Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

This is spoiler free, but I can’t promise the comments are

Dear Harry & Edward (love me through that),

Damn you auto correct!

Yep. This is what we’re discussing today. The whole world is talking Harry Potter, so I’m using my Twilight blog to do that as well. Deal with it. I’m a “Harry Potter-Coma” having just seen the movie a few hours ago and I can’t get Ron and his BROAD SHOULDERS out of my head. I also love the irony that when I typed “RON IS SO HOT” in a text to someone on my iPhone, it auto-corrected that to “ROB IS SO HOT.” Apparently when I talk about Rob Pattinson, my phone wants me to call him Ron, but when Ron Weasley is the topic of conversation, the phone thinks he should be called “Rob.” Sigh… technology… All that to say, I love Rob & Ron and I don’t care what you call either- I still love them both.

Best Halloween ever

First on the agenda is how badly I wanted to wear my Hermione cape from Halloween a few years ago and my Harry Potter glasses to the movie, but we were rushing out the door & I couldn’t find them. (But my bff’s husband did show up to the movie wearing a “New Moon” baseball cap he stole from my “Box-o-crap” from Stephenie Meyer, cocked to the side. He’s 36 years old. And walked out after the movie, exclaiming loudly “That was good, but it’s no New Moon.” Jerk) And it got me thinking… why am I comfortable showing up to a Sunday matinee of Harry Potter dressed as a high school “logical” witch (loved that line) but would NEVER dress up like Bella and go see a Twilight film? Is it that I’m too invested in this fandom? I know “too much” (cue vampire killing scene)? And I fear that by showing a little Twilight spirit in the movie theater I’d be compared to That #1 Twilight fan who’s clearly on “The List?” I’ve seen too many Twi-crazies in my day & know better? But there are Harry Potter crazies too. Like this guy. In fact, Harry Potter crazies are probably weirder than Twi-crazies because of the magic-aspect. And their crazy fans tend to be boys who dress up like boy wizards. Weird. What if there is a LTHP (Letters to Harry Potter)-like site out there right now that makes fun of crazy Harry Potter fans like we do with Twi-fans? What if I had dressed up like Hermione & ended up on their site starring under the post “2nd-hand embarrassing grown Harry Potter fans?” I WOULDN’T CARE! I’d welcome that title. Seriously. I’d be proud. I’d tell my friends, I’d post a copy in the elevator of my building, I’d include it in my Christmas letter! Is that because I know deep down that despite being a huge fan, I’m not a crazy Harry Potter fan? And if so, does my lack of desire to dress in anything that connects me to the crazies of the Twilight fandom mean that I know, deep down, I really am a crazy Twi-fan? So many questions…. so little time. I need a time-turner. Hermione is so lucky.

As Mr. Choice & I were driving home, he mentioned that he thinks the story J.K. Rowling created was one of the best of the past 1,000 years. (Why the past 1,000 years and not the past 100? I have no idea. But I think it has something to do with the flask of whiskey he suck into the theater) And I agreed. The story is incredible. And he’s only seen the movies. That’s impressive and means the movies do a lot to pay tribute to the greatness of J.K. Rowling’s words. And so I told him that makes me even more convinced that Stephenie Meyer’s story is the sole reason for the success of the Twilight saga. After he was done rolling his eyes because I, once again, brought Twilight into something non-Twilight, he said, “Well, duh, it’s her story.” But no.. hear me out: He loves Harry Potter a TON and will never read the books. I know a lot of people like that. I cannot name one person who really enjoyed the Twilight saga movies and then didn’t read the books. I can name a LOT of people who didn’t read the books and also did not enjoy the movies. It’s possible for someone to see a Twilight movie & get interested in the story. But it isn’t until after they read the whole world Stephenie created that they are really entranced by Bella & Edward. I think the movie might wet their appetite & then the books seal the deal. And let’s be honest, the movies aren’t that great. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again (unless there’s a sex scene like in The Notebook- should I even bother subliminally entering that into my letters? The scene was already shot- any room in the budget for re-shoots if I keep begging!?) So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a lot of people are turned off by the movies & never give the books a chance. And despite the so-so films, Twilight has been one of the most wildly successful book series & sagas of recent memory. That is all due to one Miss- err Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. She created this story where WE feel like we’re Bella. We connect to her because it could have been our teenaged-selves! Everything is full of angst when you’re a teenager! And I think that’s hard to translate to the movie screen- maybe even harder than apparating in the middle of a wand fight or flushing someone down the toilet. Okay, maybe that’s hard too, but you know what I’m saying…..

Team Edward, we have competition. And she's rich

And speaking of comparing “Twilight vs. Harry Potter” (as I’ve called today’s letter) WHY IS ANYONE DOING THAT!? There is NO comparison. They are SO completely different! Sure, we can compare box office numbers: Last year New Moon opened this same weekend with almost 20 million more in revenue. WIN for Twilight. We can compare book sales: J.K. Rowling has sold more than 400 million. Stephenie has only sold 100 million plus. WIN for HP. We can compare how we feel after seeing each movie: During Eclipse I shed a few tears & felt gooey in my insides for “Ron.” During Harry Potter yesterday I cried like 4 times and felt gooey for “Rob.” It’s a tie. Why do people feel the need to compare & contrast two successful franchises? Can’t they both just be successful & yet completely different? Does one have to be “better” than the other? I write a Twilight blog, not a Harry Potter blog, does that mean I decided Twilight was better? I LOVE Harry Potter. I LOVE Twilight. Don’t make me choose between them!! That’s like saying choose between Rob Pattinson & Ryan Gosling. Why do I have to choose? I’ll take them both! You can find similar traits the guys share- or similar themes or qualities of the movies & books and then decide what excels in certain categories, but overall, they are what they are: Twilight has emerged as the best vampire series. Harry Potter is the best for the boy Wizards of the world. Oh, and don’t forget Hunger Games- that’s the best story of societal downfall & oppression of people. And Lords of the Rings wins for religious themes! And sometimes when you want a good cry, you just want to crack open a Nicolas Sparks book and watch him kill off your favorite character. Dammit- let me love what I love!!

That felt good. I like Harry Potter vs. Twilight days.
In conclusion, this video rules if you haven’t seen it yet. If you have, watch again. Pay attention to the last part. Twilight & Harry Potter just can’t escape each other:


What do you think the fascination of comparing Harry Potter & Twilight stems from? Can we blame it on Rob Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory? Would YOU Dress up to go see either movie?

FYI: If you discuss a spoiler, make sure to mark it  SPOILER nice & big & leave a few blank lines in the comments so no one gets spoiled!!!

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  • Nelle

    Amen, UC!

    But now I have to watch The Notebook for this love scene I’m hearing so much about!

  • Obava

    Wow Tom was treally good at talking American- actually they were all pretty good, but um, Ron? I mean, Rob? They’re NOT “mozzareller” sticks.

    I <3 HP

  • chochang

    i’ve been thinking about this too. and what i’ve come up with is that there’s a gender issue as well. a lot of people say that twilight is adored mostly by girls and harry potter appeals more to boys. it’s a simple formula: girls’ tastes suck while boys rule the world. this means that themes that appeal more to women (i.e. love, romance, emotions, etc..) get failing marks in the “coolness index of pop culture” when they’re juxtaposed to guy themes (i.e. adventure, action, mysteries..).

    thus, despite their success, films and stories that women like aren’t considered as cool or as relevant by the general public. but, when you talk about star wars, star trek, lotr, HP, you’re automatically “cool”. what women need is to step up and say, “hey, jane austen, emily bronte and stephenie meyer are cool too!”

    hope i made sense. ’cause i’m not totally sure if anyone agrees with me.

    #feminismrules LOL

    • tuesdaymidnight

      That definitely made sense, and I think it is a very valid point. It might be wrong of me to draw a huge categorical distinction like this, but it does seem that anything in the entertainment world (movies, music, mass market fiction) that has women as it’s primary target audience never gains as much footing as something aimed at men. Not to mention, you’re right, there’s always an unfair label of lameness.

      • chochang

        Thanks for agreeing with me, TM. I was kind of thinking the same thing about pop vs. rock, ya know. Look at the huge pop stars nowadays: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift. All of whom have huge women (and gay) following. As I was a 90s kid, I guess their equivalent would be the boy bands and Britney Spears, among others. And look, even now, kids of that era are still ashamed to admit that they were big Backstreet Boys fans. Or NSync fans, for that matter. But it’s okay to say you liked Nirvana.. despite the fact that its lead singer was a depressed crack addict who killed himself. And while the lead of NSync is still successful to this day.

        (LOL. I feel like I’m in my Feminism class again discussing Foucault, Irigaray, etc.)

        What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Twilight. Carry on..

    • MariaCecilia

      I think your interpretation is completely correct when it comes to Twilight’s reputation as something lame and silly for gooey girls, but I always thought that HP appealed at least equally to both sexes, and wasn’t a “boy’s book series” at all? I have seen a majority of girls at the HP events I have witnessed anyway.. What do you say?

      • chochang

        I was actually thinking of that point as well while writing my comment. And then I realized.. the reason why Harry Potter has garnered an audience of women in the past few years is because public opinion (i.e. MEN’s opinion) has made it seem OKAY to like Harry Potter. The public has voted and decided that Harry Potter is “cool” enough.

        But have you seen any man openly admit that he likes Twilight (despite Twilight being GOOD as well)? No. That’s because men are scared to admit that they like what women like. Men are scared to admit that they can relate to feminine themes such as love and romance (and hence, the reason why they keep on bringing up the lameness of sparkling vampires). Men are scared, basically. So that’s why they just focus on mocking things which they are expected and have been conditioned to hate. Meanwhile, women have also been conditioned, throughout the years, to follow after men. And so, it’s okay for women to like what men like. Thus, what we have right now are “open” women HP fans (like me and UC!) and “closeted” so-called Unicorns.

        It’s like that Madonna song which was interpreted on Glee:
        “Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots.. because it’s okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.. ’cause you’d think that being a girl is degrading.”

        (this has been Feminism 101 by chochang.. haha)

        • MariaCecilia

          Yes, I’m with you all the way on the “what boys/men approve of is cool for everyone, what girls like is something men can’t touch with a ten-foot-pole” mechanism: that’s what male gender hegemony is all about. The only thing I was wondering about was whether HP is attracting an equal amount of guys and girls or if the audience is weighted either way – but we seem to agree on that too, I see! 🙂

          • howtobe

            I thumbs-uped you for for using “hegemony,” I’m a senior about to get a degree in Political science. And I just learned what it meant like last month, which now makes me feel dumb cause you used it on a twilight blog…on second thought maybe I should have thumbs downed you for making me feel dumb…j/k 🙂

    • TeamSeth


      I agree and disagree with this point. When I first read HP1 I did not like it all, but that was because of the writing quality, which was fairly poor. Then I saw the movie and was more okay with it. Then I saw movie 3 some years later and decided to read book 3. JK’s writing skill has grown exponentially over the course of the series and from book 3 onward I was able to enjoy it all more.

      Plus the introduction of a less fairy tale tone/theme in the films once the Amores Perros director took over led to a much darker tone that HP takes on–which really strengthens the appeal of it (to me). I also think JK writes death especially well. There’s no chatting beforehand. It’s “Kill the spare” and then he’s dead. No nonsense, no time to grieve when it happens because the living character’s still in imminent danger.

      I also think it should be noted the strength of the female characters in HP vs. in Twilight. Hermoine is easily the most badass of the three leads, and she has a cool confidence to her. She always has the answer, and if she doesn’t, she seeks it out. She’s the most loyal, intelligent, determined, and patient of the main 3. The boys are shown as lazy with the main positive trait of bravery (on harry’s account). Luna also shows extreme bravery and perseverance, especially in light of persecution by her peers due to her ‘otherness’ status. The other main male, Draco, is shown as haughty, bitter, jealous, unforgiving, and vengeful. Yes he’s the villain, but in the course of the series we are led to have some compassion for him (because Dumbledore does). Ginny is a static character, so I won’t count her. But both Luna and Hermoine are shown to also have historically ‘female’ traits of compassion and caring, which go on to help the story’s hero be successful (which ultimately saves them all).

      One thing that has consistently bothered me about Bella is that she is fairly one-dimensional at the beginning. She has nearly zero self-esteem/confidence (in the books) and falls into the inexplicable, irrevocable love with Edward. Thus we’re given a fairly weak lead female who has to be protected throughout the series until she ultimately grows into the ultimate protector herself after her transformation (both physical and emotional). I do feel Harry follows a similar path, and even has his broody books (4&5) and, like Bella, places blame on himself and doesn’t want help because it’s his own mess to clean up/his own fate. But Harry is a male, which to me concludes that both female and male leads are weak then undergo an extreme emotional growth throughout their series. Which is strong storytelling, especially when writing “coming of age”-esque stories.

      I can agree that men historically and stereotypically have less ability to identify with emotions/romance/etc., however, I do feel that in the case of Harry, he is an emotional mess and mingles with a romance (that is forbidden in some ways). The driving force behind the HP series is an identification with and facing of man’s greatest fear–death. Harry literally accepts death and encounters it. Bella on the other hand rejects death. By a certain deus ex machina of the authors, both characters experience semi-death then a rebirth. They are also similar in the way that they are somewhat thick. Both require the medium of dreams to learn about the dangers and plots that are foreboding. Stupidity often being associated with the feminine traits, I think it says something that Harry is the thick one (along with Ron) and Hermoine is the brilliant one. I may even argue that HP is more feminist than Twi, however, I’m not certain that either is feminist.

      On the concept of Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, and, I’ll add it, Doctor Who, I find that while the audience is perhaps more male, my introduction to these films/series/books were through my mother and aunt. Indeed there is blatant sexism in all of these, but one must keep in mind that their origins are from a different era. They should be therefore looked at in a historical critique, rather than modern day feminism. Likewise, it is unfair to say that Jane Austen cannot be identified with by men, when a fair amount of her readers were male during and shortly after her life. I can agree that many men make fun of sparkly vampires, but Mr. Seth watches all Twi movies and has twilosophical discussions with me (as does my unicorn–who read all 4.5 books). He does not like LOTR though and will not watch it with me (esp. not the extended version!). I find that many females (my age) have not been exposed to Star Wars or LOTR and therefore will make fun of it, as men make fun of Twi. But to me this more a case of rejection of the other/unknown than of gender stereotyping.

      I think HP can be identified by a wider audience than Twilight not because it’s ‘more male’, but rather because it accomplishes more as a series than Twilight does–both in character growth and in a social context.

      Whew. That was epically long. Apologies. I have not reread/edited, so apologies for errors/weird thought streams.

      • LatersBaby

        This post rocks!!!!

        In short, one of my best friends is a Potter Scholar and I dabble in the world of Twi…we often have these conversations.

        I think you hit the nail on the head with Death. I think HP’s message– facing death–Twilight, avoid it.

      • chochang

        whew! that was long! (twss)

        anyhow, yep i think i got your point that HP DOES have several feminine themes and heroes and that it can’t entirely be thought of automatically as being a “male” story. and i think you’re right! i do agree with that.

        but, perhaps, the point i was trying to aim at was general public perception. and i am emphasizing this “general public” as people who don’t really read the books like you and i, people who believe what the rest of the world says, people who take things at face value. and it is this very same general public that is being greatly influenced by masculine perceptions.

        so then, even though we are able to delve deep into the positive and negative aspects of HP, whether its themes are masculine, feminine, or universal, many people will always base their thoughts and reactions to HP on the thoughts and reactions of the general public–whose perception is largely dictated by masculine influences.

        anyhow.. it’s lucky that the world has people like you (and i! ehem) who are able to analyze deeper and know the important merits of a story without discrimination or prejudice. it’s people like us who actually read the books and understand what they truly mean that the world needs more of.

        • TeamSeth

          It’s hard to see these things from a General Perspective since I have an intimate perspective (and even had a break it down with Mr. Seth during our hiking trip 3 weeks ago when he finished reading HP7). Hunger Games is something I have a general perspective on. Not read them nor discussed them nor do I know what they’re about much. Just something that reminded me of my writer’s group in Orlando that was all fantasy and post-apopcalyptic world… and annoying. So, I guess I’m not itching to read them based on that. (Even though they come HIGHLY recommended from everyone who has read them)

      • Luludee

        Wow girl, you broke out your fully lined Tweed suit! I agree with everything you said and I love that we can have deep discussions about the fun stories and imaginary worlds we all love!

        @ChoChang – loved your take on everything to! Excellent points!

        • TeamSeth

          Seriously! I had to take it to the dry cleaners today!

  • WARNING: super relevant comment.
    I dunno, I just can’t bring myself to watch any HP, despite it def. being an event to watch. It’s like a spell.

  • superhumanmoron

    Where did Ron come from in this movie??? Never paid him any attention, then…whoa!

    I did not dress up. There was, however, a grown woman at my theater dressed as a house elf. I wish so badly I had ninja pic’d it.

    • MariaCecilia

      I am going to see HP tonight – dressed up as KStew. Wonder if anyone will pick up on the reference, though…? 🙂

      • Stacey

        Did you pick the blue button down, khaki shirt and hoodie combo?

        • MariaCecilia

          No, actually I went for the black skinny jeans, green Converse and green shirt, (Bella around New Moon) with the black leather jacket, black eyeliner and long brown hair (KSTew). The hair is my own, though, no wig. 🙂
          Result? Everyone watched the movie. Nobody got the hint. Major fail. 🙁 But I agree that Von-Von looked nice!

        • With that logic… We have to dress up as Eric and Damon for Breaking Dawn.

          • Oh wait, we’re girls…
            Sookie and Katherine then.

          • Stacey

            Get your blond wig and Merlotte’s uniform ready, lady! I will have a brown wig and…hmm…

  • Sassysmart

    I never compare Twi and HP. When I bought the books the sales lady flat out told me I would be disappointed if I did. So I keep them seperate like you would you children. Love just for different reasons.

    However, the BF CONSTANTLY compares Star Wars and HP. It’s annoying.

    • superhumanmoron

      Silly man. You cannot compare those two. Can Not.

    • TeamSeth

      Who are the ewoks in HP?

      • theseviolentdelights

        Maybe a goblin of Gringotts? Like a more waxed version of an ewok.

        • TeamSeth

          I thought maybe the house elves.

          • theseviolentdelights

            That would also be a good representation.
            (At first glance I thought that you said “maybe the ho elves”…then I reread it and it made much more sense. #mindinguttermoment)

  • Stacey

    I read the first HP book. I saw some of the movies on ABC Family. Okay…I saw the Rob (Pattinson) ones. That’s the only similarity between the Twilight and HP movies…Pattinson’s in both. I really will read and watch HP…promise…soon…when things calm down…really I will…

    The books are also different, just because the focus on the young adult demographic, they really shouldn’t be lumped together. That goes with Hunger Games, as well. If you wanted to compare the Twilight Books with the Vampire Diaries books I can see that. But wizards and vampires?

    Oh…did anybody see the guy dressed up as Harry Potter on Conan? It was hilarious!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      hahaha. You sound like me about getting around to reading certain books. I haver over a dozen books on my nightstand I need to get to or need to get back to. I blame all the fanfics I’m in process of reading. 😉

  • Rob’s Flaming Dashboard

    @ superhumanmoron: Dude, you have let teh interwebz down. That photo could have been as massive as jumping Rob!

    Naughty Josh Horowitz. Bit of a sore spot. After living in the States for TEN years I get comments every blooming day about my accent even though a lot of people aren’t actually sure where I am from ( I grew up mostly near London ) and try to play 20 Questions. When I call my family on the phone they think I sound frightfully American/wicked Bawstahn. Anyway, Emma and Tom both live in the States so they have a big advantage over Rupert and Dan’s attempt. As a polyglot, I was kinda hoping the HP stars would bite back and order mozzarella sticks in Italian.

    @chochang and tuesdaymidnight – I definitely agree with you.

    • superhumanmoron

      I know, I know. I was too busy clutching my giant bucket o’ popcorn and focused on getting a good seat that I didn’t seize the opportunity.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Hey RFD. Why us your Avi a black box? Are you in mourning lacking Rob sightings? Is there a Rob drought? That would be a sad, sad thing indeed.

      Or can I just not see the Rob epicness on my phone because the pic is so little?

      • TeamSeth

        Box block! hehe

    • chochang

      thanks! i kinda want to hear what your accent sounds like now, actually. is it like peter facinelli’s in eclipse? haha

      • Rob’s Flaming Dashboard

        My accent is rubbish.
        What happened to my avatar? I am actually mourning the lack of TomStu so I have experimented with gravatar, let’s see if it works…

        • Rob’s Flaming Dashboard

          Well crap.

  • MariaCecilia

    Hm, I REALLY enjoy Harry Potter and I loved LOTR, and only recently discovered the Hunger Games series, but in spite of all the joy they bring me, only Twilight has rocked my world and brought change in my life. I am a better person and my life is more fun for it. (*sniffing slightly*) So, do what you will, compare Aragorn’s and Dumbledore’s beard or Harry’s and Edward’s scowl or Hermione and Bella’s hairdo (duh), but I think it’s a waste of time. They are all wonderful worlds that you can enter, but it is you yourself that make the magic in them. Enjoy!

    And what’s this nonsense about NOT reading the books?? How can you not read a good book?? (Looking sternly over the rim of my librarian’s glasses.) Books – better than chocolate, sex and booze. But possible to combine with all three! 😉 Win!

    • JustGoWithIt

      Yey Hunger Games! I am reading Sookie Stackhouse right now. I tend to get into each book about half way through, after I get over being annoyed at the repetition of facts throughout the beginning. I get that authors have to do that (I guess?), in case someone is stranded on a deserted island and only has one of the books in the series and not the rest, but with a long series like that it gets mighty old when you are reading them all. REALLY, Sookie is a blond haired blue eyed telepath, I had forgotten that since the last book I read!

      • Stacey

        Yay Hunger Games! Now…if you had to dress up like somebody from another series to go see Harry Potter, Sookie is the way to go. Bella’s outfits are too normal/ borderline frumpy to stand out from the crowd.

        With Sookie there is the Merlotte’s waitressing uniform or some tight fitting (1985 styled) dresses paired with socks. Then, of course, husbands or boyfriends can dress up like book Eric. Not the show’s blue sweater or the track suit. Nope…the book’s fur robe…just the robe. The clothing descriptions in the Sookie books crack me up!

        Even Edward’s tan on tan and sleeveless white button downs can’t hold a candle to those. BTW…if Edward is so pale like marble, wouldn’t all those light shades wash him out even more? Just wondering.

        • JustGoWithIt

          Yes, I would love to go as Sookie with the no shoulder but with sleeves short ruffled red dress with matching red nails and toes and red shoes…and red lipstick…HOT. Hubby could go as Alcide taking me on my date to Club Dead.

        • JustGoWithIt

          Or sex party Eric from Living Dead in Dallas would also work wonders for most men with the spandex.

          • Stacey

            How did I forget about the spandex!!! Ha ha ha! Wasn’t it like hot pink too? I need to dig out that book. It really is a pick me up when I feel stressed.

        • JustGoWithIt

          I think Edward can pretty much pull off anything. He looks good in tan and white like a beautiful pale redhead in a sparkly tan dress.

          • Stacey

            You can only pull off the tan on tan when you are sporting the sparkles.

            Now that sleeveless white button down on a man…maybe on the Jersey Shore show, but I refuse to believe that Alice would let him out of the house. Unless, we are going to start calling Edward, ‘Vinnie’ and buy him some super tight graphic tees.

        • Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd, JGWI and Stacey, a bad wardrobe discussion on Sookie books and Twilight… be still my heart! The outfits are so bad they are their own characters!!!

          Claude should be the Alice fashion police for that series.

          I was annoyed too at how they repeat in the Sook books.

          • Oh wait, Claude dressed badly too.
            Ugh, he’s a disgrace to fairies.

      • TeamSeth

        “I get that authors have to do that (I guess?), in case someone is stranded on a deserted island ”
        hahahaha! 😀 Reminds me of always skipping chapter 2 of Sweet Valley High books.

    • Luludee

      Sorry MC. Touch screen fail. That thumbs down was meant to be a thumbs-up!

      • MariaCecilia

        Thank you dearest! I was just agonizing over what turned someone off:the librarian’s glasses or my refusal to compare Aragorn’s and Dumbledore’s beards…? <3 u

  • JustGoWithIt

    What a (sort of, maybe not) coincidence, I had a long dream about DanRad (I don’t remember how to spell his name and I’m not looking it up!) last night. We were high school kids, he was moving away to San Fransisco and I was thinking about following him there to explore our blossoming love affair. Then I tested the waters and realized he wasn’t that into me, not enough to move to a different country for him. That happened to a friend of mine, following a guy down to San Fransisco and then breaking up, wasn’t with DanRad.

    • TeamSeth

      Did you be sure to wear some flowers in your hair?

  • JustGoWithIt

    There was one kiss in the dream. Why couldn’t dream DanRad just be more into me? I would have gone all the way. Or maybe not. I hate when I bring my insecurities/marriedness into my dreams. Why should I care if dream DanRad thinks I have a hot body or not? Its DREAM DanRad.

    • aww, you’re funny! I am pretty sure Dream DanRad thought you were hot.

    • TeamSeth

      I feel you! In my dreams of potential love affairs with hot celebrities, I always get part way into it and then feel really guilty because I suddenly remember I have a significant other already. Then I wake up feeling guilty and he’s all sleeping next to me and I feel even more guilty. Siiigh. One day Matt Smith, one day we will make out in my dream!

  • I love you for combining HP and Twilight today, as I too am in a Potter-coma. I just spent the weekend in Chicago with my Potter friends (yes, I have Potter friends and Twilight friends because I can’t admit to anyone in my real life how BIG of a fan of either franchise I am…they are not like the guy in the video, but rather people who have ordinary lives and jobs and like us have to express their full admiration for Potter online…totally the types who would hang out at a site called “Letters to Harry!” but I digress…)

    Anyways, I’ll cut to the chase. Why I think Harry Potter and Twilight are often compared boils down to a few things:
    – First and foremost, the stories. Now, they are different stories. But the similarity is that they are both told well. J.K. Rowling is hands-down the most epic storyteller of our time and pure brilliance – the Four Brothers Story alone that we saw in the movie is testament to that – however…. Stephenie Meyer has this incredible talent with storytelling as well. She has told a love story in such a way, that so effectively speaks to our hearts this day in age. I have read many books – supernatural fiction, historical fiction, young adult fiction, you name it – that revolve around romance and all of them fall as flat as a pancake compared to the sweeping Bella and Edward (and Jacob) romance. The Twilight series encapsulates a heady and lovely romance and is told in a way that very few authors in the past few hundred years have been able to accomplish.
    – A lot of us grew up with Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter from the ages of 13-21. When I was done with Harry, two months later I found Twilight. Twilight was in a way, a little “cherry on the sundae” of my literary experience from that past decade. A sweet and pleasant diversion, to distract from the end of the HP series. I don’t think I’m the only one.
    – They both have appeal because they do the world-within-our-world so well, so convincingly, so realistically.
    – Twilight I think compliments Harry in a way, since Harry is not about romance. Twilight is. It satisfies our romantic side in a way that Harry couldn’t quite do.
    – So, the bottom line is, Harry Potter is really good. Twilight is also really good (just admit it!). The two series came at approximately the same time and appealed to approximately the same crowds. Hence, the two are inevitably going to be compared a lot. But JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer are very different authors and came up with very different series as well. We can appreciate one, without diminishing our appreciation for the other.
    – Aforementioned Harry Potter friends also all read Twilight. Some liked it, some did not. The interesting thing was they either LOVED it like me, or didn’t care for it at all. That’s the funny thing about Twilight. You’re either really in it, or not. With Harry Potter, there are a lot more “casual fans” which I think makes it less awkward to dress as a Potter character, etc., because it has more of a mass appeal.

    • JustGoWithIt

      HP lends itself to costume better than Twilight too though. To pull off Twilight costumes you have to kind of look like the character you’re wearing for one thing. HP you can just throw on a burgundy and gold scarf and be any random Gryffindor student.

      • MariaCecilia

        Actually, my dad brought home a burgundy and gold scarf from some college when he went to Oxford (or was it Cambridge??) and I am sure I still have it somewhere..! Must find scarf, must find scarf..

        • We wore Gryffindor scarves last weekend to the premieres!

          I got mine from Marks and Spencer (holla Rob and TomStu) way back in like 2002 when they started merchandising HP. (Thankfully that has backed off in recent years.)

    • TeamSeth

      First off, thanks for writing an epically long comment today so I didn’t feel ridiculous for my epically long comment. (er, as ridiculous)

      Second, I would add that HP has been in the spotlight longer than Twilight, so it’s had more time to amass a fanbase.

      • I definitely had my tweed on yesterday.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Okay this comparison has always bothered me.
    *steps on soapbox*

    “We can compare book sales: J.K. Rowling has sold more than 400 million. Stephenie more than 400 million. Stephenie has only sold 100 million plus. WIN for HP.”

    It makes it sound as though Harry Potter is 4X as successful as Twilight. But Harry Potter has 7 books to its series where as Twilight has 4.

    If you break it out, it’s about $25M a book for Twilight and $57M a book for HP. So really it’s closer to 2X.

    Sure HP still vastly wins so I’m nit picking at a moot point. But really, HP has been around for about twice as long as Twi to gain that kind of revenue advantage as well…

    DON’T GET ME WRONG! I love HP! Heck, I took off work on Friday to go see the first morning showing with a friend (good excuse for a day off, see a movie, have lunch and go shopping) just like we’ve done for each Twi movie. I’m just saying it’s not a fair comparison, just like pretty much all the other Twi/HP comparisons. The only thing they really share is being sci-fi YA series.

    -end rant-

    Ahem. Sorry.
    *steps off soapbox*

    • also HP has been out longer… so they could be more even in a few years when it’s all said & done..

    • P.S.

      Let’s see what the numbers look like in 50 years from now, when Stephenie finishes that other book……….

      • Stacey

        That’s what I thought too! Nah…if she writes that hot mess. Nobody’s ever going to buy it anyway. * the power of reverse psychology *

        Also…Breaking Dawn really did have a lot of openended stories that could be turned into new books. If you figure those books as potential revenue, then Stephenie might approach the numbers of Rowling.

        Here’s a couple ideas for Stephenie…(Only when she doesn’t finish Midnight Sun)

        *Jacob/ Renes…umm..you know/and Nahuel love triangle

        *Get Leah a man or a kick a** adventure story

        *Emmett’s past, because we no NOTHING about it

        *Garrett and Kate spinoff. So Lee pace can be in that movie too!

        *The love story of Aro and Casius (I think I spelled that wrong again…oops!)…I mean the Volturi back story .

        • JustGoWithIt

          It is interesting to think about the possibilities, considering SM has come out with 1.5 post Breaking Dawn stories. I wonder if Rob has made any pacts with SM about future book/movies involving Edward like DanRad has. I saw Twilight books in French the other day, and thought maybe that would be the motivation I need to study my french! I would certainly entertain any other Twilight related stories Stephanie has to offer.

    • MariaCecilia

      Glad you pointed this out! Now I don’t have to get MY soap box out!

      • TeamSeth

        It’s a busy day in LTT’s Hyde Park!

  • Late convert

    I really think it all comes down to the financial bottom line. Merchandisers know that you only have so much money to spend on yourself/kids so they have to make you choose – after all you probably won’t buy Twilight AND HP sticking plasters. They want you to take sides so you will buy more stuff.

    If you take the merchandising out of it, you absolutely don’t have to choose. There can be room in your heart for Twilight and Harry Potter (and a million other books). You can love them for different reasons.

    Imagine telling a kid you can only love one book for your entire childhood!

    JK transformed the world of reading, not just literature. She convinced a whole new generation that it was cool to read massive books (and to lose sleep queueing up overnight to get your hands on one!). This is certainly not a woman who believes that you can love one series and one series alone.

    *climbs down off soapbox*…..

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Hehehe, it must be soapbox day on LTT. 🙂

      • Late convert

        hehehe didn’t notice your soapbox til I’d climbed down off mine! Otherwise I would have waved!

    • Agreed!

      It’s a shame because I also think merchandising/marketing has a lot to do with pitting one against the other.

      Also, it was marketers who decided that HP was more for boys (look at the stuff: legos, etc. or the original story that JK Rowling was the name on the book instead of Jo Rowling because the publisher didn’t think boys would read a book written by a woman…) and Twilight for girls (posters, jewelry, etc.). I think that whole “Twilight is for girls” thing, no matter how true it is that it mostly appeals to women, really diminishes the overall perception of Twilight. Not to get into a whole discussion of sexist views here, but I think that could sort of play in. When, in fact, guys can find Twilight interesting – my husband is just as interested in seeing each Twilight film as he is Harry Potter movies – and there’s really no reason for marketers to endlessly promote Twilight as if it only appeals to girls vs. Harry Potter appealing to boys/everyone.

  • Janetrigs


  • It is weird how we celebrate our HP-ness and yet hide our Twi-ness. Before I had my kids, I went to all the HP midnight release parties of the books, went to the midnight showings of the movies, had HP watching parties, blah, blah, blah.

    But that was like being on JV, because with Twilight, I was put on Varsity with my “book club/reunion/i’m in a wedding” trips to LA for premieres, watching EVERY clip ever created even if it had Jackson, i mean Ron, in it for like 0.0002 seconds, reading a s-ton of FF (er…no offense but I am not into Dumbledore/Harry slash) and the list goes on and on.

    why am i so ashamed? why can’t i be loud and proud like I am with Harry Potter? maybe cause when I was participating in the HP stuff Ron didn’t have those shoulders. And I hadn’t seen Harry’s ::ahem:: wand in that horse play yet. It was all so innocent. there was nothing to be ashamed of by waving my HP flag.

    With Twilight, people aren’t dumb….they know what we are there for. To see hot guys play hot characters on a giant screen where we can garner material for the next time it’s “Business Time”. And I know that people know that that’s why I am there. So yeah….I’m heading back in the closet now.

  • Vera

    HP movies are meant to children, I think. But I can´t talk that much about them, cause I only watched 2, the first and A Ordem da Fênix. Yes I saw Rob – Cedrico “in memoriun” – and I melted.

    Even so it is obvious that HP movies are higher quality than Twilight Saga.

    The screenplay for HP however has so many commonplace phrases. For instance, at the end of the Order of the Phoenix, Potter says to the villain: “You will never have friendship and love.” Why the hell a villain needs them, I do not know. Only Jacob needs friendship and love (and a huge dose of good will so that we can handle the boy).

    Twilight Saga is a very disappointing experience to me. But I don´t go on critisizing SM, ok just one more time: Bella, Charles and Jacob, I think I´ve already seen those guys in a million on american movies on TV.

    Crepúsculo – Twilight (book and movie) are great. Thanks SM for the book, Thanks Rob for Edward.

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  • I love Harry Potter. I love Twilight.
    I started reading the HP books back in 2006. The whole thing sucked me in. I wanted to drive around Mr. Weasley’s flying car over the Whomping Willow, (er not really), I wanted to know what Every Flavoured Beans tasted like. I wanted to get lost in the Forbidden Forest and stop by Hagrid’s hut for rock cakes when Fang (holla fangbanger!) barks.

    I wanted to roam around Hogwarts under the invisibility cloak, with the Marauder’s Map in my hand. I wanted Sirius Black as my friend *sniff*

    BUT I also wanted to visit Forks and First Beach at La Push. I wanted to know ALL the Cullens. I wanted to know Edward..*sigh*

    Truth is, both series are very special to me. I consider myself very lucky that I was born in the time when both the series became popular and I’m thankful I got the chance to read the books and enjoy the movies.

    When Twilight was labelled as “the next Harry Potter” that’s what got me interested. So I’ve got HP to thank for that.

  • “That was good, but it’s no New Moon.” – I love this person

  • Luludee

    While I don’t like to compare the two either, I can’t help but notice that for myself and others here who also love both, which franchise have we been arranging cross-country trips to attend the premiers with other fans?
    Twilight feels like a constant whirlpool fandom and HP seems to have an eb and flow. But then, HP has a longer production time and has been like a decade+ long journey. Twilight has been a much more media saturated event. But maybe that’s because it’s a “local” US story as far as media access for those of us here, whereas HP is UK based and therefore less accessible to a degree?

    • TeamSeth

      “But maybe that’s because it’s a “local” US story as far as media access for those of us here, whereas HP is UK based and therefore less accessible to a degree?”

      I think this is a fair point. I read somewhere (prob. on LTT since that’s all I read) that JK put a clause in the contracts that no actor who was not British (except for the characters who are not from Britain) was allowed to be cast. Which adds to the ‘foreign’ nature of it (for Americans). Plus the school format follows their school format OWLS (A levels) and NEWTS (college). And you have decide after OWLS what you want to go into, whereas in the US at age 16 you still have 2 more years of HS.

      • Luludee

        That might have been me that said that in the comments on the previous Twilight vs. Harry Potter post 🙂
        I’m going to see HP7 tonight, at an IMAX (I think) and I’m super excited!!

  • kandnandb

    I’m not reading any comments b/c I’ve only read books 1-4 and JUST popped my movie cherry over the weekend by watching movie #1 so if my comment is redundant, I apologize.

    The difference for me is:
    There was NO CRINGING in HP #1. Acting was amazing BY EVERYONE. The casting of nearly EVERY character was perfect. I can’t say the same for Twilight. But while I am really enjoying the HP books (they are so much more well-written & imaginative), I haven’t fallen hard like I did for Edward.

    My thought is Twilight is pop culture-adored but maybe not as enduring as HP.

    • ohhh well you’re probably not gonna see t his- but KEEP READING! i’m so jealous of the losing of your HP virginity!!!

      and yes- acting is great in the movies & only gets better!

      • kandnandb

        Def reading more-on #5 currently. And I hear there’s a delightful character called Cedric? Hmmm, I’ll have to look up who plays him in the movie. Maybe he’s cute? 😉

        I will have a crush on Tom Felton & Emma Watson when I’m done. I say ‘will’ because, to me, they’re currently like 14 and that’d be wrong. But when they’re older (& legal)….LOOK OUT!

  • Danielle

    Harry Potter was and always be my first love when it comes to reading it was the FIRST real book series that captivated me and this happened during middle school. I really became a reader after this series which ultimately brought me to Twilight and other books (I’m not just some fangirl reader I like real books too!) I think what is similar between the two series it the following and the kind of addictive nature they both have especially when it comes to you wanting to know what happens next. And what is amazing is how different they are the subject matter is different, the grammar (American vs. English), and even the 1st person vs. 3rd person objective. But what makes them so great is that they capture the essence of adolescence in a fantastical world we could only dream exists. I think that is why ppl end up so emotionally invested because for a moment you go to Hogwarts, kiss Edward Cullen and Jacob Black in the same book, or defeat Voldmort and what’s better then that?

  • LissyLoo

    I can settle all this once and for all….

    I LOVE twi and hp. When I was a pov student working in a Lego shop I bought the whole hp set one year: castle, hagrids hut, etc. When I moved in with my husband he let me give it a whole shelf in the study to put it on (even though he can’t stand EITHER series!)… But earlier this year I was really sick and some friends bought me a huge twi poster to make me laugh and cheer me up and everytime I put it up (even in walk in robe!) he takes it down again…
    I’m sure it’s the whole boys v girls thing. I mean he hates both series so what’s the difference?
    Hahaha I’m embarassed I just told everyone I have hp Lego AND a twi poster!!! That’s normal (please tell me it is!)

    • theseviolentdelights

      That’s normal. 😉 Well, to me it is at least.

      • LissyLoo

        Thanks 🙂

  • JodieO

    I desperately wanted to wear my Bellatrix costume, but once I was there I was glad I didn’t. There were two Bellas already there and they both had Helena B Carter’s smoking hot body and I would have clearly been an inferior Bellatrix.

    Instead I wore my Voldemort shirt, green striped scarf, and everything I could find with skulls (dark marks) on them. And my Time Turner. And I wore them proudly.

    When I went to Eclipse I kept my head down so no one would recognize me and I kept my shirt buttoned up over my LTT War of the Wigs shirt. Sigh.

    • TeamSeth

      Does your time turner actually work?

  • Pattygirl

    Speaking of Twilight , heres what what Muse have to say :

    “The first one was pretty good,” . “The second one I only saw a bit of it. A guy kept taking his shirt off and showing his muscles, which was getting a little cheesy. The third one was pretty good.”

    Lets be truthful : Twilight book were ok, its a love story. the movies not except the 1st . Why can’t she finish MS?

    HP books like LOTR are great . JK Rowling is more dignified compare to SM who can’t defend her main character in the movie.

  • Sj

    What I want to know is who would win the fight if Bellatrix and Victoria pissed each other off???

    Also, I can remember the exact moments in the films of HP and LOTR when I cried but I can’t even remember if I did in any of Twilight ones. I am a bad fan.

    • TeamSeth


      Victoria isn’t evil, she’s just bitter about one thing. If she was evil the way Bellatrix is, all the Cullens, Swans, town of La Push, and town of Forks would be dead. Possibly Port Angeles for good measure. And then she would laugh and go find the Denali sisters to kill them too.

      Though I’d pay money to have Charlie run out with his wand (ahem) and scream, “Not my daughter, bitch!” <3

  • First comment in fforever. I fail at life.

    Harry Potter will always be my first literary love. I’ve been with it since I was NINE! That’s more than half my life (I’m 20). I do love Harry Potter more than Twilight. They are infinitely better written and I will always feel that way. And while I love Bella and Edward’s story, what makes Twilight most special to me is you lot (awwwww!). It’s through my discovery of this site that I have met some truly incredible women, made what I hope will be lifelong friends (despite the many many thousands of kilometres that separate us) and people who actually “get” me, more than the majority of my RL friends ever have.

    Okay, mush time is over!

    • Luludee

      Yay, you are still around! I noticed your lack of commenting (since you are usually the first) and I’ve been wondering where you’ve been! Glad you’re back!

    • TeamSeth

      Awww Jayde! Ditto!!! Glad you’re back. Have a pot of gold on me (Sj taught me how to say that in Australian! :))

  • forks4eva

    I’m just going to say a few things…. 1st of all. I’m Robsessed, no doubt about it. But when People magazine announced that Ryan Reynolds was sexiest man? All I could say was YES! I completey agree. That man is HO to the double T. OK, that sounded better in my head, but I think you can figure it out. So, where was I going with this? I don’t know. I completely distracted myself with thoughts of Ryan Reynolds.

    Ah, yes. I was going to say something about my introduction to Twilight was through the movies. I watched Twilight and then New Moon during a date night with the hubbie. We had a newborn at the time and basically, we just went to the theater to watch a movie and grab some downtime and New Moon was going to start in about 10 minutes. I was intrigued by the film. When it was done, I was all like “what’s so special about this Bella girl anyway?”. So, I got the books and devoured them completely and haven’t looked back since. I’m a HP fan and a twilight fan, but I’m not panting over any HP scenes. Win for Twilight!

  • Okay. This is…. going to sound a little strange, but… There IS, in fact, a Letters to Harry Potter site. I know, because… I started it with my two best friends, and I also write for it. Here’s the URL:

    I just happened to run across your site today, because I was making a Twilight-related post, and, well, Google and some other crazy magic happened, and… suddenly, I was reading THIS exact post, and… I’m pretty sure my head exploded.

    Seriously. It’s such a weird coincidence, I HAD to say something. I don’t… really… like Twilight all that much (although, in an odd form of self-flagellation, I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies. Huh. Goooo figure.), I actually only started reading it because I was looking for something to fill the void left by the conclusion of the HP series. And man, that snazzy display occupying 90% of the prim-o display space at my local Borders was pretty tempting with all of its juicy, blood-red apples of temptation everywhere.

    SO. Now you know. And now I know, and so does Harry, as well as all of our Facebook followers, that you guys exist. I, for one, feel much better. It’s like I’ve stumbled into a parallel universe, or something! Anyway, good job! And congratulations on being WAY more popular than we are.

    Now, I’ll go back to my wizarding, and you go back to your Twilighting, and space and time will no longer be all convergent and confusing and stuff.

  • L2HP

    Ah, but there is a Letters to Harry Potter…


  • Ashley Rae

    Ah. The comment below, I’m guessing, is from my comrade, Nick. Anyway, I am now gifting you with your one sure ticket to instant internet fame and celebrity: my post about you guys!


    Anyway, I hope you’re getting as NEARLY many jollies out of this uncanniness as I am.

  • Pareesa13

    twilight………………….is the best

  • Dementor101

    HARRY POTTER VS TWILIGHT THE FAN WAR OF THE CENTURY (or at least thats the plan) Sunshine State park Osceola Ave & S Beach Pkwy jacksonville fl COME READY FOR BATTLE CHOOSE YOUR SIDE POST EVERYWHERE! 2:00 september 25

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