Remember when Stephenie Meyer mentioned us in the Eclipse DVD Commentary?

Dear Stephenie,

Sooooo…. this happened…

click to enlarge for massive awesomeness

Saturday, @Raze71 tweeted us this screen shot from the Eclipse commentary between you and producer Wyck Godfrey. We freaked, we thought we were being Punk’d, we freaked again, we virtually high fived, you said the word “JORTS!” then we had a 45 minute conversation about how we couldn’t believe it.

Nice Jorts, Wyck! You're down with the kids

Then the haters came to play. And as much as they tried to rain on our parade (and boy, did they try) we refused to play that game because you know what, you decided to mention JORTS and US in your commentary and not them so we win and they can SDASTFU (yea, I came up with that one in a fit of crazy emailing between UC and me. have fun figuring it out).

We get that we don’t appeal to everyone and we don’t want to. All we’ve ever wanted to do was make each other laugh. We started that way almost two years ago and we will end it by doing that or die trying. We play by our own rules and we’re unapologetic for that. But that may just be why you’ve read and mentioned us a few times. Honestly, we don’t know why you’ve read us but we are forever appreciative and actually it makes us like you even more because we think you ‘get it’ and that couldn’t make us more proud and make the buzz from our opposition nothing more than an annoying fly buzzing around us that needs to be crushed.

So uh Taylor... I hear they're called Jorts...

Now we would normally ignore these losers who believe anything they hear but they’re so wildly misinformed about us I just have to say one thing to them: WE DON’T HATE KRISTEN STEWART.

Oh and get a life.

Whew. So seriously though Stephenie you said JORTS in the commentary to Wyck Godfrey! That’s like your mom saying “fart” in church or your grandma saying MILF. It’s pretty amazing.

Thank you.

PS Have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!

EVERYONE head over to LTR to read a letter that NEEDS to be read NOW!!!!

Can you believe this??? Cray cray to the max yall! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in a few weeks. AH!

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  • “…or your grandma saying MILF”

    Now if you can get my mom saying “VILF” in church while farting….

    So excited for the JORTS commentary!! Congrats ladies!

    *brushes off jorts to wear to Thanksgiving dinner to commeorate the occasion*

  • Mania

    Amazing news!!! That´s fantastic!
    Being a LTT-fan and also an average Kristen-fan I must say this:
    even if you don´t HATE Kristen (that would be many shades of to much) you don´t seem to like her, or girls like her, very much either. and you DO make fun of krisbians a lot, but seem to love the robsessed nutjobs (READ the comments at RaoR or Robsessed.. Jeeebus).
    I´m thinking maybe, maybe you have a bit of a problem with seemingly queer girls..? Or girls who are not typically girly girls? I mean, you´ve never released the LTT-poison on the silly disneywannabegirl Ashley Greene for example. (you tell Kristen you can “see her vagina” on the paparazzi-pics – but Ashley have done nude shoots 2 million times without you complaining.) kristen is really not that easy to stereotype, she seems quite excentric for being a 20 year-old. And maybe those kind of girls rub you the wrong way?
    AND maybe I´m completely wrong here, but I have been thinking about this for a while when reading LTT.

    • Brooke Lockart

      I’m pretty sure the ladies are equal-opportunity when it comes to laughs about the cast. However Kristen is the main character, there’s soooo much out there on her, the posts are going to swing heavier in her direction.

      With that said, there are plenty of great, funny posts on Ashley or nikki. Not sure if all of the posts got moved over to the new site but go check out the old site. Search on their names. Believe me, there’s sooo much out there.

  • TeamSeth

    Just read LTR…(go me! Gained a level on the Robsessed quiz! “Thomas”)…um, is he wearing a TWEED tie in that one picture?! That would make my day.
    Do people really hate LTT that much?! #not normal

    Epic that you’re IN THE COMMENTARY. This makes the screenplay I’m writing about you guys that much better! Maybe SM will even agree to be in it. (crawls back into 1st hand embarrassed cocoon)

    Happy Tofurkey Day, from my vegetarian Mr. Seth to your likely turkey eating family! (I’ll be eating turkey mmm)

    • frightenedflips

      I was just sitting here thinking about you and the email I havn’t written to congratulate you on the AWSOMEST news of the century….and then saw both your comments.
      BabyFlips is writting exams, and by proxy, so am I – so have been in the thick of writting study guides and quizzes for her.
      Was trying to swallow down the “second hand embarresment” for my alter-ego, Flips, but I feel much better now. Thanks.
      Email coming up soon!!!
      Love you madly too!!

      • TeamSeth

        Sounds hectic in your parts! (oh, and you did send the congrats email, not the follow-up to my follow-up one though)

        BabyFlips is doing exams?! OMG Did she grow up 3 years since I left?!

  • frightenedflips

    Like seriously? LTT Has Arrived – AGAIN!!!!!!
    Christmas has come early!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Our LTT…… is forrrrEver!!!!!
    Twi-tter is broken, Haters FAIL to glisten,
    E-clipse commentary, hell yeah, we all want to listen”

    Hahahahaha!!!! *facepalm*

    • TeamSeth

      Have I told you lately that I love you?

    • I see another sing-a-long post in the making!

  • robsfuturemate

    Just wanted to add my Congrats to you two! And to also thank you again for creating this wonderful community for us to be Normal in! Don’t know what life would be like without it. Yes, the normal life stuff would get done a lot quicker but who needs that!

  • Lovespelledbackwards

    MADE MY DAY! I am thankful for ltt and ltt. Lots of luv

  • Sj

    Massive Awesomeness! Now I know which commentary to listen to first. Robsten are really gonna have to bring out the big guns now to shoot down the Stephwyck.

  • Whoa, everybody is on here like the old days! I love this!

    A big congratulations to you ladies! SM obviously loves you. Next step: LTT gear in BD! Let’s spot that fade to sad-SIGG bottle on one of the nomad vamps!

  • frightenedflips

    ANd I’ve looked at that commentary clip photo for the like eleventy hundreth time now…… did you notice he said “what do you call them” to Steph – which I’m assuming means she uses the word OFTEN!!!!

  • frightenedflips

    …breaking this shiz down!!!!

  • OMG Ladies! Sorry I’ve been pretty much afk for days and am just reading this post. GAH!

    What awesome news! I cannot even put into words the awesomeness! 😀

    UT and I can’t wait to break this down.


    PS <3

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