’ Anyway, because I submitted the audio yesterday, and apparently the world doesn’t work on my last minute time frame, I don’t have all the clips I wanted to share. HOWEVER, next week WILL rule, Promise- we even have an anecdote about when Stephenie snuck in to see New Moon in the theater!

This week will rule, as well. While the audio clips are few, I took the liberty of letting you in on some LTT secrets- what really was going on when the camera caught us in the room during the interview… it’s not what you think:

First up, we ask Stephenie about the crrrraaaazy Twilight Merch she has seen. Of course she’s too nice- that Stephenie, being kind to weird fans- although…. she lets us know how some crazy merch makes her feel:

SM Merch by letterstotwilight

Wait- back up… did you hear what Stephenie said up there? You know how we do this- let’s repeat that one line she said, one more time:

SM 2ndHandEmbarassment by letterstotwilight

It was during a question asked by Twilight Series Theories when Stephenie discussed Edward’s reluctance to turn Bella into a vampire. She recalled a story she read on LTT, written by our very own Alice_NaA:

SM PhysicalPain by letterstotwilight

By the way, I talked to Alice_NaA recently because she went for waxing session #2. She said the 2nd time wasn’t so painful….. And I told her,

UC: “There goes our Vampire metaphor, then. Are you saying waxing is more like a metaphor for losing your virginity? The first time- “kill me I’m never doing that again” 2nd time.. “okay… I could get used to this..”
Alice: “Yeah… that’s a good metephor! Apart from the fact that I’m not gonna be telling my dermatologist ‘Oooo… right there’  the third time…”

Happy Friday! Catch up with all the other Stephenie Meyer Interview Recaps you may have missed!


Legal Stuff:
All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer
All Photos: Julie Adamson

*Just because ever since we found out she reads LTT I’ve felt weird and never said anything- I feel we need to explain why we refer to Stephenie’s husband as “Nacho.” One day, Moon wrote about him and lovingly referred to him as that. I thought it was intentional, but it was not. It was an honest, hilarious mistake. And ever since that’s just become his name. We love Nacho. Mmmm Nachos…. Damn, I’m hungry.

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  • Brooke Lockart

    I’m confuzzled. Didn’t Alice get laser hair removal?

    UC, I love your dorkus smile more than I love our friend HoHo.


    • Alice_NaA

      Yips. Laser. But Stephenie and UC said waxing, so I’m just going with the flow :p.

      • efam

        Yes…it’s good to not correct the gods of Twilight. 🙂

      • snowwhitedrifted

        “Yeah… that’s a good metephor! Apart from the fact that I’m not gonna be telling my dermatologist ‘Oooo… right there’ the third time…”

        ^ LOL!!! Alice_NaA you always crack me up!

      • I fail so bad. I mean.. i KNEW it was lazer. We had a convo a bout this- you were the spokesperson for the lazer treatment center in Belgium…. what is my problem?
        stupid… stupid… stupid.. (i’m banging my head on my desk)

        • Midnight_Cyn

          STOP UC! Or at least put a pillow on your desk…I good smack on the head is all it takes…trust me! 🙂 Hugs!

        • Alice_NaA

          That’s ok. I think I’m gonna have to choose someone else for my ‘second person for free’ coupon tho.

    • watch it… Imma introduce you to Ho Ho one of these days … it’ll be magicness

  • I find it humorous that she says she doesn’t want anyone to have regrets because of Twidight. It’s not like it’s her fault people are crazy.
    I won’t have any regrets.
    Then again, I haven’t gone out and gotten a sort-of-Rob-but-really-kind-of-not tat on myself.
    Really, people. C’mon now.

    • Oh, also, I definitely squee-ed when she said ‘2nd hand embarrassment,’ got excited for Alice (I still can’t believe Steph reads LTT/LTR… too funny!) when she mentioned her story, and kind of love that this is the never-ending interview.

      • Alice_NaA

        Tnx! I SQUEE-ed ! After I changed my ringtone obvi. A girl’s got to prioritize.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    This is GREAT! (Is it normal that when I look @ the pics or sound clips I like to pretend I am in the room w/you and SM?)

    • Sue G.

      Totally NORMAL!

  • Alice_NaA

    This is a good day. The sun is shining, I still don’t have to go to work, I had a super discount LED facial, I did some great Zara fall finds and then came home to read this letter! I also got up VERY early (like 7am) which is kinda cool since you can do SO much in one day, you know, non-sleeping stuff. Why do I only find out about this know?

    happy happy joy joy.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Okay spill..what is an LED facial?? I am in panic mode with the wedding coming up…does it help with umm lil lines…I mean if I should have any… 🙂

      • Alice_NaA

        it’s this small device they place over your head, feels and looks a bit like a facial tanner. The red LED light stimulates collagen production, so it should help with fine lines (not the expression ones). But don’t expect miracles, but it does give some results (better than a regular facial, which are just waste a money) but you’d have to go in every week. For one time it gives your face a nice glow and it feels ‘fuller’ if that makes sense ;).

        The result is actually similar like using a home dermaroller (which is a lot cheaper since you can do it yourself almost every day). I did it only cuz it was a special ‘new device’ promotion for only 20$. I wouldn’t pay more for it.

        P.S. I should get a column in cosmo.

        • Midnight_Cyn

          Yes you should definately be writing for Cosmo…..
          Well guess thats out..I NEED A MIRACLE…lol…may have one or two lil lines…:)
          I also need some advice on a good makeup…or should I say makeover..tee hee..been so long since I needed this stuff not sure what I should buy…so any thoughts Ms. Cosmo???

  • Bea

    Have you seen a picture of the quilt? The Lexicon put one up the other day and it is pretty astonishing. Also some pretty second-hand embarassing centerpieces… one of E&B in the Isle Esme bed. Because that’s what I want on my dinner table.

    • efam

      LOL. The Isle Esme centerpiece isn’t quite right. Isn’t it supposed to be like 100 degrees and she has to lay on top of him so she doesn’t sweat to death?? I guess that’s a little hard to do with stick figures…

    • Whoah. That’s some intense “art” they’ve got going on there.

  • SM has such a great sense of humor! I love your interviews with her!

  • efam

    I did! I did! I heard the “2nd hand embarrassment” comment on the 1st audio and replayed it 3 times to make sure it was Stephenie…so cool.

  • dionrenee

    As always the SM interviews are fabulous…..I think at the end of Breaking Dawn she needs to have a huge online auction of all her crazy twilight related merch!!

    I love the fact that she reads this site!

    Please don’t finish Midnight Sun!! None of us want to read it : P

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Dear UC..ummm how come you didn’t mention someone’s “special attachment” to Blanket Eddie, huh???

    Dear Stephanie: I have PLENTY of room for ANY extra stuff that you don’t want…seriously..plenty of room and since I never leave the house, I promise to take “GOOD” care of it! (How many ppl do you know that would “watch over” Blanket Eddie in the wash?) Ok that is not normal but the washer was on the fritz…
    Just trying to help you out, don’t want you to have to get anymore storage sheds!

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  • Obava

    OME I am soooo fangirling on the inside- Steph really is just like one of us!


  • ChillinWithCullens

    I love that this interview seems to go on forever – makes every Friday good 🙂

    Also, laughed my patootie off reading UC and Alice NaA’s little talk – hilarious! and SO true!!

    One more thing – Moon, where did you get that black and white top?? LOVE it!!

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Great captions UC and Moon!
    Loved the interview clips.

    *wonders what Steph did with the gift you guys gave her from the LTT store. LTT merch likes to be out and about, hopefully it’s not in the shed.

    • haha…. this is true. let’s add that to the store

      “Because wearing Vampire & Werewolf Shirts is Normal and we’d prefer that these don’t go in your shed”

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Question for UC and Moon: Does Steph read LTR too?

  • This is amazing. I miss your crazed laugh, UC.

    I love 30 Rock, I love SMeyer, I love you girls, and yes, I am still feeling the love today. No idea why, I need a beer to get my hate back.

    • Midnight_Cyn


  • FacePunch

    Loved the clips, pix & captions! I’m second-hand dazzled. 😀

    And glad to hear that you both had nice trips… mine can’t come soon enough!

    • Luludee

      Where are you going on your trip?

      No vacay for me this year, so I will have to live vicariously through other people 🙂

      • FacePunch

        Maryland! We almost didn’t go this year, so I understand about the vicarious thing. 🙂

  • Stacey

    What a fun interview! I love that she brought up the Franco/30 Rock episode with the body pillow. Those Edward and Jacob pillows make me think of that episode too!

    Now that I think of it… I think Tracey Jordan should be in Breaking Dawn. J.Jenks? It would just be funny.

    • Bea

      Tracy Jordan would be hysterical as Jenks. Actually, Alec Baldwin would be too…

  • celestialchic

    Love the captions, love the pics, love the audio, love you guys, love the comments. Good times. <3

  • kitkat

    I did squee for the “Second hand embarrassment” and then laughed when I saw the clip of just that. 🙂

    In other news, I’ll be in Forks this weekend, making a total Twi-fool of myself. No regrets!

  • Robsessedgirl

    I love Stephenie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I could listen to her talk about Edward for hours.

    • Robsessedgirl

      I didn’t mean to double post! ugh.

  • Robsessedgirl

    I love Stephenie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I could listen to her talk about Edward for hours. Oh and hours of Rob stories. Surely she has some AMAZING ones.

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