We saw Breaking Dawn and we are Fade to Sad-isfieid

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Forever is only the beginning

Dear Breaking Dawn,

Remember when we said Eclipse was a real movie last July? Well we hadn’t seen you yet. That’s right, just like fine wine and George Clooney, Twilight keeps getting better with age. And with age comes wisdom… here’s what we’ve learned from Breaking Dawn

Things we learned from Breaking Dawn:

  • If we hold hands in public it’s for two reasons: we are either 2nd hand embarrassed at all the Robsten fans squeeling at any kiss/hand hold/dadward/sex scene or we were genuinely scared or grossed out. Cause that happens in this. BD is NOT for the faint of heart.
  • Forget Bella, Edward and Jacob the REAL love triangle of Breaking Dawn is Sue, Charlie and Billy. Cause for realzzzz yall something is going on with the parents. Breaking Dawn has something for every age… There’s still hope after 40!
  • Becoming a vampire means instant boob job, shiny shiny Ashley Greene type hair and a permanent smoky eye. Oh and not to mention the blood red crazy eyes. You think someone will ask for this on Dr. 90210 next season?
  • Twilight movies can be funny for the RIGHT reasons no longer are Bella and Edward going on a drug trip in the Pacific ocean or slow-mo forest running in Anne of Avonlea clothes, there are moments like the wedding toasts which make you LOL because it’s really funny or when BooBoo Stewart and Taylor Lautner have actual funny Big Brother/Little Brother interaction.

His name's BooBoo... yea I know I don't get it either

  • Speaking of BooBoo Stewart, he had more lines in Breaking Dawn than Kellan has had in all the Twilight movies combined. And his name is BOOBOO. Time to get a new agent Kellan.
  • The CGI team used to create the wolfpack earned overtime concealing Kristen’s buttcrack because her gorgeous dress was cut so low in the back. Who knew butt cleavage would be the new IT thing in wedding fashions? Thanks Carolina!
  • Give Jackson ANY word it doesn’t matter he will throw that faux Texas accent on it and add the Elvis lip curl and make it into a one word stand up comedy routine. We’re still trying to figure out if this is an intentional choice by him or just dumb luck.

Peter sucks at Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Someone will ALWAYS get shafted and be wearing some sort of heinous wig on their head. Unfortunately, Peter Facinelli drew the short straw this time and to make matters worse, I’m pretty sure his hair line changed in every scene as if the bleached dead animal on his head was taking it last gasps of air before it gave in to it’s inevitable future: lying on top of Mike Dexter’s head.
  • Taylor deserves an award for making the imprinting scene less creepy than we thought it would come off and thank you Bill for showing Renesmee as an adult so everyone else would get it and Chris Hansen could stop hiding in the movie theater broom closet and sit down and enjoy the movie like the rest of us.

Can you not read my lips?! LISTEN CAREFULLY!!

  • Wolves fighting with each other via mind reading is confusing and weird for people not in the know maybe they could have had a fist fight on First Beach or an angry G-chat session instead so I didn’t have to explain what was going on to the super confused couple next to me.
  • Housekeepers in Brazil are super rude and stare a lot… especially when they think their employer is a blood sucking demon. However, the blood sucking demon offers great benefits and a 401k so they keep their mouths shut and keep bringing the eggs.
  • Critics may pan you and haters may hate but ya know what? This ain’t for them. They don’t KNOW Bella and Edward like we do, they aren’t invested like we are. These movies are for us… and the boyfriends and unicorns we drag along with us.
  • The heardboard scene still makes me laugh. HARD.

Babe, let's sleep in tomorrow and go to the 2nd service

  • You know what makes losing your virginity to a preternaturally strong vampire better? Losing it while a song fit for the contemporary service on a Sunday morning plays in the background! For reals though, best song and best scene. Sleeping at Last gets a big HALE YES from us.
  • Speaking of Breaking Hymen, REALLY Bella losing your virginity to a 107 year old virgin was the best night of your life? Maybe the best 50 seconds of your life. Or maybe you’ve got your rose colored glasses on and are romanticizing it a bit.

We do have to say though: Stephenie, thank you (from the bottom of our easily 2nd hand embarassed hearts) for stepping in and not letting them make a Robsten Porno out of the honeymoon sex scenes. THANK YOU!!! It was just right, not too much and not too little… it was perfectly executed so consider us fade to sad-isfied!

Really we loved it… and can’t wait to see it again (and again… and probably again with 10 other people) and then we’ll do some more in depth reviews.

Moon & UC

PS See more Breaking Dawn Black Carpet coverage at LTR today! I get Rob-blocked by a certain someone!

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So did you see it?!  WHAT DID YOU THINK!? Favorite scene? Any laughable moments?

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  • Sisterpenguin

    Yay! I can finally talk about it with someone!! I had to go on my own 🙁

    I really loved the pause on Stephenie’s wedding cameo – I could cheer just for her.

    Favourite scene definitely the wedding speeches. How is it possible to love Charlie more? And Billy playing wheelchair dodgems. 

    Big sigh of relief for the honeymoon bedroom scenes – the two-hander headboard is acceptable now that I’m sure he’s not balancing on his willy. But where were the eggs? I miss the eggs.

    Someone of those fake backgrounds… do you think the wig person had two jobs?

    I’m sure this was so much better because of Stephenie’s increased input – so funny in the right ways and the right places.

    Wonder how I can talk my vampire-hating friend into seeing it on the weekend…?

    • The audience in our theater did cheer for Stephenie! Loved that she was part of the wedding.

      • MariaCecilia

        That’s about the only thing I found myself objecting to: making room for a cameo appearance for the crew behind the camera including Stephenie. Isn’t that what Brecht called a “verfremdung effect”? Or is it a “postmodern moment” like making Mr Darcy wet his shirt in “Lost in Austen”? Isn’t it like, I don’t know, breaking the spell?

        • Sisterpenguin

          “the only thing I found myself objecting to”? You tease you 😉

          If it was good enough for Hitchcock… Ok, slightly different standards but hey. It’s a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement for those in the know (many of my audience didn’t know that she was anything other than an extra, the philistines)

        • In Italian Renaissance frescoes, an artist would often insert his likeness somewhere in the piece (portray himself as a member of the crowd, a minor saint, etc.)

          Stephenie was just taking her rightful place in the masterpiece!

          • that was super cheesy. I apologize.

          • MariaCecilia

            I love cheese, bring it on!

    • Sisterpenguin

      In weariness forgot that one of the preview ads was about teens recognising abusive controlling relationships.

    • Anonymous

      I missed the eggs too!  They spent long enough with that chicken, though.  And it gave me morning-sickness flashbacks.

  • Anonymous

    YOU GUYS!!!

    I have had 4 hours sleep! I am up and responsible for children! It’s absurd! I don’t give a shit!

    There are things to snark on (wtf with the weird dog painting in Bella’s room?) but really. NO. REALLY. So! Good!

    Bella was perfect:
    Pregnant Bella being all “Bitches please. I know it looks like I am dying but chill the fuck out I GOT THIS.”

    Ew! Creepster dying Bella. That girl looked DEAD. Srsly dead.

    Jessica’s speech. I love Anna Kendrick so hard.

    The reception in general: PERFECTION. Clearly Rob can act, because Edward gives a speech, and anyone who has seen a recent awards show knows that Paddleston, IRL, cannot.

    There’s so much more. So good. I need to see it a million times.

    EVEN THE CREDITS! The credits were so pretty!!!

    And then the credit surprise, in which Michael Sheen seduces me via an elaborate mid-credit surprise scene oh lord he is fabulous.

    People were getting up when the credits were rolling and I was like, “Wait. You are die hard enough to be here at midnight on a school night, but you don’t obsess on the Twitters?!?! Sit the fuck down!”

    I may be hallucinating with sleep deprivation, but it was worth it! <3

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for mentioning the wtf dog painting!  I missed like the 1st 3 minutes trying to figure what the hale that was!  Did somebody want to immortilize their dead pooch or something? 

      • Anonymous

        And what happened to the wolf painting? Did it morph?

        • something about it being a shapeshifter, I think…

      • ladyofthemeadow

        Yeah, I wondered if the dog painting was something Renee did, or Bella did in school. The dog in the painting kind of stared at me.

        • MariaCecilia

          Just went back and saw New Moon and that weird dog is on her bedside table when Charlie comes in and congratulates her on her birthday..I just never noticed before! But then there’s a lot of strange stuff in her bedroom..

      • Anonymous

        I frakking love that we all notice the same random crap like this. I missed some minutes there too, going what the hell is up with that picture?

      • Veronica Pacheco

        You know, I just noticed that dog painting is in the first Twilight movie. You can see it when she is writing the address in port angeles and then gets up. I had never noticed before.

    • Sisterpenguin

      I love you. I was too tired to remember this stuff and had to crack people’s backs in a professional manner this morning…

      • Sisterpenguin


        I gotta have an afternoon nap…

    • And thanks for mentioning the credits – such a small detail, but I thought, “wow, the credits are cool!” thumbs up to the graphic design dept. on those!

    • GMB

      LOL my thoughts exactly!! the dog painting WTF was that, lmao.

      Jessica’s speech was too funny! Love her.

      At the end when the credits were rolling I was like “Damn you people must not be on Twitter, shame on u!”

      I will say that the wolf scene were Jacob and Sam are arguing and Jake leave the pack was just terrible. LOL terrible. It was way too over the top and dramatic.

      Other then that I really like it. Especially the Edward/Bella scene after Carlisle tells her she is going to die – Edward: “I didnt choose this” aww Edward…♥

      • Suzyb49

        my daughter and I were the only ones around us 2nd hand embarrassed giggling at that part with the wolves – thinking about the ribbing we’re going to take from my husband when he sees it on DVD – and everyone else around us was watching it with serious faces.

      • Anonymous

        I laughed hysterically at that scene.  Tried to stop and couldn’t.  Smothered with my hand and my husband’s shoulder I was still glad it was so loud so everybody couldn’t hear me.  I have no idea how it could have been done better– the wolves hearing each other is a cinematic nightmare– but it was a great horrible Twilight moment.  When do I get to see it again?

    • Sisterpenguin

      The staff at our cinema came out before the film to tell us to stay for the credits. Yay Vue Worcester. And none of them gave us silly looks

    • MariaCecilia

      When I saw Rob in interviews was the moment I knew he was an awesome actor, because he is NOTHING like Edward. Lol!
      What is this dog picture you’re obsessing about? And mid-credit scenes? WTF? Now I have to go back first thing tomorrow afternoon and see it again to check this out…

      • Anonymous

        The dog painting was on Bella’s side table in her bedroom at the beginning when she’s talking to Edward and then getting into bed.

        • MariaCecilia

          Bella-Edward-bed – okay, no wonder I didn’t have my eyes on the painted dog….

    • Jennipurrr

      I also was all wtf on the painting! My friend with whom I was attending did not appreciate the comment as any negativity on my part towards Twilight gives her the sadness.

      Anorexic Bella… do you think that was intentional to show young girls how hideous one looks when they are starving? They sure spent a lot of time on the visual, it seemed to have more of a point to it.

      Loved it, too bad I have a baby and cannot get away very often or I would totally be watching this again. 

      • Anonymous

        watching again last night, I did think that about anorexia. And when Bella is getting vampified, I liked that she was filling out, for Attractiveness. I noticed especially her waist. Not that KStew could be described even as curvy, but it was a nice subtle message of “get some meat on your bones, it’s HAWT.”

  • Anonymous

    So many fab moments!  So many cringe moments! 
    Fab = wedding (except – why didn’t she smile, I kept thinking she would when she saw Edward’s face, but notsomuch.)
    Cringe = wolves argument sounding like they were all talking through a Darth Vader mask, I kept waiting for a “The Force is not with that demon baby!” 
    Fab = Charlie, Charlie, Charlie  Cringe – bloodiest baby ever 
    Cringe= the sound effects during the oral c-section, bluck
    Fab – Bella looked D-E-A-D, starved to death times 100, awesome.  I have no worries about how awesome Renesmee will look, she won’t be Re-mess-me after all. 
    Fab – Mike Welch joined Weight Watchers! So happy for him.
    Cringe – I’m pretty sure Alice flashed her vajayjay when Jasper flipped her at the reception.  That was weird.
    Fab – Aro is a middle school language arts teacher!  Yay!

    SO much more to talk about, 2 hours sleep is just not enough.

    • Jerzeylisa

      ” Aro is a middle school language arts teacher!” 
      Hahahaha….I just love anything Aro has to say and he can school me anytime. But that did get some laughs last night for sure.

    • MariaCecilia

      I knew the wolf voices reminded me of someone- Darth Vader, of course! *slapping brow* Not to worry, I’ll tell my husband to close his eyes and think of Star Wars when that scene comes. He loves Star Wars.
      So you noticed Mike Welch’s new sleeker look, too? I was to polite to mention it myself, but he should know we notice, right?
      Alice only does backflips in order to show off her awesome, expensive LaPerla underwear, don’t say you didn’t see it??!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the sound effects during the C-section!  Soooo gross!

  • lovethesefries

    Sooooooo good!!!  I don’t ever remember walking out of a midnight showing LOVING it like I did last night.  Definitely got a little misty-eyed at the wedding, then I mentally slapped myself.  It was like “get it together, man, you’re at a TWILIGHT movie for chrissakes!”  Anyways.  YES on the reception toasts!  I was laughing so hard, and it was actually supposed to be funny!  Loved the honeymoon, thought they did it perfectly (unintended twss).  And I thought the chess pieces were a cool nod to the book.  Towards the end when Bella was dying was deliciously disturbing!  She looked so skeletal!  Props to the makeup (or CGI?) team.  And I also loved how they showed the venom spreading through her bloodstream.  Cool cool effects.

    I agree so much with your point about the critics and haters.  I had a friend on Twitter who said the wedding and Flightless Bird were the only good things about it, and the rest was “cheesy, corny, and a Rocky Horror Picture wannabe”  Um, what?  First of all, it’s a Twilight movie, you know it’s going to be cheesy going in.  And definitely don’t get the Rocky Horror thing.  I’m not sure what this person’s fan status is, but I feel like you just have to look at these movies as being for the fans.  No, they’re not going to win an Oscar, but that shouldn’t make them any less special.  It’s like watching your kid in a 5th grade play.  You know it’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen, but you love it anyway because it’s your kid.  That’s kind of how I feel about Twilight movies.

    *steps down from soapbox* 

    Well done, Mr. Condon et. al!  I can’t wait to go see it again.  And again.

    • Rob’s slow mo’ strut

      “It’s like watching your kid in a 5th grade play.” SPOT ON! That’s exactly what I feel about Twilight. And even after reading all these reviews where almost everyone is gushing about how well Bill handed the movie , I knew there will be plenty of cringeworthy moments, cheesy dialogues because that’s what Twilight movies are. Doesn’t make them any less enjoyable though 🙂

    • lovethesefries

      I’m an idiot.  Make that “et al.” 

  • The Plane Friend

    Totally agree–by far the best, non-embarrassing Twilight movie. Can’t wait to see it again…and again…and again.

    LOVED Stephenie’s wedding cameo (and was so confused when I was the only one in the theater going “yay!” Don’t these people know WHO SHE IS?)

    Thought the slow reveal of THE dress was beautiful, well cinema-graphed (yeah, I made up that word, I think), and a little funny how big a deal they made it.

    Thought the wedding night scene was basically perfect…except the random stop in the Rio streets for a dance thing. After 100 years (Edward) and a lot of begging (Bella), they really would rather go to a dance party on the street than get down to business?

    Thought the only moment in four movies where Kristen’s acting actually seemed to work for me was the “oh crap, what do I do? I’ve never had sex before” moments.

    Laughed at the red-and-white chess set. 

    Loved the “hide my face in the pillows” trying to keep it in his pants Edward.

    Was a little sad we didn’t get that second morning-after so that we could see Edward tease Bella about seducing him.

    Was super-sad we didn’t get more Leah.

    Couldn’t watch some of the vomiting, birth scene, conversion stuff.

    Loved the Volturi killing someone over spelling and grammar. So funny!

    The best part, though? Having The Plane Husband right next to me, cuddling through the movie, not complaining about being there! 🙂

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, Edward hiding his face in the pillows going embarrassed/turned on/laughing at himself at the same time was one of the cutest things in the honeymoon – loved it!
      Still don’t think that the low cut out & see-through back of the wedding dress was appropriate for this wedding, but loved it as a look. (Can’t really see Bella putting on anything quite so risqué when she cringed over her suitcase with linguerie from Alice…)

      • Anonymous

        I don’t often get the Robsession, but I fell a little in love with him in the scenes where he’s trying not to touch her.  So stinkin’ cute.  I bought him as Edward this time around, and I haven’t in the previous movies.  Maybe y’all are rubbing off on me, or maybe his acting has improved or maybe this script/ director just played to his strengths more, but I enjoyed him thoroughly this time.

        • Sisterpenguin

          Sooo with you on this one, really love that scene but still immune from Rob. I’m crediting the director 

  • Oh my God ‘Turning Page’ is my favourite song from the soundtrack and I just knew it would be played during the honeymoon scenes! So so excited for the movie!

    • Anonymous

      For serious!!!

    • Bubs

      Mine too ! Followed by A Thousand Years and Sister Rosetta and From Now On…..I’m listening to it right now-good compelation.

  • Jerzeylisa

    I’m not handling lack of sleep well, thank goodness I work from home. I cleared my schedule and I need a nap. 
    During the car ride home our group discussed what we just experienced. We were two adults and 5 teens. The first thing we all had to get off our chest right away was how ridiculous the wolves were talking to each other in their “angry through the teeth voice”. This flat out embarrassed me… first hand.My hubby said he liked Charlie the best. He thought his character was given some great one liners.I felt like I was watching the wedding of my best friends. I truly felt so much emotion at every scene. Bella tearing up while dancing with Jacob…wow.The honeymoon was perfect. Just when I thought I was going to be uncomfortable sitting beside my 12 year old daughter, the scene pulls back. Oh and I did not picture that scrawny Edward in my head when I read the moonlight/ocean scene. Jeez…why couldn’t they hit that with a little technology. But, in the moment, I didn’t think about it, I only enjoyed it. Come to think of it…my husband was complaining this am about the chatter in the theater…I didn’t hear a damn thing. It’s so wonderful to just escape inside the Twilight fantasy.The pregnancy and birth were perfect. Jacob ( and Seth) crying over Bella….gut wrenching good.The imprinting on screen was better than the book.Did anyone else think of Snow White when Bella was getting all vamped? Gorgeous.I agree this is a movie franchise for the fans….well, and the money. My son, who attended with his girlfriend, did not get it at all. Bloody birth/any birth just makes men uncomfortable. I will see the movie again with my more responsible friends tomorrow. I can’t wait to be lost in the story again…and again.

    • GMB

      “Did anyone else think of Snow White when Bella was getting all vamped?”   – I Did! 🙂

      • Sisterpenguin

        Me too! Loved the CGI of emaciated Bella to healthier vamp Bella

      • MariaCecilia

        And I was just thinking “Crap, why doesn’t this shizz work in real life??! I’ll have what she’s having!”

        • Sisterpenguin

          In more ways than one nudge nudge

          • MariaCecilia

            Wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean?

  • Blondieinco

    Loved it!!  The only part I absolutely hated was the wolf/mind talking scene.  I’d love to see it again today but I am cruising on about zero sleep. 

  • ladyofthemeadow

    The kisses were great. So much better than previous movies. You could tell Rob, er, Edward really got into them. Yum. Made my stomach flutter.

    The dress, really liked it. I expected a stiffer fabric. But I loved
    the mermaid dress shape on Kristen. She rocked the dress. Kind of low
    cut at the back… butt cleavage is not appropriate at a wedding!!! The camera just
    kept going lower, and lower, and lower… I was thinking STOP! (a la Alice).

    Billy Burke, scene stealer. Loved him, but I think I have to be jealous of Sue now. All of the wedding speeches? Perfect.

    Rob’s been working out. Nice. I appreciate the effort to catch up to Taylor and Kellan.

    The honeymoon night was too short, until we had Bella’s flashback. I
    was feeling cheated (i.e. IS THAT IT?!) until the flashback came on 😉 I thought when she woke up with feathers
    everywhere it was funny, but maybe wasn’t meant to be? Also didn’t like the
    silliness of her prepping in the bathroom for the honeymoon night. Nervousness, yes, but it came across as silly. Soundtrack didn’t help.

    Finally Rosalie’s hair looks okay. PFach’s hair… dreadful.

    I liked how they inserted previous soundtracks into the movie. Nice
    touch, made me feel nostalgic for the older ones. Did not expect
    American Mouth to play during the wedding ceremony, expected it during

    Cringeworthy: the wolfy group communication. The weird voices sounded like Star Trek or Transformers (thanks, Opera, that was a better description)

    The venom flowing through the veins animation thing did not need to be
    shown twice. It was beautiful, but I got the idea the first time.

    No one in the theatre knew about the Volturi scenes in the credits! Except
    me. Aro is so well played. Nice suspenseful touch and now we want BD2

    Okay, now I need to see it AGAIN.

    • Anonymous

      The wedding kiss was so far beyond any of the previous movies “acting” kisses. It looked legit and I loved how they shot that scene, with everyone else’s presence just sort of melting away. It was beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      The dress shape/ fabric was pretty much what I was expecting– Stephenie’s always said “art nouveau” and that’s pretty standard for the style.  But the back… haven’t made up my mind yet…

  • Notanaddikt Bella

    I can’t wait to see it now! Alice & me were so meh about it beforehand that we only got tix for next week Thursday.  BIG mistake, BIG. Huuuuge, as Julia Roberts would say.

    • Alice_NaA

      I am getting VERY excited now. Before it was just waiting, some spoliers, more waiting,…
       but now…it is there playing just one block away, and I actually can go see it sooner if I really want to … it makes me srsly antsy :).

      P.S. a big big congrats on your red carpet covering! you girls were fabulous!

  • lovethesefries

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the montage of scenes from the previous movies as Bella was “dying.”  Call me cheesy, but I love a bit of nostalgia!  Plus you can’t complain about getting to see Robward enter the cafeteria again!  Yum.

    • Anonymous

      I would have liked a leeetle more writhing in pain. My non-twi geek friend didn’t really get what was going on with the whole morphine thing because there was only the two second shot of pain-ness.

      • MariaCecilia

        I agree about how they needed to show more of Bella’s pain and what is going on – if you haven’t read the book you think that Bella is actually dead and poor Edward is just delusional, dressing up a corpse…

      • lovethesefries

        That’s true.  They did have the really short clip of her screaming and writhing, which I assumed was supposed to be her suffering internally.  I can’t really remember since I only read the book once and that was like 2 years ago, but didn’t she try to not show her pain or something?  But yeah, definitely agree for movie purposes she should have been showing a lot more suffering!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, she lays there completely still and silent, first trapped by the morphine and then not wanting to freak out Edward.  But it was a little iffy on how it was communicated onscreen.

  • Cazza

    I saw it in LA at the premiere and this morning in the good, old, local cinema.  I gotta say, the audiences were like chalk and cheese. In LA, the audience “got it”, in hometown, silence at all the parts the LA peeps cheered at.  

    Scenes I loved:

    1.  The wedding reception, I cracked up at the speeches.  Classic.

    2. Counting the number of lines Jackson Rathbone had in the entire film, I think we counted three, with one of them being one word.

    3.  The honeymoon itself.  Perfect and funny.  Seeing Edward all smiley and happy in that bedroom scene whilst Bella is trying to seduce him.

    4. Wow, Kristen can really play dead very well!!!

    5.  Edward just looking hawt throughout the entire film.

    6.  The flashbacks to old school Twilight and the music as well, made me all giddy and fan girly.

    7.  The ending was perfect.

    Anyhow, I could go on and on but I need some sleep.


    • Blondieinco

      I agree – I likes me some smiley, happy Edward. 

      • Anonymous

        Me too! I was sad when the baby came along and got rid of smiley happy Edward.

        • MariaCecilia

          Stupid baby, taking away smiley Edward! (Babies tend to do that to parents, at least at the beginning of the relationship. Pale skin, greasy hair, blue circles under the eyes, undernourished – I can relate, Bella!)

  • Rob’s slow mo’ strut

    Ugh loving all the spoilers since I won’t be seeing the movie anytime soon. Keep them coming ladies. They’re not releasing BD where I live so…. *mentally punching Summit execs in the face for ignoring a third world country like Bangladesh*

    • Sisterpenguin

      Aw man that sucks! Someone have a word!!

      • MariaCecilia

        Start a petition! Get those people protesting on Wall Street nick on some signs about the terrible discrimination of Third World countries!!

        • Rob’s slow mo’ strut

          I know right? What kind of discrimination is this? We’re people too! We have feelings as well. And people here are so gullible that they’d go see ANY hollywood movie with lots of kissing scenes in it. Witnessed it first hand when Eclipse came out this July (yes exactly a year after the US release.)

    • Bubs

      So sorry to hear that RSMS. Do you know anyone going to China ? Chances are it’s already available to buy in DVD form. Not the same as seeing it on the big screen though. Boooo Scummit !!!!

      • Rob’s slow mo’ strut

        Oh the pirated DVD will be out by next week I’m sure. We’re in no way behind CHina when it comes to piracy 🙂 

    • Late Convert

      I’ll see your Bangladesh movie blackout and raise you my Ghana blackout – Happy Feet 2 opened here instead… Should be out on pirate dvd next week tho!

      • Anonymous

        Never thought I’d be cheering for pirated DVDs, but am so happy you girls will get to see it!

  • Wideawake

    Holy crap I had 3 hours of sleep and I’m still excited!!

    Did anyone else cry a.bit when Bella was saying goodbye to Charlie fter the wedding? *sniff* I want a dad like Charlie!!!

    Wedding honeymoon=success

    Overall it was amazing …i need to watch it again to catch all the details …like Robward’s back

    • MariaCecilia

      And the important details (like Robward’s back, front, hands, neck, face and smile) are why we are already impatiently waiting for the DVD, people!!
      Ok, so I want to watch all the Charlie parts too, I really do! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        My husband noticed his toes sticking out from under the sheets, curling with happiness and dubbed them “sex toes”.  I wanted to say, “You have no idea how obsessed with those toes girls are going to be, my dear.”

    • Anonymous

      I’ll admit to sniffling.  Shh…

  • Anonymous

    I’m on my phone interwebs, but I have to gush about my fab time last night. I went with the perfect twi geek friend who let me hold her hand during the yucky bits. I loved it, and cannot wait to go back. Also, reminding everyone that I have dibs on scruffy, super attractive Taycob.

    • Bubs

      You’ll have to share Taycob with me. That boy is just getting HOTTER as he’s getting older !

    • MariaCecilia

      The scruff…one of the reasons why I might finally go Team Jacob..just a little bit.

      • Anonymous

        I was less interested in Taylor/ Jacob this time, weirdly.  Probably just because Rob made me happier this time than he has before.

  • Robsessedgirl

    ok seriously i went to the midnight premiere last night with my sister who slept the whole time and woke up JUST to see the birth scene and almost throw up. dear bill condom(n), thank you. from the bottom of my edward loving heart. you gave us A LEGITIMATE Edward flashback scene. Bill, let me send you an edible arrangement or five for your work on this movie. taylor, you really stepped it up in this movie. I was not creeped out in the imprinting scene! it felt real and true and this is going to be a sappy comment. but seriously, the wedding toasts and jasper and emmett and edward jdfisghdhg and the birth scene was PERFECT and EDWARD GFJSGHFS ROB YES and the when bella opened her eyes for the first time i cried throughout the whole thing ok who needs commas. I plan on seeing it at least ten more times. 

    • Sagalvr

      YES! This is exactly how I felt after seeing it 😀

    • MariaCecilia

      You said it better than I ever could! Thank you!

  • I have to give a little shout out to Taylor who once again nailed it in the movie. (Yep, still a “wolf girl.”) I think I was so worried the entire movie about how horrible the imprinting would be…and then it was done so well. Love how he dropped to his knees: it was, appropriately, more of a sign of protection/devotion than anything. My husband, who hasn’t read the books and did not see the whole Renesmee thing coming and then didn’t guess that Jacob would imprint (as per my letter about 2 months ago), got the whole imprinting thing right away and didn’t find anything wrong with it. So, props to the movie for pulling it off beautifully. Aside from that, Taylor played the angsty guy who can’t get over the fact that his love has married (I thought of your letter, TS, during the reception scene) turned mysteriously still-devoted friend turned eternal protector of the “demon” baby (who loves that he said that?) so well. 

    Still trying to figure out how Edward and Bella landed in the middle of a sexy dance party in Rio. What fortunate timing. (Just kidding…the going-to-Isle-Esme sequence was very pretty.)

    The rest of your comments so far = I agree! 

    • Anonymous

      The imprinting did go waaaayyyyy better than I’d dared to hope.  Totally worked.  The voiceover with the text from the book is a little cheesy, but it’s the best possible way to explain it.  
      And the dance party.  Edward would never take Bella somewhere so unsafe.  But it was fun.  It was fun looking for what they shot with no wedding ring and then where they shifted to him having a ring after all the fans threw a tantrum over it.

  • KStewBoy

    I am posting this comment not having read the letter, nor any of the existing comments.  My schedule for seeing BD is not until next week at the earliest (aaahh!)… so I guess I am in LTT self-banishment until then. Booooo…. I am sooooooooooo jealous of youz all.

    • MariaCecilia

      KStew in a black, short, see-through night gown..*wiggling eyebrows* Just saying…

    • Anonymous

      And then an even more see-through light blue one.  Not to mention, oh, naked.  We only tease because we love you.  My hearty sympathy for the delay.

    • Anonymous

      There was some KStew side-boob action too, mwahahaha!

      • KStewBoy

        I should not be back in here reading this – you are all so cruel!!  But in the kindest, sweetest way 🙂  Side-boob action?!  You torment me with your words.

  • Jerzeylisa

    I just thought of something else…it was very un Alice like to not touch up Bella’s makeup at the wedding. When left on her own Bella became a hot mess real quick. Like as soon as the kiss was over… She was a mess.
    She sure can wear a gown though!

  • GMB

    Am I the only one that got a little teary eyed at the end when they did the montage of Bella’s memories with scene of all the past movies? that was really great.

    All the Cullen women looked a lot better this time around. The men, not so much. Emmett’s has definitely looked better.

    Is it me or does Renee always look a bit drunk?

    Loved the song that played during the honeymoon scene.

    • The Plane Friend

      That’s it–Renee does look drunk. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. But she totally looks drunk in nearly every scene! Well called.

      • Anonymous

        Yes!  Drunk!  I couldn’t put my finger on it either, I was thinking trashy, but drunk is a much better fit.  And for some reason, it makes me love her more.  Maybe because she reminds of my own mom. . .

    • Anonymous

      I totally cried too at that part. We’ve been through a lot with Bella. It’s totally understandable! 🙂

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, Renee looks drunk, but that’s because she is a hippie mom who is smoking weed all the time she’s off camera, didn’t you know? (Ever wonder about the Real Reason why Bella left to live with her dad..?)

    • blackgirltwihard

       “Is it me or does Renee always look a bit drunk?”
      #WINxgabillion LMAO for days on this one!

    • Anonymous

      I thought Emmett looked much better in this movie. He actually had some hair! 😉

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you on Emmett’s hair!

      • MariaCecilia

        Now I know: he got Jessica’s hair from the books!! You know, dark and curly?

  • SuzzyQ

    I think it was done perfectly, I was so happy with the whole movie. However, am I crazy, or did Edward not sparkle during the honeymoon? Maybe my contacts were fuzzy, but wasn’t that part of the reason they went to Isle Esme, so he wouldn’t have to worry about going outside during the day? I kinda wish I could have seen Condon’s take on the sparkles since he did a kick ass job everywhere else.

    • Jerzeylisa

      I, personally, didn’t miss the sparkles. My daughter wondered where his sparkles were on the honeymoon too. I’m happy to leave them in the book. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I noticed that. Weird. One good sparkle scene would have been nice.

    • Anonymous

      It was weird that he didn’t sparkle.  There was also never any blue sky, though.  I hate the sparkle effect, though, so while it was weird I was kind of glad.

  • JenJadeEyes

    I need to scan my twitters from last night after movie to compile my thoughts…my memory is running on a low battery!

    First, can we women agree to leave the huffing, sighing, sardonic assholes at home for BD2?  Had two resentful SOBs sitting right behind me. On the other hand, I saw an older gentleman wearing a home-made “Team Alice” shirt as I was leaving the theater. Men at movie 50/50.

    WEDDING: Awesome.  End of story.
    RECEPTION: Why Alice’s dress so short, and why the HELL would Jasper flip her in it?  PLS GOD let her have been wearing panties!

    What kind of headlock did Carmen put Bella in? Cause it was inappropriate for a first meeting! Thought for a minute she was going for a snack!

    Do most receptions have an open mic for all to stand at?  Cringe worthy – Renee, Jessica (not even Anna K could fix it), Emmett (but I *think* that was on purpose…).  Awesome: Charlie (“I’m a cop, I know things”), Edward.  

    Good thing Bella changed into white tennis shoes at reception – it was much better for her when Jake threw her around like a rag doll (read: danced).

    WOLVES: STILL not right.  Are they that hard to do well, or do I just see them differently than everyone else in my head.  The snarling/growling was awesome, the pack voices, terrible.

    MUSIC:  Too loud in certain scenes – too dramatic.  I know I thought at least twice – “man, I so glad they turned that OFF finally…”.  Could have been extreme tiredness, will have to see again to be sure.

    BEST BELLA: Riding to airport after honeymoon, in white (sweater? shirt?) Bella looked luminous.  I was stunned by it at the time, now I want to see it again to be sure.

    Loved Seth’s “Donkey from Shrek” moment with Jake after pack split.  Cute and really eager, but with a depth to him.  Thought this was spot-on.

    When on phone w/Charlie during pregnancy, why did cop Charlie not catch “I want you to remember me that way”?  If everything was fine, she would have said “I want you to think of me that way.”  Clear slip up by Bella, not caught by dad.

    Amazed at Condon’s cribbing Hardiwicke’s visual shorthand trick for imprinting/vampire change.  Representation of future Renesmee amazing and effective.  Loved audio callbacks – caught at least three, and I’ve never owned a soundtrack.

    Last thought: 15 yo nephew liked lingerie show.  Laughed about Edward’s “Jedi Mind Trick” (covering her up in bed) this morning.  Nephew busted out with “he was like, (waving hand in Obi-Wan-ish fashion) ‘there are no panties here!'”  LMAO and woke me right up this morning!

    Time to steal a nap – can’t wait to wake up and read the rest of the comments!

    • Anonymous

      I liked Bella going back to the airport too.  She looked fantastic.  In fact, I liked that whole scene.  Edward taking control, the private jet, all of it was good.

    • Yes, the Condon throwback to Hardwicke was brilliant. At the time, hated Hardwicke’s version of Bella’s (semi-)changing, now that Condon appropriated the sequence it into the real change, I retroactively like the 1st movie better. Amazing.

      Like your 15 yr old nephew’s comments! Too funny! My DH enjoyed it too, but then again he has all the maturity of a 15 yr old 😉

      • Anonymous

        Where is this throwback you speak of in regards to Bella’s changing? I must have blocked it :-/

        • The montage scene of her life. and the CHardi music playing behind it.

          • Anonymous

            Oh I see. I was thinking we were talking stylistically or something. I loved the montages. And I did like that they played Bella’s lullaby at some point. I think it was during a montage.

            Musical side note: The music playing as she came down the isle was beautiful. Stunning almost. IMO 🙂

  • GMB

    something else i just remembered: i didnt like the golden/yellow contacts on the Denali coven. they looked really creepy.

    • Bubs

      Yeah, I thought they looked really weird too ! Where was the interaction between Tanya and a nervous/intimidated Bella-I would have liked to have seen that. Loved Mikes comment on the “gene pool” and Jessica’s comment on Mikes “drool”. Lots of witty moments at that Wedding……

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, and then Tanya was whisked away before anyone got to have a real good look at her even. Hey, Edward, did YOU have anything to do with that..?

  • Suzyb49

    I can’t think of a single thing to complain about right now – well except the silly wolf scene.  They were spot on with everything and the movie seemed so long in a good way.  Can’t wait to see it again and again.  Was on the edge of my seat at the end worried about when they were going to cut it off – it’s where I hoped and they nailed it.

    • Anonymous

      I was THRILLED with the cut-off. It was perfect.

  • Stacey

    I really shouldn’t be reading this…why am I reading this…I’m not seeing it until Sunday with my book club! (Well… only three of us are going, the rest are only going out to dinner beforehand. What’s wrong with them?!? This is Breaking Dawn! Sure only three of us are in touch with our inner 16 year olds. But still!)

    I can’t seem to stop reading your reactions to the movie. It’s only making me more excited!  

  • Anonymous

    Going to see it tonight. My friend, who is responsible for introducing me to this lovely addiction, is going with me (yay!).  Since she works 6 days a week at her shop, the midnight showing was too much to ask.  Love the spoilers and everyone’s comments!  Even more excited now to see BD tonight!  And thanks for the reminder about the surprise during the credits.  Someone mentioned it during the premiere interviews and I’d already forgotten.  T-minus-11 and counting! CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Anonymous

    I WILL find a way to escape the babies and see it this weekend.  Babysitter is necessary as my Unicorn-in-Denial announced he wants to see it too.  Then I get to come back and read.

    • Anonymous

      Made it out tonight and had to come read before going to bed.  Gonna regret that in the morning.  Thoughts:

      Wolves.  They’re not bears; they are funny.  Laughed even harder than I did at the wedding toasts.  Maybe even harder than I did when Bella wakes up in the wreckage of the bedroom, but that’s close.  
      Speaking of which, it made me sad that she didn’t wake up with Edward next to her.  Even with the guilt, he’d always, always be there when she woke up.  He’s a cuddler, that one.
      Pacing was weird to me.  The wedding was deliciously relaxed, but then I thought the honeymoon was rushed.  I missed having the slow build up of hinted pregnancy signs– weird dreams, eating eggs, etc.  And I wanted that conversation the morning after she seduces him.
      Speaking of the dreams being missing– there’s no foreshadowing of the immortal child problem.  So that’s going to be a pain to explain in the second movie since it completely hinges on that.
      As I mentioned above, I finally bought Rob as Edward.  And Kristen as Bella, actually.  Which made me so happy.  And the scenes where they’re happily married– when she’s trying to seduce him, when he’s finally happy about the baby and Jacob walks in on them snuggling– were freaking adorable.  Starting to understand how y’all can Robsess.  
      I want to watch the wedding over and over again to catch all the little things going on with all the people there.  
      The imprinting was so much better than I thought it would be.  How do you not make it squicky for people who haven’t read the book?  Read the book to them via voiceover, duh!  
      And now I’m going to bed.  That 5am feeding in  under 4 hours is going to hurt, not to mention tomorrow.  Thank goodness it’s Saturday and the hubby’s home!

      • Sisterpenguin

        A valiant effort. Well done girlie.Hope it’s not a sippy cup feed…

        • Anonymous

          Haaahahahaha.  No.  But that scene was pretty fantastic… wasn’t ever grossed out by it in the book, but totally was in the theatre.

  • TiffaBella

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the imprinting scene, I really could not see a way for them to make it less creepy, and I honestly thought they did a better job of portraying it in the movie than Stephenie did in the book (book version of imprinting still weirds me out a bit).

    LOVED Charlie at the reception, best speech of the night, I want to kiss Billy Burke for being the best Charlie he could ever be! LONG LIVE THE COPSTACHE!

    LOVED that an older dude in the theater started chuckling extremely loudly when Bella is looking at her tampons in the bathroom, realizing her period is late and Edward asks her “What’s wrong?”… made me bust out laughing!
    HATED the weird garbled “pack voice”… they never really covered this in previous movies, why now? Have them all phase back and sit around in jorts talking about the sitch, okay?

    Speaking of JORTS, where WERE the JORTS? I only remember seeing some cargo shorts on the wolfpack, and then Edward had some pretty sweet bahama shorts, he just needs the grandpa black socks with sandals to complete his beach attire…

    LOVED that they actually WENT there with Bella looking so extremely emaciated during the gestation of the demon spawn, I wasn’t sure how far they would really be able to go with it, and they really went all the way. Kudos!

    HATED the people behind me in the movie theater – during the wedding scene they kept asking “Who is that?” when the members of the Denali coven showed up, and then again when they saw SETH show up at the wedding… I was like “REALLY? WTF ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE AT ONE OF THE 1ST SHOWINGS OF THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE?”

    LOVED that I saw several girls with LTT Patz Family Reunion shirts at the theater – if you were at the AMC Promenade in Thornton, CO last night wearing your LTT pride, HOLLA!

    • Anonymous

      Nice!  I’m in CO as well (just a little south of Denver)  Maybe a CO LTT party is in order for BD2. 

    • Anonymous

      The emaciation was great!

      • Munkee

        Yeah, like how much of that was real and how do they do that if it’s fake?????

        • Sisterpenguin

          Same way they touch up magazine covers – that’s where the wolf money went!

  • Anonymous

    Dude. We all know Charlie’s gonna win the chick in the end you don’t have to read the books to figure that out. I’m pretty sure Billy lost his ability to thrust long ago 🙁 poor chap and that Sue ( who has convinced me to grow old gracefully and to never get botox) needs to get her thrust on.
    Over all I laughed more (for the right reasons) cringed less( the wolf pack fight where their voices were like power rangers was pretty bad) and I even cried like 3 times ( gimme a break I’ve been sick and over emotional the last few days) it was pretty damn perfect. I have the day off today I might go see it again all by myself 🙂

    • MariaCecilia

      Maybe Billy can still “probe” some, though – probing is good, right?

      • Anonymous

        lol Just the Tip.

  • Justthetip,EH?

    May I just say, the birth scene made me gag. Bad. And I have 3 kids. So gross.

    I bawled when Edward heard Renesemee in the womb and got all mushy. They portrayed that feeling so well. It reminded me of when my hubs felt each of our kids kick for the first time. Kristen and Rob nailed the emotion in that kind of moment.

    The blood in bellas mouth also made me gag. I actually am surprised at how graphic the movie is.

    Ultimate favorite part is when she’s trying to seduce him and he rolls over with the big grin. Love. Love. Love that mam with a grin.

    • Anonymous

      I got all weepy when he hears the baby too… and I’m pretty sure I heard my Unicorn do the same, though I’m sure he’ll deny it to the end.  It was an impressive job of conveying that emotion!

  • HowToBe

    I loved it. BUT did no one else feel like the Jacob angst wasn’t enough? Come on! I wanted, “You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have.” And I just didn’t feel the same heartbreak in the movie as did during the Book 2 part of BD. 

    Nikki Reed’s wig sucked as bad or worse than PFach’s.

    And finally, did anyone else think Bella was a little too aware and there was a little too much time between Renesmee being born and her dying? Her spine just cracked, people! In my mind the whole, oh it’s a girl, throw it to Rosalie thing took 2 seconds and then it was like SAVE BELLA…but in the moie it was like, let’s cill fr a minute. Bella, you good? Cool, let’s amire the baby with you’re spine broken and you bleeding too death.

    • lovethesefries

      I thought that too after the birth!  I was like there is no way Edward just stood there holding the baby and he most DEFINITELY did not hand it to Bella!  When I was reading the book I was under the impression that she was pretty much unconscious after the eating-through-the uterus thing.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Twi-nerd reporting in here: in the book Bella is conscious post vampire C-section and asks for Renesmee, who prompting bites her boob. Then she passes out (as you would). Mind you, theoretically Edward’s venom should’ve starting kicking in then anyway…

        • lovethesefries

          Ha, oops!  I only read BD once and that was over 2 years ago, so I don’t remember a lot of it.  Thanks for clarifying!

          • Sisterpenguin

            Yeah, just lucky there’s saddos like me that have read it *mumble mumble* times. Of course, that’s normal, eh?

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes! That was so disturbing to me! I’m like: “You just tore the love of your life open with your TEETH, her spine is broken and she’s lying there, bleeding to death, and you take the time to hug the baby and get all weepy?? Get your act together, man! Priorities!!”

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  Edward just hung out with that baby way too long before he went for the venom.  I get that they were trying to communicate him bonding with her… but do it while Bella’s changing.  E’s priority is always going to be B’s life.  

    • Anonymous

      My unicorn’s tweed analysis of Taylor was “He knows how to do petulant adolescent really well, but he doesn’t seem to have a place of total rage to go to, and Jacob really needs that.”  Well put, I thought.  They tried with the kicking of the motorcycle.  What I really missed from Jacob was the snark.  There’s that one moment where he suggests she drink blood, but that was it.  Getting some of those classic Jacob chapter titles incorporated into the script would have made me forgive Rosenberg for all sorts of past sins… “spider monkey” for example.  

      • ScruffyTaylor

        Speaking of past sins and “spider monkey”…how about this one:

        “It’s not a wolf thing. It’s a Jacob thing. You’re just warm. You’re like your own sauna.”

        UGH!  WORST.LINE.EVER!!!!! Sauna? really????

        • Anonymous

          Sun, yes.  Sauna… no, not really.

  • Rob’s slow mo’ strut

    I have a question. I’ve read about the scene where Bella tries to ‘seduce’ Edward. How was that? People commented on Edward being all giggly and hiding his face in the pillows but how did Kristen do in that scene? I can’t imagine Bella trying to be all sexy. Was the ‘seduction’ cringeworthy or endearingly awkward (as it should be, Bella being inexperienced and all)?

    And how was the make-up? I noticed in the stills that Edward’s lipstick seemed to have been toned down and I read that Rob brought his make-up artist from WFE for BD. Does Edward look all pale with red lips?

    Oh one more thing. We saw stills where Edward makes her breakfast on the morning after (where Rob is in a white short-sleeved tee). Did that scene make the final cut?

    • Anonymous

      The seduction scene was one of my favs. It was super cute. They pulled it off so great. No breakfast scene I bet it will be in outtakes. I didn’t notice Edwards makeup (and I’m a makeup artist) so I guess that’s a good thing.

      • Bubs

        Yes, finally they got rid of all that stupid white pancake rubbish they’ve put on Rob previously. He’s too good looking and pale enough in real life – I’ve always found the make up distracting.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Kstew was totes “endearingly awkward”.  Loved it.  Didn’t notice makeup, and thought Edward looked better than ever.  I’m so sleepy, I can’t remember him making her breakfast, I remember him saying “Let’s get you some breakfast” the morning after when she’s ready for round 2 and he’s feeling all guilty over the bruises shaped like fingerprints on her arm, but not the actual making of any breakfast.

    • GMB

      The seduction seen was really cute, completely Bella’s style.
      No there wasnt a breakfast scene. i remember saying “Where are the eggs??”
      Personally, I think Edward looked too pale but I havent liked his makeup job in the last 2 movies.

  • 4butterbeans

    A lot to love in this movie! I guess overall it was just the “feeling” of the movie – it was a lot like the books. The humor was spot on. Hated the freaky power ranger wolves but nothing is perfect, right? Here are my favorites –

    – The look on Edward’s face when he sees Bella walking down the aisle. Rob was amazing.

    – LOVED the toast Edward gave at the reception. It was just so Bookward – right? Just beautiful, sappy, over the top, sigh

    -COMPLETELY surprised by how HOT smiley Edward was. I could not breathe when he was smiling at her on the bed as she was trying to seduce him by lying around in the lingerie. Don’t get me wrong – Rob is always hot – but this was just too much to stand. How can one man be so sexy?

    – Cried when Edward hears the baby’s thoughts for the first time. That scene was just so emotional. LOVED it.

    – I actually found the scene where Edward is holding the bloody baby mesmerizing. He couldn’t seem to stop staring at her little face. Am I the only other Mom that thought Rob got that moment right – “falling in love” when you see your baby for the first time?

    – Montage rocked

    – Knew the movie would end with the eyes – PERFECT. Our theater screamed and cheered.

    Now I just have to go see it again and again…

    • MariaCecilia

      You read my mind – hey, is your real name Edward, by any chance?

    • Anonymous

      Rob totally rocked the “falling in love” with your baby thing.  Which is fairly impressive to me for a guy w/o kids.  I guess that’s why they call it acting.

  • Love you and Loved the evening! The best way to see movies is with friends and the best way to laugh at all the cheese!  awesome! priceless! thanks for the awesome night!

  • Alice_NaA

    Ok so I couldn’t resist. I had to read the spoilers.

    So we’re gonna see Bella as a vamp and we’re gonna see the imprinting already? OMG must.see.it.now.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree with you guys more!  I was very happy with the movie and thought everything was perfect.  Loved the breaking headboard.  Was so happy to see the imprint scene wasn’t creepy but actually beautiful.  Like the balance of love, humor and horror.
    I wasn’t able to get a@twitter-30749591:disqus nyone to go with me last night, but I was fine with going by myself.  Tonight, I am going with all the girlfriends.  Taking the wonderful man I married on Saturday, because as he puts it he has heard about the damn thing for months now and has to see it.  Then again with a friend when she comes to visit after Thanksgiving.  Since the theater nearby does a showing at 12:30, I just realized I could go everyday and be home before the kids get home from school.  *Happy Dances*

    • Sisterpenguin

      I had to go by myself last night as well but you know what? (***Soppiness alert!!***) 
      I didn’t feel like I was by myself ’cause I was thinking of what you lot would be commenting on. Made me feel a lot more normal. 

    • Anonymous

      The headboard breaking actually made me chuckle a little… and it was in the wrong scene!  I guess they wanted to just do one actual sex scene and knew we’d all throw a fit if it wasn’t there… but still.

      • Munkee

        I thought that was perfect, like the chagrin at breaking it.  It wasn’t in the book, but it fit perfectly in the movie.

      • Anonymous

        The second time I saw it I laughed out loud at the headboard breaking, but then it’s followed by one of my fave tender moments when she says ‘It’s ok’ *melt* so it felt really weird…
        PS SisterP I have been by myself twice and I love it LOL 

  • Mylissa Hoover

    Anyone else think the wolf talking scene was hysterical? I did NOT imagine their voices sounding like that when I read the book. Made me think of a villain from Power Rangers.

    • GMB

      I did! My friend snickered but I think i was the only one in the theater that actually laughed out loud. It was really ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I said!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was cracking up and trying not to be too loud. Also, I was embarrassed. After it ended, my friend was like OMG, that was the corniest thing I think I’ve ever seen.

      • Anonymous

        I laughed really loudly, I’m afraid.  But the scene was so loud that it wasn’t a problem.

  • MariaCecilia

    Yay!! Just came back, and I loved every minute (except maybe the bloody uterus parts. No kidding.) BD, how I love thee, let me count the ways:
    1) Handsome Edward, welcome back!!! I’m in love again..
    2) Cullen family, glad to see you looking your beautiful selves again! (sorry about the wig, Carlisle, but someone had to take the fall, and the Denali sisters got the AWFUL contacts this time.)
    3) Billy, I love you, you should always, always be drunk and make speeches! Jessica, thank you for being predictably awful!
    4) Honeymooners, thanks for showing some skin, and I love how big Edward’s hands look when circling Bella’s hips. “Show me the love!”
    5) Jacob, I could finally imagine becoming Team Jacob, because now I see you showing the makings of a funny, stubborn and compassionate man. Renesmee, move over!
    6) Leah, I am beginning to like you, and that’s almost scary!
    7) Bill, you are my favourite director for making the awkward less awkward and saving me from cringing in my seat at imprinting, C-sections and Bella vomiting herself to death over the baby. I will now drag all my loved ones to the movie theater, one by one…because that’s the only language in which Summit understands when I say “I love you.”

    • MariaCecilia

      Just to clear one thing up: It’s Charlie’s drunken speech I’m loving, just got confused there over the fact that I got “Billy Burke” tattooed on my butt, not “Charlie Swan”. Just keeping it real…

    • Anonymous

      2) Yeah, what was up with those Denali girls’ contacts?
      3) I loved Kellan’s speech too!
      7) I really could have done without actually seeing the vomit with the chicken on they honeymoon, though.

    • ScruffyTaylor


      Loved Leah in this movie, her and Seth were great additions to the dialogue! 🙂

      LOVED Taylor—I went Team Jacob after reading Eclipse. I had only seen the movies and reading the ending of Eclipse changed my mind about him/Bella.  I wish that was portrayed in the movie.  This movie, however, Taylor impressed me.  He was great in NM, and now again in BD. He finally shows us book Jacob, “my Jacob”

  • BayWolf

    I’ve just now returned home, after seeing Breaking Dawn. The time is 10 pm here in Denmark.

    I LOVED IT! Haven’t had the time to really “think it through” – I’m still kind of blown away.

    But my favorite scene is the one where Jacob and Lea talkes imprinting on the beach:-)

    Love Lea! And surprisingly Rosalie!

    Taylor did a better job this time and showed me some more of “my” book Jacob this time (I love “my” book Jacob the most of them all) 🙂

    Breaking Dawn is the only book I don’t love unconditionally, but I love it a little more after seeing the movie. Can’t wait to see it again.. In the meantime I’m going to reread the book 😉

    • Anonymous

      I kind of hated Rosalie this time around, weirdly.  Because I normally don’t hate her.  But the way she was played felt more to me like just lusting after having a baby to cuddle rather than finally respecting a decision that Bella’s made (and being in love with babies too), which is how I’ve always read it.  

  • Blondieinco

    I made the executive decision that I don’t need to sleep that much today and I went to see it again 🙂  Loved it even more the second time.   

    Other loves: When Edward and Bella say I love you at the altar, Edward’s wedding toast, happy/smiley E and B, the birth scene was amazing (Rob really brings it – love it when he is pleading “please, please”) and Kristen was amazing.  The dialogue throughtout the movie seemed a bit more realistic and less cringe-worthy than in some of the other movies.  I am already excited to get the DVD because there are a bunch of scenes that I can’t wait to see over and over.

    My little nit pick is i wish they would have had Rob wipe his face off after he delivered Renesme – it’s like throwing ketchup on the Mona Lisa – just wrong.. . 

    All in all, so good.  I’ve got Twilight ADD today and haven’t been able to concentrate on much else.

    • MariaCecilia

      So you wanted to wipe Edward’s face? And I kept thinking “Why doesn’t she flush the toilet and rinse her mouth with water??” after Bella vomited on Isle Esmee and just kept talking to Edward with vomit breath. Maybe I am OCD after all?

    • Anonymous

       I realized a day later that the birth scene must really have been good because I didn’t spend it thinking about “cream cheese and strawberry jam” that everybody kept talking about in interviews.

  • Bubs

    I’ve seen it twice now and will most probably see it heaps more [as you do-saw Eclipse 7 times]. Especially now that the wolf painting has been mentioned-I’ll have to take note as to what’s changed [?].

    Overall I consider it a more “mature” style of movie [thanks Bill Condon]. LOVED 99% of it. Found it witty and sexy.  I know everything that’s in the book can’t be in the Movie. HOWEVER….where’s the interaction between Jacob and Rosalie ??? The bowl throwing, the blonde jokes, the overall resentment ???

     Where’s Edward offering to share Bella if Jacob could just convince her to start again ??? OK I’ll grant you that may not pass as PG13 in the States but a sex scene does ?

    Instead we get a silly scene where the wolves fight the Cullens and no one gets hurt ???? WTF ???? Totally unnecessary and at times the CGI wasn’t so great. Whereas birth scene Bella’s CGI was pretty amazing. I had to turn my head the first viewing but watched it through the second time – great acting Kristen.

    I went to the Midnight session with my Husband and 30 year old daughter [neither of whom have read the books and weren’t quite sure what to expect]. They both loved it, my Husband even asked if the soundtrack was out yet. I bought it the next day after seeing the Movie again [9.30am session] with my daughters Mother In Law. She’s just read the books [going through her 3rd re-read now] and can’t wait to see it again.

    I cheered both times when “The Goddess” [SM] was shown at the Wedding. Without her, our lives would be diminished…. Thanks also to UC and Moon. You girls rock !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I heard they filmed and then cut the bowl throwing.  It was sad to not have it, but they way they decided to the story I think it would have been hard to fit it into the flow.  That’s what the DVD is for!
      I was holding my breath waiting for the “she can have puppies if she wants” line… and then was rather glad it wasn’t there.  In the book it serves to show how over the edge with angst Edward is, but in the movie I think it would have just come across as gross and would have been really hard to forgive him for.

      • Sisterpenguin

        I was disappointed by the same things being missing but think you’re right about the flow. And maybe the blonde jokes were a touch too unPC – but funny

  • Ikben N

    I agree with everything you say, Especially about the imprinting scene. I thought they did a pretty good job. Can’t wait to see it a second time!

  • Janetrigs

    I HATE you guys soooo much. Only how I can HATE you.

  • Bubs

    Just watched a Fox news report and they predicted that BD may take more money on opening week than any of the others if presale tickets are anything to go by….not surprised.

  • Excellent and funny review!

  • alley oop

    I loved the movie but I was so sad they didn’t show bella with her new car and that they didn’t show bella and Edward telling Charlie about the engagement. But I loved Edwards speech to bella at the wedding and the honeymoon was spot on. I also loved when bella was trying to seduce Edward and he rolled over and shoved his face in the pillow. Over all I loved it!

  • Question. Did Edward plunge a turkey baster of his venom in Bella’s chest in the book? The only part of the movie that I really had a hard time stomaching.

    • Anonymous

      I only read them once, but I do believe that he did in fact plunge a turkey baster into her heart.

    • MariaCecilia

      He plunged a needle into her heart and pumped it full of venom, and I guess those kinds of needles tend to be big so..yeah? And was that the ONLY part you had a hard time stomaching? Kudos to you! Are you like, a hit-man, surgeon or kindergarten teacher in real life?

      • That was indeed an inaccurate statement. I should have said, “That was the only part of the birth scene when I dared look and then regretted it because I could barely stomach it.”
        I was actually looking at my lap for a good 5 minutes prior to that charming moment. I missed Edward chewing Nessie out of her stomach. I started to look away when she collapsed on the floor. I looked back when it was all quiet, and was rewarded with that turkey baster syringe gem.

        I also regretted not looking away when the blood was in her mouth. Why oh why did her teeth have to be bloody when she was drinking out of the sippy cup? ughghhhghghghhhhh. sick joke. 

      • Munkee

        Was anyone else thinking PULP FICTION!

  • Brookelockart

    I think that I need to see it a third time before forming an opinion. Although, I am now on sparkle watch.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting all day to come and comment!!! So excited! LOVED it!! First and foremost:

    – The ending was absolute PERFECTION!!!!!! Someone suggested that in the comments on here like a year ago, and I was 200% sold. I’d have been pissed if they ended it any other way. I told my friend that I would be happy no matter what if they just ended it like that. I seriously did a clap and double fist pump when it ended there….and yelled out “yes!”

    – When Bella jokingly asking Edward if he wasn’t a virgin after all, it’s a good thing I was not drinking anything because I literally would have spit it all on the person sitting in front of me. This first glimpse at the humor sprinkled throughout the movie caught me off guard and I loved it. I laughed at legitimate things more in this movie than all the others combined.

    – As UC and Moon said, a thousand thanks to Stephenie for not letting it turn into a porno. I know we joke around about that a lot, but it so wouldn’t have been right. It was perfect and I loved the humor that was injected into it, including the headboard scene.

    – I feel like Kristen and Rob were more Bella and Edward than they have ever been, which is ironic because from this point out they are a completely different Bella and Edward.

    – Finally, Emmett has hair!

    – Blown away and amazed at the effects of making Bella emaciated. Amazing! Also loved the venom taking over her body and her transformation – although I did not notice a boob job, but her spine popping back into place could have been mistaken for that.

    – Honestly, I thought the birthing scene was not gross at all, but rather tame…in fact, I’m gonna go all “guy” and say I thought it could have been more gory. It certainly was in the book and my imagination, which shocked me, and I liked that about it.

    – Only complaint is the wolf rallying scene. I pretty much laughed through the whole thing because it was soooooooo corny, like the corniest thing in all the movies combined, and therefore I was embarrassed.

    Can’t wait to see it again!!

    P.S. Do we really have to wait a whole frakking year?!? I thought it was supposed to be in like 6 months like HP. 🙁

    • MariaCecilia

      Well, at least we didn’t get to see Bella spewing blood all over the living room like an outtake from the Excorcist…dropping her sippy cup was kind of a lame substitute, don’t you think?

      • Anonymous

        Very true. I’m not actually knocking the birth scene; I thought they did a great job with it…perfect really. All I would say is that it seemed like it went really fast.
        There’s no way the non-fans could have gotten through it, had it been like it was in the book, lol. I just sort of think it’s funny that everyone else thought it was really gross. I’m not easily grossed out myself and it was nothing compared to my imagination 😉

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, in hindsight the fountain of blood-vomit would probably have been a bit much in a PG-13.  But I didn’t miss it in the theatre, just when I got home and started thinking about stuff, so that means it was a good choice.

    • I love your comments, you brought up some more things that I totally agree with. Like the humor: it was actually good and very legitimate as you put it so well. In all of the other movies, things that were not supposed to be funny were funny. In this one, only the right things were funny. Secondly, I 110% agree that the ending was perfect. I kept feeling nervous when I thought they were about to end it, and then they continued…and ended it at exactly the right moment. What a relief! And what a thoroughly beautiful ending.
      Finally…I was also thinking that we’d get part 2 next June or July, but clearly I was confusing it with HP Part 2, too. Why?! A year is a bit long, especially when we know part 2 is more or less finished.

      • Anonymous

        I hope they give us something to work with here at LTT during that year!

    • Anonymous

      That first joke was priceless!

  • Anonymous

    Just saw it, after some pre-drinking, and I gotta say it was great. Somehow my least favorite book has become the best movie. But seriously, the wolves? Somehow all the other batshit crazy stuff was pulled off well, but this, the most innocent and least visceral, was SO AWFUL. It would’ve been better if they’d done subtitles or something. And I always expect Sam-wolf to start talking about THE NOTHING. Also, when did he become such a dick?

    Anyway, well done. And is that Wyck Godfrey next to Stephenie in the cameo?

    Oh, and when Bella woke up from her dream and basically begged Edward to do her, I CRIED MY FACE OFF. That was the saddest thing to me.

    Mucho hearts for Sheen, of course. HE has something that *I* want!

    • Anonymous

      Bwahaha! I forgot about Sam looking Gmork from the Never-ending Story! 
      Yes, that was Wyck next to Stephenie.
      Bella pleading for Edward was so touching, and not in a dirty FF way.
      I’m still laughing 5 minutes later after reading your last line. Love it!

    • Anonymous

      The wolves were truly terrible.  But there’s so little else to make fun of they had to give us one mammoth fail to laugh at here for the next YEAR while we wait for the last one.
      Next to Wyck are Melissa Rosenberg and Bill Bannerman too, FYI.

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