The Four weeks of Twimas: Gifts that won’t embarrass you or anyone you love

Dear LTTers,

Each week leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice & that K-holiday I won’t even attempt to spell, we’ve been sharing some Twi/LTT/Rob-related gifts that are sure to please your friends, family & that Unicorn at work you Twi-gossip with over lunch. Today we’re featuring one of our favorite LTT friends, Adrienne Trafford.

We first “met” Adrienne when we came across her print entitled “Deepest Loss.” We’ve used it on tons of tear-jerker LTT letters because it was inspired by Bella, left in the woods after Edward leaves (except Adrienne’s Bella is dressed way better than the real Bella!)

This holiday season, Adrienne is offering the Deepest Loss print for $10 in her Etsy Shop. What’s better than supporting an artist, giving a hand-made, not-mass produced gift (or keeping one for yourself) all while secretly supporting Twilight. That’s right, with Adrienne’s art hanging on your wall, everyone will admire the beautiful work without knowing at all that it’s an homage to Twilight!

Check out another favorite Twi-inspired piece that we love: Bella Pale White

Happy shopping!

UC & Moon

PS: And through the end of the day, the Bite Me Edward notepads are still 50% off when you use the code BITEME50

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