Teaser of a teaser of a trailer

Dear LTT,

HEY GUYS… Did you see this Trailer (or teaser of a teaser, rather, which I learned about from video commenter “robsten4everinlove” who informed the good people of You Tube “As far as I know, This is a Teaser of the Teaser , which is coming out on march 23 Friday, and the Trailer`s coming out on Monday, March 26.”)


15 things I could have done with those 15 seconds I just wasted watching the 15 second teaser of a teaser:

1. Found out just how many little bottles I could drink out of in 15 seconds.


2. Whipped out my Twilight Christian T-shirt & posted a new profile picture on FB of myself wearing it

3. Internet Stalked the Hot lead of The Host: Jake Able

4.  15 second Google search for “Taylor Lautner and Alpacas” for maximum lulz

5.  15 seconds of watching baby sloth videos (thanks Kristen Bell!)

6. I could have re-watched this clip:

7. I could have imagined myself in this sandwich for 15 seconds: Damon, Elena, Stephan

8. 15 seconds of contemplating whether Kellan came out (thanks @moijojojo)

9.  I could have spent 15 seconds trying to remember what SWATH means.

10. My 15 seconds would have been better spent watching secret naughty Ian Somerhalder videos on dailymotion where you see his you know what…

11. I could have spent 15 seconds trying to forget I overheard my VP talking about how much she loves “50 shades of gray “and how she’s trying that from chapter 5 tonight with the mister.

12. I COULD HAVE SPENT 15 seconds swooning over Matthew and Mary (YEAH WE SHIP THAT)

13. 15 seconds reading Robsten confessions

14. Followed by 15 seconds of washing my eyes out with soap

15.  And, of course, 15 seconds of fist pumps for actually updating LTT

So what would you do if you could have those 15 seconds back?

Can we talk about Mary & Matthew again? Yes? Okay


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