Storytime with Moon: Breaking Dawn Con – show me your finger guns

*so i guess everyone at the con is still too hungover to post pics so I will keep updating this with decent ones as I find them… till them enjoy my iphone shots*

Dear LTT-ers,

Saturday I went to Breaking Dawn Con (it rhymes and it’s killing me) not only to see the Trinity and The Cullens and Bill Condon and the Ice Truck Killer but because I was invited to be a Panelist. Yes, you read that right. Yours truly was invited to be on the “Twilight Family of Fansites” panel. I know, I’m as shocked as you are but I was extastic as well because we have tons of amazing and funny readers who need to be represented among the fandom! And really who doesn’t want to sit between Twimoms and TwiSource and #humblebrag a bit?

So I roll up to the Con hosted at… none other than the scene of Eclipse Con AAANNNDDD (most importantly of all) our interview with Stephenie Meyer, the Hyatt Century City (cue your oh’s and ah’s) conveniently located across the street from the Death Star… aka the CAA offices. I find the registration line and march my happy bootay up to collect my credentials because I was like 2 seconds away from the “surprise footage” they were promising. I told the lady my name and she (with a bit of attitude) said ummm did you buy a ticket… or would you like to? I then told her as a matter of fact I’m actually a panelist today and guest of Summit Entertainment. Registration lady turns her frown upside down and tells me in her sweet voice “Well, then come over here to our special VP check in!” THAT’S more like its registration lady, VIP! Thinking she must be joking I then receive this little number…

Oh yes, I fancy now!

Then I took my special wristband and hauled ass to the hall to catch the special footage… but not without being told to “fist pump for wristbands” by the Con staff so that they could see our wrist bands. So I guess the Con staff were super DTF. Too bad they couldn’t get Pauly D to DJ the “wedding reception” party.

I caught the special footage just in time to see clips from BD including Bella getting ready for the wedding… when Charlie and Renee came in to give her the hair combs I may have had a little moment. You guizzeee this is like the  beginning of the end!

Then it was time to get rolling with some cast panels…

First up Christian Camrago and Mia Maestro aka vamps from the Denali clan made their first appearance at a Twicon. Oh man. First off Mia is ridiculously beautiful like WOAH. Even from the VIP section in the waaaaay back (thanks) she was gorge. And then Brian… I mean Rudy… I mean Christian. Let’s just say I’ve been a Dexter fan since season 1 so this was like the prosthetics doctor come to life.

DEXTER SPOILER– Someone asked Christian if he would ever return to Dexter and I sat there wondering how the HALE that was possible since his character Brian/Rudy was killed in the first season but I’m here to tell you I just saw the previews for next week’s episode and it looks like Brian is Dexter’s new dark passenger!!!!!!!! My friend and I screamed. DUDE.!!!

After telling us what a grandpa he was because he learned about the Twitters from the fandom and how to use it, Mia outted Christian as a bird watcher! Yup, these are all things you missed Saturday while you were off doing things like getting your hairs did, catching up on your DVR or picking at your split ends… I was learning which new twi cast member likes to watch birds. JEALOUS?? He then regaled us with a story of hiking in Vancouver to see his favorite bird: the bald eagle. Cue cheers from the audience. I AM NOT JOKING. People cheered for a bald eagle mention. Sure, we’re all at a TWILIGHT convention but dude bald eagles? People were really owning their nerd up in there.

After that I knew I needed a quick break (drink) before The Cullen family panel… so what do they have out in the lobby?

A bar solely devoted to the BD Con located just steps from the hall! So clearly, Creation Entertainment and the hotel got my “fan petition” (just my signature 10,000 times) after the Eclipse Con begging them to provide any way to help make the screams of “Robsten!” and “Jacob take off your shirt!” disappear.  Any coincidence the majority of the people in this line were MEN? Nope. Of the 10 men in the entire audience 9 of them where in this line.

Next Melissa Rosenberg came out to represent for tall girls everywhere (Holla!). She pretty much talked about how fans freak out over the fact you can’t do a word by word adaptation of the book. What movie studio is going to finance a 7 hours movie? And REALLY who cares if Edward was wearing an oatmeal sweater or a tweed suit? Melissa needs to read our “accept it now” posts because WE GET IT MEL. The Twi world will keep turning even though Bella got on a motorcycle in front of Edward. THE HORROR.

Next up… The Cullen Family Panel
Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone(r) and Ashley Greene. Oddly enough Nikki Reed was scheduled to appear but must have been caught in traffic after making a mid afternoon cougar-rita run with Cathi Hardi. Also surprisingly absent: Kellan Lutz, since we know Kellan loves a Twicon like TBN loves a closeted gay man playing a gold piano (yay, obscure christian TV reference!). But since I follow Kellan’s twitter religiously (is there any other way?) I know he’s filming something in Indonesia. Sad days friends, no Kellan.

No matter though we got plenty of Peter and Jackson moments. I don’t know what it is about a Twicon, maybe it’s the room full of women screaming semi obscene things but the men on stage really get into it and the ladies look freaked out most of the time. When asked to comments on how their looks change in each movie and to comment on their latest look Peter said “I’ll pass.” Too bad you didn’t say “I’ll pass” when they put that heinous Carlisle comb-over wig on your head.

After the Sullens (typo and it stays!) panel was over there was an announcement that there would be a surprise Charlie Bewley Q&A before the Holy Trinity panel. So clearly, there was either a long line at the In N Out drive through or Kristen knotted her shirt too tight over her pants she couldn’t get it undone to go to the bathroom.

Have no fear though, Charlie Bewley was there to kill 10 minutes by taking impromptu questions and screamed suggestions from the audience (shuffle! take your shirt off!). I actually could have asked Charlie about amazing film I just saw him in called Like Crazy, but I couldn’t break up the dance party for one he was having on stage, so I hit that bar outside the hall for a diet coke, cause shiizzz was about to get real.

FINALLY it was time for the main event, the Holy Trinity and Bill Condon! I had my five dollar diet coke, my iphone and my last grip on sanity and it was time…

I love the sea of cameras and phones you can see in their picture I took from the way back.

Watch the whole 30 minutes here… have a brown paper bag handy to breath into and earmuffs.

If you were following along on Twitter or watching this live you know the exact moment I wanted to crawl under the hotel ballroom chairs and die. Yup, some GENIUS in the audience decided to yell out “My boyfriend’s English!!!” Cause nothing endears your favorite actress to you like yelling out embarrassing crap in a room filled with thousands of people. GREAT JOB Robsten/Kristen fans!

Don’t worry Kristen all the sane people in the room were doing the EXACT same thing.

With that out of the way we got down to the important questions: What do those contacts feel like?!

This is what I want to do everytime I hear that question or “What’s it like to have your shirt off all the time?” “What was it like being cast in Twilight?” “What’s on your iPod?” or any of the other inane questions we’ve heard since 2008. It’s 2011, this is Breaking Dawn… let’s bring our A-game people! Can we all agree to outlaw the contacts/shirtless/iPod/casting questions? THANK YOU! From Everyone.

Best tidbit… final scene/take of the film, Jacob turns to walk into the forest, they yell cut and Kristen yells “Wait, I made a mistake!” and ran after Taylor. WIN.

With that they were off and I could peel myself off the floor and prepare to climb on that same stage in just a few minutes. But first! A costume contest. Yup, so as the Fansite owners stood around waiting for our big (little) moment we got to watch a parade of people in Twilight related costumes. Sadly, the Male Twihard was ROBBED.

Yup, that’s him there with the shake weight, jorts and drawn on abs… standing next to Mrs Cope and some random Vampire types.

FINALLY it was time for the panel EVERYONE came to. It was time for the panel everyone paid 350 dollars to see. It was time for the panel with ALL the secrets, gossip and awful truth. It was time for the “Twilight Family of Fansites” panel. HIT IT!  Just look at the pushing and shoving and fighting happening in the audience to get to the front to finally see their favorite fan site owners IN PERSON!!! ZOMG!!!

The light was so bright I could barely see ALL the people clamoring to hear us. Actually we did have a lot of really nice folks who showed up to support us and even some of our very own LTT-ers! I had my own cheering section!

While sitting between Kara from TwiMoms and Andrew from TwiSource, I couldn’t help but think of how much of a service these sites provide, and how we’re pretty much performing a public service for the world… JUST KIDDING, I was mostly thinking about the odds that my bootay was touching the same chair that Robert Pattinson’s bootay had touched just mere minutes ago.

All joking aside I had a fun time participating in the panel and I’m so glad I was asked! It was awesome presenting the other side of Twilight fansites/blogs and most especially YOU guys! I hear it was taped so you may very well be seeing me talk into a microphone while Edward and Bella stare down at me. GET EXCITED PEOPLE!

11 days! AHHHHH!!!!

THANK YOU to all our awesome readers who came up to talk to me, to those of you who stayed for our panel when you could have been eating dinner or standing at that bar outside the door. A special thanks to Summit and Twilight Lexicon for inviting LTT to be on the fan site panel!

Sources:, Team Twilight, Twilight Lexicon and us, duh.

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  • Anonymous

    Did she really do the shooting thing in response to the “English boyfriend”? Because if she did I love her more now. Oh Robsteners…

    • KStewBoy

      Hey MarbleNS – go to the movie clip and skip to the 15:08 mark.  That’s when some Robstener yells it out.  Kristen just gives a “ok – you’re a moron” kind of look.  Quite funny.  I’m at work just randomly skipping to different parts because I cant just sit in my cubicle and watch all 30+ minutes.  Hopefully someone more dedicated than me can point out where Kristen shoots herself.

      • TeamSeth

        Hopefully someone more dedicated than me can point out where Kristen shoots herself. 

        Context is everything…

    • Anonymous

      Yep. I was there too–Moon was awesome, btw. It was at least the second, maybe third time “My Boyfriend is English” was yelled. People also kept yelling ‘take your shirt off’ to Taylor, to which he replied, “That never gets old.”

      • TeamSeth

        I don’t understand why he doesn’t just show up with his shirt off. It seems like the logical thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think I love Bill. But that doesn’t mean I’m cheating on CW does it? And Moon, your hair looks awesome even in tiny faraway blog photos. Plus you got residual bum heat from Kristen, Taylor, Rob or Bill’s chair. I hate you.

    • operarose

      But if Moon got residual bum heat from K, Taylor or Rob…that means we’re getting 2nd hand residual bum heat right now! Squee!

      • Anonymous

        2nd hand residual bum heat- of course! I love Moon.

    • TeamSeth

      Quietly avoids bitter CW comments.

      Residual bum heat hehehehe 😀

      • Anonymous

        Are you quietly letting the bitterness fester so you can dye your hair red and go about leaping mountain ravines? It’s just that I’ll need at least 24 hours notice to stage an intervention. Or join you.

        • TeamSeth

          No. I’m not letting it fester.

  • nocoolname

    Ok, at the risk of sounding like a sycophant, MOON, YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!  Wicked funny, as we say here in Maine.
    “So clearly, there was either a long line at the In N Out drive through or Kristen knotted her shirt too tight over her pants she couldn’t get it undone to go to the bathroom.”  HAHAHAHA!!!

  • operarose

    All 2nd hand embarrassment aside it looks like fun. I would have totally stayed for the panel! And what are the Twihard costumed people wearing? Dracula outfits? They look as though they took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong fandom convention, no? Finally – I am totally jealous of your “Breaking Dawn VIP” badge. That’s good stuff… can you wear it to the movie premiere and finally get the chance to interview the Trinity (or at least Big Daddy) on the red carpet? (Just checking!)

    • TeamSeth

      Stayed for the panel?! I would’ve COME for that panel. And I may have gone on stage with Bewley to field questions. Security be damned!  “Hi, yes, I’m Cudmore’s stand-in today. Let’s do this.”  Maybe made out with Charlie for those 10 minutes? high fived Bill on the way off stage and said “Tell Jack hey from TeamSeth. He knows who I am.” and Bill say, “Everyone KNOWS who you are.” in that “oh shit, they all hate me” kind of way… Hm.

      Okay, so yeah. Nevermind.

      I definitely think Moon should attempt to utilize the VIP badge for movie entry.


      • operarose

        *I mean, stayed for the fansite panel of which Moon was a part.

        Who needs the trinity with their blinking, stuttering and awkward answers to even more awkward answers when you can ask Moon for a re-enactment of her leghitch with Stephenie Meyer?

        • TeamSeth

          Precisely my point!  (which is did not say effectively upon re-reading my comment oops)

  • Anonymous

    Just HAD to comment today..Moon..OMELE…how exciting, fantastic, so proud of you moment!!! One question though? Ummmm did you NOT make SURE you were sitting in the SAME chair as ROB?? and then “offer to stay & help clean up” by picking up said chair & running for the door?? 🙂 HUGS! (Oh BTW still want to be you) 🙂

    • nocoolname


      What say you and me head to Farmington Nov. 18 for a Breaking Dawn viewing party, Maine-style?  JodieO, you in?  I know you’re not that far…

      • Anonymous

        NCN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!! Sounds like a plan to me!! MISS YOU!!XOOO You do KNOW they would so end up throwing us out of that theater right….I can scream louder than any Twitween on my worst days!! 🙂

  • Munkee

    Nicely done!

  • JodieO

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, if Summit or Stephenie REALLY appreciated you they’d invite you onto the red carpet at the premier.  Maybeeeee give you a microphone and let you stand with the press?  I’m sure you’d have something more interesting to say than one of those X-17 dipwads, or the people sent to cover this shit who aren’t even familiar with the series… 

    Just sayin’.. 

    • The Old One

      This is so true–why, why, do they persist in having interviewers who know nothing about the series or the actors?  So irritating.

      • Anonymous

        Think anyone is going to notice if that bitch Hewitt didn’t make it to the premier after all? you know, except for us?

        • Anonymous

          Seeing that twilight fans can be quite psychotic and to stop any speculations anyone might have about my mental health; i feel the need to point out that this was A JOKE. I am not abducting(killing,etc…) anyone to get into any premier. Thank you.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, why not take advantage of the only people asking the INTERESTING questions, like “Do you have scientific evidence to the fact that you can impregnate with a stare, Robert?” or “How many empty take-out boxes does it take to build a castle big enough to sleep in, Kristen?” or “Did the line ‘They are not Bears’ really refer to the lack of dogs in your hotel room at that time?” or “Does Billy Burke chew on his cop-stache in between takes and is that why it gets that wilted look?” The list of unasked questions that need to be asked is endless…

  • KStewBoy

    Thanks for the update, Moon – I felt like I was there myself!  I love how you pointed out that all the guys were in line to buy booze, that’s too funny.  I also would have had to be more than half-buzzed to put up with all the high-pitched squeals.

  • Anonymous

    That was one of the best stories we’ve ever had. I loved it! I always look forword to storytime with moon, i mean who doesn’t like to snuggle up next to the fireplace on a bearskin rug, cradling a blood-filled sippy cup in hands and listening to mama moon tell a good story? Answer: noone

  • Anonymous

    I’d almost be more interested in the fan-site panel, than anything else because presumably you had more interesting questions than the Trinity did; and I’m sure you brought the funny in your answers.

    So Charlie Bewley literally just danced on stage? I don’t get it, but he’s so darn cute, I’m sure I would have squeed too. AND I’m glad you threw out that rec for the other movie he was in. I’ve heard of it and am curious.

    Dexter Sideline: ZOMG! I watch the show at my friend’s house every week and all three of us were like, “What?! Gasp?! Yes!!” at the end of last night’s episode. The season has been a little slow so far, but it’s sure picked up now! So excited for next week! 

    • TeamSeth

      Charlie’s insane. He’s such a wild cat with extreme ADD. I still wonder how he can do distance running without getting bored.

      Aw, I miss having my bewley crush!

  • Ashley Fragomeni

    Love it!!! Thanks for the awesome review…I feel like I was there! 11 days!!! <3 Ash

  • Stacey

    Moon, what a fabulous time you must of had! I bet you did a fantastic job on the panel! Next year make sure to see Lee Pace for me!

    I think my favorite part of you TwiCon adventure was that you got to be near the Ice Truck Killer. In fact I might have worried my dear husband when I started yelling at the T.V. about it when he came on screen the last episode of Dexter. Which then became a very confusing conversation (for him, my husband) about why Eleazar needs to be more like the Rudy, because he would be the scariest vampire ever. That led to my wishful casting for Twilight that included Mos Def and Tom Hanks Jr. My poor husband at that point got seriously confused at that point and asked why the heck we were talking about Vampire Diaries or Harry Potter.     

    • Stacey

      As you can see, by reading what I wrote above that I am still confused by last night’s conversation and I am writing things twice. I blame it on the time change and Breaking Dawn excitement, not the real reason of forgetting to proof read.  

  • Nettie

    TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF, MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes: that never gets old!

  • Sagalvr

    Great job Moon! Very entertaining 🙂 I was happy by how poised Taylor was and how Kristen seems happier and better able to communicate her affection for the role. It was SO adorable when the shot cut to just Rob & Kristen and they were talking about being cast and how Kristen stood up for Rob being Edward. Awww~!
    On the critical side, is it just me or did Rob not form eloquent answers to any of the questions? Silly boy. Also, Kristen was fidgeting the entire time like she has restless leg syndrome. You can tell she smokes a lot (my brother used to get twitchy when he “needed” a smoke). Well, smoking +constant movement=super thin

  • MariaCecilia

    OOO! Aaaaaa! now I can share in a little second-hand celebrity just by reading your post! It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am situated many hundred miles to the right of where I should be living. *heavy moment* But that’s why I need this public service you are so graciously providing on LTT, Moon, so to honour our bond I will nominate you for the Nobel Peace prize! Citation: ” for keeping the world occupied in front of their computers and in their Happy Place instead of war mongering”.

  • HowToBe

    Moon, I want your brown leather jacket

    • lovehigh

      It looked a lot like the jacket Rob was wearing!  Anything you want to tell us there Moon? 

  • Bubs

    Congrats on being invited Moon !!!! I wonder if the Goddess herself [obviously SM] had imput on who she wanted to be invited because when you think of all the times we diss on Scummit……. 

    Or maybe Rob wanted you there because of LTR-I’ll go with that one.

    No matter who [although it does matter] SOMEBODY knows we’re all FANATICS here.

  • TeamSeth

    About the bald eagle thing… At the exact same time Christian was telling this little tale, DH and I were driving up to Seattle because we’re cool and we do that on occasion (he had to work and I went for free hotel and sunshine), and discussing the talks in Canada about changing their national symbol from the beaver to, possibly, the polar bear.

    DH and I do not agree on this. I think they should keep the beaver because it’s the reason Canada was developed (fur trade) and because it means vagina which is funny. Always.  He thinks the beaver hearkens one back to a backwards time where animal slaughter was profitable (because that’s NOT the case now, ahem; sorry Alberta, DH says shut down the cattle farms).  Anyway, he also said that the polar bear is regal. Which I argued was just hearkening back to the time when the throne was fully in charge. And he said that a national symbol shouldn’t be slang for genitalia.

    So, I’m not saying that bald eagle is slang for a shaved beaver or anything, but I’m just like, “Is a bald eagle a cool symbol?”  And DH and I agreed that the bald eagle is kind of lame.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s an AWESOME bird and I’m glad they made a comeback. But it’s really difficult to draw and not look ridiculous. I think that a national symbol should be easy for everyone to draw. Just me?

    The point is that Christian and I are connected.

    The other point is, WHERE DOES HE LIVE?  There’s a reason it’s the national symbol of the US… they’re ALL OVER the US!  Why did he need to do a special hike to see one? We used to see them all the time at my uncle’s lake house. Not that big of a deal… 

    Good thing I wasn’t there or else I would’ve yelled out, “Really? Not the spotted owl? REALLY?! Do you even LIKE birds?” Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe the whole story was a fabrication.

  • TeamSeth

    It cost $350 to go to this thing?!

  • twiprof

    thanks for sharing, Moon….wish I had been there with you….

  • TeamEC1918

    Awe loved you guys! Thanks for keeping us posted on twi world. I stayed to see you guys 😉 after all we have to cheer on our fellow twilighters

  • nothingtoseehere

    Twas the Twi convention before BD and all through the house…uh, er,  only 37 comments so far? Seriously? 

    Oh poor Condon, how the mighty have fallen. Or hmmm. Summit, how the mighty have found other things to occupy their time with. Or Rob, how the mighty once loved you, how they coveted, yearned, and would give up body and soul for you…and now cannot quite squeeze a furtive glance at LTR in between a teeth scaling appointment and the next episode of Hung. 

    But I’m still jealous you got to go, Moon. After all this time has passed, after my love for Twi has been called into question (by myself, since no one I know actually knows there is a question, much less an answer), I still am jealous. There is this mighty power at work and we will all be incapable of resisting in a week. 

    I think. 

  • Anonymous

    You know, I think that Kristen has grown up a bit. She came across nowhere near as awkward as she used to be, some of her answers were quite articulate and meaningful.  Taylor of course is still 18 going on 40, that boy just has an answer for everything, and it’s always the right one – he’s too good for his own good!  And Rob is…still Rob.  Honestly he still acts like a schoolboy with his first real girlfriend, always looking to her for approval and can’t keep his eyes off her.  Actually that sounds kind of sweet doesn’t it…?  He’s still a dork though, I love him, but he’s a dork…

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