The one where I call a stop to all the spoilers (and assume someone will listen)

Dear Breaking Dawn,

This is it. The time has come. I know you’ve been waiting for me to sit us all down to have a chat, and, well, here it is:

I demand a STOP to all the spoilers.

This is not a spoiler

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not one of those “I don’t want to know anything- not the new actors names nor whether or not Rob put on 10 pounds this time around” (he did) nor am I one of those “purists” who won’t even read Midnight Sun (crazies), but I also like the idea of of leaving a little something something to the imagination. Wasn’t life better when we were surprised? Wasn’t that why we all fell for Twilight? Because while we knew the story, we didn’t know much else- so we were surprised? Surprised how bad it was but how much we loved it despite that fact?

Neither is this

Isn’t it possible to promote Breaking Dawn without showing us EVERYTHING that will be in the movie? Granted, some of the spoilers are not Summit-approved (especially the ones from Breaking Dawn 2 I was sent last week- AY!) but STILL- why must people spoil? Do they really think I need to know exactly what the headboard-breaking looks like? I’m going to see the movie regardless of whether I saw that image or not. In fact, you showing me a picture of Edward looking half-alien, half-Solomon from the Bible makes me question if I should see it (Only question though. Of course I actually will.)

This is a spoiler. Just kidding



There has been chatter that we’re going to see a picture of the wedding dress before November. November is still a LONG ways off- of COURSE that picture is going to leak. But isn’t it possible that some of us don’t want to see it!? I want the first time I see the dress- whether it’s hideous or gorgeous- to be when I’m squeezing Moon’s hand in the theater. I want there to be SURPRISES in the Isle Esme love-making scenes. And because some loser stole Stephenie Meyer’s teaser copy & screen-capped the whole thing, I fear the few clips I’ve seen (and I really only saw a few) are EVERYTHING and while they’re pretty good…. I want MORE! The problem with spoilers is that they’re never enough. And we want more. And then even the REAL thing isn’t enough. We’re selfish & spoiler and I’m JUST SO DARN TIRED OF IT!

Now don’t go dark & silent from now until November. That would just be the WORST. But let’s cool it with the spoilers for a bit. Maybe release a few “Get to know this new actor no one cares about” featurettes or some Official photos of Alice Cullen actually looking stylish. You know what? I’m gonna let YOU decide what is & isn’t appropriate to share now that I’ve shared my thoughts. I think you’ve learned enough & I can trust you!*


*I just mean today I’ll let you decide. Tomorrow I’ll be back to deciding for you

What do you think? Are you ready to leave a lil’ BD to the imagination? Are you joining me in calling an END to the spoilers!

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