A Year in Review and our 2012 Twilight Resolutions

Dear Twilight,

It’s that time of year when we recap the previous year & look back at our resolutions from 2011 & rate HOW we did. Are UC & Moon winning or are those people who want us to fail succeeding in their quest to bring down LTT & all who go with it? First started in 2008 with: Resolutions we promise to keep longer than a week, then followed up with our Resolutions for 2010 and picking up last year with our Year in Review and 2011 Resolutions, let’s recap our resolutions for this past year and take a look at what 2012 might have to bring!

We WON the resolution for most random Twi picture EVER!

1. Breaking Dawn Part 1 (and 2) RED CARPET! – We’re starting our recap off with a big HECK YES WE DID THAT! Who could forget that chilly LA evening when Moon did LTT proud & got hit on by actors whose names we forget while doing everything she could to get Rob’s attention. We were so proud of our girl, and as I stood shivering in my section of the carpet getting pictures with Billy Black and NOT Jackson (intentionally- did I tell you that story? No?) I thought of how PROUD I was that we could yell a big HALE YES to this resolution (no seriously– as I was standing there in the presence of Rob, Stephenie & that guy from Revenge, I thought about this blog post. That’s Normal) Verdit= WIN

UC/Moon- 1 People who want us to fail- 0

2. Meet Big Daddy – Sadly, this was the 2nd year where we failed at this resolution. Does the universe really not want us to meet the greatest Big Daddy in all the land? Verdit= FAIL!
UC/Moon- 1 People who want us to fail- 1

3. Make another appearance at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego. Not only did LTT have represntation at 2011 Comic Con but Moon CAMPED OUT OVERNIGHT. Oh yes, she broke her own personal code of “I will never ever camp out for any thing unless it’s Justin Timberlake related” for US. And has been filled with 2nd hand embarrassment over the fandom since. Verdit= WIN
UC/Moon- 2 People who want us to fail- 1

4. Since UC got to meet and interview Jackson Rathbone and be bequeathed the most unfortunate name of: Superfan, Moon too must undergo the embarrassment of being called Twilight Superfan in 2011 by interviewing Kellan Lutz or another 2nd tier cast member. Well, it wasn’t Kellan Lutz or Jackson Rathbone, but does NOT talking to Mike Welch while trying to get Rob’s attention count?? I think so!

UC/Moon- 3 People who want us to fail- 1

5. Host another LTT blow out shin dig during the premiere week of Breaking Dawn Part 1! Preferably with karaoke because “Back to December” will NEVER sound as good as it would at an LTT party after drinking Cougarita’s or Mr. Choice’s special concoction called “Bella’s Blood.” Oh host a shindig we did!!! While this year’s party wasn’t as big as last year’s party, we did have better door prizes. I mean a Twilight flat iron? And stuff from the LTT store? HECK YES! And Mr. Choice made his Bella’s Blood again.. and of course to make his “I’m the best bartender in the world” big head even bigger, it was the first drink we ran out of! Verdit= WIN!
UC/Moon- 4 People who want us to fail- 1

6. Infiltrate the set of Breaking Dawn for some sort of exclusive access. The people who wanted us to fail won out on this one! We had absolutely NOTHING that resembled a Breaking Dawn set visit. Verdit= FAIL!
UC/Moon- 4 People who want us to fail- 2

7. Go to Venice Beach, break into Cathi’s groovy beach pad and steal THE AUDITION TAPE so that we can finally put to rest her claims of their amazing chemistry for what it really is: 2 awkward young adults making out on an old ladies bed while she tapes it. Hahaha this resolution STILL makes me laugh & while I wish more than ANYTHING we could tell you we have an end of the year surprise- a screening of THE AUDITION tape starting at 12 am on New Years Day, sadly, we stayed far, far away from Venice Beach and all forms of TGIFridays. Or wait…. did I ever tell you about the time that our Belgian LTT friends Alice & Bella from the long gone (SAD) site Not an Addikt visited New York City & I met them for the day? And we ended our time with drinks at the, gulp, TGIFridays in TIME SQUARE??? I’m so ashamed for us and all the Asian tourists that were also there. And the sad bartender from Jersey. Verdict= FAIL!
UC/Moon- 4 People who want us to fail- 3

Oh would you look at that score card? 4 to 3? Looks like we WON 2011!!!!

After the jump, catch our resolutions for 2012!!

1. In 2012 there will be BOTH Moon & UC on the red carpet: You KNOW this has to happen! Separating Moon & UC is like separating Bert & Ernie. It’s like separating Abbott & Costello- like Bella & Edward. We’re NOTHING without each other. You saw what happened, Moon couldn’t even get ROB to come over. If we’re both together, the magic will happen & we’ll get interviews with EACH of the members of the TRINITY plus get a picture with Kristen, just to piss people off! It’ll happen people!!!!

We want to show him this!

2. Meet Big Daddy: It’s been our wish the past 3 years, so it’s BOUND to happen this year, right? I’m sure it will happen on the day we plan to shut down LTT. We’ll be at the Olive Garden for our “It’s all over” Celebratory dinner (we’ll have to go there since all you lovely readers got together to get us a $2,500 gift certificate) and we’ll bump into him. Or it’ll be at the LTT Headquarters- Sprinkles Cupcakes, of course.

3. We’ll stop calling Pancho, Nacho. Because when you think about it, Nachos are  pretty gross (although delicious) and Pancho is… well, let’s just call him a Silver Fox. Or… wait— even better:  Silver Wolf…

4. Speaking of Pancho, next year we think that we’ll get an invite to a Meyer family party. It’ll happen because one night, after Stephenie leaves her lap top open with LTT up on the screen, Pancho will sit down and read the entire LTT archives, after which he’ll be convinced he needs us around for taco night. The kids are gonna love us! We have boys-sized T-shirts in the LTT store we can bring!

5. We will learn to spell Renesmee correctly as well as learn the names of the rest of the Z-list vampires in Breaking Dawn 2 so if they let us on the carpet again we’ll know how to differentiate them from the Kartrashians. (Moon may have asked one of the Irish vamps what it was like having Kim as a sister)

6. Ask Bill Tancredi to start a Rascal flatts cover band with a straight face. Have no idea who Bill Tancredi is? Watch this interview Moon did from the red carpet & don’t tell me it doesn’t make you want to break out in the chorus to “What Hurts the Most”

7. Try not to laugh too hard or say “I told you so” when the Hunger Games marketing & advertising blitz blows Twilights out of the water: We’re calling it now- the marketing will come complete with a Jennifer Lawrence/Liam Hemsworth/Zac Hutchinson fake-not-fake relationship. We’ll watch as their fandom implodes, as well, feeling proud that we were there first! Keep Strong HG fandom- it’s really worth it!

Is it really almost 2012!? Is it possible that this is our FOURTH Resolutions list!? We’re growing up SO fast! Remember when Taylor was underage & we talked about Chris Hansen all the time!?

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

What are your 2012 Twi- or non-Twi resolutions!

See you next year!

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