JD Pardo – We’ll do shot with you any day. If we can find an open bar.

Dear JD,

Remember when– we had no idea who you were last week? And even when you told us who you played we barely remembered? And then we were downright shocked when you said Nahuel was 150 years old. As if the Jacob imprinting on baby Renesmee wasn’t weird enough, this is another level. Cause CLEARLY SMeyer sets the end Of Breaking Dawn up with a new love triangle, Renesmee, Jacob and Nahuel. We’re on to you Stephenie. Also we desperately need to read Breaking Dawn again, this is crazy and we’ve forgotten some key plot points apparently.

ANYWAY.Can we also can tell you about how UC was talking with Calliopeblabs yesterday about you  and how you’re “the male renesmee” and she looked at UC, shocked and said “What? there’s a MALE renesmee?” Yea. So clearly you AND Nahuel have a lot of ground to cover in the whole character awareness department between now and November. But we’re pretty sure the loin clothe will make up for that. Trust me, we know this audience.

Cause this is normal

We have to say you might be one of our new favorite Twilight people (hahaha yes, you’re considered that now) because you stopped being polite and started getting REAL. No we weren’t on the Real World but you talked to us about stuff besides character development and the movie and blahblahblaaahblah. Important stuff like your favorite LA bars, what non-Tom Hanks movies are your favorite, why we should defs take those free archery lessons and how it’s hard out there for a Gucci model. OH WAIT. No.

After the night mercifully ended without those shots UC kept trying to push on us we went home to do some Google stalking research.

Things we found out about you –

The photos on your IMDB really don’t do you justice, whoever chose those should be fired and replaced be us. We would love to add “IMDB Picture Choosers” (technical term) to our business cards (under Vampire bloggers, Ryan Gosling enthusiasts, Froyo specialists and Gin taste testers, natch).


The Gucci days?? We hope.

From your audition from the OC??

May we suggest one of these:

I might also suggest sending you for some new headshots. We know a great photographer who would shot you in the forest (aka Griffith Park) wearing cocktail dresses reading Twilight magazine. Not that we would have ANY personal first hand experience with this, but it’s just a hunch. Let us know, we’ll hook it up!

Yup, just as normal

So in our research we also found out you were on the OC, our most favorite show of all time as “Tattooed surfer / Tattooed Guy.” Clearly, a character almost as awesome as Seth Cohen. ALMOST. This also puts you in the special Twilight/The OC club along with Jackson Rathbone and Cam Gigandet. Nice work.
The most exciting thing though is that you’re going to be the “bow and arrow guy” (official character name according to us) on the new NBC/JJ Abrams show Revolution. No joke we were super pumped before we even knew you and know we’re even more excited cause we sorta talked to you one night and you’re IN the show with a Mr. Billy Burke. Can you get him to drunk Tweet again? That was always a good time. ANYWAY. Check it y’all!

Yup. You’re the Katniss of the new JJ Abrams show, congrats! And congrats on getting a semi nice letter from us, obvi we sorta think you’re cool.

Can’t wait to see Nahuel in November!

Moon & UC

PS We already checked the Mega Bus schedule. See you in Wilmington.

  • Sisterpenguin

    I’m so gonna scream and scream and scream until I’m sick if that ain’t on over here. Billy *sigh* Oh yeah, the young kid’s not too bad either

  • I’m willing to give JJA the benefit of the doubt on this new show – it looks cool.  The female lead (Charlie?) looks like a young Heather Graham – so that’s ok.  The bad guy looks like he’s trying to be Morpheus from the Matrix – so that’s interesting.

    Is Billy Burke or JD more hunky? I’ll leave that up to the experts… SissyP votes for Billy.  I predict that Maria, TS and MNS also vote for Billy.

    • TeamSeth

       Actually, I vote both ways. I would take both Billy and JD. I’m kind like that. 😉 And I think that show looks really good. And the main chick looks pretty awesome in it, too.

    • TeamSeth

       Oh! i finally saw Snow White movie. Did you see it, KSB? I thought about you during parts of it. I thought KStew did really well!

      • Yes, I finally saw it last weekend.  Click on me to see my review.  Or, in summary: Kristen – “Yeah!”, the movie: “Meh”

  • Nelle

    So many  good things about this post but I am stuck on the last word! “Wilmington.”  What about Wilmington?

  • TeamSeth

    Wow. Before he haircut he has essence of Gael Garcia Bernal. Those eyes, and the lips, and just. Unf. I love Gael. Anyway, you guys should have brought me to this vampire meet and greet. I have apparently better one time reading of the book memory recall than you do 😉 I remember both Benjamin AND Nahuel! (though, I had no clue who that hot british dude was.. er, he plays Alistair)

    Team Nahuel just feels awkward. Like he’s young and such, though this JD dude isn’t… if he was in the OC, at least, he’s not young young. (goes to look it up)

    • TeamSeth

       before his haircut*  wow. talk about typing fail.

    • TeamSeth

       Okay, born 7 Sep 1980. We can all breath a sigh of relief now. Also, I was dead on with that gael comment… apparently he played a transgendered person in some Lifetime film (it looks very sad based on the plot summary and it’s based on a true story). Somewhat La Mala Educacion Gael… I mean, dif. plotline, but both transgendered. Though, I think that gael played a transvestite.

      Anyway. Pardo was born in ’80, which makes him only 14 years younger than Billy.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Yay! I can have JD on the fantasy list too – even I wasn’t that frisky in 1980. (Don’t listen to my ‘friends’, they lie, they lie)

    • BeaDee

      Is it just me, or with that shag haircut is he a dead ringer for young John Travolta?

      • shonangreg

        I just saw JD Pardo for the first time as Nate in the pilot for the TV series, Revolution, and I wondered if he was John Travolta’s son or something. (at 19:20 of 43:50) There is a definite resemblance, though I don’t know if it is in his eyes, his face, or his mannerisms.

    • Sj_nuiph

      Hang on – who is Benjamin, is he the waterwall/wind vamp? He would be an great landscape gardener esp as water features can so easily look tacky, I don’t trust myself to get one right so vetoed it in new garden. He and Esme could go into business.

      • TeamSeth

         They really could. She’s super into restoring old homes, and then he could landscape them. Or if they were failing due to shift in land and the foundation then shifting, he could just shift the ground back into place. Tectonic plates are a piece of cake for Ben.

  • Lesleygreaves53

    Didn’t B burke say” what going on?” in exactly the same tone of voice, in Eclipse when Jake and Edward are squaring up to each other?

  • BeaDee

    we’re pretty sure the loin clothe will make up for that. Trust me, we know this audience.” is maybe my favorite thing you’ve written in months.

  • The Morns

    You guys forgot Nikki as part of the exclusive OC/Twilight club!

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